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Thank you SO much. You're the best. If I ever want a site that will 'really get the word out' I am coming to you guys. You guys got the TOP positions on Google immediatly. Super impressive.
Your site is a wonderful lifesaver and you all should be greatly rewarded for your work of service to humanity because without you wonderful people many issues would go unresolved. Thank you, thank you and 1 billion thank you's should go out to you all.
I want to say a big thanks to Complaints boards for the warm welcome I did received regarding Hertz spa Roma fraudulous traffic tickets charged on my credit card. My bank credit card did ask for proofs of those traffic violations which never came in.... It really a very good thing to find out that this type of internet complaint board really existed espacially when you find out that other ordinary people has went through the same drama. Thanks a lot for the good job.
Thank you for editing the complaint-You guys are amazing!
Dear Complaints Board, Thank you very much:) Your site helped me get our money refunded.
Dear ComplaintsBoard, Thank you for removing my complaint as quickly as requested. This shows how professional and honest site you have. Many thanks Daoud
Complaintboard staff and members have to be the most awesome people on the planet. I needed help badly and I couldnt believe the kind and helpful advice I received from members. It was incredible. I wish I could have a party and invite everyone that offered me help. You are amazing people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Esther
Dear Editor & staff, I want to thank you for all your help in my matter. This is the best complaint site ever! I applaud for the professionalism and dedication of helping others of this site. I can not thank you enough for helping me as well as opening up my life experiences. Now I am addicted to this site!
Hello, this website helped me a lot to get goods I have payed for. I waited 6 month without getting goods after a purchase from India, but without any reactions. After posting a Complain here I got the goods within two weeks. Great stuff, great project. Thank you a lot.
Just want to say THANKS! Great site, and once I posted on here, I got the company that I had an issue with to refund me my money. Truly appreciate it! And when I asked for it to be removed, it was. Great work Complaints Board! Will be talking about you to everyone I can!
Great service... Due to my complaint my problem has been resolved.
Great site, very informative
I had launched a complaint on your web site and it helped me in getting my money not in full but at-least in part. Thank you once again.
I'm desperate to get Leverage Season 5 on dvd and can't get it on Amazon yet so I'd been looking at the other sites. I'm very thankful to have looked on this site first, we don't have a lot of money and to lose it on a scam is crushing. Thank you for the information on that company, you saved me a lot of heartache. This is my first place to go now before buying anything.
thank you very much. Your complaint board has really helped me in resolving my issues. Without your help, we the people, have nowhere to turn when it comes to movers.
I submitted some complaints and thanks to I have seen action taken regarding my complaints. This is great! I have been suffering for years but now resolutions are happening.
Thanks so much for this wonderful service you provide. You've been able to help so many people publicize complaints and it really worked--you're the best!
Thank you for standing up for those who don't know how to proceed when wronged by an unscrupulous company
Thank you for offering a hassle free and free way to post complaints that are easily accessible.
I would like to thank you for your great website, I have finally resolve my problem with the developer without your help this wouldn´t have been possible.
I have used your site a lot for reviews. Thank you for this service. My latest search was for MD Hearing Aids. Seeing no complaints, I ordered them and am delighted with the performance. I have tried expense hearing aids $5,000 and $7,000 respectively. MD Hearing Aids are as good, and I think better.
I don't remember if I personal thanked you for your help in this matter. On behave of my family and myself we want to thank for your attention and concern.
THANK YOU! You folks provide a very valuable service! Best wishes and keep up the good work!
This is a wonderful website and I thank your company for this site.
I cant tell you how impressed I am that your company strives to do the right thing. I was afraid you were going to be like which I've heard horror stories about. So again, thank you you're an asset to the internet.
The complaint was settled in less than 1 hour after posting to this site.
I didn't believe these boards worked, but yours does! It may have taken a year to resolve my dispute with a company and receive a refund, but I did get a full refund. Wonderful support from this board helped a lot.
I find your site first class and doing a great job in both addressing common service and goods complaints and exposing scams.
Thank you and I am saying this from the bottom of my heart. You were very understanding and quick with your response. Once again thank you so much.
Would just like to say thank you so much for this website. The representative from /company name removed/ contacted me through this site and dealt with my complaint and refunded my fee back into my account within a day. So thank you to the people who keep this site running and also to Timmy for his fast reply to my complaint and for the fast refund of my money. is the most helpful consumer website online. You truly give voice to the people for the public good.
I am forever grateful to complaints board. God bless the founder of it.
Dear Complaints Board, Everyone would like to thank you for working with us on the false complaints posted on your website. We appreciate you helping remove the URLs. Thanks again.
