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Motel 6 / I asked the desk clerk to check key card for entry to my room.

Er53 on Jun 22, 2017
I asked the afternoon clerk to check my key card.The door has a card entry.I asked politely if he could pull up the history for the room.He made me one key card.I feel there was something suspicious going on and wanted to check the door.Denied me checking the door and felt I definitely......

Vom Amaris / Breeder- poor breeding, misrepresentation of puppies and training and health

Vom Amaris Lies on Jun 22, 2017
I purchased a female 6 months old from Barbara Canfield at Vom Amaris in 2014. I received the dog in early 2016, first she didn't match the photos. Her tail was docked way shorter and her eyes are in-set, not that big of a deal but thought if you lie about small things then... So we had......

Yoplait Yogurt / Yoplait Coffee Chocolate Chunk Dippers

Sarahbelle on Jun 22, 2017
Disappointed to open your product and find a big hunk of blue mold inside. As this is one of my absolute favorites, I just have to start out saying. Opened up one tonight when I got home from work, as my post shift ritual, and found blue mold inside. I snapped a picture with my phone in......

Singapore Post (SingPost) / Speedpost - failure to ship goods for more than 3 months after pick-up.

Jeff Curley on Jun 22, 2017
I arranged for 5-6 boxes to be shipped from Singapore to USA due to an overseas assignment. This was 3 months ago. The cost of shipment was several hundred dollars. This week, I was notified by Singpost that the boxes have still NOT SHIPPED from Singapore, and they are asking me to pay an......

Real Canadian Superstore / Availability of many products

Shearerbj on Jun 22, 2017
Hi. I am a long time shopper at Superstore Kenaston in Winnipeg MB. I was disappointed with the in stock availability of many items on June 22, 2017! Many items that I regularly shop for were not in stock when I shopped at 6pm that day. 4 litre chocolate milk, red grapes, 3 meat vintage......

The UPS Store / Employee of the Beaverdale, Ia UPS Store

Rose C. Scott on Jun 22, 2017
Incident occurred 6/22/2017 around 5:45 pm.t A pkg. had been sent to Beaverdale store for me. I expected pkg. to be delivered to my home. After tracking pkg. I called the store. Lady told me had to show ID to claim. Went to store was waited on by a very rude and disgruntled worker, who......

Coles Supermarkets / Coles Sea Salt and Coles Whole Peppercorn Grinders

Katherine1202 on Jun 22, 2017
I have bought these products a couple of times thinking the next one might work. Every single one has managed to break whilst I am in the middle of grinding Salt or Pepper into a meal resulting in me throwing out multiple meals because they are filled with hundreds of whole peppercorns or......

L'oreal / Voluminous Original Mascara, Black Noir, NDOO

PaulaDunn on Jun 22, 2017
I have purchased this mascara many times over the past several years. I like this mascara specifically because it can be removed with soap and water. The packaging specifies this. The last tube, purchased about 2 months ago, is very nearly impossible to remove. I have resorted to using an......

Davis Vision / Service

caquarius33 on Jun 22, 2017
I Want to file a complaint to davis vision. I went to my provider last May 4 to have my annual check. I paid in FULL payment assuming I will get my eyeglasses with 2 weeks. But unfortunately, 1 month after, No glasses yet. I called up the Davis Vision what had happen and he told me, He......

Seven Eleven / tobacco

Paul Philip LeCoure on Jun 22, 2017
tobacco is fake Tabaco. I started smoking 23 years ago and I got addicted to the nicotine and loved smoking for a few years till all the fake Tabaco came out called tobacco. I have been buying my cigarettes at seven eleven for the past two years and they are also without nicotine and......

HomeAway / Fees and efforts to restrain contact between owner and guest!!

Rental house on Jun 22, 2017
Vacation Rental Owner, I am disappointed with the HomeAway and VRBO ! I own my vacation home, take care of it, bear the liability for rentals…and HomeAway assets control and making lots of money off of my investment. In Texas, HomeAway / Expedia are facing a class action law suit over......

Pizza Hut / Pizza hut here in Darlington, SC. Is slow

Kitten boo on Jun 22, 2017
Why is it that the pizza hut here in Darlington, SC is so slow to say they are not that busy it almost an hour for you to get your food. Then once you get it its always cold. I just dont understand for the many of times i have ordered from here either my food is cold or its either alittle......

