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The only thing worse than the diseases Envita is "treating" is the false hope they are giving to their patients that ridiculously overpriced vitamin $#*!tails or potentially harmful ozone and hydrogen peroxide IV's are going to cure their cancer or chronic disease. The doctors at Envita should be ashamed of themselves and have their licenses permanently revoked for their bizarro treatments. What actually impresses me is that they are able to get people to pay for $4000 IV therapy! I was astounded that the first thing they asked me to sign there was a medical waiver saying I would never sue them for any malpractice claims and instead only do arbitration. Good God how many people do they have threatening to sue them? Is this even legal? It seems a major violation of a patients constitutional rights. This place is a total scam and after waiting 2 hours and spending $209 to see their "doctor" I wish I would have read more of the long list of complaints, lawsuits, arbitrations, and board complaints/reviews on their physicians. After asking around I have heard SAD stories of people spending tens of thousands of dollars there with NO RESULTS! And of course they do not offer refunds or guarantees on their "medicine" that is not FDA approved yet exorbitantly priced. After making an appointment with the naturopath my infectious disease doctor recommended I learned she would give me the nutritional IV for $150 instead the $1000 they were trying to sign up for. AVOID!!!


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    M4RK Apr 10, 2013

    This post really saddens me because it clearly demonstrates how easily someone can post whatever they want on the internet with absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. I find this very irresponsible of to allow this, but that’s beside the point.
    The first thing I have to wonder, Mr. Balan, is where you’re getting your information from. My wife has been a patient at Envita for 10 years and we know for a fact that there have never been any malpractice lawsuits or arbitrations. You can research this for yourself very easily and you will find nothing, nada, zilch. That’s pretty impressive for a medical practice that has been in business for over a decade and treated thousands of patients, even if they do have “bizarro treatments, ” as you say. But then, it seems less likely that they have strange medical practices and more likely that you’re unfamiliar with advanced integrative medicine. My goal is not to offend you, but set the record straight and encourage people to provide truthful information or at least do their homework.
    I’ve personally spoken with the administration before and they’ve explained very clearly to me how the medical waiver works. It’s actually mandated by Envita’s malpractice insurance carriers and has nothing to do with the medical staff itself. Again, there have been no lawsuits in their history and it’s not because of these waivers.
    I’ll explain to you what arbitration is, because it’s obvious you don’t understand it. Arbitration is when, instead of a jury, you bring your case to a private courtroom in front of a judge. This makes a lot more sense because a judge is objective and understands medical law, unlike a jury, which is subjective and usually unaware of how medical practice works.
    Is this legal? Well, it appears so. It’s also not an atypical practice, and you would know that if you had done your homework. Also, the U.S. Constitution includes no mention of medical patient’s rights, so your complaint there is also invalid.
    Most importantly, it’s obvious that you did not receive treatment from Envita, so why are you even writing this review? Perhaps it’s because your insurance doesn’t cover it (not anyone’s fault) but they never tried to overcharge us. Their IV therapy was the same price as you paid, approximately $150-$200, not $4000 or $1000 (you contradict yourself. Which is it?) But suggesting that a nutritional IV is all Envita does or all you would need to solve your condition is a big joke.
    A nutritional IV is not all that Envita provides – they have entire programs tailored to each individual that get much more in-depth than just an IV. And if you had actually taken time to Google Envita, you would know that their medicine is a mixture of traditional and integrative natural medicine.
    And no results? Tell that to my wife, who had colon cancer and was told by the Mayo Clinic to go home and die. She went from Stage 3 to Stage 4 in a matter of three days, but Envita helped rebuild her immune system and here she is 10 years later. Most people don’t realize colon cancer has a low-success rate for cancer in far-spread disease and you’re basically a hospice patient– this was an incredible turnaround.
    And yes, care is expensive, but in my experience, Envita is generally competitively priced. Still, treatment is not comparing apples to apples – the end result is most important. Ask yourself when reviewing these other clinics: did anyone get better? How long did treatment take? What kind of doctors were they employing?
    No medical center on Earth offers refunds or guarantees – that would be completely disingenuous. And no practice can make everyone is happy and that’s fair, but you should at least be familiar with the company or have received treatment before you start criticizing.
    And unlike you, I actually have sources to back up my claims:


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  • Ra
    Ramace Paswan Jul 12, 2018

    @M4RK Wow! The fact that no medical center on the planet offers refunds is not an excuse to carry out bogus and deceiving procedures. Also institutes for example Johns Hopkins that are non-bogus also offer cutting edge procedures not 100% recognized by the medical fraternities but they do not need to defend their actions by creating confusion, sentimental blackmail that downgrades the importance of money compared to the life of a loved one, writes phoney reviews where the reviewers provide their contact information, etc, etc, etc. The fact that you are 100% phony can be sensed in almost all the reviews here. In my opinion, faith healing that costs almost nothing might work better than your treatments! I have a close friend suffering from Lyme's disease but I would never send him the info on this "hospital" because I do not want to kill him before his time comes.

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  • Al
    Aleta Sonnenberg Jun 17, 2013

    Thank you Mark, for taking time to refute, in a positive and thoughtful manner, the previous post.
    Considering treatment,

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  • Mi
    Michael Huls Jun 27, 2013

    Your way off on your fees. Last time I checked a high dose Vitamin C was $175.

    My 16 year old daughter was in a car accident before school and her trip to the ER room in Scottsdale was $19.000.
    Last november I fell and got a concussion and went to scottsdale north and my bill was $38, 000. What do you think about the cost of that medical treatment? Are they crooks because they charge that much money?

