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Complaints & Reviews

Over delayed eca report

I submitted my documents since January got an eca report estimated completed date of feb 12 up till now I am yet to get an eca report today is 11th march, they are lousy, called, emailed missed 3 opportunities
My wes no is 4140436 .
My school has responded twice to them now, they are yet to update it, their call center has no response it is more than a lousy organization no value for money

  • Updated by Elizabeth Chukwuma · Mar 11, 2020

    My eca report with wes ref no 4140436 was due 12th feb 2020, this got delayed after several calls and mails it was updated that they needed more info on my degree after 35days of waiting for eca report on 26th Feb 2020 my school responded yet they claimed to not get it, take into consideration I missed 2job opportunities and 1immigration pathway cause of this. After more calls and mails my school resent with yet another mail response
    on March 11 2020 with concrete evidence yet up till now no update has been done on the account . This is frustrating to say the least the emotional trauma I'd be suing once my issue isn't resolved by Friday

Wes has not solved my website issue over two weeks now.

I have raised atleast 20 tickets in the last two to three weeks and atleast made more than 7 calls every day to complaint about the website issue I am facing from wes.
I am unable to make a payment.
My payment or modify order is showing freezed.
I cannot make payment and due to that my evaluation is not beginning and miserably stuck.
I have tried calling wes representatives, supervisors and raising & escalating the issues several times there seems to be no response. I need this to be sorted ASAP. I want to be able to make an online payment through my laptop and make changes or modify my order. The website was last updated on 18.02.2020 and shows the status on hold.

duplicate report to sophas

This place has cost me my admission. I submitted requested for WES evaluation to be sent to sophas. Estimated completion date was 2/14/2020. However nothing to date. I have called every single day since 2/14 to find out when then will send this duplicate report electronically, everyday there customer representative have no status update. Just states " your issues has been escalated and will be taken care of today and next day the same story repeat itself. Horrible business taken students money, receiving 30$ for duplicate report right away but delayed in sending report to sophas which FYI is sent electronically and not a hard copy. WES you have destroyed my career and let me tell you its not okay to play with students future. 2/19 is last date of my application.

eca report by wes

I had submitted all necessary documents for my ECA (educational credentials assessment) for Canada PR process. WES evaluated my full time management degree from Indian institute of Management as a a one year post graduate diploma citing the degree from the institute is not MBA equivalent. This made a difference of 6 points on my total score. On appeal, they re-evaluated it to full time MBA but taking well more than a month. During this period, I lost 5 points on account of age for my PR invitation cut off.
The worse part is this is not the first time such incorrect evaluation and subsequent overturn is done when appealed. I got to know that many students from same college have been through the same process earlier, but each time WES gives out the same explanation and asks further confirmation from the institute taking more time for the entire process.
Now I might potentially lose out on getting an invite, unless the cut off marks come down (which is extremely rare).

claim of not receiving my documents

618349 To whom it may concern, WES claim that they have not received my documentation which I do not believe as I have proof of delivery and all their processes were followed to the...

world education services

Do not put yourself through this!
This ‘company' claims to be a trusted source to ‘evaluate your education'. Well, let me disagree…

Before the beginning of this review, I would like to postulate a couple of questions that everyone should take into consideration prior to dealing with this company. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the company or Universities encouraging its use will ever reply, nor be able to give the required answers.

1. Who gave this company the right to judge or consider other people's education? Who they even are? What legal documentation do they have for what they do?
2. Given that they request some of the transcripts being sent directly by the Universities/Schools who issue them, why using this ‘middle man'? This ‘middle man' that costs roughly 200 bucks? Why not request the validated documents directly between universities? Btw this company claims to be a ‘non-profit' organisation. How many other ‘non-profit organisation' charging 200 bucks for their services do you know?

The website & the process
The website is nothing, but confusing (to put it nicely) with a highly uneven description of your ‘duties' on how to send your University diploma, its supplement etc. to these… people. All documents must be translated to English (there is your additional charge if you do not have it in English).

