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Zaxby's Complaints & Reviews

Zaxby's / Poor service that made me feel unimportant as a paying customer

Charlene Fielding on Feb 24, 2017
I went in to Zaxby's at around 9:20pm, the start of my 30 minute break, and ordered a birthday cake shake and cheddar bites. I got the bites about 5 minutes later and reminded the employee that Im just waiting on the shake then. 15 minutes later, they apparently forgot because the same...

Zaxby's / The service at my local zaxby's

Michelle Whitaker on Feb 11, 2017
I was dining in and thought I would try zaxbys one more time as I had previously encountered rudeness and customer service that was below expectations. This visit at the somerset, ky location will be my last. I ordered my foods iwith no problems. My son andlollu0 I were celebrating hi...

Zaxby's / Unethical behaviour

Pam Molizon on Feb 9, 2017
My husband and I went to Zaxby's on Fairview Rd in Simpsonville, SC. on Saturday evening 2/4/17. The line was long as usual, which was fine, since it's cooked fresh but one customer had been sitting there waiting inside for almost 40 minutes he said. Then we heard a girl working at the...

Zaxbys / Rude management awful training

xxcountrygirlchevyxz on Jan 17, 2017
Lmao The managers] are some of the rudest pieces of #### that I've ever met like are you kidding me. I would know because I worked there for quite a while till I quit and realized that this job was #### and the pay was ####. The only nice manager that there was jack. Give this dude a...

Zaxbys / Service and food

Tonya Jordak on Jan 17, 2017
I used to eat at Zaxbys several times a week for lunch and or dinner. The quality of the food started declining. Chicken fingers are burnt or over cooked in old grease. Fries no longer get season salt on them. Well after not eating there for about two months, I went back to get my free...

Zaxby's / Ex-employee

Datra Brown on Jan 6, 2017
I was fired from Zaxby's of Vidalia after posting footage of an argument on Facebook. No manager called to tell me I was fired I had to call myself.. One of the managers that called me is also a manager that has been harassing me and he's also married and I have messages in my inbox from...

Zaxby's / Corporate employees

carolbai on Dec 24, 2016
I was under the impression that Zax Inc hired people with morals, standards and integrity. I WAS WRONG!!! I attended the Christmas party in 2016 at the Georgia Theater. I was very excited to be a part of it, until...I arrived. The so called business casual dress party was nothing but a "who...

Zaxbys / Customer service

Sam Simmons on Dec 24, 2016
Just left Zaxby's in Tuscaloosa, AL (address 4383 Courtney Dr.) and was very displeased with the service. Upon ordering, my wife was giving our order and in the middle of doing so was told to hold on. The young lady taking our order (Crystal) turned around and began completing another...

Zaxby's / Price and food and service

Msd1227 on Dec 20, 2016
I'm complaining about my order from tonight 12/20/16 at about 6:30pm from the zaxbys in Tifton, Ga. We always order the same thing the kickin chickin meal that says it's comes with a drink for $5.99... when we ordered tonight we got 2 of those and when my husband came home I looked at the...

Zaxby's / Poor management with new employee

Jgholt on Dec 20, 2016
My 17 year old was hired at the Zaxbys in Adairsville. She is a senior in high school so working until midnight on a school night is too late. She was scheduled to close every single working day, even on school nights. She was never trained properly, never watched any CBL (computer based...

Zaxby / Food

MelShrFree on Dec 20, 2016
My friend and I decided to get Zaxbys last night for dinner around 630; by 830 my stomach started to turn. Sad how we waited 25 minutes for our food and we somehow both get food poisoning!! It takes that long to cook the chicken and somehow it doesn't get cooked all the way? I will never...

Zaxbys Chicken / Food

Zaxbys on Dec 19, 2016
Hi my name is susan I just left zaxbys time is 12:36 I ordered a shake and a finger plate the food was done however they askes me to pull up because the shake was not ready and so i got tired of waiting so I went inside and compained and it was 1pm it does not take that long to make a...

Zaxby's / Customer service

cammie72 on Dec 13, 2016
A co worker and I opted for Zaxby's over the Chic-fil-A next door to it a couple days ago. I ordered adult meal and she ordered kids meal. We waited for the food. One of the employees, an older man was trying to hug us with his arms all extended while we waited. Just almost acted like he...

Zaxby's / Wing meal

Juli Ferguson on Dec 1, 2016
My name is Alicia Ferguson and I am a reoccurring member at Zaxbys Restaurant. However my food is never right. The crazy part about this visit was that I placed a specific Order, not only was I pulled up but they were very rude about it & completely forgot about me. I had to go inside. To...

Zaxby's / Big zax snack

rexyroo on Nov 21, 2016
I ordered the Big Zax Snack at the drive thru on my lunch break. I opened my box when I got to work and was very disappointed with what was inside. My fries were hard and the chicken was hard and over cooked - almost burnt - and my Texas toast was cold. Due to my time constraint for lunch...

Zaxby's / Food

1Mike on Nov 21, 2016
Friday Nov 18, I ordered a 6 piece chicken tender from your Milton location. It was in the afternoon, my son had a thanksgiving feast at his school and me or my 2 year old daughter ate our food. When the thanksgiving feast was over my daughter and I went to zaxby. I bought it back home...

Zaxby's / I am complaining about the manger on november 3rd

Ladydaisy on Nov 3, 2016
The manager disrespected a employee in front of customers she was so rude to the employee she handled the situation improperly I believe the managers name is Judy and the empolyee was Sam or Samantha the manager told the employee that she could quit if she wanted to the problem I have with...

Zaxby's / zaxby's on 591 south, marietta pkwy se marietta ga 30060. manager on duty is mr. jim owens

01toliver on Nov 3, 2016
So on 10/16 at this location. Have called in twice this month to place orders. First I was disrespected by an employee by the name of Zuri. She was very short with me and very rude. The second time I called in, was greeted by employee by the name of Mr. Clemons. Was asked my name, I told...

Zaxby's / Chicken/french fries/customer service

Becky1213 on Sep 17, 2016
I went to your store on Sanford, NC on Sept 17, 2016.. I ordered a number 6, when it made it out to my table the chicken was so cold, that your plastic ware would not cut out, the fries were salty as ever. So I took my food back to the counter and explained what the problem was, at which...

Zaxby's / Food and portions

Holly Roussell on Sep 14, 2016
I purchased 5 piece strip and 3 of the pieces were burned :( and I purchased the new pasta salad which I got two days ago as well and love it, however in saying that this time I got an extremely small cup with literally 3 bits in it, and you also have taken away the Zen Zalad that I...

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