    Two years ago I came down with lyme disease, After 8weeks of 6 Hr daily treatments, I was cured.
    By the way, Mayo Clinic, doesn't even treat LYME disease.

    Over the last ten years I have recommended many patients to Envita from as far away as Australia. In my eight weeks of treatment that I spent at Envita I encountered numerous patients with successful treatment stories that were just short of a miracle. Many of which came to Envita from having gone to conventional treatment first and were only coming to Envita because of failed treatment. Most of these were types of cancers. I have seen multiple children treated as well.

    My name is Michael Huls and I am a 20 year brain cancer survivor. I believe a lot of my success comes from a relationship with God and not having done Chemotherapy. I believe Envita is one of the most successful integrative centers in this country! If you are seriously considering going to Envita and you want to hear stories and more information from me, I will be willing to meet you for a cup of coffee. You can reach met at (602)821-5465.

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  • Be
    BeeKays Nov 15, 2019

    @Michael Huls Hello Michael Huls. I am very curious, what type of brain cancer did or do you have? My caregiver's husband has stage 3 glioblastoma...been battling this for 5 years. Any advice?

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  • Ra
    randy cushman Jan 01, 2020

    @Michael Huls your 20 years old with a 16 year old daughter?

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  • Ka
    Kandi Cook Jul 26, 2013

    I was really frightened when I found this complaint about Envita. We just made arrangements yesterday to bring my Father to Scottsdale in three days for assistance with chemo. The decision on where to have his cancer treatments and which approach to choose was left up to me alone. The weight of a decision of that size has not been easy to carry the last two weeks. My Dad means everything to me. I would trade my soul and all the money we have for a few more years with him. I almost didn't see the comments posted after the complaint. I am SO GLAD that you people have taken the time to respond in their defense. I am sure that Envita appreciates your efforts. On top of that, my family wants to reach out and say thank you too. We are worried. Hoping for great results. And have pooled all the money we have to pay for his chemo being they do not bill insurance regardless of the carrier. Thank you again - and say a prayer for my Father - Mr. Kent Cook he has basosquamous carcinoma now in his lungs and it is poorly differentiated. They say he has less than 3 months without chemo and a miracle. I say its not over until the fat lady sings and if you think you hear music - COVER YOUR EARS! Take that cancer! We are going to put up the biggest fight ever known before we give you my Daddy. ha ha

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  • Th
    The Exception Sep 05, 2019

    @Kandi Cook What was the outcome of your visit?

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  • Sa
    SarahM2019 Sep 08, 2019

    @Kandi Cook So after going to the center what do you think now? How's your dad?

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  • So
    sojourner76 Jan 19, 2014

    If I had known Then, what I know NOW...I would never have gone the AMA route!
    I've survived, and having researched since then--How can you treat a disease when you don't have a clue what Causes it??Louis Pasture was right, "Its the terrain, not the germ"
    the sojourner

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  • Kc
    KClaudia Apr 29, 2014

    Trust and pray to the one who created you, his name is Jesus. The strips he received at Calvary he bared for your healing. It is more powerful than any drug or medical doctor. Any treatment you receive is man made, but true healing and deliverance from any disease comes from Him. Man is limited, but God has no limits. My suggestion is to trust in him even if you do choose their treatments. He is the one who is in control of it all.

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  • Lr
    L Ramsey Mar 24, 2017

    @KClaudia sorry to break the news to you, but you are one of the kind of Christians that make people dislike and distrust anything a Christian says. I get what you are saying: "medicine is fine, but don't forget that any healing comes from Jesus." Yes, Jesus is the Great Physician. God created doctors and inspires them when they seek his guidance. Jesus may choose to heal through prayer only, but most often, it IS through medicine and doctors. Envita even makes it VERY cleat that their facility was based upon God's guidance. God has no limits, as you don't go preaching that healing doesn't come from Him THROUGH doctors and medicine and treatments. Unless you have suffered...really suffered from chronic pain and illness, you cannot possibly understand what it's like to feel hopeless, even though you HAVE trusted in Him. Please, keep your platitudes to yourself...they are simply not helpful.

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  • Ja
    jameskirtens Jul 15, 2014

    Facts are way off - don't pay antention to this review because the numbers are way off. Treatments at Envita are great, and they really work!

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  • An
    Anne Golladay Oct 19, 2014

