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Double Down Casino / Doubledown casino / chips taken

Elsa1125 on Feb 17, 2017
02/16 My elderly 80 year Mother who enjoys the game clicked on the highest bet and spent her 1 billion coins yesterday, I have spent $350 this week on coins, I asked the casino if they could reimburse some coin and she will have supervised play, they would not help at all. i received a...

Doubledown Casino / Connectivity problem.. Problem with spinner, etc.

Gail Harrell on Feb 14, 2017
This is the first time I have ever lodged a formal complaint, and probably would not be doing so now, but I am unable to play the casino now for about five days out of seven...on either my Mother's pad or mine. When I log in and go for the initial spin of the day, my twenty-five friend...

Doubledown Casino / Unfairly removed credits from account

zippermouse2 on Feb 1, 2017
I play house of fun video slots, last month my account was at 31, 000, 000 and for no reason my account had suffered a 24, 000, 000 deduction. I have contacted the customer service with no resolution. I would like to be credited the lost amount and will continue to use the service. If not...

Doubledown Casino / Missing coins

Kendra9n on Jan 24, 2017
A couple of days ago I bought a $99 package when it was 3 times the amount. I got 300 million instead of 100 million. I won 11 billion coins and I was ecstatic. I played until I was down to 9 billion and I logged off. When I logged back on a couple of hours later... I had 2 billion coin...

Doubledown Casino / The entire game center

Doretha on Jan 24, 2017
I have it downloaded on my kindle fire and have enjoyed it when it works. For three days it would not stay open. I log in, the wheel spins and no faces to my contacts then it Knicks me out. I deleted it and downloaded it again and it's okay but I lost my 30, 000, 000 credits. I'm asking...

Doubledown Casino / Unethical behavior

Mike Fry on Jan 16, 2017
you are about the crappiest online gaming site I've ever seen. You addict your patrons, expect them to pay real money, don't give them a dam of a chance to win, and never give any money back in return. You throw a few chips their way and expect all to be made nicey. You really suck, you...

Doubledown Casino / Can never build up my winnings ever !!!

Carol Whetstone Dabboussi on Jan 16, 2017
It has become clear that this game is just a waste of time... The only time I have ever won a decent amt in your casino is when you introduce a new game and at about day 2-3 of it being rolled out you loosen it up and I have a great night, win big and then it just stops, as a matter of...

Doubledown Casino / Chips

ToriGiGi on Dec 20, 2016
This happened at about 9:00 pm 12/20/2016. I just entered my code for today and I had over a million chips. When I went to play the games. I had only a little over 500. What happened to all my chips. I love playing these games but come on. It takes a long time to make any chips and when...

Doubledown Casino / Games spinning

lilfootz on Dec 4, 2016
When I first go into a game - Any game it spins fine for the first dozen times, after that it gets long spinning, slow and jerky!!! I just went to High Speed Internet and this doesn't happen on any other app!!! Just one more way to rip us off I'm figuring!!! Think I'll stick with High 5...

Double Down Casino / Failure to pay out

Cindy Scott on Dec 4, 2016
While playing DDC on my Ipad, I hit a big win and the second it hit, my screen went white and it was thrown out. This happens often on my ipad and other friends as well. When it came back up, it had not paid me my win. I took a screenshot of it and sent my problem to Double Down, hoping to...

Doubledown Casino / My game will not load for past month, vocab play on other people's accounts on my computer

Heather Renaud on Nov 27, 2016
was playing nov1.logged off and have not beem able to play since. It is not my computer as I can play and load other peoples account on my computer. When I contact ddc zendesk they say don;t know why and lookinginto it. This has been there answer each time. Did they lock me out of game or...

Double Down Casino Game On Facebook / Pulse point. Json and targeting. Unrulymedia.com

Mary Ann Bucci on Nov 22, 2016
thPulse Point.json and targeting.unrulymedia.com It gives you the option to open or save, its 53 bytes this shows up on the bottom of the monitor every time I sign on to Double Down through Facebook. Exactly what is it? its been happening daily the last couple weeks, and then when I play...

Doubledown Casino / Casino game

Sheila589 on Nov 13, 2016
I will never play your game again. I spent $99 tonight (and that is the money I would set aside to spend time with my friends) - It didn't take 45 minutes to lose it all. I get it's gambling but when every single game you play only gives you 3 bonus' and you don't get...

Doubledown Casino / Doubledown casino

greglesnett on Nov 13, 2016
i purchased chips and recieved email confirmation of payment from my amazon acct. for 7 payments made to this app. i filled all of their numerous date information pages and provided them copies of amazon reciepts and copies of the forms i filled out even though they sent me email to verify...

Doubledown Casino / doubledown casino is as crooked as they could possibly be. They cheat at every possible way they can.

Dolan West on Jul 7, 2016
If you do hit a big pot you are totally cut off until all your chips are gone. When I hit a bonus that supposed to be, for example 3x25, 000, 000 plus 3 time this, I got a total of 45, 000, 000. after this they took all the chips. If you bet more than the minimum you will be cut off, My...

Doubledown Casino / The theft of chips that I clearly won.

Joseph Tiller on Jun 4, 2016
Back on or around March 18th, 2016 I had a good day playing the slots.Built up to over 12 billion in chips.I logged off came back later and it was dropped down to 2 billion.When I contacted them I spoke to a man named Quinn (this was through messaging) who proceeded to tell me that they...

Doubledown Casino / I won four games on sunday, january 31, 2016, but did not receive the winnings.

Virginia L. Berry on Feb 1, 2016
I was in the top ten of the following games on Sunday, January 31, 2016: 16732274 16732565 16737379 16737839 When I went to the winnings board instead of showing a positive number, it show a negative number. I did not receive my winnings of over 500, 000, 000. I would my score to be corrected!

Doubledown Casino / Games

john negrete on Jan 13, 2016
Double Down Casino says the game odds are completely random. This statement in completely not true. They clam slot games have a theoretically expected payback from 92.90% to 95.03% and is in accordance with fair gaming practices. Again this statement is simply not true. In my opinion...

Double Down Casino / Buying chips

Reviewer34365 on Dec 11, 2015
Once I started buying chips my daily free chips numbers dropped significantly. And it has gotten so bad I only get a paultry amount nowadays. And the free chips go quickly. Usually 10 to 20 spins at minimum bet. Never ever buy chips you will regret it. The more I have spent the worst it gets.

Facebook Double Down Casino / Took money from my account today - no authorized

Katie Burns-Lesher on Sep 22, 2015
Today I checked my bank account and facebook double down casino took $99.00 from my account that I did not authorize. I did authorize $99.00 yesterday, 9/21/15 but not again today. How do I get that back? Katie burns-lesher Po box 167 Delhi, ia 52223

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