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Omegle / Being banned

Haygor on Nov 24, 2017
I was using Omegle and I was banned for no reason. I had one good conversation with a person, but after we went our ways, I was suddenly banned. What is going on here? I haven't done anything wrong. I was simply surfing Omegle to find people to talk to and was suddenly banned. I have done......

Singtel / Poor customer service and knowledge; Lack of initiative to resolve problem

Nana84 on Nov 24, 2017
Total 3 problems: 1. I requested activation of caller ID 1 day after my re-contract for my mobileshare that was signed up using my landlord's CIS scheme. I called 1688 for the application and was handled by Norman. Application submitted on 16 Nov 2017 and was advised to check for the caller ID......

Match.com / Unauthorized payment

bevg on Nov 24, 2017
I joined Match. com in December 2016, I cancelled subscription in may, I did not appreciate there were two sites aligned and paid both Match and Alliance. I thought when I cancelled one as your emails come up together, that both accounts would be cancelled. I have phoned and confirmed......

PaperHelps / Writing

Robert Cowell on Nov 24, 2017
Graduation work should be written by the student at the time when he ends his theoretical course on his discipline. The work is written under the guidance of a research fellow at the university or institute. For work on bachelor or specialist programs, the percentage of uniqueness is the......

Coles Supermarkets / Customer service

Richard John Mclaughlin on Nov 24, 2017
Belconnen coles, At 10.41pm i paid for my groceries in the self serve section, i than walked to purchase a pack of cigarettes, there was a lady being served by this bloke, he was taking his flirting with her, next minute he just walks away to the self service section, not even did he say......

Takealot / Payment doesn't correlate (Refund)

Pozi on Nov 24, 2017
Hi, I purchased the Jeronimo Zoombourgini - Pink R 1, 399, on making payment I found that i was charged R 1749. This is unacceptable. Im requesting a refund on the R349 as i bought the item because it was R1399 not R1749, which is a R349. The item should have been advertised as R1749......

Vodacom and LG / Phone Upgrade and Accusations towards client

TKSmit on Nov 24, 2017
The morning of 23 November 2017 my husband went and collected my cellphone upgrade (LG K10)at the Brooklyn Mall Vodacom. Less than 6 hours later I arrived home after work and opened the box etc, only to find that the copper pins that read the sim card were all bent on this brand new LG......

Agoda / refund on cancelled booking

Gerrit ten Bolscher on Nov 24, 2017
Agoda does not want to refund us cost of booking even the website stated that cancellation was free if cancelled within a day, which we did. We have been in extensive discussions with Agoda, even provided them proof of medical necessity to cancel but they keep asking for more details and......

Costa Coffee / False advertising.

dagkt on Nov 24, 2017
We were shopping in Sittingbourne Kent & fancied a coffee & on approaching Your shop You displayed a sign outside stating a free gingerbread man & mince pie. We went in & ordered 2 coffee's & paid for them. We sat down & whilst drinking the coffee We noticed the mince pie was missing. We......

Walgreens / Prescription shortage

Steven Novak on Nov 24, 2017
I currently take medications for my back. One of these is Percocet. I have been using Walgreens for my prescription needs. My October prescription was shorted significantly, and because I had extra pills I didn't notice the small bottle they had given me. Now, I am running short and am......

Makro Store / black friday

Tumelo bopape on Nov 24, 2017
Good day I am very upset and furious with the false advertisement that you guys advertised on black Friday. On the catalog it was advertised that Ps4(337059) was for R3999.99 when we arrived at the till the amount changed to R4999.00. And on the catalog it showed that the special was only......

Souq.com / Lenovo phab 2 - 32GB - 3GB

Arshad Akhtar on Nov 24, 2017
hii, I bought a Lenovo phab 2 - 32GB - 3GB RAM, phablet through souq.com on 15.11.2017 with following details, Order Number: 1096525822332 Shipment Number: 5949116050059 till yesterday phablet was working fine BUt it got Switched off previous night suddenly and after that it's NOT getting......

