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JustAnswer Complaints & Reviews

Justanswer / I am questioning a membership bill

Lorna Hosein on Oct 5, 2017
My name is Lorna Hosein. I did receive excellent care when I contacted your business. I am a senior citizen and I have neglected to check my account on a monthly basis. I have in the hospital for the past two week and I found myself reading my bill. I noticed that My Capital One ending...

Justanswer / unorganized

Grace on Sep 13, 2017
I wonder how many experts work for them in real life. I asked several questions and didn't get my answers. The website keeps telling me that I will get an answer from a professional within 10-15 minutes, but it's been 2 days, where are they? It's still nothing. They advised me to wait, but...

Justanswer / exp 800-240-1371

Bill Patten on Sep 12, 2017
You are trying to take 57, 00 dollars from my checking which you had better not I asked 1 question of expert 800-240-1371 it was a min. answer and then you gave me a option for a free second opinion which i clicked on but never received the answer which i don't want. I asked if i could put...

Just Answer UK / request for help about solving the problem of a non working dishwasher

Gary Summers on Aug 31, 2017
Just Answer UK claim to provide help to resolve problems involving all manner of different things. In my case a faulty dishwasher. I wanted to know about how to go on about repairing it myself. Just Answer UK required a fee of £20 which I thought sounded reasonable if it helped resolve the...

Justanswer / charges I did not agree to

Jeff Osland on Aug 3, 2017
On the 17th July I clock on to your web site looking for answers regarding a problem I was having with my "Windows Live Mail" program. I am happy to pay to initial charge of $5 but at "No Stage" did I agree to the $152.78 charges that have appeared on my credit card including membership of...

Justanswer / credit card debit for membership

Avner Bar-Tal on Jul 15, 2017
Dear Sirs, Last April I approached you with a question concerning the audio system of a 2012 Grand Cherokkee, got an answer, and paid (by a credit card) the sum of 111 Israeli Shekels. To my surprise, I saw on my credit card monthly report another debit of 154 Israeli shekels, dated 5/25, for...

Justanswer / online service, that is lack of service.

Kepler on Jul 8, 2017
This morning tried your service online for help on possible repair of my Pioneer VSX 321-K-P multi channel receiver. Paid your $5.00 deposit plus the $31. Your recommendations were to unplug the speaker wires, the cables to the other electronics and try again, which I had already done...

Justanswer / unauthorized charges to my visa card!

Jean C. Moore on Jul 4, 2017
I needed help with my computer, so I called, June 2, 2017. I was told there was $5. fee, so I accepted .That amount, however, if I was not satisfied with the answer they would connect to someone with more answers for $48. I replied, I could not afford that, and left very unsatisfied...

Just Answer / this provider charges me monthly membersghip fee when I paid for a one of advice

Philip de J on May 22, 2017
I bought a one off piece of IT advice from a Company called JustAnswer. I paid what looked like a fixed fee for limited advice and paid upfront. Since then, Just Answer bills my credit card $65 per month! I just noticed this. To the best of my knowledge, I only contracted to get one bit...

Justanswer / a plum out rip off!! called thinking I had got in contact with microsoft!!

Southern corn on May 21, 2017
Like I have mentioned on the subject line, I was having trouble with my Microsoft Outlook account and my email account. Well, I was ask for a $5.00 refundable amount and progressed to give some credit card info for the $5.00 charge all of this time I was getting suspicious what the hell...

Justanswer / debiting my credit card when I received no service from just answer. return my money

Diane Goldblatt on May 13, 2017
live in south africa. On or about 6 may I completed a help form on amazon regarding my kindle. I put in my bank details but it kept telling me my email address was incorrect. I never got to submit my query or got any response from you. My credit card has now been debited for no service at...

Justanswers / scam

Lyndia Pitts on May 6, 2017
I am locked out of my Microsoft account. I went to the internet and attempted to contact them. Justanswers, came up. I spoke with the man via the computer. The cost would be $5.00. Within 2 minutes, my phone rang. It was from the FRAUD department. They asked me if I had authorized a $31.00...

Justanswer / unauthorized payment on services not received

andre pilar on May 2, 2017
i have emailed you several times now.I went on site for work on my virus riddled pc. before I finished the application the session was terminated. I decided not to continue further with just answer. filling out the application I entered my debit # not my three digit security # before the...

Just Answer / for computer questions

Petra Cat on Apr 20, 2017
Had Microsoft answers so they said. They wanted pay so they charged credit card $37.00..then flooded advertising at me. I asked them to stop and refund my money did not want a membership nor an avalanche of advertising ...don't know if the amount taken included a membership? Never got an...

Just Answer / tech support

PeterOG on Mar 22, 2017
I've just checked my credit card statement to find that JA has taken double the payment when they didn't even resolve the issue I contacted them for. I reluctantly wrote off the first $51 because I felt they would not refund me, and I was too ill to pursue it, but now I discover that they...

JustAnswer.com / legal advice

EStormP on Mar 17, 2017
I asked a question about our problem re freehold purchase but the so called 'expert' could not offer an useful answer, and stated that it was too difficult for him to answer on the site without the relevant documentation. When I provided some documentation, he still could not...

Justanswer / account

Marcell on Mar 14, 2017
They blocked my account and that was a miracle that I even found out about that! No one from JustAnswer contacted me regarding that and I still have no idea what happened. I was a good user of JustAnswer and never did anything wrong!! That is not fair. I sent them messages asking how can I...

Justanswer / unethical and misleading

Joe Cox on Mar 13, 2017
I tried (Just Answer) to get a legal question advise and they were asking for my credit card for a free trail however they billed my card and there website says that my card was turned down so I checked my card account and this company had charged my account $36 and now I cant get in touch with. This seems to be a scam BEWARE!!! Do not give card info.

Justanswer / vet lines and your billing service

Trudy Ensbey on Mar 7, 2017
I lost my dog suddenly two days before christmas, so i got onto the just answer website.typed in my question, was asked if i wanted to proceed it would cost $5.i agreed, i also was told to receive a answer from a qualified vet i needed to pay a extra $22 i think it was.i agreed, i received...

JustAnswer / unethical behaviour regarding payment

Fung80 on Mar 7, 2017
I was inadvertently directed (from a legitimate online chat about a printer problem with a local company ) to the JustAnswer site, by some 'phishing' event?, where the conversation continued. I was asked for a deposit, refundable if the question was answered satisfactorily. I agreed and...

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