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Cell C Pty Ltd

The Waterfall Campus, Cnr Maxwell Drive, Pretoria Main Road
South Africa

Customer Support Phone Numbers

135(Customer Service) 0 1
147(Quick Info Line) 8 16
+27 841 555 555(Technical Support) 10 21
+27 84 135(Customer Service) 0 1
+27 84 145(Contracts & Upgrades) 0 0
+27 841 234(Glocell) 0 14
+27 841 944 000(Cell C Business) 3 12
+27 841 4329(Text Only) 6 17
Mon7:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Tue7:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Wed7:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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Cell C Complaints & Reviews

Cell C / bad customer care services

Aug 23, 2019

Good day, My name is Edwina Louw As I'm typing this message, I called the Call Centre Services 13 minutes ago and I'm still online and can here the fun, laughter, jokes the staff is making and screaming from my side "hello, hello" for assistance. No one is responding which mean they...

Cell C / 5 day data boost

Aug 23, 2019

Please be advised that I recharged this morning and bought a 5 day data bundle of R25.00 ( 250mb), I then chose the option of taking the 250mb WhatsApp BOOT valid for 5 days for R7.50 more. But I was charged another R25.00 extra instead of R7.50. I queried this with your Call Center but they...

Cell C / cell c contract

Aug 21, 2019

A contract has been opened in my name and the amount is added to my monthly debit. I have complained at the Cell C branch, submitting a police affidavit stating that I only have two cell c numbers, not three - the fault was acknowledged by the branch manager at Norwood Mall as a mistake...

Cell C / there has been a fraud against my name because of someone using my personal details to obtain a cell c contract.

Aug 20, 2019

Hi my name is Steven oupa mokhweu. My personal information is been used to open a cell c contract. I have never myself open any contract with cell c. Now lately I tried to get a loan from a certain bank. And i was told that my name is been taken to itc. I went to the shop and explain the...

Cell C / unallocated payment

Aug 20, 2019

I made an EFT to the account number 1454...which is the cell c acc, apparently its not the premium account...I have provide proof of my statement to say I have paid, firstly I was told the payment doesn't show if it went through, the second time im told I must go get the proof of payment...

Cell C / cell c bela bela with service

Aug 19, 2019

Good day. Cell C Bela Bela are one of the most useless branches that I ever seen. My wife went for a contract as we are for more that 10years Cell C prepaid customers. We went on Saterday 17/08/2019 to the Bela Bela branch and had all the document. The the consultant checked everything and said...

Cell C / contract cancelation

Aug 17, 2019

To Whom it may concern Hi am very upset with my treatment from Cell c today. Due to unfortunate circumstances I had to cancel my cell c contract after my contract ended in June. I was with cell c for +- 20 years. I was certain of my decision but was convinced by your well trained consultant that...

Cell C / atrocious service

Aug 16, 2019

I would appreciate it if I could be furnished with contact number of one of the managers or better still the CEO of CellC who appears to be hiding away as no one can furnish me with his number. I await your response, Desiree Spies oh!!! by the way when I asked to speak to the CEO of the...

Cell C / cell c fibre installation

Aug 15, 2019

Good Day, I have paid Cell C the R599 which they required in order to process my order and have Fibre connected to my home on the 28th June 2019. After the money was paid i was informed that the installation will take 4-6 weeks by a company called SADV. Today is the 15th August 2019 and I...

Cell C / • samsung j4 plus snug 800mah powerbank lcd screen guard phone case •huawei y7 2019 lte with 32gb sd bg audio lite plus bluetooth

Aug 15, 2019

Cell CDear Cellc My name is Thato Bamphitile, I am not happy with the service of cellc store in Lichtenburg. I bought two products described as follows: • Samsung J4 plus Snug 800mah Powerbank LCD Screenguard Phone case •Huawei Y7 2019 LTE with 32gb sd Bg Audio Lite Plus Bluetooth I have only...

Cell C / accessories not yet received

Aug 15, 2019

Good day, On the 16th July 2019, I upgraded my Cell C contract at the gateway store. The consultants name was Dhiraj Dularie. I received the phone however the deal came with accessories which was not in stock. I was told that i will be contacted once the stock was available. To date I...