    I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Envita for helping me on my way to recovery from Chronic Lyme disease. I don’t know where I would be right now without them! They continue to bless my life today, and I am forever grateful for the help and support they give.
    My story began when I was 19 years old. I traveled to China in 2007 where I received hundreds of bug bites. I came home feeling okay except for pain in my stomach. I began to notice an increased level of pain in my stomach, only to have several symptoms flare up all at once a couple months later, March 2008. These “attacks” would last a couple of hours and include: rash, burning sensation of the skin, extreme stomach pain and cramping, loss of feeling in limbs, swelling of the throat, face, eyes, ears, hands, and feet, rapid heart rate, fever, chills, shortness of breath, dizziness, fainting, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. At times there was loss of vision and hearing as well. I felt like I was dying because I did not know what was happening to me. As time went on, these attacks would happen consistently during the day and would last up to 8-9 hours.
    When these episodes would come up, I always had the same plan to help me get through them. I would go straight home to wait it out. It was difficult to stand or sit up, because I would get too dizzy and light headed, and my limbs would get too swollen, heavy, and lose feeling. While all of this is happening, I would be having uncontrollable vomiting and diarrhea while lying down. It felt like everything in my body was trying to fight off the infection inside of me. During these attacks I would have heart palpitations and shortness of breath. I would have to focus as hard as I possibly could to breathe very slowly in and out. I would concentrate during the entire 8-9 hour attack on good thoughts and breathing so I could keep myself calm. I knew that I was not going to die and so I would work my hardest on not letting myself pass out from lack of air and dizziness.
    Never having any serious health problems in the past, I concluded that I was allergic to something because of the swelling I experienced and how fast the attacks would come on. After much allergy testing, there was nothing to indicate that I was allergic to anything. I began seeing many different doctors and began testing to find answers for my problems. Every test showed that there wasn’t anything wrong with me! Each doctor I saw, either could not help me, or came to the conclusion that I was experiencing panic attacks caused by too much stress.
    I became very depressed and hopeless about everything in my life. I had dropped out of college and quit my job because I couldn’t function in a normal routine. I withdrew myself from people, social events and activities. I felt really uncomfortable socially, because I always felt sick and didn’t know how to handle the symptoms that I had. I was nervous that an attack would come on and I wouldn’t be able to get home in time.
    After a few more weeks, I noticed other symptoms developing in addition to the ones I already had! These symptoms would happen many times during the day, such as: fatigue, racing heart, hot flashes, red “hot” hands, feet, face, and ears, shortness of breath, memory problems, mental confusion, tingling sensations, anxiety, sharp stomach pains and cramping. My head always felt fuzzy, “foggy, ” and slow.
    The symptoms worsened as time went on. I was dealing with insomnia and could hardly get out of my bed because my body was so fatigued. My parents did not know what to do with me, but we were desperately seeking answers and praying. Thanks to my wonderful parents, who found out about Envita Medical Center, and for bringing me in to be tested for Chronic Lyme disease. In all the time searching for answers, I never really believed I had Lyme disease. I didn’t believe it, because I didn’t have the correct information and didn’t properly understand it. With the help of my mom, dad, and Envita, I learned that I did have Lyme disease. The doctors at Envita took the time to help me understand about my situation because I had a lot of doubts. They listened to everything I had to say, and I could feel that they cared about me. They explained everything that I wanted to know about and always took time to educate me about Lyme disease.
    I began treatment a month after learning my diagnosis, and completed eight weeks of the Lyme protocol and four weeks of the viral protocol. Reviewing my symptoms and further testing during the treatments proved that I was not only dealing with Lyme disease, but also other infections and many viruses and parasites. The treatment process affects everyone differently because every case is different. By the fourth week of the Lyme protocol, I was noticing how each week was becoming more difficult. I was feeling very sick and frequently wanted to give up. The doctors encouraged me and told me that I would feel worse before I felt better. I didn’t give up, because I set my mind to it and believed that Envita could help me. The doctors and all of the staff are so wonderful and supportive. They are continually searching for better ways to help their patients. They truly love and care about people. It was very encouraging for me to be around all of the other patients at Envita, too. They are a great support system to have there while receiving treatments. Everyone shares stories and gives help to each other. I am able to accept what I have and face any other obstacles that may come, because I have the desire to fight my hardest. The doctors at Envita have the same attitude and have helped me to stay focused on getting well. Having faith and hope is the most important way to face these challenges.
    During the last weeks of treatment, I was having more periods of time feeling much better and steadily improving. At this point of my life, the bacteria from the infections are gone and the virus load has decreased significantly. I am forever grateful to Envita for their knowledge and the extra effort they put in to each patient and their condition. I finally know, understand, and can handle what I have. I know that by faithfully committing to the Envita protocol, I will continue to feel good. I am so thankful for Envita, for their hard work and willingness to help and care for those who are suffering. They don’t give up on you, but figure out alternative ways to help you.
    I am now back in school as a full-time college student and am involved in many activities that I love. I love many outdoor activities, including rock climbing.I love and enjoy snowboarding, hiking, and coaching young children in gymnastics! I also recently got married this past year and have never been happier! Thank you to Envita Medical Center for helping me back into life!

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  • Ro
    robert gellerman Oct 28, 2014

    YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING!!! I have read all the comments here about Envita and would not ever take by body and it's problems to this company. A good medical practice has no controversy and no complaints. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the long response to Jalan above was written by Envita's attorney. Now who is going to believe those self serving comments. And watch out for "sister" companies in the Scottsdale area offering to treat Lymes disease. It appears that several medical centers are under the same ownership and mutual staff. My advice, just don't come to Arizona for treatment. Your doctors in your home state can be just as effective for you and save you a bundle of your hard earned money. I know. I have been through these Scottsdale centers two years ago. I wish you well in your recovery. Robert

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  • Ji
    jimbob2 Nov 06, 2014

    Every case of disease is different and one treatment might work well on someone and work poorly on someone else. Also, if Robert didn't follow protocol that could have led to his prediciment. Just is important to keep an open mind and I looked at the site about this place and found good reviews. Having had Lyme disease I know not everyone gets well - but some do and it CAN happen. It is a long battle but places like Envita really do help, I commend them for helping lyme patients!

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  • Ba
    BarryinNJ Nov 15, 2014

    You have scared me off. I had hope but now I don't.

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  • Le
    Leslie Landberg Nov 25, 2014

    There are some balanced reponses in review sites. Please google envita reviews. Although it appears some people have indeed experienced miraculous cures, they are apparently in the minority, perhaps one or two out of ten.