While there is quite a detailed description of how to send the ‘doctoral degree conferral' (either have it send by the Uni or send it yourself, but with a Uni stamp on the envelope, fair enough), but there is absolutely no description on how the ‘Academic transcripts' should be sent! Well, for those who wonder - it needs to be sent by the University. So, if you sent it yourself they will not accept it and it will throw you back another 3 weeks (to make a request at the Uni, for them to send it, and again get it approved by WES…). One of the more fascinating things was that they ‘accepted' the translation of the ‘Academic transcripts', but they did not accept the document per se because it was not sent by the awarding University… Well, what can I say to that? Does that require any comment at all? Just 1 question… how could they accept a translation of transcripts they did not know if are legit???
One more thing to sending those documents - there is no contact person in the address you are supposed to send it and many curriers simply refuse to take a package like that and I had to settle with an alternative (there is another delay).

‘Customer support'
‘Customer support' is pretty much non-existing. Well, there is a ‘do you have a question' on the right side of the page, but do not expect to be able to chat with anyone. After you click on the ‘do you have a question' a bunch of FAQ questions appears and… that's pretty much it (NO they are not useful). Moving on with the ‘customer support', yeah, there is also an e-mail. I am not even going to comment on the 2+ weeks response rate, it's the response that is just amazing. Quote:

‘Dear XYZ,
Thank you for your message.
Please visit our website for detailed information on the required documents for evaluation and how to properly submit them. Please note that it is your responsibility to have your academic documents sent to WES.

We will send you an update by email each time a new academic document has been reviewed. It will indicate the status of all documents that are required to complete your evaluation. Your evaluation will proceed after all required documents have been received and accepted by WES.

Best regards,

Shawn K.
WES Customer Service
Please do not reply to this email. It was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming email.'

End of quote.

So there are 4 things I would like to point out in this e-mail:
1. You ask a specific question and you get a go to our website response. Don't you just love it every time it happens?
2. They even have the nerve to patronize you because if you are that stupid and did not realize it: ‘Please note that it is your responsibility to have your academic documents sent to WES.‘
3. You are supposed to send sensitive information about yourself (e.g. your University transcripts, date of birth, address), but you are not even entitled to know who you are ‘talking' to - see ‘Shawn K.' I wonder if this is even a real person...
4. And to let you know how much you actually bother them you get a ‘Please do not reply to this email.' All for just 200 bucks! Isn't it wonderful?

The ‘report'
So, 6 weeks later, after you comply with all their ridiculous demands, you will receive a ‘report'. Do you wanna know what is in that report? A copied information from your documents (not even correct one! They did not even get the length of the study correctly!) with an additional sentence of their approval (well ain't I happy to have this shambolic institution let me know that I did go to school???).

The ‘badge'
This one is probably the funniest (or saddest for that matter). So after 6 weeks of struggle they ‘congratulate' for earning their ‘electronic badge' and they actually expect you to put it on your linkedIn or Facebook or other sites… Thus, basically, they expect you to promote them (I highly doubt that any other than similarly talented university clerks have ever heard of them) and show off their badge… I am speechless.

Conclusions & remarks
I highly recommend to everyone who values her or his education and overall well being not to put herself/himself through this economical & emotional abuse. Keep in mind that you were the person busting your a*s to achieve your degree and you should in no way be obligated to pay 200 bucks to these frauds to ‘validate' what no one can do better than the Institution that issued the degree/education certificate to you. Certainly better than these leeches (likely with hardly any education - well if I am mistaken, why not show the team and respective CVs online?) who prey on other people's education and charge the victims for its ‘evaluation'. Preposterous, ridiculous & scandalous. The last advice to the end: think twice to attend/work at any Institution that requests or insists on your education being evaluated by these (or similar) frauds.

