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Complaints & Reviews

poor service/ oil change

Took my car in a few weeks ago for an oil change, My car since pickup was leaking oil. Took it to a certified mechanic for VW, the oil plug was not replaced. I ended up having to...

Fire service

I brought my car in because I had a nail in my tire. They put my car on the lift and after looking at it told me I needed a new tire. The service writer then informed me he would...

unethical behavior/under trained/knowledgeable mechanics

I would like to dispute the majority of charges to this card. The issue started with my care over heating.
1. Tech suggested that water pump needed to be replaced. Stated maybe thermostat. Tech tested car with new water pump car ran fine. Picked car up car overheated. Went back same-day to install new thermostat. Charged for both. Car did not need a water pump .
2. Mechanic did not tighten down bolts to the pulleys in the car, nearly broke off while driving furtunataly made back to the shop on time.

3 Car ran without over heating but also did not heat up temp gauge moving back and forth. Took car in. Told that two engine coolant sensors were bad and needed to be replaced. Charged for that as well. Car still had the same issue of not heating. Took car in again. They said that it was gauge. They supposedly test drove it. Still had the issue . Suggested that the new thermostat was faulty they said it was fine.
4. Took the car to personal mechanic. Tested the heat to the new thermostat when in idle and after driving. Thermostat was loosing heat during driving had to go back again to demand replacement.
5 it is evident that the car did not need a water pump nor the two engine coolant sensors. The continuing issues was due to a faulty new thermostat. It took several visits over 3 months to fix this issue. One time nearly causing major damage or loss of life by not tightening down bolts to the pulleys in the car I have paid roughly 300 hundred to this charge. Witch is the cost of thermostat. I do not believe that the remainder of this balance is legit thank you

unethical behavior/under trained/knowledgeable mechanics
unethical behavior/under trained/knowledgeable mechanics
unethical behavior/under trained/knowledgeable mechanics
unethical behavior/under trained/knowledgeable mechanics
unethical behavior/under trained/knowledgeable mechanics
unethical behavior/under trained/knowledgeable mechanics
unethical behavior/under trained/knowledgeable mechanics

priscilla ragsdell

No one will listen to me. I have been trying for months to report the manager lied about what he told me to do with the car. He told me to drive it home and park it and bring it...

service to my 2009 chevrolet impala

40687 My name is Latoya Smith and I have been a customer of Firestone since 2013/2014 timeframe. I have been a consistent customer with your company but have a huge complaint to report...

free brake inspection

40687 And today is December 24. I called the store this morning to check the status of my car. It was only for a free brake inspection I thought I needed my brakes changed but it ended...

oil change

I dropped in for an oil change on 12/19/2019. I spoke with a technician that assured my work order could be completed by the end of the day and made sure that my contact...

damaged 4 wheel adaptive steering

The Smyrna store performed an alignment on my Infiniti G37S car on November 2nd the technician tried several hours to complete the recalibration. He finally told me to go to the...

customer service

40687 Angela has been rude and impatient and angry towards me on more then one occasion, I'm not sure if its personal or if she is overwhelmed please notify here immediately, I...

shop would not check for suspected leak

I went to another establishment to get an oil change and they said that they suspected that I had a small oil leak. Since Firestone is my mechanic, I took my vehicle there to ask...

faulty product

My car overheated again on 11/12/19 at 5:45 pm which I immediately pulled to the shoulder and turned off my car. I then called to have my car towed to Firestone and they advised...

brake job - still don't know if they were done properly.

40687 On 8/20/2019 I went to Firestone Complete Auto Care at 1st St. Humble, TX. I had gotten an oil change, tires, balancing, alignment and brake job. I did not see a sticker that...

broken car lift

I came in for an my scheduled oil change. I get a call that there's problems with my tires, which is not the reason I am at firestone. 1.5 hours later I ask what is taking so...


The Manager (Jarred) and the District Manger (of the Pickerington Oh Location on 1007 Refugee Rd, Pickerington, OH 43147) along with the CNFA Allowed and unauthorized user to fix...

damage to vehicle

40687 On September 20, 2019, my husband took his 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT to Firestone Complete Auto Care on 2136 George Urban Blvd, Depew, NY [protected] for a standard wheel alignment...

poor customer services and poor quality of services.