    It is clear from the reviews that despite advertisements and statements both by their staff and doctors and on their website, that there is but one treatment of choice for all patients, which involves a cocktail of massive doses of everything they can throw at you, taken by IV on a daily basis. It is not surprising that this one size fits all approach does not work and often results in making people feel far worse with no recovery to show for this inflicted misery and high cost.

    When people do complain about the protocols, the doctor in charge will privately tell them to seek out the services of their excorsist because they are actually suffering from a curse. This was verified by three patients who wrote reviews of this clinic.

    So, to sum up, several reviews of patients concur that they lie about tailorng treatment protocols and they lie about their results (touted as 90% cure rate) when it is about 10t% to 20%.

    They are also owned and run by a doctor who has had his medical liscense stripped for malpractice and operates behind the scenes now.

    The responses you have read here that are positive were probably all written by shills and attorneys. The crazy Christian rants were propably written by this shadow "doctor" who lost his liscense and apparently his marbles and runs the clinic behind the scenes. The company trolls the internet injecting negative complaint boards with phoney patient sucess stories.

    Do not by any means give up hope! The articles on their website are actually sound and fact based. Seek out a competent integretive or holistic md and get the advanced tests you will never be offered in America. These are standard diagnostic protocols in every developed nation but ours. Here we are stuck using tests that our outdated by 35 to 50 years, so you can't get better, and are forced to take their crap pills and invasive surgeries instead. Only Holistic and Integrative doctors utilize these modern protocols and most won't take insurance, but really, these tests aren't too expensive and can save your life!

    Just do your own resarch and don't be so passive. You can heal yourself of much of these opportunistic and infectious diseases by drinking spring water, whole organic and raw foods, raw Celtic salt etc. Most of the protocols recommended by Envita work, but the way they practice medicine is dangerous and unethical.

    Your protocols will cost far less and work far better if you steer clear of them and their fancy advertorials and seek honest practitioners in your own area.

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  • Je
    Jesus of Nazareth Dec 12, 2014

    "You can heal yourself of much of these opportunistic and infectious diseases by drinking spring water, whole organic and raw foods, raw Celtic salt"

    What about butterfly wings and unicorn horn? What about toenail of the Auk or nosehairs from the South American Tiger Toad?

    Wait, wait. I know. How about you just get bent?

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  • In
    Inhonorof Dec 29, 2014

    Pardon me as an 18 years nuero Lyme patient who has been treated by the best LLMDs in this country, I have heard horror stories about Envita, including a young women brought there for treatment with Lyme and well she died. Yes it happens but when I heard from her mother what they did and how they treated her, I just cringed. Do not come to Arizona for Lyme treatment, you will leave sick and broke. You may, if your lucky get a brief remission but you will relapse soon enough and be back at it with whatever funds you have left. This was the last state to get Lyme and I can promise you the last to figure out how to properly treat it, Just recently these medical centers have jumped on the Lyme bandwagon and are selling this bill of goods to anyone who will belive them with an open wallet.
    Save your money and go elsewhere, even if you have to go to Hans in Kansas or an LLMD in NY or CAl. You will be better off for it. Most in the Lyme community are all well aware of how Envita works and well shaking our heads, its sad enough how devastating the disease is but to have these places treat you like just a cash cow. And the lady that calls herself Anna, FYI, read your short novel about you, I can tell you right now, you did not have Lyme, you may have had some other infection going on but it was not Lyme disease, we have several strains here in America and yes there are different strains overseas, but since I work with people all over the world who have these different strains, your not one of them so whatever bill of goods Envita was selling you, sorry they did not tell you the truth. You have something else. I do not recomend this center to anyone who may suspect they have Lyme, why, because they have no clue what a Cd 57 nk + test even is. They just run a base cd 57 and call it Lyme. Not hardly. Just my educated opinion.

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  • Az
    AZmania Mar 05, 2015

    I have had 6 family members treated at Envita. My grandma, aunt, parents, niece and sister. They have come in for cancer, general wellness, and chronic lyme disease. This medical center has been the greatest blessing in our lives and we are so grateful to live so close to it. I just started to do a little digging into the reviews and have been so pleased to see so many positive reviews. But seeing the negative reviews on this site, umm...its a little ridiculous. I know the founder of the center personally, and he is one of the best and brightest individuals I know. These doctors would never do anything to harm a patient, I myself have witnessed so many patients getting well, I still stay in contact with a few I have met. They have been treating chronic lyme disease for at least 8 years, because that is when my sister was treated, who, by the way, is feeling awesome! She takes such good care of herself, and is still taking a few supplements. The doctors I have met over the years at Envita have been the most brilliant and compassionate doctors, who exude goodness! I don't believe for a second that they would tell anyone they need an exorcist to get well. That is not the Envita I know and have come to love. My dad was treated for a blood disorder back in 2003 or 2004. I have known about Envita for so many years.

    Anyone who listens to these people with such negative reviews, may be making the biggest mistake in there lives. I know Envita very well, and they are all totally ethical, good people, people who truly care and only want their patients to get well from their diseases. Here is a bit of advice to anyone who is now totally confused about the positive and negative reviews. Do your own research, call and talk to them, base your decision based on your research about what they know and can share with you, and do you feel good talking to them or bad? It just really bugs me, when I know the truth about Envita because of my extensive history with being their to support family members who have been so sick, and then I read these negative reviews, many by people who have never even been to Envita. I'm done with my rant, I just hope to help someone who is totally confused now, make the decision and get the help they need, Envita has been the answer for my families lives.

