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Consumer Complaints and Reviews / Phone cover

alina khurram on Feb 20, 2019

I ordered 2 shock proof cover for iphone 7 plus and samsung galaxy s8 but i received the order wrong . You guys delivered me a normal transparent cover with a screen protector thou i didnot even order that i want you to look into this matter immediately and send me the correct order that i......

Mobilink 3G/4G / mobilink 4g

Syed Saad on Feb 20, 2019

from;[sarai naurang lakki marwat kpk] sir ! idhar baghair bijle ke 4g on nahi karte halanke idhar 4g available hai lekin baghair bijle ke 4g available nahi hoti ye masla shuru se hai network mai kharabi ki koi baat nahi hai please aap jald az jald in ke khilaf action lain aur kuch maloomat...... / Booking

avi5883 on Feb 20, 2019

Amoma, One of the best scam of 21st century, they are well equipped with all the tools to fool and cheat people by doing fraud. Amoma pretends to provide the hotel booking but they only reserve it without sending money to hotel. So, when you reach there, the hotel will say they have not......

Gumtree / iPhone repair

Elo Magnin on Feb 20, 2019

BE AWARE OF MINKOSMACS ON LEE HIGH RD. I went 2 weeks ago to fix my iPhone6, as my phone had dropped and because of the shock my screen was damaged and the screen had ink lines in it. It cost £60. Paid, then 2 weeks Iater, can't see anything on my screen. So I went back with my receipt asking......

All Things Trending / Trending Beauty / Overcharge

I have ordered a simple mascara on the 18.02.2019. It said that the product was free, all I had to do was pay shipping. However, when I checked out with all my card details the amount that was taken was nearly 50$. I never authorized this payment, all it was showing was 1.95$ for the......

LBC Express / delayed delivery of parcel with Tracking Number [protected]


The parcel with tracking number [protected] was received at One Mercedes Branch Pasig on February 12. Until now Feb 20, the parcel has not been received yet by the recipient. The LBC Customer Service cannot give me an update since yesterday. I called the customer service at phone number......

Sun International / Gambling

Zadenlee on Feb 20, 2019

On the 15th february 2019. Me and my husband went gambling in the smoking area. I played on one specific mashine, .after playing R25.000 not one free does that happen?? The sunstriker machines were all out of order. But strange the saturday morning the jackpot was paid out at......

Nestle / Pixy stix

Steph143 on Feb 20, 2019

I love nesles pixi stix, i buy them almost every day. This past week however 2 out of 5 bags i bought at the dollar General by my house, the straws were filled only half full and lately a lot of the bags had mostly one flavor like at least half were one flavor and the other half had the......

Aeromexico / 24 hour refund policy

Valerie Nair Galvez on Feb 20, 2019

Arranger remarks Refund ticket joseph kalionzes [protected].38 usd Refund ticket nicolassa galvez [protected].38 usd Refund ticket danielle silva [protected].38 Refund ticket jacquelyn kalionzes [protected].38usd Refund ticket valerie galvez [protected] -......

Clicks Retailers / Default on clicks panty liners scented

Bridgette Matukeni on Feb 20, 2019

I bought your panty liners that is supposed to be Scented according to packaging but there is no scent at all and the adhesive backing does not secure ant fit as they continuously move and fold itself on underwear which makes it uncomfortable. I would like to return this product. I have......

KissandFly / TTN / my

Nora Ahmed on Feb 20, 2019

horrible service, cheating, just will take your money horrible service, i requested to change date & route of my flight at 11.30AM while the flight at 8.00pm but they respond over the e-mail only after 3hrs of my flight that i should pay penalty & when i asked for refund they deducted more......

Consumer Direct Warranty Services / Driver seat side cover

ewawa on Feb 20, 2019

Hi there, i had few issues after i have purchased Triton Limited Edition in 2017. First it was the driver seat side cover are broken with the diver weight 80kg and below, so i file a complaint during first service and they took times to replaced new one. Then it was broken again, and i......

Yuchengco Group Of Companies [YGC] / Family Protect Elite

Sheng Subang-Brusas on Feb 20, 2019

Hi im Ms. Subang, i would like to request for the cancellation of my Family Protect Elite which was automatically deducted under my rcbc bankard 6004 ending card #. The cancellation was due to i cannot afford to pay it anymore since i was enrolled to the other insurance company..i want......

