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World Education Services [WES] complaints 213


World Education Services [WES] - WES evaluation

I got my bachelor credit for around 140 credits, for a 4-year program, which is ok, but for a 1.5 years masters program I got 147 credits. I do not know what are they smoking while working in their office. It has been 2 weeks since I contacted them, but still no update. All they are saying is that I will get an update, but they can't say when. They are stupid as [censored]

Desired outcome: updated report wothout delay

Jan 19, 2022

World Education Services [WES] - evaluation is wrong


I am a student studying in a UK university, I have submitted my complaint several times after they produced my grade report, not nobody responded to my complaint. My GPA is heavily underestimated. It has been a month! I want someone specialist to recalculate my GPA score. It should be 3.80, not 2.97, please follow the UK class system to caluclate.

Desired outcome: recalculate my GPA score

Jan 20, 2022

I got my bachelor credit for around 140 credits, for a 4-year program, which is ok, but for a 1.5 years masters program I got 147 credits. I do not know what are they smoking while working in their office. It has been 2 weeks since I contacted them, but still no update. All they are saying is that I will get an update, but they can't say when. They are stupid as [censored]


World Education Services [WES] - Not mentioned my course duration in my wes report

I got my wes report last year it has assessed my diploma in early childhood education in modern Montessori International London. The report has mentioned that I have completed my diploma in the year...

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World Education Services [WES] - Delay on an urgent order

I ordered a duplicated report for 2-day air delivery.

I placed the order on 12/14. The report was not even printed in 12/21. When I contacted the customer service, the only thing they can do is an "escalation form". There is no manager to talk, no better solution to offer and no contact for a complaint line!

And I had to pay myself to upgrade to a faster delivery method to cover your mistake!

My job depended on this report and I guess I had to swallow it.

World Education Services [WES] - They changed my ordered services last minute.

After contacting WES I ordered a course by course evaluation as they instructed me to do so. The day before yesterday I received an email from WES saying they cannot deliver this type of evaluation and they notified me they will provide another type of evaluation (document by document).

I contacted them to inform them a doc by doc evualution is not useful for us and therefore prefere to cancel my order. They replied they cannot cancel anymore because the evaluation is ready to be send in 4 days. No supervisor could talk to me, no email to make a complaint. I could only fill in the contact us form, off course that way I have no proof I requested cancellation and refund.

I believe it is not possible to change ordered services last minute and then deny a client to cancel it.

Desired outcome: Cancellation and complete refund

World Education Services [WES] - Service

For over a year now I have not been able to evaluate my diploma(Status: On hold), for the following reason:
I could not put an apostille on the diploma, because the employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs refused to do so, having learned that the diploma would go to Canada (explaining this by the fact that Canada did not sign the Hague Convention) In return, the employee of the ministry offered to affix the legalization of the document, and I agreed without seeing another solutions.
In the absence of an apostille, it was necessary to additionally obtain confirmation from my educational institution.
I found out that my university has already sent a physical confirmation email 2 times(both were delivered), but there is no information in my account. I constantly ask to check this information, but in response I receive a standard letter:
"Dear Nasiba,

Thank you for your message.

Your academic records have been sent to the institution for verification. The status for these documents will be updated in My Account once their response is received and accepted by WES. Please note that WES will automatically re-send the verification request to your institution every seven weeks if we do not receive their response. There's nothing that you need to do.

The verification of academic documents is part of the WES evaluation process. Although the verification of documents can take time, the end result will provide you with real benefits because it confirms that your documents are authentic. "

Who in charge there can found that letters and put my evolution on process?

World Education Services [WES] - They are cheating on my report.

I open my file in WES and paid the fee in 2018, they sent to me the requirements to qualify for my certificate which I gained from my backcountry. I sent all the requirements from the backcountry, and finally, they did the qualification, and supposed to send the copy of their report to me and one to the CSMLS organization, which I need them to accept this qualification. I was surprised that they send me a copy different from the copy they have sent to CSLMS, resulting in this mistake CSLMS reject my application to qualify certificate unless they correct this mistake in their copy
WES refused to correct it, I have both copies with me and I need them to correct this mistake.


World Education Services [WES] - They lost one of my official papers

I have sent 3 stamped and signed envelopes to WES, containing official papers from my universities: one envelope containing papers for my Bachelors, one for my M.A. and one for my Doctoral Degree...

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World Education Services [WES] - ECA report (Document-by-Document)

Please understand my situation. I would require an "additional report" for IRCC from WES Canada. I understand that my ECA report (Document-by-Document) does not have an expiration date. the official...

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Aug 18, 2021

World Education Services [WES] - ECA - Absolutely incompetent! WES is the worst company to get your Education credentials evaluated!

WES#5031096 I sent my transcripts to WES in April 2021 and uploaded my transcripts online to their database shortly after. My english transcript from my German 10 years of "Realschule" school wa...

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World Education Services [WES] - the poor answer to something unexpected

My name is Paola Rodriguez (WES # 5060907).
I payed WES services because I needed to validate my Master Diploma. At the beginning of july, I received an e-mail saying that everything was OK and that my report was supposed to be ready on August and that inmediately they were going to send it according to my instructions ( I had chosen standard mail delivery).

