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Jan 24, 2022

JustAnswer - Unwanted Credit card charge

On Tue Jan 15th 2022 I was charged a recurring charge of $46 at the time I was looking for an English-German dictionary I didn't visit the site and didn't sign up to be a member. This appears to be a fraudulent charge from someone.
The charge states it is for Services - Computer Network/info Srvs. This service wasn't rendered.
Robert Martin

Desired outcome: I want my credit card charge refunded and cancel any future charge charges. I don't want any reoccurring charges. Please advise via my Email.

Jan 24, 2022

Sounds like unwanted or fraudulent charge or a scam.


JustAnswer - Misrepresentation of who they are

I was trying to get some answers about a warrantee from Garmin, as I purchased a Forerunner 45 watch which isn't working now. Somehow I was connected to Just Answer and they immediately asked for $1 to answer any questions (they said it was refundable). I paid on a credit card. The first person let me know that she couldn't answer anything and would have to connect me with an expert. After I was connected to the expert, I was informed that it would cost me $26 to get information. At that, I asked for a refund and typed in STOP to end everything.

I want a full refund- should be $1.00 and I never want to have to deal with Just Answer again.

If I don't hear back within two business days, I will refer this to the Attorney General's office for the state of Washington.

Desired outcome: Refund and never contact me again.

Jan 22, 2022

JustAnswer - Just Answer Math Tutoring

This site is a scam. Do not use it. I paid $25 for a 7 day trial period for math help. That included the math help for 2 questions. I asked 2 questions during the trial period and did not use the site again. At the end of the 7 days, i was charged ONE HUNDRED and TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS! I have contacted them multiple times and each time I get a generic response that they are upfront about their $1 trial fee and monthly fees thereafter. I replied that they again were stating untruths. I wish I had only paid $1. Why are their fees all over the place in every complaint that I read if this is a reputable company? I paid $150 for help on two math problems.

Desired outcome: Refund of $125


JustAnswer - Automotive answer

Asked a question to verify my understanding of an automotive issue, assuming it would cost me the $2 as indicated in their pop-up window. Once they got my credit card info, I was charged another $49 for a membership. Nowhere did I see that coming! When I complained to "customer service", I was told it would have been stated on screen I entered my credit info. If it was, it would have been off in a corner in very fine print! They suck you in with a low price $2, and then hit you for another $49! (Then If you don't cancel they clobber you with another $49 membership fee every month.) Forget any chance of getting a refund. Just avoid them like the plague!
Regarding the answer I got: First guy said "check all your fuses"... didn't even narrow it down. Second guy confirmed my understanding and my intention before asking my question, which was, "tow it to a dealer". Wow, brilliant advice.

Desired outcome: Membership fee refund

JustAnswer - Unauthorized charges

On or about 11/15/21 I was referred to JustAnswer by Ebay for information on a vendor return policy. I provided my credit card information and agreed to pay $1 for the information. I did NOT agree to anything else. I most certainly did not agree to a monthly subscription. Why would I want a monthly subscription to answer a simple question about a return policy. I have recently learned that I have been charged $60 per month for the last 3 months by JustAnswer. This is clearly Fraud and a result of deceptive practice.

Desired outcome: Refund of $180 and no further charges on my credit card.

Jan 15, 2022

JustAnswer - Repeated unauthorised transactions

I clicked on a link to have a question answered. It was a trial offer. I cancelled it 10 minutes later as the service was not what I required. I followed the procedure as set down in the website.

In checking my transactions for my tax return I have discovered 7 unauthorised transactions (file enclosed) . These transactions are fraudulent. The money needs to be returned and the website process for cancellation needs to be fool proof. In researching this company these complaints have been sent since 2010. This is a huge industry. Consumer protection is required here.

Desired outcome: Return of all unauthorised moneys

JustAnswer - Lawyer

I was told that I would get offered a service, which implied something exchanged. All I got was shock that a, highly rated website would abuse my money and time. They asked for 5 bucks and I unsubscribed, then charged a single disabled mother of 46 dolllars. It's immoral, and I want justice, and I will continue until compensation is returned. That way others looking for advice aren't mislead! They lied and stole!

Desired outcome: 46 dollars

JustAnswer - Lawyer

I am a disabled single mother, and I counted on this company to not take advantage of me 7 months ago. I didn't expect to be given bad advice, then ask a refund to be charged 46. This business told me 7 months ago they would refund it. Yet I have yet to receive it. I will continue to post so others don't get STOLEN from. It is a Terrible site, with no moral compass. I fight for the people in the future, and wont stand for this!

Desired outcome: 46 dollars back

JustAnswer - Unwanted subscription

My credit card was charged $28 for each month of Oct., Nov., Dec and Jan. I never wanted the "service" in the first place and only now noticed it. I called and got the subscription cancelled but did not get the needed reimbursement of $112. I did not get a reason why justanswer did not give back the money that was fraudulently charged to my credit card. Please get this resolved quickly.

Desired outcome: Reimbursement of $112 to my credit card


JustAnswer - monthly usd60 for membership that I didnot get notified.

Dear sir/Madam,
thank you for checking my problem from Justanswer
since 2021.1.15-2022.1.13
my register email: [protected]@gmail.com

Descriptions: I paid the first usd5 for an inquiry but never sign monthly membership.

it gets 12*60usd for 12 months from my credit card.

solution: I need you to refund me for that money. very appreciated

thank you

Desired outcome: refund usd720 yearly.

JustAnswer - It charged me $46 when it said only $1, then also charged a dollar.

