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room rate changed

I called the number on what I thought was the Wyndham sight and thought I was registering for a room for three days from October 25, 2019-Monday 28, 2019. I registered for a room with two double beds for three nights at the Wyndham Garden Houston Willowbrook hotel. I put in that name and thought I was getting the actual Wyndham hotel online reservation platform. I registered for two beds but discovered that a king-sized bed was what was booked. Graciously the hotel did have a room with two double beds available and they did switch us. I was told it would cost $58.00 a night with a charge of approximately 15% for taxes and fees. They said they would put it on my card which would make it easier for checkout. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the charge on my credit card as $175.29 plus $70.49 for taxes and fees and a service fee of $12.99. I called the number on the credit card statement and they refunded the $12.99+ an additional $17.00. Even with the refunds the charges are outrageous. The taxes and fees are 40% NOT 15%. The room rate of $58.00 x 3 isn't $175.29, which is what was charged. It should have been started at 174.00. I don't know how I got onto this site as I didn't request any site except the Wyndham Willowbrook Houston. I feel it was extremely sneaky however it happened. The room that I understood to be $58. x 3= $174. + $26.10 for taxes or $190.10 or $63.36 per night ACTUALLY cost $71.93 per night and that was with refunds. What a ripoff. I am extremely upset. My confirmation number was R1685624000
My name is Judy Barnette
Phone number [protected]

deceptive and misleading conduct

Misrepresentation at its worst! I thought I was booking directly with the hotel (I went to what I thought was the hotel website but when I clicked on "reservations" I was apparently transferred to this 3rd party scam travel company. I booked 3 nights in a FL hotel and before I knew it, my credit was charged for the entire stay PLUS taxes and fees that ended up being 58% of the room rate! Outrageous! When I requested a breakdown of said taxes and fees, the representative told me flat out that he could not disclose those.
I have reported this scam to the BBB and noticed this travel company is on alert with the Federal Trade Commission for "misleading and deceptive conduct." Wish I'd known this and was more alert before booking, but they were very sneaky in securing my reservation before I realized who I was dealing with.

deceptive business practices

Several issues regarding the deceptive practices of this business.
1. Misleading business practices - Although it appears on the website you are working directly with the hotel you are actually dealing with a 3rd party booking agency.
2. Immediate charges to credit card when room is booked, not on the effective reservation date which may be weeks or months later.
3. Overcharges - The full amount charged (less the booking fee of $12.99) is NOT sent to the hotel resulting in an overcharge which is retained by
4. FTC charges for misleading consumers - See this link for FTC article.

Details of my experience:
In July 2019 a reservation was made through for one room for 9 nights at an Ohio Best Western Inn. By all appearances on the Website it looked like we were dealing directly with Best Western and placed a phone call to book a room. We later discovered there is no relationship between this agency and the hotel.

After discussing the rates with the agent, we agreed on a total amount to be placed on our credit card in the amount of $1, 251.81 which included a booking fee of $12.99. However, upon checking-in at the hotel on August 11, we found that only $950.55 of the $1, 238.82 balance had been transmitted to the hotel leaving a discrepancy of $288.27.

After several phone calls and emails with representatives at we received no explanation on why the full agreed upon amount of $1, 238.82 was not forwarded to the hotel. (They claimed the full amount was sent but would not provide proof of this.) Hotel records reflect the lesser amount of $950.55 was received.

Clearly this is deceptive and possibly fraudulent on behalf of this booking agency. At the very least, this agency should inform the customer that only a partial amount charged will be forwarded to the respective hotel.

