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Consumer Complaints and Reviews

Dairy Queen / Presentation/Purchase

Christine Harris on Jul 23, 2018

I think by looking at the below picture, you may understand my concern. The bad thing is this was the second attempt to make a cone. The first was worse and I refused to take. Needless to say this one lasted to the stop light and went out the window. The mess in my car was just as bad. ......

Woolworths Australia / Foreign object in T-Bone Steak

April Clarke on Jul 23, 2018

Please see attached photo of a metal object (possibly from a butchers glove) that was found on my T-Bone steak that was purchased from Woolworths in Jordan Springs. Unfortunately, there are no photos of the object on the steak - however, my husband and I were relieved that we had not served......

Life Insurance Corporation of India [LIC] / payment not received

kirao on Jul 23, 2018

Against the Annuity Number 091y0331147627 unit name:hyderabad. I have submitted my last existence certificate in 2011. I have not received my Annuity for the last 5 years. Kindly confirm the the mailing address to submit the Certificate of existance and change my bank Account detals and......

Chumba Casino / VGW Holdings / Cashout Not Recieved

Farah McCoy on Jul 23, 2018

Cashed out weeks ago and online gaming company called Chumba Casinos asked for supported documents to prove identity. Upon providing documentation, cash out was still not granted. Request credit back to account to play $120 won, company ignored. This is a scam and is only a matter of time......

Costway / 12v kids ride on car with remote

Muraliv on Jul 23, 2018

Hi, I ordered remoted control 12 v ride on car. But i received car with no pedal/remote switch to it, but remote has been provided.. i ordered for my kid who has to come back in july. When i fixed it was working fine, even though wrong item has been sent. When we opened now it stopped......

Chowking / Food

Gari Dy on Jul 23, 2018

I was chewing at my food (sweet and sour pork) half way eating when i suddenly felt something hard tried to chew on it but i felt it was not part of the meal. When i spit it out it was a broken part of i think of a plastic glass. Fortunately it did not pierced any part of my mouth since......

Marlboro / Marlboro Gold 100's

Tanya Lafon Williams on Jul 22, 2018

I had an appt in another town that is 45 minutes from where I live. I stopped at an Exxon and bought 2 pks of Marlboro Gold 100, both came out of the same carton. Both pks, the tobacco was falling out! It was like they were rolled loosely. I couldn't smoke them, it was a waste of money! I sure wasn't about to drive 45 minutes to return them for more!...

Malaysian Airlines / Overbooked flight

Kok Kuang Teh on Jul 22, 2018

I bought a return flight from Melbourne on the 27/3/18, e-ticket number 2325796213118 via Zuji. My flight from KL to Melbourne was fully booked (MH)-129 on 21/7/18. Therefore I was put on a flight from KL to Perth (MH)-125 followed with a flight from Perth to Melbourne with Virgin airline......

Dollar General / Store Glen Carbon, Illinois store #9514 I believe

Cheri52 on Jul 22, 2018

This store is a mess the employees are trying to work cashier and put up stock on shelves I have seen an employee ask for help from manager and her tell the person no you do it and see merchandise hit the employee if two had been doing it this wouldn't have happened but instead she......

Harvey Norman / Freezer

Bruce Cleary on Jul 22, 2018

I am trying to run a small business. We have spent thousands of dollars with Harvey Norman. We brought a freezer in October last year and this morning it was smelling like burnt electrical. We called the store numerous times and eventually was given another number to call, that person......

Zynga / farmville co-op

mih yao on Jul 22, 2018

hi... lately, we were having problems in adding friends because our "invite friends" button is disabled and there is no "add friends" spot right after the last member of our co-op... we have been facing difficulties in achieveing our marie's gial because some of our current members are not......

Taco Bell / Enrollment

Zar426 on Jul 22, 2018

When I arrived at the Taco Bell on 4700 Boston St, Baltimore, MD, 21224 I was appalled. Only one employee was working who was both taking orders and making the food at the same time. I am a vegetarian so when I placed my order, I made sure to say NO MEAT. When I got home, each of my food......