delayed process and wrong confirmations

Hi, I am suveka jeyakumar.
I have submitted my documents from my institutions to Wes. I have two types of certificates, one is higher national diploma and another one is degree. First they took 35 working days from the submitted date and they accepted my degree documents and they rejected my HND certificate and they asked me to submit that certificate from BTEC. So I submitted my HND certificate from BTEC, Uk.
Again they took some more working dates and I got an email from Wes on 10/03/2019. From their email they said that they reviewed and accepted my documents, also they said that they will provide my results on 10/30/2019.
But I did not got any reply from Wes until 11/22/2019. Meanwhile my work permit visa got expired. I called them and I requested about my results, but that time they said me to submit my degree certificate from Northumbria University. Again I submitted my documents from my Northumbria University uk on 12/12/2019. But they scanned and uploaded in my profile on 12/17/2019. Seriously I don't understand about their delayed and wrong emails. I have to put my permanent residency application to restart my work in Canada and restore my status in Canada. Please help me to safe my life and my 2years hard work in Canada. I have all my Pr documents in my hand except Wes. Wes results report is an important part in Pr process and I cannot complete my profile without that. I was contacted Wes over the phone so many times and I am not getting any proper answer from them too. Please help me, my life is in trouble because of their delayed.

eca evaluation

I submitted my Associate of Science in Engineering and Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering both from US for evaluation. I completed my Associates of Science degree in August 2016...

document verification

I submitted my documents for verification to WES in mid September. They state on their websites that evaluation takes up to 35 business days so I planned my entire immigration strategy accordingly. I was prompt and diligent in having all my paperwork sent across in the requested manner. It is now almost December. WES has provided me updates only when I have reached out to customer service demanding some sort of news on the status of my application. I finally got frustrated and wrote to them angrily asking to speak to whoever is managing their customer service and the promptly replied that my evaluation will be complete by Dec 19. THAT IS 3 MONTHS after I have submitted everything. 3x the advertised time. No apologies. No acknowledgement for my request to speak to an actual human representative. The points cutoff for my express entry has steadily climbed in the weeks they have delayed me and my entire future plans have been disrupted by their callous approach. Terrible terrible institution. They should be ashamed of the way they do business. After taking hundreds of dollars from me they vanished off the face off the earth. Pathetic.

issue with my evaluation

I did my MBA in Pondicherry university in India, the evaluation report says my MBA is one year post graduate diploma in Canada. I checked with my friends and their evaluation report says it is 2 years equaling and master how this issue can be resolved. I spoke WES customer care I am clueless. How come the evaluation will differ for my friends and me, we did MBA from same institute and same department. In addition to that I started my diploma and MBA together. My 1 year diploma and my MBA considered as 1 Post graduate diploma, which doesn't make any sense.

overall service - poor and pathetic service

I'll keep my review short and factual. I submitted my application in june this year, personally checked my envelopes from institutions to ensure its correctly sealed and signed on...

two times money has been deducted

My WES REF. No 4331317 this is mandar khismatrao from India, 2 times money has been deducted from my account As 1st time I have payment through RBL card but it shown in the payment website that transaction has been failed and 2nd time I have done the transaction through sbi credit card and it was successful but from the 1st card payment has been deducted and from the 2nd card also so u need a refund from the WES

Transaction date 2nd November 2019
WES ref no -4331317

wes evaluation result

Dear Sir/Madam,

WES is regarded as a highly respected evaluation agency and as a customer I have had to finally resort to writing this email to bring forward the bias in the evaluating procedure. The details of the same are as follows-

I had received an ECA report(Ref No: 3719992, dated 17th September 2018) for a submission for certifying my graduate and post-graduate courses, but was dismayed to receive the response which had recognized my under-graduate degree, but did not recognize my post graduate degree, as a result of which I lost valuable points-

However, two months ago, the institution which awarded me the Post graduate certificate was starting to get recognized by WES. Overjoyed at the possibility of passing the current CRS cut off, I applied for a "Credential upgrade" from my WES profile and had all the necessary documents sent by the institute to WES(New Reference: 4286312), only to be crushed by an indifferent response by WES saying "Status Cancelled". When, I tried to call the customer service to understand the reason behind the response, I was told that WES evaluators do not re-evaluate documents which have been previously evaluated. The same degree is now being evaluated in fresh applications and given an equivalency of "Post graduate diploma with one-year Canadian equivalency", thus offering the new applicants for a fresh start and valuing their hardwork, but at the same time, for people like me, the only way seems to wait for 5 more years for the ECA report to lose its credibility and send a fresh application, which cannot be termed anything but unfair, thus leading me to give up on my Canadian dreams.