If you use I would I confirm in writing the actual amount of the total being charged (less the booking fee) that is being forwarded to the hotel.

hotel reservations

Reservation Counter is an absolute scam of a company. They are completely misleading and have absolutely no decency when it comes to customer service. We called to make a modification to a reservation from 2 rooms to 1 and did so by the Oct 15th 10am deadline. However the "reservation agent" said that the only way to change to 1 room would be to cancel and make a new reservation which would then not be cancellable without penalty. this absolutely should not have been done, they should have just canceled the 1 room. I called back less than 10 minutes later to just cancel it completely in full without penalty and they refused. Over $400 when the change was made by the original reservation deadline. This company is an absolute joke and has NO business representing any such hotel in hospitality

hotel booking hijacked my hotel site and charged me 30% more than the hotel. Their terms and restrictions appeared after they charged my credit card along with up charges not mentioned at the booking. Why with all the listed complaints has this company been able to continue these deceptive practices. Why does hilton put up with this???
I called their number. I was told it was not possible to refund my money. I talked with a supervisor after a long hold who only gave her first name. She, norma, said she couldn't give me any information other than her supervisors first name, michelle. She said I could do an email but she couldn't give me an address, didn't know who owned the company etc. What a job!

My husband rooms through this company and while he booked it he saw that this reservation said it was non refundable so he called them directly and while on the phone their employee said he would walk my husband through changing (yes CHANGING) the reservation so that it can be modified if needed so if we needed to change the date earlier or later by one that we could do so for a fee. We NEVER cancelled the reservation! Their employee (yes recorded conversation exists that proves this) instructed my husband what to do online which basically instead of changing per our request for help cancelled the reservation then rebooked it immediately within a minute. We have the same days but this company has now charged us twice stating that we cancelled online so there would be no refund. I know this company is unethical and will not refund our money after 2 conversations with them so I want to warn others not to use this company. We will be filing a dispute with our credit card company and I will make sure I do everything I can to help others from falling victim to this scam.

Reservation Services is a scam that people need to avoid at all costs. My son made reservations thinking he was speaking to Drury Inn and Suites (a great hotel chain that we have stayed at many times) and they reserved not just the wrong hotel, but a hotel in the wrong town. Then when he caught the error three days before his stay and tried to change them to the correct hotel they refused. Said they'd have to review the recording then said he failed to decline the reservation and denied the lady spoke poor English making it impossible for him to understand her. My husband followed up with the company, speaking to several representatives and nobody he spoke to spoke good English. Beware because they will deny accountability and will rip you off.

ReservationCounter.comcharging more for room at hampton inn than the actual hotel does

I booked a room for two nights at a Hampton Inn in Cumming GA near a hospital where my husband's surgery was taking place. This online reservation site never stated they were independent of the hotel. They charges more for the room along with a booking fee. I don't have a problem with paying a small booking fee, but I found out they charged me way more than the Hampton Inn does . That is fraud.
My advice to everyone out there is to never ever use this site to book any reservations - it is a rip off!!

reservation counter is running a scam

I thought I was dealing with Holiday Inn Express to make reservations in Vernon Connecticut for my nephew's graduation, but little did I know at the time I was dealing with Rent a room/Reservation Counter. Our reservation was from June 10, 2019 - June 15th. Our flight was canceled on the 10th and I called Holiday Inn to report that we were not going to be there that day and they told me I had to contact the third party, Rent A Room. I had no idea what they were talking about. When I made contact with Rent A Room the staff told me that we were not able to be refunded for the night we were not able to be there due to Holiday Inn's Policy, but when I called Holiday Inn they turned it back on Rent A Room. We had to pay for a night that we were not there, and not by our own fault. Rent A Room (all emails had the name Reservation Counter) gave me 3 different reservation total's. Of course the final total was the most expensive of the 3 different total's given. Not to mention that if the Third Party would not have gotten involved, the Holiday Inn total would of been much cheaper. The website I went to had a picture of Holiday Inn Express. Every thing I dealt with (to make the reservations) seemed to be Holiday Inn Express except it was not. Beware people!

reservation services

Date June 22nd, 2019
Time 3:00 pm Central
Client number [protected]
Client Name Peter W Badger
Agent Name John