Belk / Service

Bslitherr on Nov 24, 2017
On November 23 I was shopping in belk on Atlantic blvd, Florida. I over heard an employee by the name of Patricia yelling at two Phillipino employees. Telling them the only reason they are hear in this country is to try to be citizens. That this was her country and they were......

Airasia / change one my family members name

Javaid Hussain on Nov 24, 2017
One and half month before I have booked 6 tickets, srinagar to Delhi scheduled on 18th December with PNR PR3VPH for my family, but by mistake I have written the name of Adil Rashid which I want to change. Actually there must be name of my mother viz Sakeena banoo 68 year female. I know......

Joshua Doore - Russells / product like cupboards and mattress and base broken

christopher marlouw on Nov 24, 2017
Ok to start my name is Alma persons last year I bought a bed with mattress and a base with cupboards cash at jus doer oversize the day they broth the cupboards the doors were broken which we showed them .The bed asswell the matress is broken u cant even sleep on the bed the wires is out......

Guess / delivery courier

Spapa1982 on Nov 24, 2017
They have the worst delivery courier ever in the world. I ordered a jacket a week ago and it could never get to me and the only thing guess asked me to do it to wait but not allowing me to cancel it! Worst service ever ! They use DHL with ukmail, and dhl said they can't investigate the......

Marlboro / marlboro red touch

5ra on Nov 24, 2017
Hello, I have a complaint about the Marlboro Red Touch cigarettes, in several packages I found cigarettes like in the picture I'm sending you. These cigarettes end up in the trash because I cant smoke them because of the missing piece of paper that holds the filter. Please tell me what can I......

Takealot / worst company ever

Gouws1998 on Nov 24, 2017
Takealot wasn't prepared at all for black friday. I have been awake since 12 am on black Friday trying to purchase some stuff. At 12:30 this AFTERNOON I eventually got access to the website just to be kicked of while I was busy paying my order . I will never waste another second or cent on......

Burger King / currency exchange

AJ Brock III on Nov 24, 2017
Hello, I do not know if you have control over Burger Kings in Cambodia but here is my complaint. The known standard for USD to Khmer Riel is 4000 KHR to 1 USD so a 1000 KHR note is like a quarter to us in the USA. Most business, if something is .50, because USD is widely accepted here......

Tommee Tippee / tommee tippee bottles

Zainub Samuels on Nov 24, 2017
I have received a replacement bottle in September and it is November however I am experiencing the same issue I have two bottles with the same issue. I wash the bottle's the same way in normal water and I sterilise it in boiling water?? What am I to do with bottles that has no writing on......

Joshua Doore - Russells / delivery of the wrong item from stanger branch

charcliv on Nov 24, 2017
On the 28th of July, there was a sale at your Stanger branch, so we bought a bed (base and mattress). We were informed that the sale would be carrying on the next day - therefore on the 29th of July we bought another set as we were very content with the first set. Upon delivery of the......

Singtel / disconnection fees on account 50849826

Elias Tan on Nov 24, 2017
I was given a disconnection fee on my account with more than 10 lines due to late payment. I was trying to set up my giro account with singtel and not more than 1 months later I was hit with another disconnection fee again!! Both cost more than $500. The funny thing was that I was speaking......

Children's Place / kids clothes purchase order missing

p.k.priya on Nov 24, 2017
I ordered few baby clothes online from Children's Place its been days there is no sign of my order . I am unable to look up in UPS with the order details which I was emailed. This looks like a scam totally, I purchased so many times online but I have never ever encountered such kind of......

Blue Rooms Studio / service and payments

Bisibills on Nov 24, 2017
My son is now on medications and I can't have him do any modelling jobs due to financial difficulties. The agency was called and told abt our situations but they refused to stop taking money out because they claimed a contract was signed. I told them that no pics had bn given to me but......

Letgo / let go

Tracey Rendell on Nov 24, 2017
I'm sending this email as on 22 November I place phone order to a rose McDonald it's all my benefit money from my bank account I've got no money at all it didn't show she wasn't safe so I went ahead with the purchase now she blocked me my bank told me she paid British gas gifgaf and many......
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