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South Africa

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+27 84 155 5555(Customer Care) 54 30
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Cell C Complaints & Reviews

Cell C / cellphone service and insurance

ammaar on May 28, 2017
I booked my phone in for repairs in January 2017 I've bee visiting crest cell c everyweekend for update to my surprise no one could answer where my phone is. I spoke to the manager thandeka who said she took it personally to cell c indurance.when contacting the insurance they advised they...

Cell C / Cell C poor Internet speed in Rustenburg

Stephan VR on May 28, 2017
Hi, I use the 200GB data deal in Rustenburg near Waterfall Mall. During peak times speed drops to 0.4mb down and 0.01mb upload. Off peak I get 5mb down and 2mb upload. I installed a 11dBi outdoor antenna with direct line of sight to the tower about 1km away. I have a B315 LTE router. I...

Cell C South Africa / The Legal Department is not answering my calls

Hyron Martins on May 26, 2017
Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Hyron Martins, and I am extremely disappointed in the poor customer service I have received from Cell today. I called the Cell C Customer Care number on 084 140 earlier today, 26 May 2017, to request a letter stating that my account is up to date and in good...

Cell C / I need help with a puk code

Snjata on May 26, 2017
Hi there, I can't remember when exactly I started using my cell c sim card. last night I try to put it in a new phone and I was asked to put a code but I couldn't remember the exact code that was needed, I put it wrong three, ops my sim card was blocked and its required now a PUK...

Cell C / legal department not answering calls

Ludwyk Bernhardt Kruger on May 25, 2017
I'm trying to get a hold of Cell C's legal department to settle and allocate funds to the correct account that was settled in May of 2016. Made a payment of about 17k to cancel two contracts. One of the numbers has been settled but the other number the funds were allocated as credit to my...

Cell C / product/data deals

Nerissal on May 24, 2017
I am highly disappointed in cell c, I bought the summit phone in February, I was told that once a month I need to recharge with R50 to receive 500 megs of data, yet since then every month I have to phone the branch performing in order for me to receive the data, when I phone the branch the...

Cell C / I'm complaining about my cell phone

nareng on May 23, 2017
i did bought contract cell phone there at cell c last year in 2016 march and it's giving me a big problem where by it was being returned to the cell c repair department more than three time with the same problem and im so sick and tired about it and i want a new phone.My personal detail...

Cellc / cell phone

Mokobelebo on May 23, 2017
I received a call from cellc yesterday 7 months after the contract was settled in full and a cancellation sms was sent to me stating the contract was cancelled . 4 Months after receiving this sms my account was debited with R2400 from an account they had not been deduction from for the...

Cell C / 40 gig promo

Lee Kzn on May 18, 2017
I recently took out a contract from Cell C for the 40 gig promo they having this month (May 2017) for R299.00. This was a waste of my time and money, what's the point of having data you cannot use? When i try using it on Google Play store i get an error about not being able to connect, if i...

Cell C / bad customer service!!!

Ginabell on May 17, 2017
Yesterday (16/05/2017) my sim stopped working. I took out the battery and sim card and restarted my phone, but it still did not work. I also took my friends sim card and inserted in my phone to see if the problem wasn't my phone, but it worked 100%, when I inserted my sim into his phone...

Cell C / wrong contract

Louise Brand on May 17, 2017
I took out a new contract on 26 April 2017. When I received my SIM I noticed that the balance of data was incorrect. I've called customer care numerous times asking for them to fix the problem. My first call was on 6 May, I'm still waiting for someone to phone back with answers. This i...

Cell C / im complaining about the poor service and paid, account where they treat to take me to the credit buro

Nastassja Jansen on May 16, 2017
Good day Myname is Nastassja Jansen, I have a contract with cellc and made my last payment of R370 they requested to open my communication line on the 9th of May 2017, I even sent them the proof of payment as they requested. But I still go sms's saying I did not pay and, im very frusterated by...

Cell C / I am unable to contact the legal department and they have taken me to the credit bureau for r140

Bongeka Cele on May 16, 2017
Apparently I was owing R140 to Cell C and they took me to the credit beaureu! I have paid the amount in question and requested the contract be closed!I have been calling the call center every day looking for assistance!I keep being told to contact legal who NEVER respond to phone calls. I...

Cell C / payment not received

Carl Visser on May 13, 2017
My account is on debit order and I have an overdraft facility for the "just encase months". I have since my contract started in March 2016 been informed that my debit order was unsuccessful. Subsequently my service was stopped until i paid it. I have never paid the account, however request...

Cell C / unauthorised debit

IKC on May 13, 2017
Cell C sent a phone by courier. I did not want the phone and i sent it back unopened. I called consultants and they confirmed that the contracts was cancelled. A few days later Cell C debited R511. I went to the bank to reverse it. They continued to debit for 3months while i always go to...

Cell C / Positive feedback from Cell C

Gillian Viljoen on May 12, 2017
Today I received positive feedback from Cell C. A big thank you to Sikhumbuzo Ndlovu from Cell C who contacted me last week to assist with my complaint. He handled my case in a very professional manner and stayed in touch with me regarding my complaint. He just phoned me (as he promised he...

Cell C / mobile device died 12 days after warranty

Drew3434 on May 12, 2017
Good day. I have a Samsung mobile device that died 12 days after the warranty. I took it back to Cell C( Zevenwaght Mall), where they advised me to take it to the Samsung dealer ( Somerset Mall). so I did that, 3 weeks later Samsung told me that the mother board was blown.( sounds like a...

Cell C / Cancelled Month to Month Subscription

Bonita Van Der Merwe on May 12, 2017
Good day Incident: 170509-000436 logged on the 9th of May 2017 and closed by you without having any contact with me. Incident: 170510-000403 logged again on the 10th of May 2017 Agreement Number: [removed] I have cancelled my subscription with you on the 24th of April 2017 – this is for...

Cell C / paid up letter

Keletso Seleso on May 11, 2017
I cancelled my contract with cell c on the 18th of march, paid the committed amount of R3424.49 and called cell c a couple of times after paying that amount to find out if there's anything I owe because I knew that I had a missing installment but I was told that I don't owe anything. On the...

Cell C / Defective device and bad service

LynetteleRoux on May 11, 2017
I signed up for a contract on 31 March - New DATA Contract (and LTE router) at Cell C Malmesbury(Account # 232971652). I had WIFI for ONE day (1 April). I ould connect to the rooter, but not to the internet. I went to the branch in Malmesbury every day that following week. They could not...

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