I called Seaport Boston to cancel my reservation number. They sent me through a network o three other reservation brokers until I got to you guys. Every one said they could not cancel the reservation. Things come up and you just can't go. My company changed my travel plans and John was so rude. Sorry, nothing you can do. This is a big scam and a way to take consumers money. When do hotels not allow cancellations? I am calling the Attorney General of Utah (where you are located) and American Express to file a dispute. complaint

unethical behavior

Somehow we were directed to Reservation Counter's 800 number when trying to make a reservation with Hampton Inn. We tried to cancel before I even hung up from making the initial reservation. I was misled and told I could cancel and then he rambled very quickly something about being non refundable so I said I don't want to make the reservation. Then he said oh well you can cancel by 6/24 not good I said, so he said 6/26 and I said no I want to cancel now. He said it was recorded--the time was at 8:37 pm mountain time 6/20. I will not be staying there and will not pay. They would not cancel the reservation that should have never been made. Very tricky and deceptive practice by their people. Why does Hampton Inn even use them? They are horrible to deal with! Very high-pressure sales people!

misleading information about how they book rooms.

I booked my hotel room in March for May the 11th of 2019. I specifically asked for a room with a balcony. I stated that I would pay any price for it. The representative did not at any point in the conversation told me that they could not guarantee and meet my request. I arrived to the hotel and had not choice at that point to stay there as they had charged me for the reservation the day I call for it. It was too late to cancelled the reservation and find a new one.
I am a senior and not proficient with internet scam. I wonder how many others had the same problem. This is the reason I am making a point to file this complained and will make many others. I already contacted the BBB regarding this matter.
After I called and complained about it, they send me a refund for less than 10% of the total amount of the reservations. I did not cash it but have proof now that they know I was misrepresented. I will not accept less than my full reservation price. I think I need to send a message that is not ok to be dishonest to customers. Large corporations care only about money so I want to send them an efficient and clear message. Be honest to your customers!

reservation I made on may 31 for june 1st

Itinerary Number: [protected] Thought I was talking to the Actual Hotel. After Reservations was made and I arrived I found that the Hotel was fully booked. Reservation counter took my 13.99 for not booking me to a hotel that was acutely fully booked and refused to refund me. The options for New Reservations don't mention that this is not the actual hotel though all other options when you call back upset do have this information. I find it shady that they are less then upfront about their services and not actually being the hotel or having direct access to bookings

booking reservation - fraudulently represented the hotel

Client# [protected] - On 6/1/2019 instead of booking my hotel reservation online I called the 800# because I needed to speak with the hotel reservation agent to discuss specific needs for my stay. The agent "Kim" never identified herself as being affiliated with a 3rd party. We discussed my hotel rewards points, the shuttle service offered by the hotel etc. as if she was a representative of the hotel. When I received the confirmation email the price of the room was higher than it should have been for my member status, along with other problems I saw with the reservation. Concerned about why I wasn't getting rewards credit, I called the rewards program number at the hotel. They could not find the reservation# provided in the email and initially showed no reservation for me. That is when I realized that I was duped. When a company has to resort to deception to gain customers it says a lot about the company. I had to re-book my reservation with the real company at my rewards member price but now I am being charged twice. I DID NOT GIVE RESERVATION COUNTER AUTHORIZATION TO DECEIVE ME - PLEASE REFUND MY $520.36 IMMEDIATELY UPON REQUEST! THANK YOU!

hotel reservations

This company is unbelievable and are a bunch of scam artists. I made a reservation for one of my employees. I thought I was booking directly with the Double Tree Carson CA when in fact it was this company called Reservation My employee might have to check out earlier than expected and they are flat out refusing to refund his unused days, I had no idea that they were going to charge his credit card the same day I booked and refuse to give a refund. Especially when we contacted them in the timeframe according to the Cancellation Policy. So do not ever use this company to book any thing. They are thieves and are good at it.