Cell C / cellc contract phone

Aug 13, 2019

good afternoon on 28 of June 2019 cellc deducted R400 using two P30 cell phone that where taken on contract under my name which i have no knowledge off. on the 2 of August 2019 they deducted R1217 again from my Account. i lodged a complain with Sifiso from Cellc Ermelo and he said they are...

Cell C / fraudulent upgrade

Aug 13, 2019

I have 2 contracts with Cell C which were due for an upgrade but when I went through my statements in July I realized Money was being deducted from my account by Cell C which I was not aware of. I went to their branch in Galleria only to found out I had made an upgrade in March and I...

Cell C / disgusting service as well as the shocking inability to be able to speak to any management staff of the company

Aug 13, 2019

Cell C is the most useless and unprofessional company i have ever displeasure of dealing with. I have a contract with Cell C for two mobiles however the one " [protected]" I have not been able to speak to anybody since Friday 02 August 2019. I have phoned the technical department '...

Cell C / r1 000 deducted from my account

Aug 13, 2019

On the 20th of July 2019 a debit order of R1 087 was returned by my bank due to insufficient funds. I immediately made an EFT payment to Cell C on 25th July for the amount of R1 087. I e-mailed the proof of payment as requested to the "Proof of Payment Department" as well as to the...

Cell C / my cell c country

Aug 12, 2019

Cell c legal department urgent request for a call back Alisha a | 06 aug 2019, 15:16 I am very disappointed in the service, I am well aware of my account being in arrears, due to I was unemployed but I still contacted cellc customer service, to make arrangements in paying my account. june month...

Cell C / router network issue

Aug 12, 2019

To whom it may concern, I'm wondering if you can help advise me what to do next? About a month ago now I started having an issue with my router. When I contacted you, you informed me that the tower in my area which is giving the network access was turned off therefore leaving me with no...

Cell C / over billing on my account

Aug 12, 2019

I received a notification that my bill for the month of August totalled to R1025. I called the call centre to query an I was informed that I am being charged for additional data that is supposed to be free but can not discounted this month because of a billing system but will be credited...

Cell C / data service and customer service

Aug 12, 2019

I earlier today contacted Cell C on their Facebook page, to ask what the issues was with the data service connection problems that I'm experiencing as well as thousands of other users. Later to find that I have been ignored, how I know this is that an additional enquiry came in on their...

Cell C / no signal/ service

Aug 12, 2019

I have absolutely no signal since Friday the 9th of August. I don't know whether it's due to a fault on my sim card or something else. I tried everything I could think of to fix it. I restarted my phone several times, I even wiped my phone. It still doesn't work, and now I can't use...

Cell C / overcharging clients

Aug 11, 2019

I recently did a sim swap for both my contract lines because my phone got lost, however I was initially informed I'll be charged R50.00 for each sim for the swapping. One of my lines was deactivated, when I called in today to activate the line, I was told there'll be an additional fee of...

Cell C / no data or service

Aug 11, 2019

Cell CGood day I am beyond upset because of the problem you guys are having at the moment since 1st of Aug, without informing your clients. We have to struggle and think something might be wrong with our sim card, signal or router just to find out that the problem is with you Cell C. Seriously, for...

Cell C / data package sim card

Aug 08, 2019

My name is Mrs SE Strydom, my number is [protected], I also have a data package contract of which I received an orange sim card in March 2019. Last week Thursday the sim card crashed. On Sunday 04/08/2019 I went (with my own inconvenience, waste of my time, waste of my money and petrol) to...

Cell C / unsuccessful cancellation of subscription

Aug 08, 2019

The customer service and overall experience with Cell C has been utterly disgusting, to say the least. It is taking us 4 months to get someone from Cell C to cancel our data subscription from them, and it still hasn't been cancelled. That is multiple times a month that we have to reverse a...

Cell C / sim swap

Aug 08, 2019

ive been on cell c for years, i recently lost my phone and i have been trying to do a sim swap for the 3 passed days, hoever they keep telling i have fail security check, i even went to the branch in JHb newtown, they told me the same thing, i even brought an ffidavit from the police...

