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JustAnswer Complaints & Reviews

JustAnswer / unethical behavior

Robert Keenan on Oct 31, 2018

I was originally told that I would get my $5.00 deposit back if I wasn't satisfied. I never did get an answer to my problem and was told I wouldn't have to pay the $64.00 for a technician. I did get a $5.00 refund on my Visa on or around Oct. 20th. The $64.00 was never approved on my...

JustAnswer / unauthorised payment

Jodie Connolly on Oct 31, 2018

Dear Sir / Madame, I am extremely unhappy that I have been charge by JustAnswer for the full fee (as well as the £5 trial fee) when I tried the service for 1 week, for £5, however I cancelled the service within the week as it would be cost effect for me to continue, however the £40 monthly...

JustAnswer / iphone / apple id

keithsmeaton on Oct 31, 2018

I had forgotten my apple ID, so I requested your adviser to help with this. He was very polite and helpful, bfter many abortive attempts, he admitted he didn't know the answer and would go and ask someone else. This other person was equally at a loss to help, . We tried many method...

Just Answer / fees

Beryl Hamblin on Oct 30, 2018

On the 12th of October having a problem with my computer I logged on to Just Answer, I was asked to pay a $5.00 fee for assistance, which I was happy to pay, however as the answer I was given did not help me I logged off. I have just received my Visa account and note with dismay that I have...

JustAnswer / you ruined my files

Bobbilaird on Oct 30, 2018

I called for help. I paid $25 and $39. Not sure why. I should get my money back. I couldn't get my email anymore and by the time they were finished, yes I can get email but in the meantime, all my other files were erased. I have to apply for forgot passwords, put in new ones for...

JustAnswer / just answer keeps charging our corporate credit card for unauthorized charges.

Spring Valley on Oct 30, 2018

Why does Just Answer keeps charging our Corporate credit card for unauthorized charges. There was a question someone submitted and paid the $5 charge, however an "expert" never got on to answer the question, and was disconnected. The corporate credit card was charged an extra $10 for the...

Just Answer / charges

Innes Hutchison on Oct 27, 2018

On 8 October I was charged $5 for a Deposit, which was never returned as had been promised and $54 for Tech Help which I never received. The charges were made to my Mastercard **********3200 Please refund as soon as possible. Innes Hutchison *******************************************************************************************************************************************

JustAnswer / justanswer secure remote assistance

Dixie Truxall on Oct 27, 2018

I was given a refund on transactions 44467858 for $5 and 44467859 for $31 as I wasn't satisfied. However, requested a refund for the Secure Remote Assistance I was charged $39 for. When your "Secure Remote Assistance" person called me we got disconnected. A second person called me and she...

JustAnswer / math

francesco massarotto on Oct 26, 2018

MR Glenn gilongs treated me very rudely, I was accused of asking questions and than refunding after receiving answers which is not true, he started giving me attitude and I refuse to use him as my tutor, in fact I asked for someone else to help me and he took my order instead which is very...

JustAnswer / billing for unrequested service and membership - new zealand

Herbert, S on Oct 25, 2018

Justanswer NZ has made un authorised deductions from my MasterCard account. About 2 years ago I obtained legal advice. This was paid for. However on 16 July 2018 monthly deductions started for an initial 'lawyer' then for 'membership'. None of this was solicited by myself. I request/demand that all...

JustAnswer / the way they do buisness in general

Beedlebug81 on Oct 19, 2018

I needed an answer. I was prompted $5 to continue. No where in clear language did it state that another $23 Would be taken without my approval for the person answering my question. I made sure not to click on anything that stated "free trial" thinking, in the end, I'd only be charged $5...

JustAnswer / debit card charge requesting refund from your company

Jackie Tresler on Oct 17, 2018

I was forced to use your service when I had problems with my computer. I paid you $31 for that service. I did not agree to join your organization. I was charged for the membership this morning and I want my $46.00 back. In addition I am not going to pay you for this service. Just refund my...

JustAnswer / I am complaining about the service level and the subsequent payment taken from my account

Tim Woods on Oct 16, 2018

I joined under a 7 day trial period.I asked a question about my boiler, paid £5 and then waited and waited for a response.i messaged your expert on numerous occasions and was promised a response within a timeline.The timescales involved were never met.I was continually requesting some feedback...

JustAnswer / taking money without authorisation from my bank

Shfh on Oct 14, 2018

I signed up to JustAnswer a few weeks ago and asked a question. I got a pretty useless answer. The deal was that you could cancel membership after 5 days, which I did. I have now discovered that JustAnswer has taken over £30 from my bank account. I have tried to follow their website instruction...

[Resolved] JustAnswer / unauthorized credit card charges

Ao on Oct 12, 2018

i submitted a quesion to "just answer" and they connected me to someone else without telling me i had to pay for it. All it said was i had to give my credit card number for a fully refundable $5.00 deposit. It gave another option for a $35 call to the mechanic which i declined. I noticed...

JustAnswer / no solution given

Holly Deaton on Oct 9, 2018

I paid for an answer to my problem with Internet America Airmail. I could not get on because I cannot remember the old password. I have tried over and over. I paid the company to find an answer and one was not found but later I received a text telling me that they would work further but...

[Resolved] JustAnswer / refund

Florin Florin on Oct 8, 2018

Although they have refunded me with 30 pounds paid for a service, I did not receive in a proper manner, they refunded to my bank card registered on the website, but this card and the account had been closed by the bank and the funds are now nowhere.The justanswer keep telling me that their...

[Resolved] JustAnswer / membership subscription - 1800727139

David Stent on Oct 6, 2018

On October 5 you debited my credit card in the amount of $A 67.00. I want to know why this has occurred? I did not authorise any payments to you whatsoever. I have never used your service, and have no intentions of ever doing so. I expect you to provide me with a refund accordingly, and...

[Resolved] JustAnswer / billing

Philip McGrade on Oct 3, 2018

In early august 2018 I used and paid for a solicitor using your service... I never signed up for membership yet a £65.00 membership fee was taken by u from my tsb current account 03/10/2018 My name is Philip McGrade and my UK mobile Tel me is 07437175879 My email address i...

JustAnswer / consultation for auto mechanic diagnosis.

Augustine Amoako-Awuah on Oct 2, 2018

Transaction ID 19211175-327 I subscribed to this service (Transaction ID 19211175-327) on the 26th of July for 15 dollars which a paid I was then deducted another 15 dollars on the 3rd of September. I have just been again deducted the same amount today 2nd October. The service i...