Texas Roadhouse Complaints & Reviews

Texas Roadhouse / unprofessional behavior

Jul 15, 2019

07/15/2019 about 3-4:30 pm Me and my boyfriend and our family usually eat in this resturant about 1 time every week usually saturday or sunday, Today we got absolutley awful service. Our waitresses name was Faith, she brung us our water and my daughter her hi c as im pouring my daughter...

Texas Roadhouse / food

Jul 07, 2019

Horrible !! 4th time we've giving it a try in last 6 months and been horrible each time and let management know came Back again thinking maybe they changed things but no. Food was cold. One steak over cooked. Potatoes tasted old and hard!! Def will Not be back!! Ever again!! The first time...

Texas Roadhouse / crispy steak dinner

Jun 30, 2019

We ordered a Crispy Steak Dinner at the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Road House and prefered to have it without gravy never expecting the meat to be 1/8 of an inch thick and more crispy covering than there was steak. We expected a thick steak covered in crispyness and there was no explanation when we...

Texas Roadhouse / high chair with high top table

Jun 29, 2019

We requested a tables for three and a high chair; they sat us at a high top table after I told them for the second time we needed a high chair. The server assured me it was a higher high chair so it would be fine for the table. However the high chairs buckle was broken and did not slide up...

Texas Roadhouse / dinner at texas roadhouse frederick maryland

Jun 28, 2019

Normally I don't complain about anything but the dinner experience was anything but perfect. 1. No bread provided til end of dinner to ask us if we wanted it at that time. 2. Brought me my salad and not my husbands. Requested twice where was it. Brought it with his steak. When we...

Texas Roadhouse / e-card scam - pay $90 and receive $15 more

Jun 19, 2019

Bait and Switch tactic applied by this establishment. Purchased a $90 ECARD on line Wednesday 12 June expecting a email voucher right away after payment to use on father's day upcoming that same weekend. After the transaction and paying with CC, the return email said you card will be shipped and...

Texas Roadhouse / 12 oz fort worth ribeye and server

Jun 18, 2019

We all go to eat at the Roadhouse in Wesley chapel Fl.We just finished eating at Texas Roadhouse at 7973 irlo Bronson highyway in Kissimmee Florida first off the restaurant was very clean and the hostesses were super nice to accommodate us since my son was on crutches. The server was a...

Texas Roadhouse / steak kabob

Jun 11, 2019

I ordered the steak kabob once before at this location, sent it back. Tried again today, sent it back, got a new one, taking it home for the dog. The meat is tough, not cooked right at all, the rice has no sauce or flavor. I have this in New London branch and Warwick and it is deliciou...

Texas Roadhouse / poor service

Jun 09, 2019

I requested crackers with my salad 4 times and the crackers were brought to me after I had eaten the salad and the entree was served. Shyanne was delayed in refilling our teas as we had to ask multiple times for refills. We were not offered the chance to order desert nor drinks to go. Food...

Texas Roadhouse / entire experience

Jun 05, 2019

Sunday, June 2, 2019 in Tampa, Fl., I visited Texas Roadhouse across from VA hospital where I was visiting my ill son. I was extremely tired and hungry. I was expecting a great dining experience there. Hostess greeted me and as I was being seated, she told me that their bread was almost...

Texas Roadhouse / service

May 23, 2019

Hello I went out to eat on May 18 2019. My server was named Stacy table 412/1 location 501 east Trenton rd in Edinburgh tx.. Trace:00138029..auth:142829 I had poor service had to ask managers and other servers to attend our needs.. In addition noticed staff and managers huddled together...

Texas Roadhouse / attitude of server

May 20, 2019

Hunter seemed to be very upset when my husband wanted to look at the menu and asked her to give us about 10min. Rolled her eyes every time he raised his glass for another beer, when she brought it to the table she slid it across the table more than once. When she did come to the table we...

Texas Roadhouse / for the total of my balance

May 16, 2019

I went there last Sunday to eat for lunch with my friends, and the total of my balance was 163 and they took out of my credit card 200.00 so I don't know what Happened, next day when I go to check my credit card account i saw the balance of 200 on my card ! Next day I called the restaurant...

