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JustAnswer Complaints & Reviews

Justanswer / Money taken out of my account by the medical site without my permission

Anna Mercer on Feb 7, 2017
I typed a description of a medical problem into a search engine, and was directed to Just Answer. Here I was led to believe that I could ask one question for $5, although pop-ups kept appearing trying to convince me to 'upgrade' to $10, whereby (it said) I could ask more questions. I only...

Justanswer / Repeated billing for one answer.

Wallace Roberts on Feb 3, 2017
Yes, I indeed asked to find one answer to a problem I was having and could not resolve. My answer came the next day and I was under the impression that after I paid the fee for the answer, that it was a one time charge. It seemed to be a very good website. Well, as everyone else has stated...

JustAnswer / Asked a question and never received an answer

Jimmy Russell on Jan 25, 2017
Hi there i used the service paid $5 to ask a question about my samsung fridge freezer about my ice maker not working which i never got an answer for, i then called your Australian number and the person on the phone told me i had not been charged for the service so i left it at that, on...

JustAnswer / Paid £3 to ask about my printer problem and took £3 & £17 & 30 out my bank

not a happy man on Jan 14, 2017
without my permission took £47 out of my bank no answer to my problem and my bank has been informed I have not authorised for them to take £17 & £30 out my account very unsatisfied with this scam the never gave a in voice for the £3 I payed and no contact that they were going to empty my...

Justanswer Llc / Stolen money

kemaman on Jan 13, 2017
You have taken 3 x £29 from my account This was not authorised Why was it taken my Name is john fisher my password is FRAUD This is the 3rd email on this subject I demand a full refund If not why not I don't know what else to add to make up 350 ch Mary had a little lamb who fleece...

Just Answer / I am complaining about just answer and the computer technicians

ndrasa on Dec 30, 2016
I rang and April spoke briefly and put me onto a technician this happened not once but twice and when the problem reoccurred I had enough. I was charged and could not be bothered getting back to you, rang again same speal another technician not fixed after ages gave up angry now asked for...

JustAnswer / Technicalcat

Kathie Isenberg on Dec 28, 2016
My paypal account was charged $51.00 - I want a reversal since my issue was not resolved and did not get the help I needed. I needed to resize a photo and the help was not able to assist. I did not realize there was a charge for this service, or I would have never agreed to the offer of...

JustAnswer / Unauthorized credit card charges

kemaman on Dec 23, 2016
Earlier this year I used your service to resolve a computer problem I elected to pay a fee if successful It was and $20 was claimed So far so good Subsequently you have taken to (2) sums of £29 from my account. Why ?? I did not authorise these sums so why were the taken I demand a full...

Just Answer / Unethical behaviour

chatelaine on Dec 15, 2016
I have used" Just answer" on maybe two occasions - several months apart. However, I NEVER requested membership - and I have now been charged for two consecutive months, , October and now 14 November 2016 at a montlhy price of 28 (euros)? I do not respect internet sites that...

JustAnswer / On a question about uncontested divorce

birthday on Nov 29, 2016
The lawyer they had me talk to was very un-professional, had look up answers as my spouse would get any of my benefits [ pay and etc ] as had them before the marriage. Put me on pause and came back like 5 minutes later and said no, she not receive any, as having them before the marriage...

JustAnswer / Not being able to cancel my contract

jonita on Nov 14, 2016
I have been trying to delete my account with justanswer for the last two months as I have not been using your services. However I was having difficulty deleting my account so I got some advice on your website on how to cancel your account. however when I click on my account it does not...

Justanswer.com / Service not received but payment was withdrawn from account

robert vidacs on Nov 1, 2016
On Monday 10/31/2016 I asked a tech. on just answer what is the best natural gas hot water Heater for use in hydronic heating. He answered it would be better if he could talk with me ( for 24.00) I agreed, tech. did not call me but e-mailed me about a boiler (world of difference between a...

Gvginettevalleesigngmail.com / Justanswer llc.

Marie-paule Tremblay on Oct 20, 2016
16739763-503 Your Camera and Video answer is ready! Hi, I noticed you haven’t viewed my answer to your question yet – this is a friendly reminder to please view my answer when you get a chance. Also remember, you don’t have to take my response as the final word on your question. Feel free...

Just Answer Mechanics Questions / Mechanics membership

Chris Holyoake on Sep 29, 2016
I was having mechanical problems with my 2007 Ford Sport Trac so I went on line looking for some answers and came across a website Just Answer Mechanics on Sept 9, 2016. So I went to Just Answer Mechanics so I entered my question and waited for a response and it took for ever for a...

Justanswer.com / Routinely defrauds expert contributors

Bruce David Wilner on Sep 6, 2016
JustAnswer is a scam. Experts work hard to answer questions and are frivolously not paid. Customers are given refunds for answers that they didn't want to hear, even when they are the correct answers. Almost incredibly, experts will receive an e-mail saying that customer X was delighted...

JustAnswer / Taken money off my husbands card 2 months now would like to know whyno y

taken money off my husbands card for 2 months total of 29.00 each time need to know did not authorize these payments need my money back as soon as possible just had to call the card company have another card that costed me 4.00 so need the money back it is 58.00 all together thank you took 29.00 on Auguest 1st 2016 and 29.00 on September 1st 2016

Justanswer.com / Many additional charges and unable to send a copy of file to expert

ZitaFrick on Jul 6, 2016
You provide them with your credit card # for an specific amount and then after you sign up, they want to charge you more money to have your question answered. After submitting my question, my "expert" asked me to send him a copy of my database, but when I try to do it I kept getting error...

Justanswer.com / Unauthorized charge to card

Reviewer24398 on Mar 5, 2016
In December 2015, I had a question about my car that none of my backyard mechanics could answer so, I gave this site a shot. Asked my question and was charged 22.00. Their Expert replied to me with a question, I should be charging them for. Now in February 2016, my bank statement comes in...

JustAnswer / I did not want to use service

Teressa Gardeur on Feb 13, 2016
I applied to your company for an answer to my dream. I realised immediately whilst applying that I did not wish to continue and asked to stop. My request was not heeded at the very begining, so my bank acount was debitted with £3 deposit, then £18 for a question, and then £21 for membership...

Justanswer.com / answer to my question

Lois Blaszczyk on Feb 6, 2016
I asked a question and did not get the answer. this site is a scam. I do not want membership with them and I do not want them taking money from my visa account for something I did not receive. I want this entire thing with them canceled and not money taken from my visa account.

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