reservations cancelled will not refund

ON 3/4/19 we went on to Quality Inn website to book a hotel for the weekend for our son's football game. On 3/5/19 we were advised that the field changed and cancelled our reservation. Our reservations were for 3/8-3/9...We cancelled our hotel reservation at 12:49pm on 3/5...apparently we missed the 10AM deadline and after several calls with the rude agents over at we didn't know that I was not dealing with Quality Inn...this entire time I thought my reservation was with Quality Inn. When I called Quality Inn they kept telling me that we didn't have a reservation and that they were charging me and so on...meanwhile I was dealing with a 3rd party that must of pooped up when we made our original reservation. We 100% thought that we were dealing with Quality Inn. Once realized this scam and out $287.00 we called Quality Inn and told them of this issue with the website and they said they have no control over it and really didn't care. So this is a warning...this place reservation desk are rude worthless pieces of scums that will repeat themselves over and over about terms and conditions and will tell you that there are no managers and that there is nothing they can do. They will mislead you to think they are the hotels. SCAM BE AWARE. I am out $287 and NO HOTEL.

ReservationCounter.comhotel prices more expensive than if you book thru the hotel

Thought I was booking through the hotel. Gave credit card info, card charged immediately which was ok, if I had not been charged again at the hotel when I checked out. Hotel price was significantly lower than what the reservation counter charged me. Called hotel and was refunded. Called reservation desk and was told sorry it was what it was. Thought they were supposed to save me money not cost me an extra $124.00 ++. What bull!! Never again.

ReservationCounter.comhotel reservation hotel for marriott

i booked two rooms in February for Sherton Bham convention center and when email arrived 19 minutes later it was for March 22, Call right then and asked to change date or refund they said 48 hours to determine. They emailed and said no refund would be given refused to let us hear voice recordings, but then we called Sheraton where reservation was and they told me Priceline booked and cancelled the rooms. So no refund no room.

ask when booking what company it is and do not book with these people,

ReservationCounter.comhotel booking service

Booked hotel online thinking I was booking directly with Homewood Suites in West Palm Beach. Reservation made the reservation incorrectly so I was charged at the hotel as well when I checked out on 1/31/19. And,'s charge for 2 nights was 30% higher than booking and paying directly with the hotel. I believe that should refund for the difference to me.


I was scheduled to travel for militray duty to Milwaukee, WI. I am a Hilton Honors member and like to use Hilton hotels and googled them and got the number off of a Google search. I called the number and the person identified themselves as reservationcounter. I didnt hear the word independant because he was talking so fast and had such a thick accent that I missed the part that they are a third party booking company. I inquired to a government rate and they stated they have the lowest rate available (112.94) and it is below the government rate. The actual hotel rate I was charged was 89.25/night. When on official government travel and using the government travel card I expect the lowest rate to be honored. In addition, When I travel to Wisconsin I have a tax exempt certificate that I present to the hotel and they remove the taxes from my bill. Since I booked with a third party and credit card was actually charged ( I thought it was just a nominal charge to hold the room which is a standard practice of many hotel chains) I was told by the hotel staff the refund would come from reservationcounter. After not seeing the refund I inquired with First call was to a call center in centeral america and I was told that no refunds will be given. I elevated to the corporate office in Utah and received an e-mail stating that no refund will be given. is refusing to refund me the difference in price and taxes for my stay. This refusal is in my opinion theft and since my stay was tax free it is fraudulant for reservationcounter to keep tax money that was is not due to them. The difference in price btween what they charged and what I stayed for is fraudulant in that they advertise on their website that "Part of TravelPass Group, Reservation Counter has a portfolio of booking options that gives our customers greater choice and access to the best inventory and rates." This company obviously do not have access to the best rates and when confronted with a lower rate, refuse to refund the difference.

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    these people are scammers and mis-represent the hotels they book with.

scam hotel booking site

DO NOT BOOK hotel reservations with It is a scam that charges almost double the true room rate. They lead you to believe you are booking with the actual hotel but it is a SCAM "travel agency'!

I thought I was booking a room at the Westin Hotel but in fact I was booking through a 3rd party website that charged me almost double the actual room rate.