Texas Roadhouse / the whole experience

May 11, 2019

We ordered what I thought was a. Simple meal. I ordered a half rack Of ribs. And my date ordered steak kabobs. It took 45 minutes to get our salads. And when our food arrived. The food was cold. We told them that our food was cold. And they took it back To the kitchen. And the manager. Came back...

Texas Roadhouse / food

Apr 24, 2019

I took my wife to the roadhouse in Aberdeen, NC. We got bacon bits on her salad. The bits were hard and we told the waitress and she told a manager. The manager spoke with us and told us she would remove from our ticket. It did not happen. The sirloin I had was not good, it was tough. By...

Texas Roadhouse / I am complaining about my whole dining experience at texas roadhouse in cranston, ri on 4/13/2019.

Apr 23, 2019

My family & I arrived there at 5:15 pm and was told by one of the young ladies at the desk that it would be 20 minutes before we were seated. It was 5:40 pm and we were directed to the back of the restaurant to a half table, half booth. There were some tables behind my chair and booths on...

Texas Roadhouse / service

Apr 21, 2019

went texas rloadhouse in asheville nc today at 2.00 pm wait was fine got seated my napkin was dirty i had to ask 2 times to get silver ware waitress was slow brought my salald same time as my food then wanted check finally got check never came back to get my card so i just paid cash love...

Texas Roadhouse / service

Apr 11, 2019

The food was ok. Our waitress 1st got the order wrong my husband ordered an 11oz steak and she brought him the 16oz steak. Then we waited 20 min for drinks still never saw waitress so I went to bar and ordered our own drinks, the bartender said she was bringing a manager over, never saw a...

Texas Roadhouse / my take out order

Mar 16, 2019

I had placed an order for take out on 3-16-19 for a fillet medallion with a loaded sweet potato, peppercorn sauce, and a salad. Also a country fried chicken with cream gravy on the side (2 gravies) with apple sauce and load mashed potatoes. The hostess didn't go over my order with me when...

Texas Roadhouse / manager

Mar 14, 2019

The other night I decided to go to one of my favorite places on route 9 in Poughkeepsie to eat. Normally everything is amazing - the food, the service, the vibe, etc. But my last visit I saw an encounter where one of the new female mangers were bad talking one of the employees right in the...

Texas Roadhouse / specific host

Feb 25, 2019

Hello, my name is Angela Wright. The other night I was at Texas Roadhouse and I was taken by surprise at the treatment I had recieved. When this host was given the slip to take me back she rolled her eyes, and I told her my husband John wanted to pick out a steak and she had rolled her...

Texas Roadhouse / service and food due to being undercooked because of rushing order

Feb 03, 2019

My story, This pertains to the Willoughby Texas Roadhouse in Ohio 44094. AT around 2;00pm 3/3/19 I ordered two meals with a birthday appetizer. I stated to the person taking the order that I wanted to pick it up at 4;40pm which he wrote down on the ticket and took it and dropped off in...

Texas Roadhouse / employee

Jan 25, 2019

on 01/25/2019 went to the grandville michigan location we had a birthday party there all was going great, however the server Emily was indeed rude and very pushy for our party to pay and to leave . i was not very impressed . the wife and i have ate there several times before and no issue...

Texas Roadhouse / food

Jan 20, 2019

Ordered bbq chicken plate and a 11oz sirloin medium well (very little pink) got a rare steak very red and bloody I couldn't eat it all because the taste wasn't the same as it usual is when I purchase this. Live 30 mins away so wasn't like I was coming back after just getting home. It...

Texas Roadhouse / management, hostess, service

Jan 06, 2019

My family and I have been going to this same location for YEARS! We've given them chance after chance to improve on what they are lacking. Today was the last straw! They have young teenagers at the greeter station that have such horrible attitudes, very unprofessional and extremely...

Texas Roadhouse / food

Dec 29, 2018

Hi, we rarely ever ever complain about anything but tonight we ordered carry out and received a sirloin that was completely pink inside and he ordered medium but this sirloin was cold and we were there on time to pick up our order. It had so much blood dripping out of it that he couldn't...

Texas Roadhouse / hostess, manager and how we were treated for asking them to accommodate my party, there was 3 handicapped people and 2 more of us.