Success! Thanks to Complaints Board, I got a refund for the scam I unknowingly paid into!
Thank you very much. What a nightmare this is. I really appreciate an honest company like yours. I wish you had a good company side as well as a complaint side that would be great to see who is honest and who is not. Thank you again.
This is a beautiful site that gets the job done... Keep up the good work.
I want to thank your site for allowing me and outlet to voice my complaints. If it wasn't for your site, I would not have been able to resolve my complaint.
From our entire staff. Thank-you!
Thank you so much for your time and consideration, I really appreciate your professionalism.
It is nice to deal with a company that has the best intentions for the customer in mind and not just hijacking traffic to sell more adwords. It is a rare thing in your space and I appreciate how you handle your company. Thanks for running an ethical company.
First, I would like to thank the Complaints Board for existing. It is so nice to have a voice and let other people know about the experiences they have. The Complaints Board obviously works, otherwise I would not be writing this… thanks!
First than anything we would like to thank you for this great website. We have come to an agreement with the company and they have requested that we remove the comment posted in your site. Please let me know is this possible to do. If not we can add a comment that say ¨Satisfactorily Resolved¨ Thank you! Mike & Erin The Preys
Congratulations for your website, is a value instrument for everyone can show fraudulent company that hide for can: scam/fraud/steal/extortion/falsify public documents/impersonation/defame, so we can avoid that other people being scams for these offenders, and also can help to capture these scammers, for they answer for their crimes. Please you continue helping everyone to clean the world of the fraudulent companies that to be rich scamming and fooling. You are the only option for these persons whom have been scammed, please you don't stop with your work ahead will always be grateful.
Thank you for your site, it helped immensely!
I would like to thank you for the best website I have ever used!
I would like to thank you for existing, I would like to thank you for giving me the chance to fight against injustice by using your platform and for your keeping the complaints visible. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Thanks for putting up such a useful and powerful consumer information tool!
I am ecstatic with the resolution to my problem. I owe that all to Complaints Board. If it were not for this website allowing me to publicly vent my frustration I don't know how this could possibly have been resolved. Thank You Complaints Board. Your website and service is probably the most viable option when it comes to receiving customer satisfaction. I will absolutely recommend this website to EVERYONE in need of some degree of customer satisfaction.
I want to send you feedback/testimonial for your great work. Thanks so much to Its because of the complaint the client has paid me in full.
Hello and good afternoon! Thank you for providing a place to make legitimate complaints about various entities that do disservice to consumers and themselves by providing poor service, scamming the public, etc. I have used your site to check reputations of various companies before and have never had a problem.
Thank you for allowing me voice my grievance on your site for the public to see... I will also recommend your site to others who have a need to voice their experiences that need public attention.
I want to say thank you for providing me with a vehicle to get done what I needed to get done. And without you guys I would not out of the starting blocks. So thank you again.
First off, thank you so much for this public platform! It's amazing and I can't sing enough praises. I tell all my friends to use it and I don't make one purchase or transaction without entering the business in this search engine first! It's saved me so many potential headaches and heartaches! A while back, I had a terrible experience with plastic surgery abroad. The doctor botched me up pretty badly and I was scammed pretty badly. He refused to own up to it, but once I entered him into her, BINGO! Feed back! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Words cannot express.
Thank you for all your assistance. Thank you for helping other people to believe there is still hope when they have been taken advantage from in Mexico.
After seeing my complaint, a /company name removed/ senior manager contacted me and we worked out an equitable resolution to my complaint. I want to thank for helping me out of this situation. Go on with your great service!
We would really like to express you our thanks. We have already gotten a refund from /a name of the company removed/, due to your active help. Thank you very much.
I have finally received an email from Mr /name removed/ and he assures me that my refund is on its way! I have been assured that my order will be dealt with and my problems resolved. Thank you very much for your help! has really helped me out here.
Thank you very much for the assistance and your website has been a big help for me. Moreover it is a best lesson for the organizations to do their best for the good benefit of their consumers.
I really appreciate all the help that complaints board offered me.
My name is Judy and I saw your videos about PayPal. I've read some horror stories about them and your solution sounds great. I'm never sold on e-bay before but I think I need to try and get rid of some of these collectibles that I have.
Thank you so much for this space, with your help my matter with the company was resolved.
Love your site. I have been telling my friends to visit your site. Thanks to you, I got the name and number to the CEO of DirecTV after being told numerous times by DirecTV customer service that the information was unavailable. Now I am getting action. I am MORE THAN HAPPY to help ComplaintsBoard in any way I can. Just let me know. Blessings and good wishes to all of you!! You are doing a tremendous service!