When I called to complain and ask for any type of concession they told me there is absolutely nothing they can do.

I will be very careful from now on the not get trapped by this SCAM ever again!


trying to change my reservation

I thought I was booking my room through Holiday Inn Express directly and found out that it was through Reservation Counter. The reason I needed a room was a family member was going through a surgery in Great Falls, MT. The time of the surgery changed and I don't need the room for the first night, I tried to change it and I got an East Indian customer relations representative and I told her why I needed to change my reservation. I could barely understand the representative and had to keep asking her to repeat what she had said. Finally she told me that I couldn't change my reservation as it is non-refundable and that is Reservation Counter's policy. I asked to speak to her manager and she said he's just going to say the same thing - spoke to another East Indian customer service representative and he said in a snotty tone that I could not change my reservation even though it is a medical reason. I really thought I was working with Holiday Inn directly and I find this is misleading and outright criminal behavior on the part of Reservation Counter. I think that they should be shut down for misleading practices.


Over charging taxes and service fee. A $126 room with Wyndam, Greenville, NC was billed to me at $126, plus of $30.37 (which should have been 11% or $13.86) and added a "service" fee of $7.99. Total charge of $165.01!

I cancelled the reservation, but they would not refund. They said the hotel refused to refund. That was not true, I talked with the manager. He said the hotel does not get paid from outside contractors until the guest checks in. I told Reservation Counter that what they said was not true, but they said they "reviewed" the request and it was denied.

Do not book anything through these fraudulent booking agents.

ReservationCounter.comnon-refundable policy

I booked a non-refundable reservation through this website for a weekend stay at a hotel in CA. I made a mistake and booked the reservation for the wrong weekend so I called Reservation Counter within 5 minutes of making the reservation and told them what I did and asked if I could just change the reservation to the previous weekend. I did not want to cancel just change the dates of my reservation. I was told that could not be done. I called the hotel directly but they could not do anything since I booked with a third party but the hotel suggested I dispute the charge through my credit card company, which I did. My credit card company researched the issue and said I canceled the reservation so they could not do anything. I tried to dispute the charge again and the same thing happened. The only charge that did get taken off my credit card bill was the $12.99 fee that Reservation Counter added on to the reservation. But I still have to pay the $350 hotel bill which I did not use.
I did not EVER cancel the reservation. I only wanted to change the dates. I will never use this website to book a hotel reservation ever again.
I booked the actual dates I wanted through Expedia and even got a better rate.

hotel reservation - unable to get cancellation assistance

I thought I was reserving rooms with Sheraton. I never received email confirmation and after checking, the hotel did not have any reservations. I made different reservations during that call.
Through a credit card dispute, I was able to get all of the original reservation information. I was not dealing with Sheraton, they reserved the rooms at the incorrect rate, with incorrect names, incorrect contact info - everything about the reservation was incorrect. I have not been able to get the reservations cancelled either by this company or by the hotel. It has been incredibly frustrating.

lets not go places

I strongly suggest that you avoid Reservations Counter to book anything. This is what happened to me. I booked one night in a hotel (Howard Johnson, Saugarties NY) for 9/15/18 then clicked. The moment I realized I'd made an error, I called them (no more than 30 secs after I clicked). I spoke to the person on their customer complaints line and it was a shock to hear that they would not budge and shift my booking date forward by one week. I asked to speak to their supervisor and they still stonewalled me. They were also rude and unpleasant while doing so. I get the fact that when I clicked the booking, I committed to the booking. But no other business in the world will not let someone change 30 seconds after booking. This seems to me totally unreasonable. Reservations Counter may well write a reply beneath about having to follow their procedure. They should also understand that my procedure is to let the world know that they are being sketchy. This is a company who cannot be trusted.