Although, I have lost hope in the system, I still made up my mind to write this complaint, in the hopes that this error is noted and taken care of in future applications so others do not have to give up their dreams of being associated with one of the best countries in the world.

Hoping to get your attention.

my wes refund amount has not been received

My name is Simran Khatter and my ref id is 2993305 WES Canada IN MAY 2016. But due to some personal reason m not continued with this. i want to cancelled my application and i had applied for cancellation my application from July 2019 but last 2 months above to apply this.

WES team sent me mail about my refund amount 299.45CAD$ is mailed to my mailing address but m not still received any cheque or refund amount.

WES contact us option my order history is shown that my refund amount has been refuned on 13 Sep. 2019.
please resolve my problem as soon as possible.

wes educational evaluation report delay

My WES registration no is 4112077 and my name is Madhen Selvam Selvachandra. It has been nearly 5 months since I have applied for my WES evaluation report and I haven't received my report yet.I am completely disappointed by this unresponsive attitude by WES due to which my immigration process is stalled. I hope you take this complaint in the right sense and expedite my process. Expecting a positive response and my evaluation report to be delivered as soon as possible.

change of status on application

I would like to make a complaint as regards the status of my application. My WES ref no is 4036816 and my name is Vivian Uyo Ejoh.I am aware that Wes has recently reviewed the required documents needed for ECA for immigration and Waec is no longer needed .As an applicant whose status has been on hold 6months due Waec not sending the confirmation of Result on time but the scratch card has been accepted. I would like Wes to kindly change the status of my application from been on hold as I am made to understand that your team is proactively working to see that applications that were on hold due to waec would be evaluated and waec removed from their evaluation. Thank you.

wes evaluation report

My educational evaluation was completed on 7 of Aug 2019 and i was informed that a copy of report has been dispatched on 9th of Aug, 2019.However, I have not received my report till date. I am trying to continuous following up with their customer care.However, in this process i felt that it is more easier to find GOD than to get an issue resolved from WES. Please help to me with this issue as i am badly stuck.

wes evaluation report

wes customer service

I have has a horrible customer service experience with WES. To name one person in particular that I just got off the phone with is "Tiana". (09/12/2019) My application has been delayed for months now and every associate provides conflicting updates. I really dont know who to trust. They also do not have any compassion for frustrated applicants that have been made to wait and run around by WES. After making me wait for minutes on a call, once we finally get through to an associate, they are impatient and rude to us. Horrible experience so far.
My application has been delayed for months now due to conflicting guidance given by WES websites and associates. The support case process is broken. I need to create a new one each time instead of adding to an existing issue I may have reported so that there are logs of what I earlier reported. And once a case is submitted, there is no way for me to know if someone is looking into this. I just sit and wait and call them back to try to expedite my request. Very frustrating and time consuming.

about delivery (physical copy)

I applied ECA from WES and after verification WES sent me evaluation report as on dated 25 June 2019 unfortunately as on dated 7 September 2019 I have not received my evaluated...

credentials evaluation

My compliant is about discrimination.
Out of all the countries in the world, Nigeria is the only country that WES (World Education Services) requires secondary school results (mandatory) to evaluate post secondary school education for ECA (for Canadian Immigration program), professional and academic purposes.

Why are Nigerian applicants been discriminated against by WES?

wrong information about my report

hello.I am gagandeep kaur from india. I submit my application to WES for credential evaluation in july 2019. This is the first time I used WES for evaluation.but am very disappointed.WES is demanding dergee of law's certificate 2013from me. I informed many times that I hv not studied this course. I studied M.Sc in 2013whose documents I hv sent to WEs. . they r not responding me properly. ..they said I had done WES in 2015 nd that time I filled this course in my study bt am first time user of WES. . . . really fed up plz hlp me

wrong information provided. no action taken by supervisor

I was given wrong information about how can I send my university marksheet from India by representative I called before sending my marksheet. The person I spoke to few months back...

nigerian degrees evaluation

It is ridiculous, unfair, partial and discriminatory that WES demands for secondary school results to evaluate post-secondary school qualifications from Nigerian candidates seeking for Canadian Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) .
No other country in the World has such requirement imposed on them.

