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iQlance - App Development Company Toronto / Mobile App Development

krunal vyas on Mar 25, 2019

Iqlance is a custom mobile app development company in Toronto that offers a wide range of mobile app development services to its clients. We turn our clients' ideas into mobile apps that can monetize. If you have a promising idea that has a potential to do well in the real world, share it......

Finish Line / Toddler Boy’s Gym Shoe

CarlaMit1985 on Mar 25, 2019

I ordered on March 13, 2019 and only certain items was shipped to me. I have contacted the their customer service department the same day I was suppose to receive my order and told the Rep that my items were missing from order and I never received my package and I then asked what was the......

Wawa / BBQ seasoned chicken wrap

billydabarber on Mar 25, 2019

Some of the chicken on the wrap was very chewy or tough. I got through most of it because I'm hungry on my lunch break but the piece in the picture was too tough to chew. Also the entire thing was very dry. Tasted good but dry and chewy chicken. Like I said I was hungry on my lunch break......

toyota malaysia / car not receiver


Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing today to complain of the poor service I received from your company from January until today. There are no responses or any confirmation that I receive to make me calm pertaining the status of my ordered car. For your information, I was booked my car (Green......

Juteberry Export / Delivery never received after payment; Money never refunded

VedangSingh on Mar 24, 2019

This business is a scam and Ankush is a cheat. We found him through and gave an order for 200 bags. Paid him half the deposit as advance. Made us call 25-30 number of times and kept promising that he will deliver. Stopped answering our calls and we had to call him from......

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation [AMC] / Bothered with street dogs

Vinay Brahmbhatt on Mar 24, 2019

Dear Sir, I stay at 31, Bhagyanagar, Behind Hatkeshwar Bus stand, Near Rajdeep Apartment, Hatkeshwar, Khokhra, Ahmedabad. In my colony they are 2 Stray dogs who are biting people who come to visit there friends, relatives and so people going in our colony are now very afraid for......

Arizona Jean Company / Pajamas

Big-Sexy on Mar 24, 2019

I bought my daughter pajamas and they were clearly incorrectly sown the hem in the pants missed the piece of fabric. Since it was missed by me for a while and my daughter never brought it to my attention until tonight I was wondering what could be done if anything? It is clearly a......

Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad / I would like to complaint regarding my salary which was hold by Bank Islam for past few days .

sathiawathy selvarajan on Mar 24, 2019

I have been calling Bank Islam(03 [protected]) to reach for their advise and help since 19/03/2019, I was told to call another staff(collection dept) with a different number, however no one was answering(03 [protected]) the phone. On 20th March I have made another phone call (03 [protected]), I wa......

Waffle House / management and employees being racist and biased

jaytom1234 on Mar 24, 2019

im a former employee of waffle house and my friend still works there. i quit becayse i was having to handle alot of racism and biased ways from management from and employees. Shanti has a best friend that comes down from out of town and works 50 hours in 3 days while other employess are......

Kids Foot Locker / Manager

Bluefish68 on Mar 24, 2019

I was in the store today. The manager was too busy with a female hugging and kissing to help me with the purchase of shoes for my daughter. The store was very busy and all other associates were busy with other customers. I asked to see the manager I was shown Nick Edling who was there......

I am complaining for myself: Joel A Cadenas / Over charged for car insurance coverage

Joel Cadenas on Mar 24, 2019

I rented a car to be picked at SAL airport on 03-14-2019 (SV535347190), I supposed to pay only $74.99 + $11 a day for ins (theft-collision-damage), I was told at the counter it was mandatory to buy a insurance combo for $35.99 per day, I told the girl at the airport I just didn't want to......

Allied Universal / / - UNPROFESSIONAL - no following the company " S. O. G "

the united group on Mar 24, 2019

Martin Luther King Jr. quotes "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." As the civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr once said . I have a dream We dream of a place of work without favoritism . Where who you know are NOT more important than how you work . Where the......

Dolci & Weiland Law Firm / 2 Attorneys that should be DISBARRED

V1P on Mar 24, 2019

Dominick R. Dolci and Patrick J. Weiland(Dolci & Weiland) located at 17 W. 662 Butterfield Rd Ste 304 Oak Brook, IL. 60181 are TERRIBLE lawyers(should be disbarred). IF you value your freedom do NOT hire these losers to defend your case(s). My case was to be a simple traffic $500 defense......