ReservationCounter.comhotel booking

Never use for Hotel reservations!
ShadyBusiness. This company blatantly lies about their cancellation policy on their website, which states: "Each room in this reservation is subject to the hotel's cancellation policy which is: This reservation is non-refundable. There is no refund for no-shows or early checkouts. The $12.99 USD fee included in the total is non-refundable. We do not charge any additional change or cancellation fees."When I called the Hotel and asked their cancellation/refund policy they stated they have a 24 hour full refund cancellation policy. I was disconnected in the middle of the last questions with and Instead of choosing to call me back to finish the transaction they processed the reservation. Within two minutes I called to change complained about it being processed without reconnecting with me so We could finish the transaction questions. I will Never use them again. Save yourself the grief, go with someone like Expedia who helped my daughter change her reservation at the exact same hotel. These people are CROOKS!!!

ReservationCounter.comunable to receive cancellation refund.

I made a reservation for a room on 06/30/2018 with Due to a change in plans, I needed to cancel the reservation. I cancelled the reservation within the allowed time period. As of 07/08/2018 I have not received a refund. Multiple calls have resulted in being given the run around. After being given their customer support number, I was informed that they had no record of my cancellation despite the fact that I had a cancellation confirmation number. My itinerary number is R1152633644, cancellation number [protected] (placed on 06/26/2018). They are telling me that their cancellation system does not work as I described. However, they can not explain how I was able to obtain a cancellation number. I expect a full refund for services charged less $12.99 ($182.34). Customer service rep to rely via e-mail by 07/12/2018 regarding outcome of refund. My e-mail is [protected]

Reservationcounterhotel reservations

Reservationcounter is a scam!! They billed us over $100 more for a two night stay at comfort inn and suites...we originally thought we were dealing with the hotel until we called to cancel and found out they paid our room with an express card at 228.00 for two nights and charged us 343.00 for the two night stay...they refused to allow us to cancel without a penalty of one night stay and couldnt guarentee the second night would be refunded to pathetic to conduct a service to customers like this.


I specifically called this company looking for a room with a hot tub and it . The room was quoted to me at $138 . At the time of check-in at the motel it cost $170 plus a $13 booking fee and the room had no hot tub . The motel would not refund my money because it was booked through a third-party . They also charged me $50 for incidentals and I did not stay there. Contacting the booking company they said that when I asked for a room, they called the local motel and the local motel told them every room had a hot tub so they only pass that information on to me it was not their fault. Does anybody know of a Hampton Inn that has a hot tub in every room?

tried to book a room and they were going to charge me $40.00 in taxes and extras and not sure if they canceled my reservation.

I was booking a room with Holiday Inn Express in Lamar Colorado and thought I was talking with a reservation service with Holiday Inn. I made a reservation and at the end the total on the room was $176 for a room that cost only $136. When I tried to cancel, they would not do it. I questioned the $40 extra and did not really get any answers. They put me on hold and then just hung up on me.

reservation service

I thought that I was booking directly with the Hotel as that is how it appeared on their website. The cancelation policy was very different that the actual hotel if booking directly. I canceled a reservation 5 days out and was charged $164 per room for two rooms.
I would never use this service again but it is easy to do and think you were booking directly at the hotel.

ReservationCounter.comhotel reservations

On May 1 2018 I applied for a room at Candlewood Suites, Mooresville, NC. The software presentation fooled me into thinking I was making an actual reservation. After completing my transaction, I tried to confirm my reservation with the hotel. There was no confirmation number in their system for my hotel request. I am out 286.16 dollars and the entity now has my card number.


I thought I was booking a hotel with Holiday Inn and when they sent me my conformation email I was charged a 14.99 processing fee that was non refundable. I called back and I was told that if I cancelled my reservations I would still be charged the total fee. I feel like this company is a scam and are making people think they are booking directly through the hotel. I would not recommend any one using this service


I thought I was calling Doubletree by Hilton to make a reservation but was actually calling Reservation Counter. When I called to cancel one night of the two night reservation I was told I had to cancel the original reservation and make a new reservation for the one night I needed. However, the hotel is sold out so they told me if I cancelled my original reservation I wouldn't be able to make a new reservation for just one night. Completely ridiculous since I already have a reservation at this hotel. I asked to speak to a Supervisor who was worthless and said there isn't anything they can do. DO NOT USE [protected] to make a reservation there. Call the hotel directly