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  • Fi
    Fiasco Jones Aug 06, 2018

    @AZmania Somebody call a deprogrammer

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  • St
    Still alive.... Sep 21, 2018

    @Fiasco Jones Envita HAS AN AMAZING staff, they test you to see what drugs the cancer responds to, they dig deep to FIND THE REASONS why you got cancer to help you avoid a return of it, yes they are expensive as every cancer treatment center is . The BIGGEST FSLSE HOPE is the standard USA treatments for cancer. Lies, lies about criminals set free to kill and destroy humans!. I've researched world wide clinics, Doctors, protocols from holistic, integrative to standard treatments. Until you truly understand the Big Pharma control over our FDA and that you are worth ave of 1.2 million to pharmaceutical biz and huge pay backs to doctors to prescribe DRUGS THAT DONT truly cant see thru the forest of GREED. I'm alive because I researched the heck out of what caused the cancer then interviewed 23 clinics/doctors including ENVITA, tested body, then established a holistic protocol that WORKS. Thanks to Envita, and MANY other clinics advice...IM ALIVE.

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  • Am
    Amanda_B Mar 09, 2015

    My name is Amanda and I am one of the managers at Envita. I wanted to express our appreciation for some of the concerns expressed in these reviews. I have been here for years and know what we stand for as a company as well as what we do here for our patients. It is my goal to provide clarity and to dispel any confusion. I am here to provide real, accurate, and honest expectations for our patients and for the public who are interested in what we do. Our Doctors and staff are incredible people who are dedicated to finding answers and treating patients in the most effective way possible. Our treatments and technology are continually advancing with our focus on getting people well. I have experienced firsthand our successes and failures with patients recovering. I am here to help and can provide any educational information that would bring light to the matter such as our published studies, educational webinars, articles, ect. Please feel free to reach out to me personally with any questions or concerns. I can be reached at 602-569-4144. I wish you all the best of health.
    God Bless,

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  • St
    Still alive.... Sep 21, 2018

    @Amanda_B Hi Amanda, I met you last year. You all are very knowledgable, helpful, compassionate and have a grestgreat place to be treated.

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  • St
    Steve M.D. Jun 01, 2015

    Agree .As a subspecialist in rheumatology for 30 yrs I have the training to reasonably assess their approach. There are a huge number of people with false positive IGM Lyme tests .Some have legitimate autoimmune diseases .Some may have had contact with other spirochetes that dont cause chronic infection. Evita is exploiting that for financial gain and they should be ashamed of either their deception or ignorance.
    As regards Fibromyalgia it is a pain threshold disorder . Its related to Serotonin and norepinephrine levels and in some women lower estrogen levels. Substance P is a neurotransmitter that enables pain transmission its levels are inversely proportional to serotonin levels in the brain. It is what is released by Pepper on the tongue.
    Antidepressants work very well but you have to know how to use them. Exercise that doesnt put too much stress on tendons and ligaments can help. Situational stresses need to be counseled.Conditions that can mimic fibromyalgia include low thyroid or B12, spondyloarthopathies like psoriatic arthritis and referred pain and spasm from pinched nerves in the neck or low back.
    The problem with fibromyalgia is that few Doctors are trained in the complete differential diagnosis of musculoskeletal pain. Rheumatologists have the formal training to do so more than other physicians but some havent learned the nuances of treating patients with antidepressants. That leaves a window for operations like Evita to exploit the unsatisfied or anti conventional patient.

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  • Ho
    Homemn Jun 26, 2018

    @Steve M.D. Steve-thinking of going to envita cuz they are not finding anything wrong with me with regular doctors. I am looking for a rheumatoid doctor what's the best contact for you. David [email protected]

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  • St
    Still alive.... Sep 21, 2018

    @Homemn Go interview them. They are very helpful

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  • Dr
    DrVlad Jul 26, 2015

    Boy, what pat answers from those who disagree with OP.
    Envita is a scam simply designed to separate a fool from his/her money. I am a rheumatologist, who treats these serious disorders on a regular basis, and ran across their ad claiming to have the cure for fibromyalgia, lupus, chronic Lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome and a myriad of other "idiopathic"and "autoimmune" diseases.

    So much false science stated in their ad I don't know where to start. First of all, claiming that these diseases are all "idiopathic" is simply untrue. Lupus has a well understood genetic etiology. Lyme disease has a well understood infectious etiology, which by the way is easily treated with inexpensive oral antibiotics. Fibromyalgia is mechanical in nature, and to be medically correct is a syndrome, not a disease. That means there is no single identifiable etiologic agent, but rather an identifiable pattern of symptoms repeatedly reported across a population--what's called a causalgia--the list of symptoms define the syndrome. Any MD worth his salt who treats Fibromyalgia knows unequivocally the cause-- long term anxiety disorder and it's well established relationship to insomnia, depression, fatigue, pain, and deconditioning.

    However, my favorite is the referral of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as "Chronic Fatigue Immunodeficiency Syndrome", a term unused by scientist and physicians for over 25 years now!!! CFS is, was, and still is, very well proven to NOT be one of the autoimmune disorders and does NOT have an autoimmune cause. In fact in a very well known multidisciplinary conference in the late 1980's it was established and agreed upon that CFS was just another name for Fibromyalgia. This conference was presided over by Dr Fred Wolf, the scientist who discovered, defined, and researched Fibromyalgia.

    Although I could go on to other discrepancies of medical science and physiology in Envita's claims, the above is more than enough to prove their statements represent a denial of established scientific principles and basic misrepresentation of the physiology of disease. I treat people every day for all of the above maladies, and for a fraction of the cost. Do I have a 100%, or even 90% success rate? Of course not. Nobody does, ...except for paid spokespersons.