Dec 27, 2018

First of all I have been going to Texas Roadhouse since they first opened there doors up in Clarksville Indiana, then we had one open in my hometown of Columbus Indiana. I have never and I truly do mean never complained one time since my very first visit! Of course not every visit wa...

Texas Roadhouse / service

Dec 22, 2018

On Friday evening My wife her friend and I went for dinner at the Texas Road House in Kingston. We arrived approximately 6:10pm with very little wait we were seated. My wife and I are regulars at this establishment so all was as expected to that point. The greeter provided us our rolls and...

Texas Roadhouse / mixed up meals and lack of concern for the patrons

Dec 20, 2018

Wednesday evening my husband and I along with a very good friend went to our local Texas Roadhouse (East Greenwich, RI) for a Christmas get together. We often come to this facility and have great service however Wednesday night was a nightmare. We sat at the bar to wait 30 minutes for a...

Texas Roadhouse / plastic was found in our food

Dec 07, 2018

11/29/2018 Kenosha WI 7121 118th Ave Kenosha WI 53142 Dear Texas Roadhouse, On 11/29/2018 my family ate dinner at your establishment in Kenosha WI. My daughter was eating a roll that I buttered and she spit out a piece of plastic. We called over our server "Caleb" who got the Manager...

Texas Roadhouse / employment

Dec 05, 2018

My daughters Kayli and Keanna work at the Riverpoint location worked Friday December 2nd. They called Saturday the 3rd to let a manager know that they were going to pick up another employees shifts and were told that they could not return to work until they spoke with Andy McGee. He just...

Texas Roadhouse / employment

Dec 03, 2018

I had received a call last Monday about employment I was very busy so I told the manager on the phone that I would come in next Monday for an interview Since he only did interviews on Monday.I waited until 4:00pm that day so they could open and I called after 15min of ringing finally...

Texas Roadhouse / poor service

Nov 25, 2018

My family dined at the Asheville, NC Texas Roadhouse today 11/25/18 to celebrate my birthday. My kids refer to it as the "Roll House" since that is why we keep going back. Our "server" was Rebecka. The food was great but the service was so bad we all left furious! We had already completed...

Texas Roadhouse / unauthorized credit card charge

Nov 04, 2018

Dined at the Bradenton, Fl location 10/21/18. My meal charge was $16.88 and I left a $5.00 tip on the table for the server which he promptly took. I never add the tip on the receipt. When checking my charge card account, the charge for my meal was $21.88. I called and spoke to the manager...

Texas Roadhouse / food

Nov 01, 2018

We ordered take out and ordered salads and asked for extra dressing and never received them, so we lost money. We also asked for extra rolls and didn't get any. One of the reasons we eat here is because of the rolls and we love the homemade Italian dressing. Most times we eat here are...

Texas Roadhouse / employee

Oct 28, 2018

This employee was cleaning up a table. While she was doing so she took a pill off the table and took the pill. I could not believe Texas Roadhouse would employ someone that could be so careless or reckless while on the job. Her name tag said ashley when I saw her as I walked out of the...

Texas Roadhouse / all around experience from the time we sat down

Oct 28, 2018

We frequent this establishment at least once a week. Its my favorite place. As soon as we walked through the door the girl that's at the desk asking how many is my group is the rudest person ever. Tells us to stand to the the side because she needed to get to the people behind us. I havent...

Texas Roadhouse / food and service

Oct 25, 2018

Went out with my family for dinner. My food was drastically undercooked. I ordered a steak well done, came out rare, my mother's food was almost burned, she ate it anyway. I sent mine back and they sent out my baked potato 10 mins before my steak came out. The steak was in the back for 20...

Texas Roadhouse / prime rib

Oct 24, 2018

I get a prime rib every Tuesday in surprise, Arizona. Always excellent. Visiting my daughters in Parker, Colorado, I wanted to treat them to the prime rib at the roadhouse. Terrible meal! We ordered 3 prime ribs, all 3 were very fatty with very little actual meat. We ordered them medium...

Texas Roadhouse / service and food

Oct 21, 2018

Saturday not busy during this time ordered steaks and shrimps. T bone under cooked sent back 3 times and still had blood coming out. Asked for fried shrimp and got grilled. Second steak was supposed to be medium well it was med to med rare very salty and cold. Tried to eat it but the salt...