Unfortunately, on last week, I realized that the Ecuadorian mail service went to bankrupt, so packages and documents sent are getting lost or returned. For this reason I wrote inmediately to inform this on july 14, asking to change the way of sending, and I did not expect the answers I received.

First they told me I could not modify my application?, then they told me that if I want other copies I have to ask them at the web page? and finally they told me that I could not ask for a change in delivery because the document was already sent. When I checked, the document had been sent on july 14 and I had been writing since july 12, and they had told me they were going to send on august.

So, now, I will never receive my document!

I am sending attached all the prooves.

World Education Services [WES] - ICAP verification package

- bought the ICAP verification package for 245 USD in April
- sent and uploaded documents by early May
- as only my degree certificate did not get verified, I called the costumer service -> they asked me to upload again
- uploaded again on: 12/May, 26/May, 28/June, 1/July
status up my file: "not received" (last updated 8/July)

After calling since June now every week with the Costumer Service, I am helpless. I am asking every week what I can do from my side, every week I get the advice to upload again. I reached a dead end. Dear WES team, please finish the job. This service was shockingly bad, and it contiues.

WES reference number: 5004161

Desired outcome: Finish the job

World Education Services [WES] - Evaluation report

Ref # 5064637
This was NOT delivered and was retured to you back. Scot received it. It contained ORIGINAL DIPLOMA from INSTITUTE (Russia)

Ref # 5089279
This was received, but contained with:
1) ORIGINAL diploma of Secondary School (Russia)
2) EVALUATION Report of Post-secondary degree(BD/MD)

So I still don't have:
1) ORIGINAL (RUSSIAN) diploma of Economist
2) EVALUATION of High school Diploma

I am waiting it already more then months. This is ridiculous .

Jun 17, 2021

World Education Services [WES] - wrong evaluation of my credentials

I needed my undergrad transcript to be evaluated, and they were supposed to simply copy/paste information. Somehow they managed to evaluate my PASSED courses as failed and put "0" as a grade!
I contacted their customer service and talked to a few horrible representatives. They were very unhelpful and unfriendly and even their supervisor made sure to be the least helpful person.

So to sum up, if they charge a lot for their super low quality services. There is no way you can talk to someone responsible and they simply don't care about customer satisfaction!

The saddest part is that their customers are immigrants. And generally speaking, immigrants already face lots of other difficulties and have to deal with deadlines and ... . So no one has the time or resources to file a complaint against them through legal channels.


World Education Services [WES] - About length of program on result report

Yesterday, after three months, I have received my credential evaluation from WES: Ref# 4931961 where length of my study program mentioned one year, which is Two years in actual from 02-10-2018 To 19-08-2020.

I requested WES to review the attached Academic report result form and transcript sent by the college to ensure the duration of study program.

They have said there no error in their evaluation. This is really disappointing for a person waiting for past three months and getting a result with full of errors. It looks like this organization just cares about money, they don't care anyone's time and money spent.

Please let us who should be approached to get this fixed.


World Education Services [WES] - Customer service and "contact us" form

I will lose my opportunity at a visa due to this company - I believe they are just interested in making money and have no intention of providing a good service. I have been stuck in an accreditation...

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World Education Services [WES] - Education Credential Assessment Report

I have completed a 2-year full time degree course in MBA from an AICTE and UGC approved institute and my course is also accredited by NAAC.
But WES has awarded my MBA degree a four year's bachelor's degree equivalency /3 year bachelors+ 1yr diploma equivalency in the Canadian ECA assessment report simply because my consolidated mark sheet and degree certificate does not mention that the course is AICTE/UGC approved.

My institute does not follow the practice of mentioning the approvals on the mark sheet or degree certificate. My institute is a well-established Deemed to be University which falls in the purview of AICTE, UGC and NAAC based on the status awarding parameters laid down by the regulating body viz. the Ministry of Education.

This is unbecoming of WES Canada. I have requested for more clarity on this aspect and would like to know as to why my master's degree credential has been downgraded to a bachelor's level equivalency?

Also if there is any way to obtain a letter from my institute ascertaining its Master's level equivalency as per AICTE and UGC norms?

Unfortunately WES Canada hasn't addressed my concern yet. It has crossed 3 weeks now.

Request your kind support and intervention in this matter.


World Education Services [WES] - Newport university california now janus university programs.

That Newport university does not have any standing & it just distributes Degrees for money?
I completed my distance education program from Mumbai India in 1994 & today find out that my degree has no academic value.

Enclosed find mail as well as documents in support of Newport University in USA (request an email to forward the same), cannot be done here.

Do revert back on: philip.[protected]

Desired outcome: WES, Canada

World Education Services [WES] - Verification of degree

Out of my 2 degrees, 1 has been put on hold saying we need further evaluation from University. I want to question the WES that when the university has sent them the post from their end previously why do they need verification?
I should have understood this if I would have sent the post by myself.
I need my query to be answered.
If this is what they do, I am sorry wasting so much money on the previous post was not required.
We spend a lot of money when we create an account and also when universities ask us to pay for postal charges.


World Education Services [WES] - Education evaluation

Reference Number: 4922554 1/3/21 Account opened 2/8/21 Application submitted, payment made ($210) 2/8/21 Documents uploaded: * Transcript translation * Degree * Degree translation 2/8/21...

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