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Sprint / Billing and agreement

Keshonia Bowser on Dec 15, 2018

I joined Sprint on 11/23/18. I first was talked into taking the 5 lines and told I could return anytime and receive a credit. I returned the phones within 7 days due to the phonnes being poor quality. I kept the 2 iPhone in which I received one for free. I was told, I would receive a...... / Contacting sellers

Jakeyboy007 on Dec 15, 2018

Why don't they want you to contact a seller before you buy instead of having to wait till you buy ? I thinks it's because of the scanning going on, I was going to buy a GASP jacket but the description certainly wasn't describing the jacket in the picture, so if you're gonna buy from these......

Morongo Casino Resort & Spa / Hotel Reinburstment

Mtzmvri on Dec 15, 2018

I went to Morongo for my 19th birthday, I booked a room online. Once I got there to check in I was told under the policy they were not able to process it. I was told I would recieve a full reinburtsmt. I checked my bank statements they took out the $107 they said I wouldn't be charged. So......

Avakin Life / I never got any of my avacoins added to my Avakin account

DJ Black Magic on Dec 15, 2018

It never gave me my reward avacoins sent to my Avakin account I am ver very very very very mad and I want my Avacoins I am being very nice about saying this but I need to see my missing coins Tapjoy is owing me 18, 000 avacoins and I haven't seen non appear on my Avakin life account so......

United Parcel Service of America [UPS] / International delivery from Ohio to Ottawa Canada

June Patti on Dec 15, 2018

$45 to send a 10 pound Christmas box to Canada ( 14 small items totaling $200 value) which I thought yay not too bad...until I got the notice that UPS was charging me an extra $65 "customs brokerage charge" No mention of this extra cost at the time of shipping!! So basically someone in UPS......

Smiths Food and Drug / Unethical Behavior

I attempted to return some items with the receipt for all of them but one item for $5. Rayma asked me for my debit card and I told her I did not have it. Rayma told me that she would need to put it on a gift card. I refused the gift card for the items I had my receipt for. Rayma told me it......

Burlington Coat Factory Direct Corporation / Customer Service/ Store Manager

Barcamiguel on Dec 15, 2018

My wife and I went to Burlington 3684 US 9 Freehold NJ on 12/15/18 to purchase a coat for our son, another one for me and other miscellaneous products. After shopping the cashier scanned all items and we paid with a credit card. She told us the credit card didn't go through. We told her we......

Zavvi / Ps4 game

Linz007 on Dec 15, 2018

Pre ordered just course 4 ps4 game on 29th November. It was available from 4th December I kept looking at my order where the game was pending dispatch in warehouse. Contacted customer services and explained that the order was to be sent abroad.. I was reassured the game would be posted the......

Leons Hamilton stonechurch / Bedroom set

Swayze on Dec 15, 2018

Purchased a bedroom set for my daughter as a Christmas present. The foot board was broken and damaged in many areas. Called the store and the first sales person hung up because I was upset. Second one had no clue what to do third was patronizing. Talked to paul, he chose to argue with me......

Home Depot / carpet installation

EricSharine on Dec 15, 2018

I recently had my carpet installed last week and there is a small hard spot that hurts when you step on it. I have tried calling the store several times with no one answering the phone and just being put on hold for over an hour at a time. When asked to speak to a manger the person......

LL Bean / Exchange

Lindajoya on Dec 15, 2018

We have been LL Bean customers for over 30 years, purchasing boots, hiking boots, outdoor clothing, furniture, and ladies clothing. I purchased a cashmere sweater, I believe for about $100 several years ago. I wore it twice and put it on the gentle cycle and cold water in the wash machine......

my own business / loaded $1000 in 5 loads and GREENDOT locked my card

Joey Capps on Dec 15, 2018

I would advise against anyone using GREENDOT serves they will lock your money up for no reason and !!! Look I want my money unlocked or send me a check in the mail to my address on my account I would advise you to do this asap are i will be fileing a law-suite on GREENDOT for scamming my......

Uniters / sofa

Mary Hauswirth on Dec 15, 2018

I reported a problem with my sofa, end table tipped over and put a huge hole in the side of it. Reported it to Uniters and they did absolutely nothing. Called Wayfair and they said it is a flawless process and of course they did nothing either. Biggest waste of money. Service sucks!!! The......