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  • St
    Still alive.... Sep 21, 2018

    @DrVlad are soooo brainwashed. You are the typical standard medical Doctor that prescribes DRUGS for every ailment, with no concern of the effects on the rest of the body. You convince people using your degree that you know what your talking about but actually know nothing of root causes of disease and how to reverse it. Standard Cancer and other invasive disease treatments in the USA are CORRUPTED BY THE GREED OF MONEY. Example...the cancer protocol for very well known center (on TV ads) in Az recommended protocol to me was 1 million plus paid by insurance, PROVEN BY TESTING it would be non effective to the cancer cells...and Deathly toxic to my body!!! Envita offered an integrated protocol after testing, humane protocol and 70k. Now who is the thief?, the misinformed, the true false informed?
    Huh...think again

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  • Ra
    RachealG Nov 02, 2015

    We're from Indiana so we're 1900 miles from home. Rachel Mae was being off and on at Parkview Hospital in Ft. Wayne, IN. and didn't seem to help as she kept getting worse as they called the family together twice. She has breathing problems and anxiety. They took everything off and her in hospice care. Everyone was praying for her and all at once she wanted a pencil and wrote, please pray for me that I can get well. We were all astounded, so our daughter in law Amy started searching the internet and this place popped up called Envita in Arizona and sad they treat natural and medical and that's what we were looking for. We felt it was "God sent" so we started making plans so we spent one whole day faxing her medical records and filling out forms and we were accepted to come. They sent a med jet called Angel Flight to pick her up. It took four and a half hours to get her here. Her brother Ben and Sister Barbara Ann flew with her. They had a good flight but when they got here they were worried about her breathing so they sent her to the hospital for a few hours to get her fluid drained and put her in Hospice of the Valley two weeks before she was able to come for treatment. They gave her too much fluids at home and it caused the breathing problems. We rented an apartment and have been bringing her 5 days a week for treatment. The first 6 weeks or so they built her body up with nutrition until they felt she was able to withstand radiation and chemo. She went through most of that now and is starting to eat well and get around on her own. It's amazing what Envita and lots of prayers did for her. We also want to thank Dr. Just and his coordinator Samantha and the staff for all the loving care! "God Bless You All" She is hoping to be healed soon to go home again.

    -2 Votes
  • Be
    benjamin e graber Dec 12, 2015

    My name is Ben Graber I'm Rachel Mae's older brother as Rachel was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer and being married with 5 children I felt like money was not an issue that we would do whatever the Lord showed us and it seemed like it was very clear that we would go to Scottsdale Arizona to be treated at Envita we found it to be a very helpful and blessed experience with people that have a faith in our God knowing that ultimately healing comes from Him, it seems like the Lord blessed there treatments and Rachel is on her way to recovery she has been receiving help from Hospice of the valley which we were very grateful for, but last week they told her that she no longer qualifies for their assistance as she is getting better, praise the Lord!! The negative comments that we read on this blog saddens me very much as there are probably hundreds and maybe even thousands of people desperately looking for help and reading these negative comments and getting very confused I just want everyone to know that I'm a real person not benefiting financially from this post I have a small construction business and do organic farming to earn a living for my wife and children, we live on a small farm near Fort Wayne Indiana my phone number is 260-385-8220 I would be willing to take time away from my schedule to talk to anyone that has questions, my heart is not to fight back to the negative comments, I just want to help if someone is seeking!

    3 Votes
  • Fa
    False Positive Jul 11, 2018

    @benjamin e graber Unfortunately, reading between the lines, all negative reviews seem genuine however the positive one always seem to concentrate around highly sentimental facts and all saying don't care about money. Internet is full of negative reviews but when you go there, you will see success stories. Mind you if you go there, no matter how useless the treatments are, there are always that sweet talking and hard selling doctors who will be able to convince you.

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  • Fa
    False Positive Jul 11, 2018

    @False Positive Ha! and most of the positive reviewers provide phone / email so that they can be contacted and can upsell! Wow... what a rip off ring!!

    -1 Votes
  • St
    Still alive.... Sep 21, 2018

    @benjamin e graber Excellent news!!
    There are NO cures in Standard cancer treatments for breast cancer metastatic. As I well know, only holistic and some integrative places like Envita can lengthen the life and allow you to live without harming the immune system that's keeping you alive. Congrats, build her immune system up and live on like i have. #hellNOchemo

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  • Co
    Corrie M Jan 17, 2019

    @False Positive I’ve been reading through these because my husbands step-mom is now at Envita. I looked up the woman, Rachael Mae, discussed above. She died three months after the above statements. Her brother said they dismissed her because she was too well to be there. I am in no way accusing him of lying. I am smelling a big fat rat on Envitas side. If they told that family that she was getting well, they lied. She died in Scottsdale, AR in a hospice center 3 months after dismissing her. She was clearly not on the road to recovery.

    I am sad that my family member is wasting her life insurance money on this scam of a place.

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  • Ly
    Lyme Warrior Dec 18, 2015

    IM SO GLAD TO READ THIS!!! I HATE THAT PLACE MORE THAN EVERYTHING AND DONT LET THESE OTHER PEOPLE (Probably Envita staff LOL) TELL YOU OTHERWISE. They killed my friend. They almost killed me. Unsterile techniques from TECHS (not nurses because hiring more than one nurse was "too expensive") the rooms were SO DIRTY! Dried blood everywhere, dust, body fluids from other patients on MY CHAIR. My mom had to clean the entire room before myself and other patients went in one day. (Their excuse was that the cleaning service doesn't come on that day. uh...IT SHOULD BE CLEANED AFTER EACH AND EVERY PATIENT USES THAT ROOM/CHAIR!

