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Firestone Complete Auto Care reviews & complaints

Firestone Complete Auto Care complaints 278

Firestone Complete Auto Care - 12 noon [protected]

went too firestone at 322 east main street westfield ma.01085 too have tires rotated last time I was there I had alot of work done on my front end over 1000.00 had to go back 4 times because truck still pulled too right when driving last time I went in they said the alginment machine was not working right we will do it NEXT TIME YOU COME IN! went in today and Robert Denham said he would not honor it I told him I all ready paid so I told him how I wanted the tires done told him I want the rear passengers side put on the front and the new tire on the new rim in my back seat put in front and the worst tire I will put in back seat for spear I went in garage and the manager told me after i asked him he was told too put the best tires in front an the worst in back I had too correct him I was very nervious because I spent alot of money on that truck the music was so loud in garage its no wonder they mess things up Shaq the manager correct it still owe me a front end aliginment

Firestone Complete Auto Care - Defective tires

On [protected] purchased 4 tires (015131 Champion Fuel Fighter BL 195/65R15 91H) with 70, 000 mile warranty. Total charge was $408.81. Store # is 006017 in Rocky Mount, NC. Customer invoice number for...

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Firestone Complete Auto Care - Customer service

Today 01/09/2022, this is the 2nd time I have been provided poor or no customer Service. I went online during the pandemic to schedule an appointment. Since you are open on Sundays that work perfect...

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Firestone Complete Auto Care - Tire Pressure Sensor Band

I wrote corporate office and received NO response - evidently they don't care about customers!
May/2019 - had new tires put on and they noted my right rear tire was slightly bent.
June/2921 - took car in to have tires rotated, aligned and balanced. The clerk that waited on me failed to note the balancing.
July/2021 - took car back because it drove worse than before it was aligned and rotated. They told me that balancing was not a part of normal servicing - not unless customer requests. They then proceeded to give me a quote of $2, 700 plus to replace brakes, struts, shocks.
Aug./2021 - I had my personal mechanic replace shocks, struts, brakes. He used to work for Firestone.
Sept.14, 2021 - I took the car in to have the slightly bent wheel replaced. I had called in on Aug. 28 and spoke to a gentleman who said he had to order the wheel from Wisconsin because it wasn't made any more - he told me it would take 5-7 days to get the wheel in and that they would call me and schedule an appointment. On Sept 11 I called the store - the man said the wheel was not there and asked me to callback 2 days later. The "manager Troy" said the wheel was there and scheduled an appointment.
Sept. 14 - took car in to have wheel mounted. Note on worksheet shows wheel has band sensor - band recommended.
Oct 8 I was on a road trip - the warning came on about tire pressure. I stopped at a gas station and checked air pressure in all tires. The tire on the wheel that had been replaced was overinflated to 37 pounds which exceeded manufacturer recommendations.
Oct. 9 I took car back to Firestone. They said the tire pressure sensor band needed to be replaced - they said don't drive the car because it would cause more damage. They said the bands were not made any more (which was BS) and to take the car to a dealership for repair.
Oct. 28 I took the car to a dealership and they replaced the tire pressure sensor band.
That repair alone cost me $345.73 - for lousy work performed by a "mechanic" at Firestone- the cost and the time and frustration is not measurable!
I wrote to Firestone's corporate office on Oct.11 and NEVER received an acknowledgement.
The Firestone store involved is the one located at 10501 S Parker Rd, Parker, Co.
Store #028762. Manager is Troy who never apologized for anything and he didn't try to do anything towards customer satisfaction. The mechanic who did the really sloppy work was 06 Blain.

Firestone Complete Auto Care - Service

Was going on vacation so I took my truck to have 4 new tires installed and alignment when I got my truck back tires had 4 different tire pressures and my steering wheel was no longer straight we called and spoke with service manager and told us to bring truck back we brought truck back and service manager wasn't there when he told us he would be to take care of it they aligned truck but still had 4 different tire pressures 2 in the 70psi and 2 in the 50psi manager never called us back to resolve the problem and inconveniencing us and delaying our honeymoon trip which we were driving and still have not heard back from him this is not acceptable and horrible customer service now I want to know what is going to be done otherwise I'll take my business elsewhere very unhappy with this experience here is a copy of the bill that was not done and charged for.