With the help of your site the dating service /name removed/ deleted my profile. I am glad I found your site, it will definitely come in handy in the future.
Thanks for all the important Info on your website.
I am not sure why you are so much easier to work with than the other complaint websites, but I REALLY appreciate it.
Just stumbled across you website and it is great! Although much of the information is depressing, it does allow everyone to feel like part of a community and not so alone. Many of the complaints seem very common and I can see much continuity in the amount of complaints and many of the companies with which people are having problems! It is kind of like an unofficial research site that is based on what I would call the most factual and informative information, that which comes from everyone's own personal story and experience. I truly believe many voices can make a difference even if it is just a ripple! Thanks for the site! I provides humanity with a great and valuable service!
Thank you very much for running an honest board, I will be sure to recommend you site to many; friends, colleges and business owners and associates.
I believe strongly that the consumer should have a place like yours to express their opinions and experiences with any company. It is very important in the world today where there are many unethical companies out there.
My sincere thanks! Your message board does bring results!
Thanks so much. I love this Board. Great site. Lots of useful information.
I just wanted to say Thank you to the person, people or firm that came up with your web site. People for the People, I like that.
I want to Thank your web site again for helping us resolve our matter. I will highly recommend this site to my friends and family.
HI! I recently became a member of Complaints Board and I love it!! It really is a great resource for the public.
Thank you for taking action on this. These forms of social engineering scams are just getting so out of control. Appreciate your site. Thanks for being a part of it. Good work!
I have recently been contacted by the company in which I filed a complaint with, and the issue has been resolved. Thank you for your service, as I will continue to be a member!
They have cleared the issue with me and paid me for my work done. I am very thankful to your website.
Thank you for what you do for the American Consumer.
Thank you for your site as it help get my issue resolved!
This board is a great source of customer feedback!
Thank you for providing this much needed public service.
Site's a blessing. Fast, accessible, and the underpinning of giving people a voice is too huge to ignore. Just wanted to say thanks.
I think that is a great service, keep up the good work!
Thanks. Keep up the awsome Public service work.
Thank you very much! We think this is an important web site to try to help consumers.
Thank you so much. You guys are great and truly are looking out for people.
I want to thank you for helping me resolve an issue and for providing very helpful information!
I really appreciate that you helped me out. You folks are awesome.
Thank you so very much. With sites like yours, I have been able to resolve a very costly dispute. I appreciate you and have recommended your site to all my friends.
I have resolved problem after Posting. Thank you for providing such a Great platform!
The company has resolved the issue and I am satisfied with the results. Thank you.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. It really is a wonderful site. I use it to study up on things all the time. Thank you!!!!!
Thank you so much for this website, they solve my problems with them. Once again thank you so much for the help using this webiste!
Thank you VERY much. I am happy to see that you care to resolve my confusion. I also want to take this moment to again thank you for your service.
I posted a complaint with this website about the (company removed). Because of the complaint (company removed) has offered me a settlement. THANK YOU!!!
Love this website. You guys did a good thing.
Thank you for developing this website. You enable the public to alert others about dishonest or questionable business methods that are employed in the marketplace. My very best to you.
Its so nice to see a true consumer reporting site that cares about postings. We've found your site and its refreshing to see honesty in reporting and editorial guidlines.
Thank you very much, that was very painless. I truly appreciate it. And I appreciate your board being there for me when I needed it. I was given great advice and my bank reimbursed me the money that was taken off my account by that internet company.
Using helped substantiate the case that refunding my money was a good business decision for them. I believe they will think twice about mistreating customers in the future. Keep up the good work!
Thank you so much for this site. I was able to site the complaints here and dissuade a family member from subscribing to "Company removed". The participants here provided well worded, informative, and SPECIFIC complaints that convinced my grandmother not to sign up. I am so relieved... It's great that you are providing a way for people to warn others when they are the unfortunate victims of bad business practices. Cheers!
Thanks for your efforts. "The Internets" are certainly not failing... I wish I had the energy to make sites like this...
I launched two complaints on your site, initially under "company name removed". The owner of this franchise has FINALLY made a concession, and agreed to offer me a complimentary oil change, worth only about $80, which only covers half of my expense incurred ($160 due to damage caused by them), and I agreed that I would subsequently try to remove my complaint postings from your website. Although, I still feel that I am entitled to be %100 reimbursed by this franchise for the problems they have caused me (I know that I could have taken them to small claims court and won), I also realize that keeping my complaint posted on your site would be much more harmful to their business in the long run than a couple of bruised egos, and several heated arguments that have occurred already. I realize that posting my complaint on your website was far more powerful in terms of the audience being reached, and the amount of time and money it has saved all of us and our court system. Thank you for creating such a wonderful tool for the consumer to fight back against the corporate world. You guys rock.