If the reason for the above is forgery, I want to ask : what has secondary school results got to do with ECA if the candidate already has higher qualification (s)?
Why can't WES accept the secondary school results available through the examining body's secured website (candidates bear the cost for e-pin) rather than request candidates to contact the examining body to mail a stamped photocopy to them in addition to the e-pin?

Out of the 5 ECA evaluators nominated by IRCC, WES and ICES are the only bodies with such ridiculous requirements.

This is ridiculous so, I urge WES to review this.

  • Updated by Silvie · Aug 05, 2019

    To get the examining body to stamp the photocopy of the certificate, it takes upto 2 months and costs the candidate over 100 CAD.
    If the candidate is not living in Nigeria, it’s impossible for the examining body to send the document.

delay and not efficiency

client number: 4138816
After my institution sent my documents (dental transcripts of the dental school) to be evaluated, the documents were received by WES on July 12.
My application deadline was August 1.
Today (Aug 1) I finally received an email from WES (after trying to contact them several times and being on the phone for long trying to talk to a representative), saying that they require other documents.
From the 12 July until today, 1 August, I suspect that my file wasn't even opened, until yesterday when I was finally able to talk to someone on the phone.
Finally I am able to talk to a representative and when we try together to send a message filling the contact form, the system is not working and I am not able to send the form.
The deadline of my application is expired. But I need WES to hurry up and speed up my evaluation, otherwise I will arrive late also for the application of September!!!

requesting for response.

Hello. I am chandrashekar gundala from India. I have applied for document to document evaluation in WES for canadian immigration. Holding reference number 4089746. I have been...

wes eca for immigration

I have submitted my application with the reference no. 3888166 by the name of Sambhav Kumar. WES has received all the documents and verification from University of Delhi and PTU as mentioned on your portal. But the rest two universities namely - Kumaun University and M.J.P. Rohilkhand University, India is still pending for verification.

I would like to request you to continue processing my application without Kumaun University and M.J.P. Rohilkhand University, India as it may take longer to receive the verification from their end on the same.

Kindly share the WES assessment report considering the Bachelors from University of Delhi, India and MBA from PTU, India.

Will wait for the valuable feedback.

Sambhav Kumar

again asking for documents

This current year my University has sent my PTU MBA degree directly to WES. Also my bachelor's degree has been sent out to directly by University to WES. In WES report 3594275 my Bachelor's is accepted and considered by you'll. This report is still valid. In WES report 4009472 you'll have accepted and considered my PTU MBA degree. i had raised the request just to add my MBA degree to existing WES report which had accepted my Bachelor's. One of the WES call centre representative confirmed that i won't be asked resubmit my bachelor's as it has been accepted by you'll. Only new wes report request has to be raised for your new degree to be considered along with bachelor's degree.I do not understand why i have been asked to resubmit my bachelor's degree in wes report (4009472) when the report (3594275) still stands valid and bachelor's degree was sent by University to you'll and it has been accepted by you'll. I want you to transfer my old WES report to New WES report. So that i can get 1 consolidated WES report which reflects that you'll have accepted both my degrees (Bachelor's and MBA PTU Degree).

I can't find the email address of wes usa/ new york

1- If the Institution is no more exist, what should I do to comply with your requirements regarding the sealed envelope and stamp?