Request an oil change in June 2019. On Friday, September 27, request an appointment for another oil change because, the signal was announced oil change. When my car will be around...

new tires

The service center continued to installed faulty new tires on my automobile. I requested that the regional manager call for a resolution and have been ignored for the last two...

store manager

Store manager Bill Hollinger was very rude. Vehicle was brought in for a warranty repair from another store. When I picked up the vehicle the check engine light was on. However...

nys vehicle inspection

On Sept. 2, 2019, I went to this Firestone dealership to get a NYS vehicle inpection. It was 10:00 in the morning. Sat there for half an hour. Service manager comes out, tells me...

Back break shoes replaced

I left my 93 vehical to have new back breaks placed on my vehical following a front end elinement did the week before. The cost for this simple project has blown into a cost that...

bad attitude

8/23/19 Employee name: Jesse Hello, First and foremost i would like to begin by saying that we are a long time customer and we have never been treated with such disrespect. On...

customer service

Took 2014 Nissan Sentra to Firestone in my hometown of Spartanburg, Sc on Aug. 12th to have 4 new tires, oil change, etc. done prior to leaving for vacation on Aug.14th. Picked...

oil change, lost keys

My husband, Nicholas Denton, dropped my 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan off at the Firestone on 2001 Huguenot Road, Richmond, VA 23235, this past Saturday, August 10, 2019, for a routine...

alignment and tire mounting.

I went to this location to have tires I purchased new put on my truck back in February 2019. I was told my alignment was out of spec and needed new cambers to keep tires wearing...

technician damaged my engine

I had my 97 gmc suburban towed to the Firestone that I get all my vehicles serviced at. 2329 Center Point Parkway 35215. I told Jamie that the truck needs a heater hose connector and a battery. They never called me back. So when I called back they told me that they cranked my truck up without any Coolant in the truck and no heater hose connected. I was told that they saw blue smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe. So I asked the technician "Why did you crank my truck knowing that it had no coolant or heater hose?" This is when he got rude saying " I know more about this kind of [censored] than you do!" So I told them I need another number that I can call to file a complaint. Jamie put me on hold, and came back and said " I can't find the claims number to call, I will call you back when I find it." I'm still waiting. My truck was never smoking at all. This damage was done by this technician 😔 please call me back [protected]. I don't want to get my lawyers involved

very dissatisfied with service

I am contacting you to file a complaint. I went to the Firestone 200 Crossraods BLVD location in San Antonio, TX 78201 today 6/22/19 at 11:35 am to have the battery and the drive belt on my Lexus replaced. I specifically told Derek that when you replace the battery you have to reset the computer so that the controls for the windows work, due to this has happened before. My first complaint is that the manual reset of the computer was not done, my second complaint is that when I went to pick up my Lexus at 1:38 pm 3 clips were missing from the engine bay, my engine was now making a strange noise, and my a/c no longer works properly. I went in to let the technicians know that something was wrong that had not been before and they told me that my a/c compressor was going out and so I would need to pay over $2000 to have it fixed. My a/c had never had a problem before this day. I left thinking there was nothing else that could be done at the time. I then returned at 5 pm due to my a/c was now completely hot and my windows did not work. When I spoke to the technician he told me that you can not work on a vehicle without something else breaking. He then told me that there was nothing else they could do for me today, but I could bring it back another day even though they close at 7 pm. When inquiring about the complete auto care package that I purchased at an earlier date I was told that checking freon was a part of that package when I purchased it, but was told today that it is a separate charge and service all together. I am very displeased and dissatisfied with my car service today and being denied something after they made a mistake even though I had specified what needed to be done and was lied to about a service package that I needed and purchased in advance.

brake replacement

We had the brakes and rotors replaced at 7810 W 80th Ave, Arvada, CO 80005 on a GMC 4 wheel drive. On a trip to the mountains the brakes failed, overheated and began smoking. Even with a 12000 mile and 12 month warranty they refuse to replace them. Said they cannot prove anything is wrong after driving around the block but we should replace the rotors because they are blue which means heat damage.

they cross threaded my lug nuts on two studs.

