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Food Lion / Rotten meat

Tony Gee on Feb 21, 2017
I bought lamb chops from Food Lion; when I got home and opened the tray it stinked like a 3 weeks dead body. I launched a complaint with corporate but never got a response. I guess they are overwhelmed with complaints for their bad products and service. Word to the wise, don't get the......

Petro Canada / car wash

susieQWTF on Feb 21, 2017
On February 20, 2017 I went to the Petro Canada on Torbram and Williams Parkway in Brampton, Ontario for a car wash. It was approximately 7:40 p.m. I entered the gas station booth to purchase my car wash ticket. I then proceeded to drive to the entrance of the car wash where I scanned my......

Fruit Of The Loom / Fit for you underwear

VeryDispleasedinAlabama on Feb 21, 2017
I'm writing this to inform you that I'm not pleased with this product. I've never bought underwear that has acquired holes after one wear. But two pairs out of the five pack now have holes. I bought these underwear two weeks ago. And they should not be wearing out this soon. Also the......

Marlboro / Southern Cut ciggarettes

Craig J. Coil on Feb 21, 2017
I smoke these regular! Tonight i went to light a smoke and felt something sticking out the side! At first i was just going to smoke it thinking a piece of stem or something happened to get through your filter/ quality control system no big deal. Then i began smoking it and it poked me! I......

Dollar Tree / Manager/Clinton

turtlet on Feb 21, 2017
I shop at this store #4231 frequently as it is 1/10 of a mile from my house. Saturday Feb 18 2017, I purchased a lot of items as well as 2 birthday cards. One card was $1 and the other was .50 cents. When I got to my car I realized I had been overcharged. I went back into the store brought......

Sonic Drive-In / Ranch, and service, and food

JMB302 on Feb 21, 2017
I visited the sonic drive in here In thomasville nc. Store number unknown. GM name is Paul Walls. I had ordered cheese tots for my daughter she loves them. She is 4 and it is hard to find things she likes. Well unlike every other time we were there they used shredded cheese instead of......

Redbox Automated Retail / Wrong movie

Jillian Taylor on Feb 21, 2017
I went to the Redbox at the Royal Farms on Middlebourough road in Essex Md. I chose the movie "Dont Breathe", and paid for it, along with a game. When it came out of the Redbox machine, it wasn't the movie I chose. Instead, it was "Insidious 3". This has never happened to me before. I'm......

Money Network / Customer service

Brookeyfugate on Feb 21, 2017
I have called money network 3 times today and spoke to 3 different people and they gave me all 3 different...I lost my card and called to ask if I could be issued a new one, that my boss keep on file..one person told me that she would cancel my old card and that I could get a new one from......

JollyChic.com / Products and services

Abee on Feb 21, 2017
I received my first order after long time, with careless. I had a broken items, other one not received and 2 pc cloths worth material ever i see, i contact them for compensation but they misleading me by add boun to account, i refused this kind of compensation which benefits them only......

Eco Global Corporation / furnace

Michele Lamoureux on Feb 21, 2017
We had a furnace apart of a furnace installed in july 2016. The company that had did the partial install was Canadian Standards. Eco global came in right after the orginal company and said we needed to have the furnace up to code. So a lot more was added to the furnace. We have had issue......

Ouibus / Ticket ref: 95169x

A Fouquet on Feb 21, 2017
Date of incident: 11th February 2017 Description of incident: I purchased 2 OUIBUS tickets, 1st ticket ref: AHU8Z2 departure london on 10th February 2017 at 21:30, arrival due at 06:30am in Paris Bercy. However the coach has been delayed en route. There were some delays before embarking on the......

Ruby Tuesday / Dining Experience @ #7768 Tbl 43/1 Chk 4200 Feb 18/17 @ 8:12 pm Server 1409 Rhiann W

Maureen Turner on Feb 21, 2017
On the above mentioned date my husband and I visited your establishment and were quickly seated by a staff member. Our server Rhiann was very friendly and took our order. As we waited I ran my hand over the table and it had not been cleaned from the previous customer. We had been seated at......

Victoria's Secret / Bra's

Charlene Schwab on Feb 21, 2017
I fought the criwd on black friday to have my daughter fitted for a bra. They measured her and she picked out 4 she liked. We are 350 miles from a VS store so when she got home and went to put one on it didn't fit. I called right away hoping to mail them back and was told I couldn't do......

