Masie Maven Reopro™ Salon Professional Steam Hair Straightenerno steam!!


I thought I was the only one with this problem! I received this product in late september 2017, and there was no steam. I emailed them, and after saying they would like to rectify the problem, asked for me to provide a video, which I did. They emailed me back some time later, and they said it takes many times to try it before the steam comes out. I tried it a dozens of times, and still no steam.

I emailed them again, and they sent me the same generic email, telling me they would like to rectify the problem and to send them a video. I already sent them a video!! So I sent them the same video, and no response.

I have searched for a phone number, and nothing.

I would truly like this product, but if they are a scam, I don't want a replacement; I want a refund!!

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