2- Can I send photo copies from the originals in case I have only one original transcript and it is not possible to issue other originals

3- Will WES return back the originals in case they insist to have them

4- My family name was changed from that one at the time of graduation, do you need any confirmation documents documents in order to issue the approval including my recent family name?

worst experience

this service doesn't even deserve one star. ive been trying to get ECA evaluation done since december 2018. they are so ridiculously slow and inefficient and i still haven't received my evalution despite repeated mails and calls to customer service who have no solution except asking me to write to wes. what else is the point of calling if you have to write to them afterwords to actually solve the problem which itself takes them atleast 4-5 days to respond to. after to months of calls and mails about how to get ECA for canada given having a US account, they asked me to simply transfer my accepted documents from US account to Canadian account . then after the maximum given time to process (35 days) the report, i sent them a query about not having received the report, they update with 'not accepted' document, saying the transcript wasn't sent by the university directly, which is obvious since on wes's direction, the transcript was sent from WES US account, where it was sent by the university and accepted by WES US for US evaluation. so i sent the transcript through the university as soon as i got the mail saying document was not accepted. now again after another 45 days of mailing the transcripts, WES conjures the exact same problem but only after i sent them a query about not having received the report. AGAIN. they hadn't even bothered to mail me about the problem before i asked for the report.
they prohibit visiting their one utterly useless office
the customer service is useless
no complaints section on the worthless website
there is no real place to make a complaint that will have any affect on their future service even a minuscule amount less worse
none of the institutes seem to be bothered by the amount of sh applicants have to face because they employ such sorry excuses of service providers ad waste our time and money and brain cells dealing with their nonsense

payment verification

Hello am Tabe Nadege Abang with wes reference number 4094226, payment reference EUSWO63121958420. Date of payment 29th may 2019, amount paid to western union business solution...

incomplete credential

Dear Wes, kindly be informed that I sent my university transcript to you i got an error message that my transcript wasn't complete ..please kindly be informed that I did a direct entry to the school which meant I started in 200l, I purchased a jamb direct entry form, would I need to send my Form or ND statement of result .secondly I'm i to send the certificate or statement of result personally ? Because it wasn't included in initial required document. My - Reference # (4047335).thanks for your promt response ..kindly note that my deadline is fast approaching please help any way u can ..thanks

paid the amount of canadian $227 but still not able to see reference number on the login page


Please refer the attached screenshot. I have paid the fees but still not able to see the reference number with my login. After paying the fees, I did not receive the auto-generated mail for the reference number.

Even I have changed the password but it's not updated. Still, I have to log in with an old password only.

There is a big problem on the website and request you to check the same on the urgetn basis. Please revert with your valuable feedback and resolve the problem quickly.

paid the amount of canadian $227 but still not able to see reference number on the login page
paid the amount of canadian $227 but still not able to see reference number on the login page

  • La
    Lakna Illangakoon Jun 13, 2019

    Hi, I am having the same problem. Could you please let me know if this issue was sorted.

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eca report

Goodday!!!my name is Ibrahim Halima, with ref no 3784765.I got this from my Acccount(initial application order is complete and we sent copies of your evaluation report to your recipient(s).) since novenmber 26th i write to you now i have not gotten my report and i have gone to the nearest Nipost to check if it was there but nothing was found...kindly help look into can contact me on [protected]
Your swift response will be appreciated. Thank you

evaluation process

"WES a nonprofit organization that provides credential evaluations for international students and immigrants planning to study or work in the U.S. and Canada." This is what they say about themselves. As per my experience, it's a "give me your money and don't expect us to work on anything organization."
I got the transcripts from my home university and got it mailed to WES in the sealed and attested. This whole process took 2 months as my home university is slow. I agree. WES rejected saying "documents were not sent directly by the academic institute". I spoke to them before sending the documents, and I was assured that if documents are sent in a sealed envelop evaluation will be mailed in 7 days. But no. After multiple follow-up emails and calls to customer care no acceptable response. They all sound like broken records and robots. I somehow dealt with that and requested (multiple times) my home university to courier the documents "directly" to WES. As they had my transcripts in recent records, they agreed to re-print and put it in a sealed envelope and mail it to WES. Of course, I had to pay a premium price for this plus international courier fees. This whole process again took approximately 1 month. And guess what, WES put my case on hold AGAIN!!! saying documents are not sent directly by the institute.

