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McDonald's / Chicken nuggets

Disappointed Lynn on Aug 16, 2018

I purchased a 6 piece nugget for my 1yr old daughter, bit into one, and nearly choked on a large hunk of plastic in the nugget. I took a photo. Had I not bitten into it before giving to my daughter, she could have choked on it. This occurred at approximately 6:30pm on Aug 16, 2018 at the......

Olive Garden / Server

C.J. Tx on Aug 16, 2018

My husband and I ordered the Tour of Italy and told our server we would be splitting it. We were seated at a table for four; my husband sitting to my right. When the food arrived, the server placed it in the corner between us, which was very awkward and then asked if we would like another......

Pos Laju / Poor services , Delay and lies.

Ritajega on Aug 16, 2018

I am so angry with your services. From bad to worse. EH[protected]MY - I was at home the whole day 16 August but when check online the pos left the notice. but I never receive the notice . This is not the first time happening already few times. Furthermore the item take long time to reach......

Dollar Tree / Store #3110 not observing hours

chr.wms on Aug 16, 2018

Dollar Tree, store #3110 - Arlington, TX 76010 is supposed to remain open until 9:00. I arrived at about 7:45 and the doors were already closed and locked. There were maybe about 10 people that I could see already inside of the store, and the Cashier was standing in front of the door. I......

Aeromexico / Watch

Felipe26 on Aug 16, 2018

Hello.. I traveled to Guadalajara from Los Angeles using Aeromexico flight 785 on Wednesday, August 15th at 12:15am. As I arrived at my final destination in Guadalajara and opened my luggage I noticed things were a little messy but thought nothing of it since checked bags I asume get randomly......

Cebu Pacific Air / time of flight

josielyn dalit on Aug 16, 2018

Hi, we are booked Jan 25 2019 clark-hk 4:20pm, and Jan 28 hk-clark 7:20pm but now they changed the time from 4:20 to 7:30 then 7:20 to 10:30. we chose that time because the next day Jan. 29 my kids are going to school, if you change that to 10:30 our time of arrival in clark is already......

AT&T Connectech / Technical Service

David 67 on Aug 16, 2018

I might understand if the technician was unable to solve a problem with a non-AT&T piece of hardware, but after several hours and their taking remote control of my PC, they were unable to open the ports on their own AT&T router! I was told when I purchased the service that I could cancel if......

Gold's Gym / Membership Cancellation

crdrifter on Aug 16, 2018

I submitted a cancellation form, in March of this year, in person at Gold's Gym of Tyson's Corner in Virginia (formerly Fitness First) when they announced they were closing the location. I didn't keep my copy of the form, but when I noticed I was still being charged in April, I called the......

Telkom / ADSL Cancellation

GregMatthews on Aug 16, 2018

As per Telkom request we submitted the paperwork for cancellation of service on the 3rd of April 2018 with final payment to To date we have had no confirmation or any correspondence from Telkom in any form yet we still get monthly invoices. We have messaged......

Chilis / their entire menu-they could screw up a one man funeral march

Debbie Thompson Collins on Aug 16, 2018

I dont know what most restaurants use for hamburger meat but Chilis has the funk-if you would leave off so damn much Mayo and buy a better grade of beef-then hire some one that gives a crap how their food tastes you might come out on top. They constantly screw up orders such as not sending......

Milk and Choco / Aria summer lace dress

Crystal01 on Aug 16, 2018

Received dress past expected shipping time only to find other is made out of cheap, see through material. Fitting is rediculous, band sits on rib cage not waist and is so tight (no stretch in material) that I cannot take a deep breath. Then took someone else to help me get out of it. All......

AutoZone / Rude manager

Karla Jean on Aug 16, 2018

just had a horrible experience at this store tonight. The manager on duty was extremely rude. I called ahead to ask about the check engine light on my car and asked if i could come down to get them to plug into my car's computer to get me a diagnostic code, the guy on the phone wa......

Cali Bamboo, LLC / Failure to deliver flooring and refund.