I had my tires rotated at the tallyville Delaware store. I tried to get my wheel off to check brakes. Two of the lugs nut threads were so messed up they would only come off half way. All of the other ones came off easy. Called them about it and they said they would charge me 140.00 to fix them. I have been using firestone a few years now without any issue. This will cause me to take my business elsewhere for oil changes and tire services. They only way this happened was with the gun. You need start the lugs by hand then use the gun to tighten. Lug threads do not get messed up taking them off. Very disappointed.


I have been using the firestone location listed above since I began driving this car in 2014. I have used this location for most repairs, maintenance and tire purchased, as well (totaling 24 service visits) for the last five years.
I scheduled an appoint at the location for 8:00 am, on 6/15/19. The service requested was for an oil change, tire rotation and to check the reason why my engine light was on. When I arrived, I was told that they would be finished with my car about 10 am. I was disappointed at the timing, because I had made an appointment, but was ok with it, since it was saturday. I ran a couple of errands, and then returned at 9 am, and waited. After 11 am, I was told that in addition to the oil change, I need a new battery, new front brake pads, two new tires, and lug nut caps. I was aware of the tires and was waiting to purchase those at a later date. I had purchased tires at this firestone since I have owned the car.
The employee helping me said that his records showed that the brakes had been recently replaced and had a "lifetime warranty", and seemed surprised that they needed to be replaced so soon. Due to the timing, he would only charge me for the labor to replace them. I was confused at this point as to why they needed to be replaced, if they had a "lifetime warranty", and why he would be charging me at all for unacceptable work.
The employee's mentioned new lug nut caps that seemed to becoming "stripped". I have never owned a vehicle that needed these, and I have changed one flat tire since I have owned the vehicle. Any wear and tear on the lug nut caps must have been caused by new tire installations and rotations by firestone.
I asked the employee about the engine light, and he told me that sometimes a new battery will resolve it.
So, I replaced the battery and told the employee that I would make another appointment to repair/replace the additional items found, and left.
When I got home later that day, I discovered that the tires I had asked to be rotated, had not been. The older tires were placed back on the front, and the newer tires back on the back.
On monday, 06/17/19, my engine light came on again. Apparently, the employee's theory about the battery was wrong.
Although the employees were very friendly, I am greatly disappointed by the quality of work during my last visit to firestone. I am considering seeking out and using a different retailer to purchase tires and completed mechanical work currently needed for my car. My expectations for quality service at firestone have been decreased to the point that I will not return.

appointment on 4/30/19 9am

Dropped my 2015 grand cherokee off at 1891 dewey ave, rochester ny. It was to have an alignment and tire rotation done. The store called me at noon to see if I wanted them to replace a headlight, I told them to go ahead. I called the store at 13:35 and asked if my jeep was done. I was told they hadn't started on it yet. The jeep was still sitting where I parked it. He assured me it would be done in two hours. The store is located at 1891 dewey ave. Rochester ny phone number is 666-7827.

repair not fixed right the first time/cadillac seville

A few months ago I was having trouble with my steering and it was making a loud noise so I took it to your shop on van buren and estrella parkway in goodyear. The tech there wa...

urgent matter “please assist have been trying to resolve”

Good Afternoon,

This letter is out of concern for my grandchild Mia Jackson who has been unable to get a resolution to the problem one of your stores as created - located at:

608 Valley Hill Road SW
Riverdale, GA
Ph# [protected]

My name is Ms. Butler an I have been given Mia Jackson's permission to assist in the handling of this situation. The matter started back on March 25, 2019 when Mia took her 2015 Chrysler 200 which had about 62, 000 miles on it into the above mentioned Firestore Care Center in for a simple oil change. She left the shop the same evening to get about a few blocks down the road before her vehicle started knocking an smoking. It was to late to take the car right back, therefore; the next morning on March 26, 2019 Mia began attempting to reach Firestone, but; was now given the run around. Mia than took the vehicle back to the location an was eventually told by the store manager name Emanuel that there was no oil in her tank when her vehicle was returned to her an that they would need to hold the vehicle to correct the problem. It was stated that in error "a new gasket was put over an old gasket"!