Why WES charges ~200 then? Their sole purpose is to verify and convert the score to a similar scale for apple to apple comparison. My home university (and almost all other universities) provide their contact details on issued transcripts. All they have to do in contact them and provide them the unique id of the student and confirm the authenticity of the transcripts and other documents. But no! they all are ignorant buggers getting paid to do nothing. "Non-profit". Horrible customer service. Wait time to get connected to a representative is minimum an hour. And all you hear is broken record playing withing any intention of helping customers. If I miss my deadlines for my college applications because of this hassle; I am definitely going to take this to consumer court and try my luck there. It's such an agony to work with WES. Hope no one has to work with them and some legit helpful organization takes up the role for future evaluations.
PS: I am already working from past 4-5 years in the United States on work Visa. I updated them that I already have my education verification credentials and I am not here without scrutiny. Worst customer experience!! Stay away if possible!

eca report

I sent my required documents as requested by WES through my university where I completed my bachelors. I got an email asking me to send it directly, I have tried contacting them and emailing them to state that I did not directly send them the documents and followed all steps mentioned, they refuse to give a reason or even review my documents again. What is strange is that a friend from the same university had her documents sent in, they not only accepted them but also finished her review . I fail to understand under what pretext they unauthenticate completely authentic documents.The contact us forms simply have the lines requoted from the website . I have used ECE in the past and was happy with their services. I am pretty disappointed in WES and their handling of services .

evaluation report

I have send all my documents, which ever needs to be submitted, also by the university and attended college as well, but again and again I am receiving the same revert of sending attested marksheet for my Bachelors from university( stamped and attested) the same is sent by the university by H.P . Worldwide Courier 02 March 2019 by the Director Board of University. the details are shared by them. please check at your end and send the final Evaluation report. I has been delayed from quite a long time. I have marked mail also on the same query 10 days back. please once again request to you to thoroughly check and share the final evaluation report, so that we can proceed further with the PR process.
thanking you in advance.
Gauri Gurkhe

wes eca report - 3925281

Dear Sir, I have been writing to and calling WES Customer Service for over a month to correct my ECA Report.

Hoping for a speedy resolution from this team

Query to WES: I just need the ECA Summary in the report to reflect the Canadian Equivalence of both credentials that WES has given in the Credential Analysis of the same report. The ECA Summary should match the Credentials Analysis.
Multiple queries have been raised with WES to updated the Canadian Equivalence Summary of my ECA Report to reflect both credentials. However, the response to my queries do not align with my queries or requests placed. I even called customer service multiple times to explain the same and the last person I spoke to called Pedro said he understood my ask and that he would pass the message to the team reviewing my request. However after waiting for yet another 7 days the response I got from WES was pertaining to the delivery of the hard copy report and not pertaining to the correction of my ECA Summary. I have friends who have received their ECA Reports with the summary that includes both credentials if there is a Canadian Equivalence.

Background: My ECA Report completed on 5th April 2019 showed the following:
Canadian Equivalence Summary - Bachelors Degree (three years)
Credential Analysis in the body of the Report says:
Credential 1 - Canadian Equivalency - Bachelors Degree (three years)
Credential 2 - Canadian Equivalency - Completion of an executive management program offered by a graduate school of business

wes eca report - 3925281

degree evaluation

Year 2014 - Applied for my master's evaluation - MBA, done and found to be equivalent in Canada for MBA. Both Bachelor and master's transcripts were shared with WES

Year 2019 - I wanted to apply for my bachelor's evaluation only, went for upgrade to MBA evaluation and applied for 7-day turnaround. I called and enquired no new transcripts were required and old transcripts were to be used. First, they asked for Bachelor Transcripts to be resubmitted again and I did so. Then after 20 days they tell me they also need my MBA transcripts again. I had verbal confirmation 3 times with their representative that MBA documents will not be required. But on the day I was supposed to get my evaluation, I again got email need MBA documents from university and again I called them, they confirmed to change my evaluation to Bachelor again. So again, the wait and then again after few days they yet again ask for MBA documents. I called them and explained the need of bachelor's evaluation only. They were adamant about requiring MBA else no Bachelor evaluation, which did not make any sense. So, I gave up. I had to get evaluation done from some other agency. SO after other agency had completed evaluation, these again reach out to me after few weeks again telling me : Only Bachelor will be done and MBA not required (Though I had sent MBA transcripts as well). Then again after few days they say again MBA is required and I told them I have sent them. They verified then after confirming with me and completed evaluation after long wait for months.