Thank you so much for this website. I cannot tell you how many times I get offers of "work at home", "make money online", and many others. Every time I check them out on your site first. And you have saved me a great deal of money and potential headaches by having the info on your site that tells me they are a scam or a product to avoid. Also, thanks to the complainers for entering the detailed info on your site. They have saved me a lot of trouble that I do not need. You are performing a public service that hits the scammers in their wallets, which is the only place they recognize.
Had it not been for the complaints posted on your website, I would not have learned that Viv3/Viv3 Labs is a scam and would not have cancelled the "free trial"; in a timely manner. I would like to thank you for providing such a useful service. I would also like to thank everyone for posting their complaints and sharing their experiences, and thus helping countless others.
Thank you so very much for this wonderful site! Ironically, the first night I ever used my new computer was to look up the companies that scammed me, (Encore Marketing, Inc. parents of American Leisure, Ez Saver, and also the Hydroxatone Co.). Without your site I wouldn't have known what was happening to my bank account and because of you I was able to recover all my money, (with a lot of phone calls and yelling at people who are not used to being yelled at). I am a human rights activist and have worked for years to get Justice for my Native people. It breaks my heart to see how many people are being raped by these greedy corporations and not able to stand up and fight back. Knowledge is power and you have given us that and I am very grateful.
Thank you for providing this beneficial service to enable individuals to express their views/experiences with unscrupulous practices as a way to give others a heads-up to circumstances before stumbling in blind. I will definitely be checking back in and looking up to see if companies I do business with are listed to ensure I am not to be taken advantage of. If I ever need your services again I will definitely avail myself of your service.
Let me say from the center of my soul - thank you for your website. We have a great many people in the Dallas area and from around the country that have been harshly effected by a very dishonest "businessman". Your site has given us an opportunity to share our thoughts a help guide appropriate legal actions for the various classes of folks that have been scammed.
It's entities, like these, that let me know the fight isn't over yet. Your service is invaluable, and your creed undeniable: "Made by the people, for the people".
I sincerely thank you for the kind gesture. It shows that you stand for justice. Thanks once again.
Thank you so much. This is a great site and I am glad to say our situation is being taken care of!
Thank you! Your site provides power to get things done for us "little people". It is much appreciated.
Keep up the good work. We (meaning consumer advocates) need more REAL complaint boards like yours to foster interest in our causes with credibility.
My complaint on your website was far more powerful in terms of the audience being reached, and the amount of time and money it has saved all of us and our court system. Thank you for creating such a wonderful tool for the consumer to fight back against the corporate world. You guys rock.
Thank you for this wonderful forum to lodge complaints. It is most appreciated.
Thank you very much, I'll definitely remember this in the future. I sure have put those people at their place, but I guess thats what'll be happening if someone out there doesn't want to do their jobs. They begged me to remove the Complaint... Thank you very much. Carel
Your web site has helped a great deal!
Thank you something needs to be done about all the scams going on it is becoming that 80 to 90% of of ads now a days are untrue. Thanks for replying and starting this website to help people get some justice.
I want to congratulate you for attempting to keep your complaints honest. You are far above all other complaint sites with this.
THANK YOU!!! I really appreciate the time and effort you made for my request, this is very impressive customer service!
Thank you for your website, you are the greatest defense/protection for all consumers. Keep it up. My complaint has been now resolved by the store manager. Thank you once again.
I was checking the status of a magazine subscription I ordered for my 10 year old niece and instead of finding their e-mail address - your site popped up instead. This is exactly the type of site everyone should have so maybe people will stop stealing from other people. I don't see how a person could do this (scam) to another person, stand there and pitch their sales speech with a smile on their face because they know when they've reeled you in. I sure wish I knew about this site a few years back when Hurricane Katrina hit us here in Biloxi, Mississippi. After surviving that disaster and wandering around hopeless, we were a playground for thousands of people to pull any type of scam on us. So many people were kicked while they were already down and we are still in recovery mode. But I think I will come out a whole lot better know that I know you and your staff have my back! Thank-you, and Happy New Year! Sincerely, Crystel
I had registered a complaint on 31st May 2009 against (company removed) and i am very happy to say that i got immediate response from (company removed). They replied to all my queries and has dispatched my order. Thank you very much for helping to resolve my issues.