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Zaxby's Complaints & Reviews

Zaxby's / I have a complaint about the ridiculous soggy fries I have received and the rude attitude I got from the few workers who was working in the front

NesaJ on May 12, 2017
9:30 at zaxby in Anniston, Al. I was served very soggy fries that looked very old and I also had very horrible customer service which I have never experienced before. I don't believe that was right to receive all this when I spent my hard earn money on fresh food I deserve... And we also...

Zaxby's / Order refund/ Zaxby's App order.

Julius Bellamy on May 12, 2017
On Friday May 12 around 12:17. Placed order through zaxby app for a 5pc chicken fingers and a separate order for a 42oz sweet tea. I was traveling through town at this point and time. Co-worker picked up order on my behalf and also order for her as well. Co worker received all of her but i...

Zaxby's / Hear the workers cussing, arguing, they are rude.

Cb... on May 5, 2017
Everyone is rude. Kitchen crew is always messing up orders. I was actually a employee there and I ended up leaving the company. They were rude towards me. The people there have no respect. They are not organized. I got hired as full time was only making 2r hrs a week. Then they cut me to 3...

Zaxby's / chicken salad sandwich

Michel'le Latney on May 2, 2017
Chicken Salad sandwich was supposed to be served on "Texas" toast. It was not. The bread was soggy and very thin. The meat inside look like they scraped the bottom of the container barley enough to call a "sandwich. I was never so disappointed and I have had this sandwich before many times at...

Zaxby's / Customer service

kensturrrry on May 2, 2017
My mom has already complained on your website, but I just want to make it known that I do agree that this was an extremely upsetting experience. I understand that my appearance can come of some surprise to people, but working in the customer service industry you should know how to handle...

Zaxby's / Drive through service

Pmclaughlin on Apr 24, 2017
on 4/24/17 at approx 6:31 pm. 6190 Bradley Park Drive, Columbus, GA 31904. My order was a grilled Cobb salad, 5-wing meal. My order was $16.61. When I got to the window, I paid for my meal. They handed me my order but a truck drove up beside my car at the window and said she think she got...

Zaxby's / Employee payroll

jakekahn28 on Apr 10, 2017
Dear Zaxbys, My name is Jacob Kahn and i have been working at the zaxbys in Dallas, Ga on Thomas B Murphy Drive for over a year now and am a hard dedicated worker. When i first started working there i was promised a raise every 6 months and yet to have gotten one, but new workers who don't...

Zaxby's / Zaxby's manager in dillon, sc 29536

Kells33 on Apr 6, 2017
I went to Zaxby's last night (04/05/2017) as I walked to the bathroom I seen and heard a Manger arguing with an employee inside the bathroom. While the manager was arguing another manager came and pulled her away as if the manager was about to cause conduct with her employee. When they...

Zaxby's / Bad manager

Madb on Apr 4, 2017
Went in a few times an all I could see was a manager playing on her phone while the rest of the people ran around trying to get stuff done. She literally just stood there on her phone instead of helping the poor cooks in the kitchen. It was ridiculous someone should literally look into...

Zaxby's / Nibblers meal

WandaT on Mar 29, 2017
I went out with my grandmother to eat at zaxbys in conover North Carolina...I ordered the nibblers meal and she got a salad ...about an hour or two later ..when I got home I had got food poisoning ...I hadn't ate anything other then zaxbys and I had got really bad cramps and all the food...

Zaxby's / Robbery

Presley Middlebrooks on Mar 24, 2017
So I left my wallet at zaxbys on river side drive in Macon ga zaxbys a crackhead girl that works there got dressed in front of me and took my order . I called not 10 min after realizeing I forgot my wallet their and the same girl told me she had my wallet . I got there and $439 was missing...

Zaxby's / Employee customer service

kaylan Moss on Mar 23, 2017
So my friend and i went through the zaxbys drive through in Cleveland, Georgia tonight and we ordered three large ice waters. So we pulled around to the window and she handed us our waters that we ordered and were fixing to drive away. When i fixing to put the car in drive and drive away i...

Zaxby's / Store conditions / customer service

Christine Howell on Mar 23, 2017
Went In store order food ice machine was not working properly. Ice and water everywhere. Son slipped and dropped his ball I asked 2 cashiers to please assist with getting ball the refused to help asked to speak to manager he told me they were to busy to get the ball. I explained the...

Zaxby's / Worst zaxby's experience!

Molly Scott-Glover on Mar 18, 2017
6671 Tara Blvd, Jonesboro, GA location visited on 3/18/2017 about 8:45pm. Used to live in GA and all I wanted on my passing through the south was some Zaxby’s chicken. Got to the first loaciton on Mt Zion Blvd and left after the guy in front said he order 25mins ago and was still...

Zaxby's / Slow service, food not hot and fresh

Fed up309688 on Mar 16, 2017
So I go to the Zaxbys on S. Cobb Dr. In Smyrna Ga and I will tell you this the service and food and wait times are totally unacceptable! I always go through drive through and it now has been taking literally 15-20 minutes or longer get your food and the line is always very long and just...

Zaxby's / Service service service - staff staff staff

1625guesswho on Mar 9, 2017
The staff and service at zaxbys location 9308 robert irwin drive charlotte nc 28273 is by far the most unacceptable and dissatisfying experience I consistently had of anywhere. This staff and service is a guranteed bad experience each time I visit this location, I keep thinking it will be...

Zaxby's / My meal was missing

Lashley619 on Mar 2, 2017
Me and my husband always come to our local Zaxbys but this was by far the last. I've had my meal to be either wrong or missing the last few times we have been. I'm totAlly disgusted with the unprofessional employees that seemed to be playing when at the drive through window. We ordered...

Zaxby's / Coupons and management

Coupon on Feb 28, 2017
2.27.2017-#50 I tried to use my 8th meal free coupons (2) and was told they were no longer valid. Yet the manager just last week stamped our 7th visit and said, "Your next visit will be free!" I ordered at the drive thru telling them I had the free meal coupons and no one told me they were...

Zaxby's / Poor service that made me feel unimportant as a paying customer

Charlene Fielding on Feb 24, 2017
I went in to Zaxby's at around 9:20pm, the start of my 30 minute break, and ordered a birthday cake shake and cheddar bites. I got the bites about 5 minutes later and reminded the employee that Im just waiting on the shake then. 15 minutes later, they apparently forgot because the same...

Zaxby's / The service at my local zaxby's

Michelle Whitaker on Feb 11, 2017
I was dining in and thought I would try zaxbys one more time as I had previously encountered rudeness and customer service that was below expectations. This visit at the somerset, ky location will be my last. I ordered my foods iwith no problems. My son andlollu0 I were celebrating hi...

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