The vehicle was left as requested, after a few days went by with no correspondence made Mia tired calling a few times an a woman each time would advise her to hold "only to hang up on her, this happened about 4 different times". Please also be aware that my granddaughter was also given a rental from Enterprise Rent A Car which Emanuel set up "on March 26th located on Highway 85 at Firestone's expense. Mia also gave your corporate office "reach# [protected]" an was given case# 2356196-C by a representative name Cassandra who after making a call to Firestone, she stated that someone would be in touch with Mia within 72 hrs "this to date has never happened".

On April 2, 2019 Mia finally reached the store manager who than stated that their Adjuster/Inspector would be coming out "to date this also has never happened". Mia was able to reach the store manager "Emanuel" again on April 9th in concern as to what is going on with her vehicle? Still no real answer other than being told that someone would be getting back in touch with her within 48hrs! Please be advised that Again this Never Happened. Mia at this point decided she needed to advise her insurance company:

Nationwide Insurance
reach# [protected]

about the situation an status up to this point with her vehicle. She spoke with Tiffany Durham with Nationwide "an insurance adjuster" an was given claim# 782468-GI To my understanding, Miss Durham did go out to Firestone an saw the vehicle yet was only able right now to advise my granddaughter of the same information she had already been given. It was stated that still nothing has been done to correct Firestone's mistake an that she was given No additional information at this point, please note that Mia also spoke with Miss Durham again on April 11, 2019 who still had not been able to get any true update on Mia's vehicle.

Next on Thursday April 11, 2019 my granddaughter received a call from one of the representatives with Enterprise Rent A Car who now stated that Mia now owes them $482.09 for the rental due to the fact that Firestone only paid them for 1 day! When my granddaughter got back in touch with Emanuel, he stated the rental will be taken care of? This is when the situation was brought to my attention due to I have an attorney who can step in. In all fairness, we felt it would be best to first see if this situation can be corrected before pursuing any further if possible.

Another call was made to Emanuel on April 13, 2019 with myself on a conference line with my grandchildren. It was at that point explained to the store manager "Emanuel" who I was an that I was given my granddaughter's permission to become involved with this situation. Emanuel an I spoke an I was informed that there was in fact a mistake made an that they were trying to fix Mia's vehicle. Emanuel was very kind an honest while talking with me until I advised that I was taping our conversation, at that point he immediately stopped talking an gave the phone to my grandson who I than advised to put me on speaker to Emanuel to hear out what I was attempting to say,

I went on to explain that the recording was only for myself due to a lot of people are not honest at all. I stated my only concern is that my granddaughter receive her vehicle back in the good condition which it was when she came in for a simple oil change. I also went on to explain that quite along amount of time has gone by with no results "this is not acceptable". I went on to state that no one what's this to result into a legal matter nor does anyone have time for so much unnecessary nonsense. It was than explained by me that I was sending this letter in hopes that we can go ahead an get this situation resolved "this should have never happened an is truly taking to long to correct". Emanuel stated that Mia would hear from him by noon on Monday the 15th however it is now 6:15pm on the 15th an I have heard no update. I am hoping to hear from someone shortly. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated, all we need is to get this whole situation resolved an made assured that Mia owes nothing, please respond to myself or either of my grandchildren at the following.

Mia Jackson: [protected]
Ms. Butler: [protected]

Thank you in advance,
Ms. Butler. - grandmother

Note: I look forward to hearing back please

  • Da
    Dathomas Apr 16, 2019

    Yeah, good luck on a resolution. I've been trying to get a resolution since January 17 on a bad alternator job they did on my college son's truck at an Austin, TX location. They owe him $438. I've been told my issue has been escalated multiple times. I have had over 25 email correspondence with the Firestone customer service over the last 3 months. I was told a regional manager would call in 48 call, EVER. Next I was told a divisional manager would call in 48 call. Finally I was told my issue was escalated to corporate and would revive a call within 72 call. I guess they think if they ignore us long enough and never call, we will simply forget and give up. I filed a complaint with the BBB and was offered a coupon for a free oil change. That is supposed to be my compensation for an alternator that lasted only 3 months. it was bad when they installed it.