Desired outcome: I will never use your stores again due to lack of professionalism to call back or be there

Firestone Complete Auto Care - Assistant manager 2 Joe

I have been going to Firestone for over 20 years I like their warrant and how they stad behind their product. In that time I have only been treated extremely rudely by one manager 2 Joe at the...

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Firestone Complete Auto Care - Car service

Karin went in for a state inspection and they failed her windshield whipers without properly checking them. They tried to rip off my mother in-law Karin by telling her think she needed unesessary...

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Firestone Complete Auto Care - Too much cost for brakes repair

The customer service rep said that they will charge me $1050.00 to fix the brakes all around my 2008 Suzuki XL7 luxury awd. I told them I will except it. They then call back and said my job cost me...

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Firestone Complete Auto Care - Tire alignment

12-01-2021 The rack & pinion was replaced on my 2010 Chevrolet impala at firestone store #3123 on 11-27-21, and now they can not get the tires aligned. Are the technicians ASE certified at thi...

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Firestone Complete Auto Care - Truck is running at double the idle, had to tow store couldn't fix.

Hello, Note I have Filed a Complaint with Attorney General's Office/Consumer Affairs. I have tried to resolve this matter and have became tired and upset with Steven, Scott and Sandi at the...

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Firestone Complete Auto Care - Honda CR-V front brake service

On Nov 20, 2021 I went to a Firestone near my house (Store # 013560) to have my front disc brakes serviced. Before I went, I called a couple of other shops to get a comparable cost. Then I called...

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Firestone Complete Auto Care - Firestone now means never on time

I work roughly 90 hours a week and took time from being with my family and work today to get new tires and an oil change. I had a scheduled appointment for 8AM, I waiting around for 45 minutes and...

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Firestone Complete Auto Care - Mitsubishi Lancer 2002

Firestone claim number 2573293 Miguel A Garcia 1423 E 29th St. Lorain, Ohio 44055 [protected] [protected] On October 1, 2021 I took my vehicle to Firestone located in Elyria, Ohio. I...

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Firestone Complete Auto Care - Customer service

As a ‘driver' for Enterprise/Holdings, my job entails picking up the ‘customers' van, taking it to a service center - Firestone/NTB - & returning the van in a ‘timely' manner (before the customer...

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Nov 15, 2021
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Firestone Complete Auto Care - Brake-rotor replacement - poor, unethical, undocumented service

Visit 1. Squeaky front brakes. Did appointment online with 'waiting' selected. Went there on time. An hour later, still in waiting room, when asked I was told they did not look because they thought I was dropping off! Finally, another half hour to look at my car. Apart from the brakes-rotors, I received quotes for tires and brake fluid replacement (which I denied). Another couple of hours when they presumably (see below) replaced all 4 brakes and rotors for $750.
Within two weeks and less than 200 miles, the brakes were squeaking again - this time likely also one in back.
Visit 2. Did 'waiting' appointment at 7am in the morning which turned out to be a wintery day. I was told they were full, and I needed to come back in a week. BTW, nobody called.
Visit 3. Car was inspected in 45 minutes and I had that old recommendations for tires and brake fluid once more. When denied, I was told that they were busy and I had to come back! Only after firm insistence, they presumably replaced 3 sets of brakes and rotors in next hour and half. When asked what exactly happened in first visit, the receptionist went to talk to manager/technician in the repair shop, only to come back 5 minutes later to tell me they did not know!
Reported to customers service. Nothing yet.
Visit 4 coming? Will update. Thank you.

Lee Rd, Shaker Height, OH branch.

Dec 27, 2021

It occurred to me that BBB removed my complaint all together rather than marking it as "resolved".

Dec 20, 2021

Visit 4. After BBB complaint, they refunded the labor charge.