The lack of explanation, customer service hindered my chances to get a good job opportunity. they all have differed explanations and different versions of understanding the process. All this process they were unsure how to handle my request and delayed my evaluation for months. Disappointed with them and how we can allow such organization to be in business and play with people education evaluation. They have number of complaints against them and they will rise unless this organization is fined or suspended or disqualified for such educational evaluations.

On surprise 2014 my MBA was equivalent to MBA in Canada and now 2019 it is a Diploma. They may have not heard of my university name - Thapar University. All world renown organizations come to my university to hire MBA's and they are now telling me it's a diploma. They consider IIM in India to be MBA whereas IIM consider their MBA as diploma not master's/ So how unprofessional and undeserving is this organization. I think with number of evaluations coming their way, they have lost the plot of customer service, professionalism and integrity, they are just there to make money.

united states transcript not accepted even though in sealed envelope and bachelors evaluation not transferred as promised

I inquired by calling costumer service rep of united states and was informed to fill out contact us form. Somewhere around March and was suggested to apply for report upgrade, and did as suggested. My inquiry ID 745126 stated the instructions for transfer. Week before past, I contacted WES united states for a follow up requesting update. Since the rep was not able to answer what I asked, I requested to talk to Manager. He was also unable to answer my questions and concern and asked me to call them back if I do not hear back regarding transfer in a week. He also assured that my bachelors evaluation will be transferred.

I sent the University official transcripts sent by Long Island University Masters Program to WES in a packet which had my Bachelors degree attested photocopy. My united states university sends a protection sealed transcript in envelope on top of which it states official transcript. Since the WES document requirements states" If the institution gives you the document to send to WES, it must be in a sealed envelope. If the envelope is opened or there is no stamp or signature across the back flap, WES cannot accept the document. " Ms.Kiara the manager from WES Canada gave absolutely illogical response stating " it should be signed and stamp" I have no control over my university policies and the way they produce official transcript. My transcripts were sent in sealed envelope (the exact same envelope which was received by me from university as is was sent in a package which included photocopy of my degree certificate). When my questions were not answered properly and were answered illogically, I asked Ms. Kiara her full name, but was only provided first name. I have also emailed WES about the magnitude of trauma they are creating for international students using your services. I am firm to take required legal actions if my concerns are not addressed. Ms. Kiara also had the courtesy to state that my $50 will be deducted when being asked for not continuing further with your services. The major reason students like me and millions others opt for your services over others is because you already have our bachelors evaluation which was originally sent by institution to you. Why is a international student forced to spend money unnecessarily (and to be clear not just $50 for deduction of services which do not even address costumer's concern properly but also includes flight ticket, unpaid work/study day offs risking study status, immigration hassle) for what? for redoing everything all over again? And what for? If WES itself is not confident about its previous evaluation why would they provide the service at first place? How would a student like me and millions others would receive international masters degree when they submit original WES evaluation (regardless of year and change in policy) for admissions in united states? Does that mean you didn't verify our documents when initially received? I currently have ECE evaluation as well and have never faced such illogical costumer service trouble. I request WES to either complete my evaluation or provide me full refund. Or else I am firm to take required legal actions not just representing me but millions of others who have to go through absurd costumer services provided by WES.


I have requested my undergraduate college - Vallurupalli Nageswara Rao Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering &Technology, which is an autonomous college affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University to Mail the Documents directly to WES in January 2019. They have mailed it and it was received by Courtney from the mail room on 18th February 2019 at 08:37Am.

Attached is the screenshot for your reference. Tracking Number:[protected]

After Couple of Days, I have requested my Masters University- Bradley University, Peoria, IL to mail my Transcripts to WES.

On March 18th, My WES Status has changed to - " In Progress - We received your documents(s). We are reviewing your document(s)"

2 weeks later, My Status changed to- "On Hold - We are waiting for your documents"

It looks like my Undergraduate Documents has been misplaced at WES location during the process. And my status has changed to "On-Hold" after WES received all the documents.