Hello, my boyfriend and I used this the other night. We were charged the $1 at first like told and then got charged $46.00. We did not want this and would like it all canceled and our money back. It is very frustrating to have been promised one thing and then lose more money. We did not grant access to that and it was abused. I am getting all $46 back, it is only fair. Please fix this.

Desired outcome: Money back, cancel any automatic payments


JustAnswer - Membership fee

I looked at this website for information on a vehicle issue. Was charged $1 for information. They say I was told they would send reminders about cancelling if I didn't want to join as a member. Never received e-mails or notifications regarding a membership fee. They have been charging a rarely used bank account to withdraw $34 per month for three months and now have put that account into a negative balance. They will not refund $102.

Desired outcome: Refund of $102.

JustAnswer - Money taken from my bank acct and I don't even have a profile

I don't have a profile on your so-called site. My Bank is Vera bank in Killeen, Texas and I want that $60.00 back in my acct, within 7 business days for I did NOT AUTHORIZE THIS!
John Shannon Jacob
Rockdale Texas 76567
If I do not receive said money your site will be put on BLAST throughout the internet.
[protected]@gmail.com My bank and banks all over my town will know you all took money from someone that doesn't even have a profile with you I use of 2 email addresses and know the passwords I would use to login and NOPE emails won't work nor passwords so I know something is NOT RIGHT here!

Desired outcome: Want my money back!

JustAnswer - Unauthorised charged from debit card

‘Just answer' charged £50 from my debit card via PayPal for their subscription which I didn't sign up.I didn't create any account with them .I wanted get some legal advice .when I searched online I found this site.you can get answer for one question just for £5 one off payment .I paid this money though my PayPal account and I got an short answer which I already knew.it didn't help me at all .after all received the answer via email and the text.I didn't receive any email from they about their subscription or anything at all.
When I checked my account today I notice they charged £50 from my account with out my consent.I didn't create account with them or didn't sign up for any subscription plan .I didn't receive any email from them about this .even after they charged money I didn't receive anything .they completely misled me and took my money without my authorisation.this is a fraudulent act and I want my full money back

Desired outcome: I need my full refund

The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

JustAnswer - Online customer information provider

Looking for answers regarding issues with a gaming console I was charged $68.00 though I did not talk to anyone associated with the online service JustAnwser. The online link to the company was terminated before any communication was made. Research shows this company commits this type of fraudulent transaction often. The company JustAnswer should be held accountable for their illegal activities.

Desired outcome: Refund of $68.00 charge to credit card.

The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

JustAnswer - Refund and Useless Help

They said they were going to charge me $1, but charged me $50.
I was not satisfied with the ‘help' I received. It was a copy and paste from another website that I read earlier on. The doctor also said they would talk to me until I'm satisfied, but they stopped responding.

I want my $50 back now. I also sent an email to your ‘customer service'.

The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

JustAnswer - The company

This company deliberately misleads people seeking help about their fee's, making you think you are joining for $1 by hiding the monthly charge in teeny tiny print. On the 18th, I was charged a $1 fee and a surprise membership fee of $28. On the 21st I was charged $34, which I authorized, and they also took the liberty of charging my account an additional $2 for no reason. It may only be $2, but it's my $2. I will never use them again!

Desired outcome: a refund of the $28 fee and the additional $2 that they say they didn't charge me.

The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

JustAnswer - Help getting Facebook account back

You have charged My Regions account without my content and this is FRAUDMENT Charge if this matter is not taking care of today I am going to press cgarges againt you today! I am tired of you going into my account and falsely making charges. I want a refund today and without you asking or telling me I let you have this account number1 Take care of your false charges or I will file charges on you today! Do not charge the $9.99 chrges either I did not open up this account with you! PAM Also you charged my Paducah Bank Account $9.99 for services I did not get take care of this also or you willbe in trouble with me and my bank as these charges are fraud! The charges on Regions are $47.00

Desired outcome: TODAY

Cancel this I do not want a thing from you in any shape or form! You will be held to charges because of your cheating scams and ways!

The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

JustAnswer - Unauthorized credit charged, and unethical Behavior

On 11/22/21 I used this company for legal information. A representative from the company contacted me and told me that I would be charged $1.00 to test my account and an additional $46.00 to be contacted by some from their legal service. I asked specifically if this would be a one-time charge and the rep said yes. this company took 2 more charges from credit card amounting to $93.00 when I explained this to the company rep about the extra charges, she said sorry they did cancel my account. but made no attempt to refund me my money. I asked for a direct number to the company and the rep gave me an erroneous number of [protected] she stated her name was Keren I have my credit card statement as proof

Desired outcome: I would like to get a full refund

JustAnswer - Membership- Walter (Terry) Newgreen

On Oct 3, 2021, I was transitioning to a new computer and was having an issue with connecting to dual screens. I saw an ad for a $1 question on JustAnswer. I followed up again for a $6 question on the same day. Unfortunately, the advise did not correct the problem. The service providers were very attentive and professional. However, on following up on a recent bank statement, I saw where I was enrolled in a monthly program for $46.00. I must have missed the "small print" and was not aware of the membership. Today, I called and talked with a Margie about this mix-up and was told that it was clearly indicated on the website. I do not recall any indication of this following the ad that I received. She also said that JustAnswer sent me an email notifying me of the cancellation period- which I did not receive. Your records indicate that I have not used your service since that one day- Oct 3.

Desired outcome: Refund the past three months of service ($46/each) that I did not sign up for.

Misleading representation that leads to an unwanted membership.

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