Firestone Complete Auto Care - Our 2013 Buick Verano

I have already sent a letter to Firestone headquarters along with all paperwork that I have. I am writing this letter becaused I was charged on my Firestone credit card for work that was incomplete at best. I reside with my wife Darlene in Clifton Prk, NY. I am 76 years of age. We have one vehicle for transportation. I think that I should state that my wife is being treated for bone cancer which makes transportation that much more important. I am not attempting to obtain something that we dont deserve. This was not done honestly or correctly. I brought our vehicle to Firestone at Clifton Park for the purpose of getting our veh inspected. The engine light was on and they performed the necessary tests to determine the cause. The manager (Sean) and the mechanic told and showed me that I had two leaks that must be corrected before I could get my vehicle inspected. Four appointments later including a $60.00 gas cap I was sent away without repair. This is awful. I left our vehicle there for two days and had to pay for transportation. I cannot believe that you support this outcome.
james m johnson sr (518)728.9703 or [protected]

Desired outcome: a reasonable refund which would express my time spent at firestone

I appreciate hearing from you Mr. Johnson. What was it that you'd like to happen?

Nov 11, 2021

Firestone Complete Auto Care - Radiator repair

3-3-21 Firestone Replaced my radiator $900+ repair costs. The car kept running hot as coolant was leaking again. Took it back 10-27-21 car back over heating and ran hot due to empty radiator 11-10-21...

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Firestone Complete Auto Care - Failure to do work paid for

When I had an engine problem correctly identified by the onboard car computer, I went to the store to have that specific problem repaired. I declined their pitch to pay $100 extra to have them...

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Firestone Complete Auto Care - remove and replace ignition coil c1543(invoice 154133 dated 11-19-2019)

I have written to you before concerning problems with my 2010 Hyundai accent and firestone. On 11-19-2019 Firestone on Montauk highway in W Babylon NY replaced 587.43 in parts. remove and replace ignition coil (Duralast Ignition) part C1543. I told the manager there and he stated if my check engine light wasn't on and the meter reads no codes he could not help me(I stated i put my meter on it and it read no codes.)(firestone charges 99.99 every time they put the meter on so i purchased y own) Coils should not go bad in 2 yrs. I ony have 65, 888 miles on my car and the furthest I have been with it is brooklyn. So I just had to pay 320.00 to have coils installed because the ones firestone replaced were no good.Explain this to me? I feel its a disgrace the way firestone rips off people with that meter charge. Advance and auto zone do it for free. And like me many people purchase their own meters but yet firestone personnel will not accept the readings from other people. I want to know what you are going to do about the coils that were installed in 2019 being I had to have new ones installed? A credit on my firestone card would be nice.I went to another mechanic and now will be going there in the future as I feel if a manager relies on a meter to tell him a problem, then he knows nothing about cars.

Desired outcome: email me [email protected]

Firestone Complete Auto Care - New engine

Took my car in .would not turn on.engine was locked.dashboards lights will come on.but no engine start.a used sonata 3 days after i got it this happens.mechanics at shop tell me its the third cylinder needs a new engine.meanwhile i call the used car dealership .say hey car is jacked up.they say hey u signed as is form no warranty.but they said we will make it right.if its a minor fix no problem we will fix it.this was prior of me knowing the diagnosis.i was visiting family 3 hours south away from home where the car brokedown.bought car 3 hours north of me.wouldve took me 9 hours a tow truck to take it back to dealership for their mechanic to look at it .what a mess i was gave a us a quote 6, 800 dollars fir a used engine and labor.called dealership they like no way.they wanted to get tow truck take it up north .they said they can do it fir half tge price of quote but i have to pay half for stressed at this point.what a nightmare .dealership said theyll fax me a form .needed to sign to give permission forvthem to get car from firestone.3 days passed no fax .they wouldnt answer my calls.this time im like if they dont get tow truck firestone gonna charge me storage 3 hours my father in law said ill just tow it home have a mechanic friend check it out.5 days later took him a while came back said it was the starter. It was replaced.low and behold 3 months later the car is running fine.all the stress and anxiety with firestone and the dealership was all because of these under par mechanics of firestone.i was even thinking of defaulting on my first payment and get the car credit wouldve took the hit.i will just have to dispute the not trust firestone either they dont know what they doing or they lie to the consumer just to make a buck.

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