    They give false hope and when my friend pushed himself to the limit to get better just like they said and he didn't, then they told him it was because he contracted Satan and demons on his trip to Africa and needed an exorcism. ...he's JEWISH LOL! They told me I needed deliverance as well. They give double the normal dose of vitamins and several people almost got in car wrecks after they allowed them to drive home.

    They gave one girl these infusions and we were wondering why her bags always looked different and it was because they were NORMAL SALINE. charging her thousands for all these meds and specialty infusions which ended up just being saline.

    The waiver they make you sign should've been a red flag. I even brought it up but my parents at the time were like "oh no it's fine". I mean we are desperate! We want our lives back and they just sink their teeth right in.

    I hope they've changed since myself and all the other patients went. We told them they need to step it up and pay more attention to the person, not the money. That everyone is different and needs specialized plans for them. Funny how NOW that's what they say all over their website. We all reported them to the authorities and FDA and I guess they finally changed. (NOT) I'd still never go there. The scene of vomit, blood, dust, and the fact I should've died will always haunt me.

    For those who had good experiences, good for you. But please don't tell this courageous man he's wrong and incompetent. That was what he went through and I did do. You know how tough being sick is so imagine our experiences on top of that? Don't hate. Educate. And have some f'ing compassion like you would want.

    5 Votes
  • Ly
    Lyme Warrior Mar 09, 2016

    "I hereby retract my previous made about Envita. I made these comments in anger and acknowledge that they are not true. I apologize for my comments and to the patients that may have read my post about Envita. Please don't ask me to comment any further on these matters."

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  • Ra
    Ray Furman Mar 30, 2016

    I can't believe all the negative comments about Envita Medical Centre. I am wondering who is paying these negative writers and I would probably guess that they are affiliated with the FDA . Obviously everybody that goes there for treatment isn't going to necessarily be miraculously cured but we can say that everybody we met while my husband was being treated there had mostly only good things to say about the place. We are from Canada where my husband underwent surgery to remove a tumor on his upper colon in May, 2015. The cancer had metastasized to some lymph nodes and then went to his liver. We knew that his treatment here in Canada would be the one size fits all attitude that all the regular hospitals in Canada and the U.S. have when it comes to treating cancer. You are usually so damned sick when you're done with their strong chemo and radiation that when they tell you that you might have 6 months to live you better believe it because you feel like you do just want to give up and die.
    We went to Envita in early October, 2015 and after treating my husband over the course of the winter we can very happily say that his cancer is gone. I would have to say that my husband was very tired of all the treatments there but when you talk to people there that are getting a lot better it gives you some hope. We are not religious people so we weren't praying but we do believe that if you go there with a negative attitude then it's likely that you won't get better because probably nobody can help you out. We feel that without the specialized treatments and the referral to what we consider to be the best radiation treatments (tomography radiation) anywhere that my husband could have received that he would be 6 feet under just like the regular doctors told him he would be. If anybody needs to ask us anything more about our time there just call us at 250-785-1079 or cell 250-261-0387 and we will gladly talk about how my husband is now free of cancer and that is quite impressive after stage IV colon and liver cancers. Yes, it costs money but what good does money do you when you're no longer here to enjoy it or anything else in life.

    Ray and Marlene Furman
    British Columbia, Canada

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  • Bi
    Bill Chevy Apr 23, 2016

    Concerning these last two comments about Rachel Mae, I was in Phoenix and watched Rachel improve. I did a lot of taxi work for the family. I saw her change from a listless miserable person to a bright eyed young mother, enjoying her family. She was an inspiration to be around.
    However, something happened. Maybe it was preventable. Maybe it was negligence on Envita's part. OR MAYBE IT WAS SIMPLY GOD SAYING IT IS NOW TIME FOR RACHEL MAE TO COME HOME. She died in early March. It was sad to see this happening, but she personnally saw Jesus before passing away. What can anyone say?
    Call her brother Ben Graber if you want more details.

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  • Do
    Douglas shinn Oct 15, 2016

    Do some research into what other "Natural doctors" are doing for treatment for Lyme et al. ( coinfections) Do some serious research. Don't listen to either side. Find out v ia the internet exactly what treatment are working and which are not. Me? I have been to numerous Naturopathic doctors that use some of the same treatments as Envita. All have had mixed results. The problem, is few, very few doctors, natural or AMA trained docs have done the proper research, without bias. Do your self a favor, side track your ego, and do the research. Find out what works. Envita has done the research and has many very effective treatments for various diseases. Lyme is a relatively new disease. It has been around forever, but until the last 20 yrs or so, the AMA has completely denied the existence of Lyme. Think back in history for many diseases that took decades of research, to finally come up with workable treatments. Most docs "back in the Day" were looked at as crazy for their experiments for many diseases that they ended up finding a treatment for. But in their day, they were called crazy. Sound familiar???? Could it be that a bit of jealously is injected here. Don't listen to me. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. FIND THE TRUTH. It is all there. In the future Envita will be looked at as one of the forerunners in alternative treatments, for a wide range of conditions that AMA trained docs haven't a clue as to their cause or, especially treatment. You want to look at the AMA, to find out who is really trying to put Envita and other progressive treatment centers out of business. Follow the money. Its always the money. Who has to be afraid $ wise if Envitas treatments really work. Its really a no brainer, if you do enough research. n Good luck

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  • Ma
    MaryKay Gilbert Jun 02, 2017

    I expect the patient and their support group's attitudes have much to do with the success or failure of these expensive treatments. If it gives them hope and they trust in the "cure", they're much more likely to get better. There may be some validity in the treatments, but I, for one, cannot afford them. However, those who say, "ANY Dr can treat these conditions." are wrong. I have moved around often, but have mostly lived in the MidWest, and have found very few practitioners of any type who seem to know much of anything about fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic depression. I wish I could find a Dr like some of those who made comments above who actually seem to know what they're doing. I agree that the physical, emotional and spiritual cannot be separated and all work together to make us ill or well.