Red Ribbon Bakeshop / Happy Plus Load not Loaded Completely

Baby Ching on Mar 24, 2019

Good day, I recently bought a cake from Red Ribbon Bakeshop near Imus BDO. I gave Php500.00 to the cashier to load my happyplus card. Then i bought a Php400.00 amount of cake. To my surprise, when i tapped my card, it has the same load of Php130.19 when it should've been Php230.19. I asked......

cindaplay.CO / The service

Alberta McGregor on Mar 24, 2019

I am writing again as I applied online for a Samsung s10 through NZ post site, with a $3.00 p/h. On Mon 13th May I was charged around $100.00 for this service that I dont need and neither do I want it. I was dis charged from hospital on the 13/3/19, as Id been there for the past 10 days, and......

Canada Post Corporation / Mail farwarding and delivery

gbsol on Mar 24, 2019

Three months ago our mail delivery became very erratic. Where normally we would receive mail daily we were lucky to get mail once a week . We called Canada post and voices our concerns and an investigation was started with no results. In the mean time we purchased a postal box to eliminate......

Tim Hortons / Product- Begal toasted with lite cream cheese.

Paula Endean on Mar 24, 2019

So on March 20th 2019 - I visited this location at 9:45am. Ordered 2 drinks and 2 everything Begals with lite cream cheese and first thing my begal was not cut. As I tore it in half and began eating the half that I tore and realized there was bare min of cream cheese there- so I took a......

American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] / Fridge has a water leak inside and fixing parts for temporary for a few yrs now

Jacintha on Mar 24, 2019

I have been paying to fix this fridge's water leak for a few times, $100 each visit, and each items to fix and it has been happening for a while. I have called several times to talk to a manager but unable to talk until today. My fridge has the issue again, water leak, and I am not going to......

Wyndham Vacation Club / Problem

Little Debs on Mar 24, 2019

I am a former Wyndham Club owner (member ID [protected]). While a member, I transferred 168, 000 points to my RCI account (member ID A941-36635). Several months later, I sold my Wyndham property. Before doing so, I confirmed with Wyndham that the points with RCI would remain intact......

Charlotte Walsh ICEERS Ayahuasca Defence Fund Adrian Freedman / Threats to Murder Shamans, Criminalization of Ayahuasca, Defying the Courts, Fires, Police Raids

Sebastiano Rinho on Mar 24, 2019

Criminalization of Ayahuasca There are 185 police reports in the hands of the prosecutors with a mission to criminalize Ayahuasca once and for all in the Netherlands, each report contains damning evidence against the plant medicine community, ringing the death knell for freedom for Santo...... / Web based Theater and Event Ticketing

Voxman on Mar 24, 2019

They tried to charge me $936.00 for 4EA $95.00 Tickets that normally sell for $65.00 EA. They have no Customer Service. They advise you after the sale that there are no refunds or changes allowed to your purchase. Worse yet, PayPal backed this Scam Company after the transaction. And, Google ha......

7-Eleven / Front counter

Johnboy1989 on Mar 24, 2019

Your employee today screamed in the face of an elderly man, laughed in the mans face then, tells the next lady to hurry up before she yelled at them, the lady said I'm not from here and she proceeds to laugh in her face and said good you don't live here, this lady is a very nasty person......

Coach USA Bus Company / extremely rude behaviour of driver

Rajeswari Sai on Mar 24, 2019

I took a bus from Chicago ohare bus shuttle to madison dutch mill Park and ride today on 24th mar 2019 at 2pm..when i got down at dutch mill park and ride, there was this another driver who was unloading the luggage..the initial driver or helper loaded the luggage he told me......

Guitar Center / Service

BriFlower on Mar 24, 2019

Unpredictable boss Addison who bullies his fellow employers and highly disrespectful of amount of hours or days given to a worker. Alongside his side kick Ryan for being rude also to his employees he works with! Defiantly not a team leader at all!! Above all for the other employees they......

Canadian Tire / Return an item procedure

Dana Robinson on Mar 24, 2019 experience today, trying to return a $7.00 item was not easy nor quick. At the Veddar location waited in line for 10 minutes along with the online order to the counter and CT employee wants phone number, photo ID, address etc. So I'm less than pleased as I am on a......