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Firestone Complete Auto Care Complaints & Reviews

Firestone Complete Auto Care / overpricing and terrible customer service

keats morrison on Sep 13, 2017
Went to firestone because my engine light was on charged me 392 dollars to change plugs they called said my truck was ready got there engine light was still on they came out to the truck turned it off got down the road truck was running worst than before took it back they told they need to...

Firestone Complete Auto Care / overpricing, unethical behavior

StephR on Aug 30, 2017
Sub-mitting on behalf of my 70 yr. old brother. Although he has not requested this matter be pursued I feel the need to represent him as his funds are quite limited. He is gullible and is totally unfamiliar with auto repair. Customer Invoice 17892. He was about to go on a long trip, so on...

Firestone Complete Auto Care / customer service

Firestonewasmean2me on May 3, 2017
I feel like a subhuman after I left Firestone Automotive today (6102 Slide Road, Lubbock, TX). I called ahead and they put me in line and I waited fir 2 1/2 hours to get service ( tire balancing). They put several people ahead of me. Was it my race (white/Hispanic/Indian) - I also wa...

Firestone / a.c. recharge

rmatelski on Mar 22, 2017
I went in to have my a.C fixed because it wasn't blowing cold air. I was told it needed a recharge. fyi I was there at 11:00am and it wasn't done until around 3:30pm. when I get there to pick up my car I get told that its not fixed because for some reason the wiring is all screwed up. and...

Firestone Complete Auto Care / Front brakes

withy on Dec 14, 2016
needed new pads and rotors 2 rotors $140bucks!! brake pads $64 bucks not to mention the labor! I checked auto parts store in my area pads were about 20-22 bucks and rotors 25-26 bucks, they buy parts then double the price on its costs!!! this is regards to the center in 248 Nazareth!! How...

Firestone Complete Auto Care / Work not completed, and i'm left to carry the expense

Please don't deceive me on Nov 29, 2016
I had brakes and rotors replaced all around my nissan xterra and a battery replaced for a total cost of $786.55. However, now my vdc light, slip light, and emergency brake don't work. I took it back to store 015563 (Firestone complete auto care, 4508 lemay ferry rd. , saint louis, mo...

Firestone Complete Auto Care / Brakes

SueMeHartl on Sep 5, 2016
had our van that was 10 years old fitted with brakes by Firestone. Husband thought it was ok, but I thought they did not stop safely. They were soft and mushy at pressing on the brake. Trip to the Carolina's and coming home husband came upon a stop on the highway and put on brake...

Firestone Complete Auto Care / Cathedral city, ca stole $20 from me.

JKWilliams on Sep 1, 2016
As I often did in past years, I went there for an oil change and asked them to rotate my tires. Oil change and tire rotation was entered on the bill. They refused to rotate my tires but instead did the spiel about you need new tires, like RIGHT NOW! The gauge showed a good 10 to 15, 000...

Firestone / Tire

rodeo524 on Jul 27, 2016
July 6/ 2015 I went into my local Firestone dealer for a price on a full set of new tires. The price was a little more than Wal Mart, but I told myself that Firestone was probably a better company to deal with, sense ties are their specialty. So I decided to purchase the tires. The...

Firestone Complete Auto Care / Lock Cylinder Replacement

L.E. Friedman on Jul 18, 2016
I had a lock cylinder and housing replaced on my Chevy Prizm. Cost me $550 for the part alone. I also needed a tire and they tried to charged me $10 for tire insurance which was never offered.; it was just listed on my bill. I caught the "mistake." Also, they didn't give me the 5%...

Firestone Complete Auto Care / Lock Cylinder Replacement

L.E. Friedman on Jul 5, 2016
I had a lock cylinder and housing replaced there and was charged $550 for the part alone. I looked online and found one for $112 which is about five times the price they charged me. The sales rep said that they install manufacturer approved parts only. The part I saw online was an OEM...

Firestone Complete Auto Care / Lifetime alignment and balancing contract

CRVunhappy on Mar 12, 2016
Re: Date 3/12/2016 Store #: 020516 Firestone Complete Auto Care, Lakes, 930 Baseline Rd, Tempe, AZ, 85283 Invoice#: 240935 ; Service Advisor: 02 Jerrod; Technician: Louis Ph: 480 831 6684 On 3/12/2016 I brought my car in for an alignment and balancing check. My appointment was for 5:30p.m. but...

Firestone Complete Auto Care / Service and Credit Card Overcharges

Reviewer71682 on Dec 14, 2015
Unfortunately, they keep charging outlandish fees for on time payments claiming they are late and refuse to adjust and rectify problems. Rising cost, not paid down and off as it would have been had they not fraudulenttly charged for late fees and interest associated therein when payment...

Firestone Service Center / refused to give me service

flipnedie on Mar 6, 2015
I went to the Firestone Service Center in Pinellas Park Fl and spoke with a person by the name of Sergio. I told him i needed 3 tires 225 75 R 15 in a 10 ply with a load rating E. I informed him that it was for my 34 foot Holiday Rambler Aluma Lite Camping trailer. He had not a clew what I...

Firestone Tire Complete Auto Repair / Just everything

Marleena on Jul 6, 2014
This entire trip was a disaster, and I plan on never returning. I went in for the 99.99 brake replacement deal, well instead my brakes cost roughly 800.00 + dollars. They treated me like my time didn't matter and then charged me for the extra time it took them to service my vehicle. I...

Firestone Complete Auto Care / Firestone put a bad part in my vehicle now there pushing me around!

Stelle22 on Jan 23, 2014
On January 1st 2014 My car overheated on my way to work, I searched on my phone for the closest repair shop and that was Firestone complete auto care on union hills. I brought my car in at 11:12am they told me they would not be able to look at my vehicle till the next day January 2nd. On...

Firestone Complete Car Care / High charges

Jacs on Jan 7, 2014
I have been going to firestone for years. I have never paid over 30. 00 for a oil change. Why did they charge me over 50. 00 and said it was because of high mileage. I have never been charged that much for a oil change from nobody. I had high mileage before and was not charged that. I...

Firestone Complete Auto Care / Charged for Incomplete Diagnostic Check

I took my 2003 Hyundai Sonata in to have a diagnostic check because the car jerked on acceleration for a few days and the check engine light came on yesterday. I was told that I would have to pay $99.99 for a complete diagnostic check and it would take approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hrs to...

Firestone Auto Care / Auto Oil Change

AprilLBassett on Nov 12, 2013
I went for auto repair tonight 11/12/13 for a tire rotation and oil change, after 2 hours of wait time. I watched them do oil change and they left the cap off and oil is all over my car under the hood and it smells of oil inside the vehicle. They told me oil smell should go away. Not happy...

Firestone / Faulty Advertising

Derrick W. Smith on Sep 17, 2013
I had brakes done at another Firestone / the firestone policy on the receipt is lifetime brake pad replacement for all cars serviced by firestone. I took my car in for brakes at the listed firestone and after the work was completed was charged foe brakes and labor. I asked why I wa...

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