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World Education Services [WES] Complaints & Reviews

World Education Services [WES] / non delivery of report

Pkm29 on Mar 13, 2018
I got evaluated my law degree on 24 june, 2016 under reference number 2978120.I have not received report as reason cited being return back due to wrong address.I have made many requests but of no use .So please arrange to deliver my report urgently without any more charges as I have paid...

World Education Services [WES] / wes evaluation for diploma = secondary school diploma

Jeffrey Rachel Jose on Mar 13, 2018
I would like to inform everyone planning to do WES evaluation for a Diploma degree that it is an absolute waste of money and in the end they give you an evaluation equal to a secondary diploma. We spend 17, 800 INR to start the evaluation process and nearly 15, 000 INR to get agents in...

World Education Services [WES] / education assessment

Amar13 on Mar 13, 2018
Hi, I have submitted my application on July 19th, 2017 for education assessment with WES i.e. Reference Number: 3327229. I submitted all the required documents as requested by WES before October 2017. However, on October 11, 2017, my application was put on hold pending verification by...

World Education Services [WES] / diploma certification / customer service quality

Valentin Mladenov on Mar 12, 2018
Dear Sirs, My name is Valentin Mladenov and I am EXTREMELY DISSATISFIED by the customer support representative that I just talked to. You can go over your records and identify her (I did not catch her name). She was not only getting frustrated at me in the beginning, but also she was not...

World Education Services [WES] / wes ref no-3205434- missing documents received and not updated on website

Vilas Rajan on Feb 27, 2018
Hi, This is Vilas Rajan Ettimannil, WES Ref No-3205434 I have courier my documents to WES on 21st Jan 2018, Tracking No. RM109781430IN. If it is received by wes its not updated on Website Please request you to check and update accordingly. Almost 1 month 1 week has been passed. I checked...

World Education Services [WES] / wes marks transcript university of kerala btech

Chicho Varghese on Feb 25, 2018
WES Ref No 3357781 .Hi, This is the second time you have done this to me and I am almost on the brink of giving up on dreams of coming to canada. I sent my completed attested Btech marks transcript second time 20 days back. First time you mentioned that the semester 5 marks were missing...

World Education Services [WES] / wes report results

Manuel Das on Feb 15, 2018
Hi WES team, I am writing to you regarding my order WES Reference# 3499393. I received an update today that my order stands cancelled. I fail to understand the reason for cancelling my order as I do not see further details in the portal. I am perplexed about this result because my previou...

World Education Services (WES) / refund of wes dues

Muhammad Waseem_90 on Jan 17, 2018
Respected Sir! I applied for WES evaluation for my graduate studies in USA and paid the application and had not yet delivered my educational documents for evaluation. Meanwhile, I got admission in Wichita State University, Kansas USA which do not need documents evaluation and I have applied for...

World Education Services (WES) / customer service and online payment

IamLucy on Dec 20, 2017
I am really frustrated with their sevice.There is an option on their website wherein you can make a question.Everytime I make a question, the representative don't know how to answer a very simple English question.It's like he/she is not even reading about my inquiry. About the online payment, I...

World Education Services (WES) / wes' negligence and irresponsible

Prach on Nov 9, 2017
I have asked for ECA and they have entered my DOB incorrectly. I don't know from where they have entered those details - none of the documents I submitted have those details. Such a blunder and they charge exorbitant prices to show their inefficiency. Now as requested by them I have fax'ed...

World Education Services (WES) / wes completed report upgrade to course by course

Ahmed Fouad on Nov 5, 2017
I have been stuck with your system for 2 weeks now. I know that to upgrade to course by course assessment I should go to my account and press upgrade .. fine I did that. the problem here is different. the new draft application created is not allowing me to choose the evaluation type to...

World Education Services (WES) / account number 3363652 evaluation type: document by document evaluation (eca) - initial application

Cat Brookes on Oct 10, 2017
Hi, I have requested on several occasions for this evaluation to be cancelled as I am now no longer able to travel out of the country. I have also been asked to pay an additional $7.91 which wasnt explained as I paid the full amount that was detailed on the website when applying. I...

World Education Services (WES) / wes' non-response to my complaints which has cost me $1000

Niyi on Oct 7, 2017
Wes Canada said it has sent verification requests to my institution in Ghana. I had to travel to Ghana and found out that Wes did not send any request. I have sent several mails to Wes but I have not gotten any suitable response. The worst part is that I cannot remove the credential...

World Education Services (WES) / duplicate record

QHS on Sep 13, 2017
This is regarding my request and payment of a duplicate assessment record (3331073) through World Education Services USA. I have sent several messages and keep getting what seems to be an automated reply asking me to verify my address which I do, then nothing happens. I enquire again (4...

World Education Services (WES) / wes canada eca evaluation

Ann Kanyua on Sep 9, 2017
I applied for ECA on 7 June 2017. To date it's never been finalized. WES received my document, sent to my institution for verification, institution sent verified docs to WES Canada 15 times on email and lastly through DHL with a tracking number that very clearly shows C. Maple of WES...

World Education Services (WES) / credential assessment for employment

Neha Raikar on Sep 1, 2017
Created application around mid June 2017. July 13- The first status post submission of my documents confirmed that for diploma and MBA (both final certificate and statement of marks ' accepted) and for Engineering (final certificate ' accepted) but (statement of marks ' Not Accepted). I...

World Education Services (WES) / inquiry

Ateh on Aug 24, 2017
It's been more than 2 months since my docs were started to be reviewed by WES (for my ECA) and around 6 weeks since the status is showing 'waiting for verification from Institute'. Is there some issue somewhere in my evaluation why this is taking so much time? I am really worried and...

World Education Services (WES) / evaluation

Noorain on Aug 21, 2017
I am an Indian citizen (a Homoeopathic doctor) who is keen on immigrating to Canada. I have a IELTS score of CLB 9. I had sent my Educational Qualifications to World Education Services (WES) for evaluation purpose in the month of May 2017. My Account no is 3296074. I had sent my full time...

World Education Services (WES) / waiting on phone line for minutes

Alpay AKYOL on Aug 4, 2017
Today (03.08.2017 GMT+6 00:37) I have called Phone number(+14169720070) of WES Canada for getting some help. After waiting 9 minutes on the phone line, I gave up and shut down the phone. What kind of company is that ? there is no care about customers, when you send an email, they even don't...

World Education Services (WES) / evaluation of my educational documents

Arfa Tahseen on Aug 3, 2017
I have requested for evaluation of my documents. But I made an unnecessary detail of adding my diploma as well, Which I would liek to remove of my application and just proceed with my evaluation of Undergraduate degree. Unfortunately I have not been able to get hold of anyone and not even...


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