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    foxie Aug 01, 2019

    I thought I was calling The Horseshoe Casino and Resort in Bossier City, LA, but somehow I booked the room thru Reservation Counter which is such a scam. You can not cancel, or change your reservation or get a refund.
    I think the US Government should look into this SCAM!!! The person I talked to did not speak very good English at all and I had a hard time understanding him. DO NOT EVER BOOK WITH THEM!!!

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ReservationCounter.comus dollars

I thought I was making a reservation at the days inn Langley British Columbia but later realized it was a company called reservation counter. When I received my email for my hotel confirmation it was in U. S dollars. I'm making a reservation for a Canadian hotel from Canada why would I agree to make a reservation in U. S dollars when I can book the same hotel through Kayak in Canadian dollars? They refunded my credit card but now I've lost money because the exchange rate changed in a few days. I will always make sure I'm not dealing with them when booking a hotel. I think they are scamming people. The person I booked with knew I lived in Canada and still charged me that? Bogus!

no "suite" as paid for.

Reservation Counter rep led me to believe she was on site of Hotel Indigo. I inquired as to a suite.."Yes we have 2 suites, but if you want one you should book today as it is a busy time of year for us." I did, paid $506.66 and showed up on the date of my reservation. I checked in, was told "suite" wasn't ready and an hour later got a call from the hotel that no "suite" was available. I had scheduled a reception there, had a caterer, and no room available. I was put in a regular room and comped a second room as there were 3 other people with me. The rate was $203 for the regular room. I contacted Reservation Counter twice. First I was told they were crediting me $131.66 and the hotel would refund me $100. I never never got the hotel credit and upon contacting them, they told me they never agreed to that, RC would have to refund any monies because that is where my payment processed. After calling back, they now say "You used the room", no refund! I am livid.

ReservationCounter.comcancelled motel room through motel but no refund available

as with the other comments I too thought I was going directly through the Hampton Inn reservation line. Found out differently when I went to cancel my reservation with the Hampton Inn and she informed me it had been cancelled on her end. Confused when I asked about my credit card being refunded and was told at this time that apparently I went through this and I would need to contact them. Called this other site and was told it wasn't refundable. I asked her how I'd even gotten their site and what the name was since I thought I'd gone through Hampton inns. Tried cancelling this 2 days prior to reservation due to an illness and not going to be there.

hotel reservations for marriott

I looked up Residence Inn by Marriott on the Internet and in the top right-hand corner of the webpage was an 800 number which led me to Reservation Counter who said that they represent the Marriott reservation when I question the price that they quoted me they said that this was the best price and the last room there was no more Vacancies at the Residence Inn. They gave me the direct number to the Marriott Residence Inn I called them made a reservation they quoted me at the price which was $45 lower and they had plenty of vacancies I immediately called reservation counter back and told them that I was going to dispute that pricing put on my credit card they left me on the phone for 33 and a half minutes came back to the line and told me they couldn't give me my money back they are a scam they don't work for anybody I hope this gets out to everyone because they are no good but I am disputing that charge and I will not be paying it.

hotel booking

I booked a trip with Hilton Grand Vacations and found out after the transaction was done that it was through a third party The trip did not give any indication of this being a non-refundable transaction. I cancelled the trip 5 weeks in advance and they would not refund me the money. It was almost $900 in transactions with fees and taxes. They claim that if I had called instead of clicking the link they sent me to cancel that they could have tried to give me a refund. This is bogus. I feel I have been grossly deceived and misled in this dealing. They told me I have to go to my Credit Card company to get the refund. I had to file a dispute with my bank.

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    pobarjenkins Nov 21, 2017

    Unfortunately, since they won't refund you, your only option is to dispute the transaction with your bank. I hope they are able to refund you at least partially.

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