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / Baconator

Mike Mosbaugh on Jun 22, 2017
Went through the drive thru at the Noblesville Indiana Wendy's.(clover rd.) made it all the way home to find that my sandwich was raw! Not just pink. RAW! I called and they told me to come back and they would replace it. I drove all the way back to the stride and the manager(Miguel ......

Maytag / Maytag Bravos Washing Machine

Mary Jam on Jun 22, 2017
First of all, bought the washer about two months ago. I am not happy with this machine at all, especially the agitation system. MY complaint is I followed instructions and poured 1/2 cup of bleach in the dispenser expecting it to be apportioned at the right time. When I took my white......

Europcar / case nb 00514294

Nathalielm on Jun 22, 2017
I rented a car in UK from 30 May 2017 to 10Jun 2017. They charged my debit card straight away on the day I had the car as like a credit card they do not hold the money but take it from the account and refund LATER ! (When)... I gave back the car full of petrol. I received an invoice and they......

Wish.com / Orders not filled/Orders that have been paid for that haven't been received

kelly17 on Jun 22, 2017
Hi there, I want to post a formal complaint about WISH.com Should be more like WISH.CON... I had ordered a few things that I was ok with...I understand that these products are "cheap"...but I did not realize that many of the items for sale were "knock-offs"...as they use photos of products that......

Zaxby's / 4 piece finger meal

Kwilson76 on Jun 22, 2017
I purchased a meal today of chicken fingers and fries. I've never had a problem until today. My fries were covered in blue cheese which I am highly allergic to. I had a major reaction and my mouth and throats swelled nearly closed. I've never had to check my food there bc I've always just......

Lifetouch / Graduation photos look poorly taken

Bella.c on Jun 22, 2017
I received my graduation photos in the mail this week and the photos looked WAY clearer online then they do in person. The pictures look poorly taken. They look blurry as if the pictures were taken out of focus. These are my graduation pictures and I was really hoping for them to be nice......

Sprint / Virgin Mobile / Phone Service

Alphazu on Jun 22, 2017
Signed up for international service. Not aware Europe not included. Upon return had "service disabled" warning. Spent several hours and 10 emails to activate service with techs etc. After 6 weeks without service switched to another carrier. I was charged monthly fees and a service fee for......

Pierre Ford Lake City service department / Not serviced at all. Denial of even talking to me.

AndySea on Jun 22, 2017
I was transfered here when I called Ford about a recall. Turns out there were two and my car was stalling out possibly from the fuel filter. After talking to one of their reps I believe his name was Paul, he told me I could drop it off and leave it they would squeeze it in between......

Airasia / Ground staff

Actor Kishore Kumar on Jun 22, 2017
On Air Asia flight 1528 from Bangalore to Hyderabad today a lady, may be on her first flight in her excitement took a selfie. A ground staff ( they don't display names ) behaved very rudely threatening her of offboarding & she was made to stand away from the que. when I questioned hi......

Real Canadian Superstore / An employee tried to rip us off our change from a hundred dollar today.

Blackpool on Jun 22, 2017
We were shopping at the Nanaimo store today at 3 pm. Our groceries totalled $65.42. We paid with a $100 bill. Somehow she swayed our attention and did not give us the change, nor did she give us the receipt. When we got back to our vehicle and unloaded our groceries, my husband clued in to......

Burger King / Bad Customer Service

James L Pyatt on Jun 22, 2017
BK Store number #5475 time 21:20PM. Purchased a Whopper with cheese Only Pickle's Only Tomato and cheese. The counter girl repeated this to the cook, and I checked my receipt and all was good. They charged me $8.13 . Purchase was made at 18:29 pm It was a take out. Got back to my car......

Circle K Stores / Employee

Yttzel on Jun 22, 2017
My name is Yttzel Salazar my phone number is (760)499-9768. I am complaining that my manager told me that the training days will not be payed and that I still need to work for a week like that. I've been thinking I have been exploid and descriminated. I am working at Circle K in city of......

ACTIVE PLUS Youth Cream and Serum / Unauthorised credit charges, unethical behaviour

S Johnston on Jun 22, 2017
Dear Active+ Support, I ordered a TRIAL via Facebook only because it was advertised from findings on Shark tank. I only received my creams today and checked my credit statement only to see your company has already taken out 2 separate unauthorised payments? Not happy! ORDER ID: 4296937 ......
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