    Why does the Firestone customer service keep telling me they have escalated my issue and I will be contacted by a "regional manager" or a "divisional manager"? No one ever contacts me. I am very disappointed in the response from Firestone and the fact that they won't make good on a bad repair work. Since I was unable to get any response from a management level individual from Firestone I decide to try and reach out through the Firestone Facebook page, they seem to respond to comments but I've come to realize those responses are simply "bots" and not real people. I see too many others on that page that have experienced the same thing I have, they get promised a contact from Firestone but know one ever actually contacts them to resolve their issue. The really sad part is that now Firestone has deleted all my posts and blocked me from posting additional comments on their Facebook page. All of this to try and get Firestone to do the right thing. It's sad. Once a great company that was trusted for auto repair now rips off college students.

    It is obvious that Firestone will not stand behind its work. I guess they win. I hope they are happy they were able to rip off a consumer. Hopefully, I will be able to educate enough other people on the Firestone business practices so others are not taken the way my son was. Luckily, there are enough other auto service options. Good job Firestone, you should be very proud. It is my new life mission to make sure everyone I know and will ever know goes out of their way to avoid giving this horrific company any money. You know the old retail saying, “Satisfied Customers Tell Three Friends, Angry Customers Tell 3000."

    I hope your lawyer can help you and your grandchild. Good luck

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control arms honda pilot $1275

I brought my car in Saturday April 13...i told the mechanic "Dell" of the grinding sound...he said you need two new cotrol arms...they put them in...i paid $1275
I drove out...the sound is still there..."Dell" told me "the sound is gone" isn't...tonight Monday April 15 i drive in...i see Dell...and tell him the sound is the he says. ..."im not a mechanic " and i would have to come back tomorrow Tuesday April 16th 2019
I am totally disgusted
How can Dell tell me its the control arm. When now he says hes not a mechanic?????
Totally disgusted and completely rippef off
Probably never needed control arms
David Smith
Phone number [protected]
3001 SW 18th Terrace
Ft Lauderdale Florida

poor workmanship and customer service

December 2018 I have been a client of this Firestone for over ten years at this location. I am outraged by the poor customer service that I have received in the past two visit...

had to get an lug nut off tire

I went to one of your locations last Saturday, to see if they could get a lug nut off my tire that was on to tight. The guy stated it would be a couple hours I really didn't have...

improper service and replacements

I have visited your service center on Oct 7th and found that my car's engine was damaged and got it replaced with you. During the same visit I was informed about the damage in transmission system. So got both my engine and transmission system was replaced with a warranty of 1 year from Firestone.
again on Apr 7th I came for a general oil check and had my car's wheel alignment done from you. On Apr 8th I traveled from Richmond to Washington D.C. On reaching, I just found the transmission fluid pouring out of my car and got drained off. I had to tow it all the way from Washington back to Richmond. After spending so much, I m not even able to travel a 100 miles distance peacefully. I was so frustrated that day and was not able to cover the actual reason for my travel. I m totally disappointed with the work you've done!
What compensation is firestone is going to give us for the stress that we have undergone ?

Refer the invoice number : 258536 and 251302 for more details of the work done and price.

oil change

I visited your Morrow, GA store for a regular oil change, passing the local store in Forest Park, GA because they always seem to break my lug nuts on my 2008 Sonata. I arrived at...


Bought a new set of Firestone tires for my 06 Toyota Sienna last April. They are 65000 mile tires. It has been a year now and only 24000 miles and the tires are shot. They refused...

general service issue

Last summer I was looking for tires and an alignment for a freightliner sprinter cargo van 3500 model. The front tires wore out prematurely due to an alignment issue. A made local...


I scheduled an appointment for 3/13/19 and I asked for my brakes to be checked, an alignment, a full vehicle inspection, oil change, etc. I was told my brakes just needed to be cleaned, I didn't need an alignment and that I needed a new rim. $1200 and my vehicle would be fixed. A week later the squeaking of my brakes continued so I scheduled another appointment and brought my vehicle back in. First of all, appointments don't mean anything to them, they get to you when they feel like it. Once they got to my vehicle, they came back and told me that now my brakes needed to be replaced, I need an alignment suddenly my ball joints replaced. Another $1700 to fix my vehicle. When asked why this wasn't found last week when I first brought it in they danced around the question. My car isn't even worth $3k but apparently that's what I'm in for now!