Cell C / cell c data sim card

Aug 07, 2019

I have just bought a data sim card with cell c for the past two months it was fine not having problems but this third month it's always offline so my query is that why am I being treated like that because I am paying for the data and it was working nice but now it's really troubling me...

Cell C / cell c contract

Aug 07, 2019

I had a Cell C contract which I canceled and they are now sending me invoices of content services for a number that hasn't worked in ages, customer services is transferring me to a non existing legal department 😩 Cell C I need answers, why am I being invoiced for a cancelled account that...

Cell C / without data for 6 days

Aug 06, 2019

I have no mobile data on my phone at all. I have a smart data package and the customer care center advised that all smart data package subscribers are without data, my work is dependant on data and i am really battling to perform my daily tasks without data. I dont understand how thi...

Cell C / charge cancelation fees after two years of paying

Aug 06, 2019

Cell CCell c charge me cancelation fees after i didn't want to upgrade and served and PAID my full twp years of my contract i tried to resolve it and even have a message with a reference number saying i been refunded yet i still get messages about the arrears payments i been on the phone for...

Cell C / application and delivery of a device

Aug 06, 2019

I applied for a new contract on the 10 July 2019, till now I have not received the phone and when I call the contact centre they tell me stock has come in they will send it to me and so fought but nothing and when I speak yo your agents they are rude and evasive promising call back's but...

Cell C / data connection problem

Aug 06, 2019

I have been struggling with my CellC data connection since Wednesday last week. Up unto now, I had no support/assistance to get this fixed, other that some-one calling me and asking if it has been fixed, and then leaving it. I use a Huawei B618s-d22 LTE router, which is about 3 month...

Cell C / internet connection

Aug 05, 2019

I have a data contract with cellc for Huawei P10 lite but I cannot use the phone or data because cellc has no internet connection on my phone for 5 days. Phoned customer service they referred me to technical support and they say they still sorting the issue out. Its been to long now and I pay my monthly installment for not be connected. Please help.

Cell C / cut my service but still debiting me

Aug 05, 2019

I joined Cell C in September 2018, assuming I would receive a better service than my previous SP and that my parents would not have any hassles. Since I was moving to another City. However in April 2019 the Lte Router stopped working. A call was logged and Cell C informed my family that...

Cell C / disgusting pathetic service

Aug 05, 2019

Cell c is the worst piece of [censored] company I have ever had the displeasure of having to deal with and I am only a new customer who has just signed up to take a contract with you guys regrettingly I can not believe what I have gotten myself into for the next 2 years, this is a pathetic...

Cell C / network

Aug 04, 2019

In gauteng, De Deur there is a major issue with the network. Every device in my house hold using a cell c device is loosing their connection to the internet, phone calls and text messages can still be made but its as tho weve turned off our mobile data. Also if use the USSD commands for...

Cell C / roaming

Aug 02, 2019

I have called Cell C before I flew overseas to activate my roaming in order to make or receive call overseas. 2 weeks later I still have no connection, have called Cell C many times and they have told me it will be sorted out ASAP. Another week later and many phone calls I still have...

Cell C / deactivate current number [protected]

Aug 02, 2019

On Monday 26 July I was mugged and my cellphone was taken. It did not have the pin lokc password. I did not report it cos I thought its just a phone I can replace it, all my information is on my phone these thughs can do anything as they have tried to access my fnb online bankingg I tried the...

Cell C / operators calling to inform about specials.

Aug 02, 2019

Opperators are calling me to inform me of specials an discounts on my accounts with Cell C. When you tell them that you do not want to get the special or such, they just drop the call. I find it very rude and unmannered to drop the call while someone is still busy talking. What sould a...

Cell C / canceling my contract

Aug 02, 2019

I will never open a new contract with Cell C again. It was the worst experience I have ever had. They are so kind and helpful when you open an account. But when you cancel your contract, there are 10 000 stories and no one are able to assist you. I have canceled my contract [protected] on 28...

Cell C / recently purchased contract

Aug 02, 2019

I TE Elizah ID [protected] recently purchased a contract form CELL C. The lady that assisted me, Zinhle Hadebe. I believe all call are recorded. I ll like your ll to listen to the conversation. She told me the phone was a dual sim. The phone I received is not a dual sim. However I don't...