CVS Pharmacy / Prescription drugs

Andries Holtzhausen on Feb 21, 2017
CVS is supposed to "manage" prescriptions for Blue Cross Blue Shield. Now I receive letters telling me to either use their 90 prescription service or pay for my prescriptions out of my own pocket. What is this except strong arm thievery? Years ago I tried the 90 day prescription service......

Popeyes Chicken / Inventory Shortage

Valmitzy on Feb 21, 2017
I visited Popeyes-Boiling Springs SC on 2/11/17 (approx. 6 pm) & on 2/12/17 (approx. 1:30 pm), both dates I ordered corn on the cobb & 1 gal. lemonade. On both dates I was informed that they were out of these items & wouldn't have either until their truck delivered. Then I visited on......

AT&T / DSL Service for small business

joosoebang on Feb 21, 2017
I brought my old modem and requested for same kind of service when I moved my store to a new location. The old modem is the one still being used at this location. But AT&T Charged for a new modem which I did not even receive, and increased internet service fee without a notice or my......

Pegasus Airlines / Ground staff

Ali006 on Feb 21, 2017
Flight details. Pegasus Airlines flight 519 to London (FQGB8P) Mr Ali Mohammed-Ali Mrs Nora Jlaidi Me & wife recently took a return flight from London stansted to Istanbul Sabiha airport. 7th feb returned on 12th feb 2017. I would like to let you know that we are very unhappy with your......

Purolator / Delivery

Ken Schultz on Feb 21, 2017
If I could give 0 I would. Parcel to be delivered on Feb 17. It got to Winnipeg at 3:46 am then said delayed by weather ??? Sunny +1. Then 10:49 a.m changed to Delayed in Transit. Monday Holiday . Tuesday says Feb 21, 2017 1:59 a.m. Winnipeg, MB Arrived at sort facility delayed again......

Coles in South Tamworth / staff

Katrina B on Feb 21, 2017
I have shopped at our local coles since they opened. I have encounted the odd staff member who is just rude and would rather stand around and talk instead of serving customers. When we do our weekly shopping there seems to be less and less registers open. As I have two young children......

YP Marketing Solutions LLC / Anonymous Employee

Anonymous1589 on Feb 21, 2017
1) Employee Favoritism- Overtime allotted only for employees working a 10hr -40hr/week shift.(Mon-Thur). Employees working 8-5(5days/week) same 40hrs-- no overtime allotted. 2) Holding Compensation-- Bonuses held fro current employees due to unethical behavior from previous reps. 3) Double......

Valu City / poor customer service for my repair needs

MadeToFish on Feb 21, 2017
2-21-17 - my phone number is 937-766-4591. I'm upset with the poor customer service I received from each person I spoke with at the Beavercreek, OH Valu City store. My situation: I was given today as the pick-up day for my couch to be repaired. I was given the time when they would come......

Carnival Cruise Lines / I took a cruise on the carnival Dream

Jackie Pyles on Feb 21, 2017
REZ#: 1LS4P7 FEB 12TH my suite was very small and old looking the shower head would not sty up the bed was wore out. the ship was had been in dry dock and was not ready there was not enough food in the dinning rooms the first two nights. there was only one pool open on that big ship at one......

Yahoo! / just trying to log in

MichaelKelley on Feb 21, 2017
All right, here's how it goes: 1. You got hacked. 2.. Boo-hoo, cry-cry from me. 3. So you wanted me to change my password. 4. You wanted me to make a stronger password. 5. Now I am so cocked up, I cannot login at all. 6. I can't access your 'Community' (ha-ha) to get help. 7. Messages are......

Finity Communications, Inc 1200 NW Naito Pkwy #220, Portland, OR 97209 / Sr. VP Michael Nugent drinks excessive amounts of alcohol with prospective clients and embarrasses the company

Sarah Steadman on Feb 21, 2017
Finity's Sr. VP of Operations Michael Nugent is a nice guy and has great potential. But unfortunately, he's risking throwing all that away by drinking too much with prospective clients. Everybody is allowed to get drunk at times. But when you throw up in hotel toilets, it's time for a gut......

OptumRx / Customer Support for WEB is non existant

tommmmmm on Feb 21, 2017
I have been calling customer support since Jan 1 (at least 12 diff calls) regarding problems with there WEB site which will not allow me to sign in. I have been told numerous times that I would be called back to resolve the login issue that I have. No one ever returns the call. I need......
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