Christina East Parodi on Aug 16, 2018

Absolutely incompetent, disinterested and insulting service from Cali Bamboo. They absolutely loved taking my payments, yet hated delivering the correct flooring and anything resembling problem resolution. Don't look to CEO Doug Jackson or Supervisor Ashley Dawn to respond to a complaint......

Abu Dhabi Airport / Decietful behaviour

Yazin on Aug 16, 2018

I'm going to try to be as respectful as I can be in my story but I'm truly deeply disappointed as am I frequent flyer from Abu Dhabi airport and I'm shocked at what has happened. I booked flight 9W513 and was on time standing in a long line which Is usual for this time of the year. Upon it......

Home Depot / GE Washer

Harvie Phillips on Aug 16, 2018

I purchased a GE washer in 2015. I bought a 5 year extended warranty on this washer. I scheduled an appointment to have it serviced. The young man came out and could not read the model number and said he was not allowed to service the machine. He said if he called about would void......

Croft And Barrow / Shoes

Robert on Aug 16, 2018

I have only had the shoes for five weeks and there is already a hole in the bottom. I hope clean through. And I've only worn them about half the time because I trade colors once a week. I've never seen anything so poorly made. Got these at kohls and have another pair still in the box......

Omegle / blocked for no reason

22mclemm on Aug 16, 2018

Hello! So I just recently starting using Omegle, and for some reason today, August 16th, I was banned! I was not doing anything inappropriate, my connection was bad so I did move through chats quickly to try and find someone to talk to. Once I did have a better connection, I got banned......

Build a Bear / Birthday party

Beck2265 on Aug 16, 2018

In July I booked a party for my 8 year old on Sept 8. Today, August 16, I was sent an email stating I couldn't have it that entire weekend because they are having an "event". I called their customer service number provided on the email and was not helped at all. Two different employee......

Burger King / Service

Brenda El-khal on Aug 16, 2018

Every time to I go to the Burger King on Crismon and Southern in Mesa, Arizona, the people are rude and plain out just don't care. They have 2 drive throughs, one in which I waited for 20 minutes saying hello several times for someone to answer me or at least take my order, didn't get......

Rite Aid Pharmacy / An employer who is on the cash register on August 16th @ 6.59 pm..

Keeplivinglife on Aug 16, 2018

Worker was very disrespectful .. Her name is flora she works @ this right aid location around this time of the day .She refuse to put my items in bags & when I ask her to .. Then I ask her for the manager she said who cares go right ahead & call the managers . She doesnt give a damn ......

Taco Bell / unethical behavior within the workplace

ElijahAA on Aug 16, 2018

Date of Incident: 8/16/2018 I WAS a proud employee of the Taco Bell KFC hybrid store until 8/16/2018 when I resigned from my position as a food preparation associate because of verbal abuse from my boss. I am complaining today due to communication within the workplace that was established that wa......

Long John Silver's / Store 31518 in Lubbock, Texas

Sherry Roller on Aug 16, 2018

2 weeks in a row I have gone to this store at 2:30ish only to be told they are "out of batter". I don't know how many other days this has happened but it is unacceptable. The store also needs to be cleaned up (outside). There are weeds around the drive thru taller than me. How can they......

Orkin / Pricing

Tori Kalemkiewicz on Aug 16, 2018

On the website it says, "GET A FREE ESTIMATE" so was I charged $95? I was told about the charge before the inspector came on 8/15/18, but this is not okay. If the website says free estimate then nobody should be charged for an inspector to come out. And the final estimate was $2, 200. $95......

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / Drive thru window employee Dami & unknown male employee

Msalgado on Aug 16, 2018

I used drive thru window to order Double slider box, 6 piece chicken nugget meal and order of zucchini. Employee repeats my simple order. Get to window and cashier is charging me only $7.66 which is only for the slider box. She quickly yells at the kitchen that she needs an order of......

Singapore Post (SingPost) / Speedpost Standard

melAnnoyed on Aug 16, 2018

Recently i have two mails sent to two different receipients. Using speedpost standard, the first receipient is not at home and the package should be auto delivered to the nearest popstation for collection. It didnt and the receipient have a hard time getting the mail to be sent to the post......