ClickBank / Non-delivery of email information paid for

Narelle McGregor on Feb 19, 2019

CLKBANK*COM_GZZIV36V [protected] - transaction dated 14/01/2019. I was to receive an e-book for the amount charged to my credit card($60.05 AUD) which to date (20/02/2019 I have not received. I was to receive an e-book for the amount charged to my credit card($60.05 AUD) which to date......

GDex / GD Express / unethical behaviour

Zul Sinor on Feb 19, 2019

Through e-tracking, my parcel has reach the GDex delivery station in Kok Lanas, Kota Bharu Kelantan on 17/2/2019. I only noticed it on 20/2/2019. The distance from the GDex delivery station in Kok Lanas to my address was only 7 KM, but when i contact the station agent why my parcel was not......

Saia Motor Freight Line, LLC / Business Practices

Mr.Alonso Lopez on Feb 19, 2019

I'm writing this review so that other current and potential new customers BE AWARE of what this company do to their Customers. I used SAIA for few months, and I stopped using SAIA services after they rebilled and reclasiffied our shipments at will. A simple $150 shipment (that with other......

Kendra Scott / Necklaces. (Multiple)

Cristina Camacho on Feb 19, 2019

I have purchased at least 5 in the last year for myself and as gifts and all have seemed to rust and tarnish. Even well taken care of and super delicate doesn't make a difference. I feel that this is not the image that a company as well known and admired as Kendra Scott would want. I know......

Walkerton location / Staff

Wylo on Feb 19, 2019

Been to this location daily and for the past month the service is getting rediculous. Either the head phones aren't working right or the new staff have a memory of about.5 seconds. Everyday they continue to mess up my order. Can say it as slow as possible and they still don't listen and have......

Transmission Specialist, Toms River Transmission / Transmission FRAUD

Willamina Automotive LLC on Feb 19, 2019

We purchased two transmissions with torque converters and a 3 year warranty for $2200.00 on 12/20/18. When purchasing the transmission we spoke on the phone. I was advised 3-5 days to build the transmissions and 3-5 days to ship the transmissions, also a 3 year standard warranty. On 1/5/19......

Arby's Restaurant Group / Raw Chicken

Tasha Muldoon on Feb 19, 2019

2/19/2019 4:42 pm I ordered two chicken sandwiches then went home. I ate half of one of them and discovered it was under cooked it the center, brown & rubbery. It is the right piece in picture. My mother was eating the other chicken sandwich and stopped when she saw it was bright pink......

Costway / Damage item and delivery box damage at door

joey jackson on Feb 19, 2019

I received my item tonight by ups on 2/19/2019. Costway 17.6 twin-tub washing machine blue and white. first the bottom of the box fell out, 2nd when check the machine the side hose for the water was badly bent and has yellow paint on it. Also the cover for the spinner does not snap close......

Dell Tech Support / Paid Tech Support

KellyNest on Feb 19, 2019

My regular manufactures warranty was up in 2017. So I decided to pay for Dell Concierge Tech Support for $239. The whole time I had it I had software issues and they said that my Warranty did not cover it which it did because it was the top of the line Tech Support they had. I found thi......

Dr. David Rekar / awful service, lack of ethics

jeffreyelp on Feb 19, 2019

My review won't hurt your business, your awful service will. I'm not sure how you'd like me to show "evidence", your services did nothing for me. Also, the fact that Dr. Rekar intentionally posted information about my visits on yelp should be a clear sign of his lack of ethic......

Essence of Argan / Essence of Argan, Forever FLawless,

Satellite57 on Feb 19, 2019

I purchased a 14 day free trial on the 25th Feb 2019.(3 products - (Oil, moisturiser and makeup deal) The products did not arrive until the 5th and 6th Feb 2019 By the 9th of Feb they had taken over $300 from my account. I did not have a chance to test the product beyond 3 days. I emailed......

Cogeco / Customer support: technician cancelled/missed appointments

edime on Feb 19, 2019

Technician did not show up during scheduled time. When I called Cogeco to check on the status of the technician, I was told that no one was home so the technician was not able to resolve my internet issue. That statement was 100% false; I was home and I have a security system that alert......