Shoppers Drug Mart / Blood pressure monitor

Saaby on Dec 15, 2018

Hi, I bought this BP monitor life brand from Shoppers drug mart in Surrey BC few months ago. The cuff got inflated. I went to the store to ask for extra or where to order, no one knows. It is their brand how come you can't even help the customer for your own brand. I have been still......

NA / Duke or Asplund (sp?)

Micha Hale on Dec 15, 2018

Some time recently either your subcontractor or your employees were in my neighborhood cutting trees from power lines. They left my gate OPEN, they tore up my yard, tire tracks everywhere, brush left in the yard and hanging over the fence. Is this your normal way of doing business? What......

eBay / Lack of Product Hoover carpet cleaner model FH50900 from FOUR vendors!

Patricia Altobello Corona on Dec 15, 2018

This is the fourth vendor from which I have "purchased" the Hoover Carpet Cleaner model #FH50900. I began in October, 2018 and the last order was on Dec. 15th. I am so upset that your vendors advertise the same product over and over again and then, when they don't come, eventually refund......

United Parcel Service of America [UPS] / The deivery we just got today

Huskeyfam on Dec 15, 2018

Okay so we ordered about 5, 000$ wirth of christmas gifts and today one of the more expensive gifts around2, 000$ was delivered well i was in my kitchen which faces my driveway and the ups guy backed in around 3pm or so and opened the back door of his truck and slid the package to the open......

Edible Arrangements / Product got us all sick!

Impepa1961 on Dec 15, 2018

This is my 2nd time writing as my husband received a very $ arrangement when he came out of the hospital. Three people ate it out of 6 and there answer was you probably had a virus. I nicely tried to tell them check the fruit, send us another arrangement since I had to throw more than half......

Publishers Clearing House / / washing machine cleaner Cleaning Power

Olivia Erickson on Dec 15, 2018

sounded good. thought I'd give it a try. waited forever for the order to arrive. it was sent from Seoul, Korea. tracking #LN530031327KR US. declaration was $29.97. USD they charged me $92.97 USD! I used it for the first time yesterday. since it all in Korean, i could not read the......

Naomi Alyce Williams / Has Deep Hatred for White People

Th1D on Dec 15, 2018

This is Naomi Alyce Williams who lives in Tampa, Florida and is from Buffalo, New York. She is on GoFundMe begging for money to study in Japan and Panama. Apparently she wants to also spread her hatred of anyone who isn't black to those countries as well. She makes it clear that she HATES......

ShopGoodwill / Not being answered with my messages. about Item # [protected]

Terry N Lori Spellman on Dec 15, 2018

I have a Beef !!! with Goodwill Easter Seals MN There was some brick stix that went off on 12/13/18 with no bids that i really really wanted to buy for my grandson so i could put him together some building toys for Christmas. Me and him look at things on your site a bunch and He really......

Service / Discrimination

enidf on Dec 15, 2018

On 12: 30 12/15/2018 we went to Red Lobster 6282 on 1695 NW 87th Ave, Miami, FL 33172 for lunch. On our arrival we were escorted to a very dark section of the dining room where another black couple were seated at the next table. On looking around I noticed white customers were seated at......

1966 / My account

PhyllisDraperAdams on Dec 15, 2018

I once was a loyal customer on this site and now something is wrong with logging into my account. The back account I once had I no longer use that bank.I have tried on several occasions to get help with my account on Wish . I was ask to send proof of purchase from my bank but I don't have......

Sonic Drive-In / My birthday shake

Celeste Santibanez on Dec 15, 2018

I got to the sonic in INGLESIDE TX & the girl took my order as I was telling her about my free birthday shake she told me I had to order it on the app, I try doing it and call her outside because the system was down she said she couldn't help me anymore and there was no other way if I......

Shoppers Drug Mart / Auto check out / employee

Michael Levinsky on Dec 15, 2018

First off...I have never filled in anything like this before, however, I was so agitated by what just ocirred about 30 minutes ago. I was with my daughter...had 3 items (razors, face wash, candy canes). I was using the self check out as I always do and one of the employees, very......