Taco Bell / Then I receive all my order at the second one

Dentra Thornton on Jul 22, 2018

At the first one I was told they cannot make my order because they didn't have a cook and there was no manager on site called back and spoke with the manager name Christy! At II Taco Bell I order my food I have a receipt for that one and was only given one item not the order that I......

Dollar General / Manager (Ann) page az

Menastrees on Jul 22, 2018

The minute I walked into the store, and for the first time ever of all my days in the store, I was told I need to take off my bag and leave it at the door. I told Ann that I want my bag to be secured in a locker or other box so that my bag is not readily available for thieves to run off......

Taco Cabana / Horrible service

Kimber Swartz on Jul 22, 2018

The taco cabana on Dezavala has only 3 people working. On top of they are busy and not only was our order messed up so were multiple customers orders. Even drive thru someone had to come back because they messed up their order. Tables are dirty and haven't been wiped down. Ordered a taco......

Circle K Stores / Everything about this store

Former circle k employee on Jul 22, 2018

This store doesn't even deserve 1 star! It's strsight crap! From behind the scenes it's the absolute worst. The manager of the store refused to come in or send relief to an employee when she needed to take her 2 year old to the hospital. When he seemed fine after the hospital visit the......

Life Alert Emergency Response / The new Life Alert Commercial

Ysrebob on Jul 22, 2018

Please discontinue the current ad. It is very upsetting to me. I found my wife passed away a couple of months ago laying on our bedroom floor. Your commercial punishly and painfully reminds me of my traumatic experience. Your old commercials were bad enough. But this latest one is scary......

Refund / Ticket amount refund

Abdul sharieff on Jul 22, 2018

Hi. Booking reference no CB1789101 Name Abdul sharieff Contact no 51671167 Is this service your are providing to customer I call number of time regard refund but their will copy paste point will tell the agent 1.over finance team will get back to you within 2days. 2.within 24 hour you will get......

Ross Dress for Less / Associates' attitude

Anon 12 on Jul 22, 2018

Ross associates should smile and provide true service to the customers. However, I always notice that some employees are not that friendly at all. When I am paying for my merchandise, the cashier who served me looks scary and not friendly at all. It was like she does not know how to smile......

Duracell / As batteries

Silverado2002 on Jul 22, 2018

I was wearing a headlamp with three new Aa batteries and they exploded an dripped acid down my head and neck causing scars and loss of hair I immediately headed to the hospital but the damage was already done.the headlamp was 2 years old and I had never had any issues until now which I......

Hawaiian Airlines / False Advertisement and Misleading Website

melcarmichael on Jul 22, 2018

So I have a couple of things to discuss. I live in Hawaii and we always fly Hawaiian because there are some many good things to say about this airline. However I have to say that because of a couple of recent incidents I am very disappointed. My wife tried to book her mother a trip to visit......

Gotogate / I made double booking/reservation.

cho min jung on Jul 22, 2018

Hi, At first, I booked a flight going to Hongkong last Friday dated July 20, 2018 at 9:57 pm (Philippine time) and I received an error which says that "failed reservation" so all the while I was thinking that it did not really go through. For this reason, I did the same process and tried......

Woodsprings Suites / Mail Was not returned to sender as requested upon departure

klinklisa on Jul 22, 2018

I was asked to leave the hotel under false accusations. I reviewed this establishment on TripAdvisor and was asked to leave at 11 pm. I did leave and asked the Manager, not the regular manager, to please send my packages from amazon back to amazon. Some of the items were for my work and......

Sprint / customer service

Michael Beaver on Jul 22, 2018

ok here is how my day started with sprint all I wanted to do was upgade my phones so I went to upgrade them it would let me upgrade 2 phones with the option to buy phones are the option to return old phones and pay 38 dollers are so ok when I went to upgrade the phone I use it would not......

Canada Drives / 2015 pathfinder

Liveworks on Jul 22, 2018

Hi there, I am very disappointed in our sales guys at Canada drives. My wife and myself were under the impression our 2015 pathfinder had 4wd and when it showed up it was 2wd. Also there was a pinstripe on the vehicle that you could not see in the images that was put on to cover a deep......