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  • Oh
    OhHumanity Jun 10, 2017

    There is a pattern in these comments. Someone who really experienced the treatment or who really understands the science writes a negative comment. Then immediately someone who is undoubtedly an insider from Evita poses as a patient and writes a positive comment and offers to talk over the phone. Ha ha. This is hilarious. Anybody now who thinks Evita is legit is the dumbest of humanity.

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  • Jo
    Johnsabo Feb 10, 2018

    I know this thread is a few years old at this point but I wanted to ad that I was a patient at one of the Envita clinics and received the same crappy care as described by the first post.
    First off everyone that saw that doctor was being diagnosed as having lyme. As an actual patient of lyme/cfs this was horrifying.
    Everyone revieced the same treatment. Nutritional ivs, ozone, h2o2, chelation, antibiotics. Then were put on a sea salt vitamin c protocol and advised to buy a ride machine. From a specific place.
    When all else failed. A faith healer was suggested.
    I developed horrible colitis doing their protocol and they did next to nothing to help me.
    Find a another place. That doesn’t use a shotgun approach and pseudo science to healing.
    You can get recovery.

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  • Ja
    Janet Chambers Jul 09, 2018

    I was diagnosed with lyme disease 5 years ago and was taking antibiotics and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug which seemed to help. however, I still suffer from some of the symptoms. my symptoms have always been chronic fatigue, joint pain, and even neurological problems in controlling hand and leg movements. I am a 54 year old female. the antibiotics wasn’t really working and I could not tolerate them for long due to severe side effects, so this year our family doctor started me on natural herbal gardens lyme disease herbal mixture, we ordered their lyme disease herbal treatment after reading alot of positive reviews, I am happy to report with the help of natural herbal garden natural herbs I have been able to reverse my symptoms using herbs, my symptoms totally declined over a 8 weeks use of the natural herbal gardens lyme disease herbal mixture. my lyme disease is totally reversed! their official web page is www. this is a herbal store that will be leaving it’s footprint in this world. i’m 54 and have never been this healthier

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  • Da
    Dale Knipple Jul 15, 2018

    Has anyone had any experience at Envita at CIMA Hospital (University of Sonora) in Hermosillo, or Puerto Peñasco (also Sonora {MX})?

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  • Da
    Dale Knipple Jul 15, 2018

    Does anyone have experience with Envita at CIMA Hospital (University of Sonora) or Puerto Peñasco b(Sonora) Mexico?

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  • Te
    Tera Willard Aug 02, 2018

    I was diagnosed a year and a half ago with Lyme disease after three months of flu-like symptoms and severe knee and foot pain. Finally, after several tests and an expensive MRI, I was diagnosed. I was put on doxycycline and had a severe reaction to that, so then they put me on a different medication. My pain still didn’t go away for good. I still had bouts of pain and fatigue that last weeks. I was seeking something to help regain my life to be able to do things for myself. Through my primary physician i learnt about a Lyme disease herbal formula from NATURAL HERBAL GARDENS and their success rate with the treatment, i immediately started on the Lyme disease herbal protocol, I am glad to report the herbal formula worked effectively and there was no side effects, I had a total decline in symptoms, the pains, chronic fatigue and other symptoms stopped, my Lyme disease is totally REVERSED, Here is a link to the website we ordered from ww w.naturalherbalgardens.c om This Herbal Protocol is Incredible!!

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  • Az
    AZMD19 Sep 13, 2018

    I am an allopathic physician (MD). In the past two weeks alone I have admitted four patients to the intensive care unit from Envita. Each patient has terminal cancer. They have been receiving "low-dose radiation" and "low-dose chemotherapy" and taking conventional medications for off-label "cancer-blocking" properties. These patients have flown in from out of state and out of country to be treated by Envita because their hope for a miracle has been preyed upon. I will, with any luck, be able to send two of these patients home to pass peacefully surrounded by family. Unfortunately I cannot count the number of patients that have died in the hospital, painfully, because they have been lied to by this company. Envita is a disgusting company that preys on the hopes of young, terminally ill patients. If I can prevent even one person from coming to Envita for cancer treatment this will have been worth it.

    10 Votes
  • Gr
    grace purg Sep 26, 2018

    My mother has had shoulder surgery and two neck surgeries to treat the Fibromyalgia pain. The surgeries did no good. The several doctors I had seen, finally decided they had no idea what was wrong with her and no suggestions what to do. My family doctor sent us to the Total cure herbal foundation where she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia with just one visit.we proceeded in purchasing the herbal formula which she used for complete 15 weeks treatment plan that was able to kill all the pain and terminate the whole symptoms, the herbal products has dramatically cure my mother from this very fibromyalgia disease with no serious side effect, you can also visit their website and purchase from them 

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  • Gu
    Gustin Alison Apr 05, 2020

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  • Gu
    Gustin Alison Apr 05, 2020

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