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Customer Support Phone Numbers

1800 946 541(Ireland) 1 0
1800 691 682(Australia) 1 0
+1 844 393 9989(Customer Service (USA) 3 0
+1 844 307 8015(Customer Service (Canada) 2 0
+1 800 367 6767(Roadside Assistance (USA) 1 3
+1 800 268 9711(Roadside Assistance (Canada) 2 0
+1 844 382 6875(Reservations (USA) 1 0
+1 844 307 8014(Reservations (Canada) 1 0
+1 877 881 5500(Business Rental Customer Support) 1 4
+44 800 587 0904(United Kingdom) 1 0
+33 805 542 560(France) 1 0
+49 800 000 6727(Germany) 1 0
+39 800 979 552(Italy) 1 0
+351 800 781 377(Portugal) 1 0
+34 900 816 486(Spain) 1 0

National Car Rental Complaints & Reviews

National Car Rental / issue with the billing-overcharging

Oct 08, 2019

Incident number: [protected] Rental agreement: [protected] Hello, On 5th October we hired a car from the above agency, the contract was for a duration of 24 hours max. When I checked my credit card statement, I realised that the agency overcharged us (instead of 24h, they charged u...

National Car Rental / illogical policy regarding adding additional drivers

Sep 27, 2019

My friend rented a vehicle from the Atlanta Airport National Car rental location on 9/25. As she we preparing to return the car on 9/27, her hip slipped out of the socket rendering her unable to walk or drive. We live over 1 hour from the Atlanta Airport. I tried to have my name added to...

National Car Rental / card wrongfully charged. poor customer service

Sep 26, 2019

I recently rented a GMC Terrain on 9/22. 9/23 National closed out my rental and charged me for having a Nissan Centra. I never rented a Nissan Centra and I am currently still in the GMC Terrain which National has no record of. I called customer 4 times and sent an email to have thi...

[Resolved] National Car Rental / car rental / *beware thieves*

Sep 09, 2019

*be aware* thevies * unethical employees from check in clerks and management. We rented a car fronmmnational car rental in atlanta airport. From the beginning to end was a horrible experience. 1st problem we had was with the check in clerk. He added all these additional fees we did not ask...

National Car Rental / being blamed for damage on a car without additional information / scam

Sep 06, 2019

I rented a car out in Charleston, SC on July 31st 2019 and returned the car to Myrtle Beach, SC on Aug 4th 2019. When I returned the car it was checked and no damage was noted by the employee. Now it's been one month, I received a voice mail from damage department and received a letter in...

National Car Rental / illegal towing, full refund requested with personal items

Aug 11, 2019

National Car RentalMy name is Tuan Dang, member of Emerald Club #[protected]. Phone contact: [protected] Email: [protected] I would like to formally fill out the complaint about the Incidence # [protected]. Rental duration: July 14 to Aug 02, 2019 RA# [protected] Pickup/Return Location: Miami International...

National Car Rental / unethical behaviour

Aug 06, 2019

I rented a car from National Car Rental in Englewood CA on 7/19/19. I had reserved a mustang convertible rental agreement [protected] and upon arriving at the pickup point no vehicles were available. After standing around for 20 minutes of a black Mustang convertible was borrowed from Alamo...

[Resolved] National Car Rental / missing in action

Aug 06, 2019

National Car RentalSo you rent a car online... bookings are usually so easy... you arrive to pick your booked car up and no represenative from National is at the counter. Not at 9pm, 10pm nor 11 pm. Calls to corporate tel#s promised that someone would be there at the times noted. This was at the Lethbridge...

National Car Rental / rental charges

Aug 03, 2019

Kenneth Smith Member # [protected] RA # [protected] Customer Support # [protected] I have been charged $1, 416.03 for a rental that should have been less than $300 based on my contract. I have been told 3 times since 11:30 am on 8/1 that I would be contacted to resolve this issue. It i...

National Car Rental / cnn national tv advertising

Jul 29, 2019

Regarding your current National Advertising Campaign running on CNN: My Company hosts a large number of clients, vendors and team members within the US and Abroad. We often reimburse these travelers for their travel related expenses as submitted to us... many being National Rental...

National Car Rental / over-charging a long term client

Jul 29, 2019

I have rented exclusively from National for nine years and love the Emerald Aisle. I started with a new company and told our secretary to book a flight, hotel, and car with National (since I had a long term relationship.) My secretary booked an SUV ... but I am so used to using the Emerald...

National Car Rental Port Hardy / excessive billing

Jul 28, 2019

National Car Rental Port HardyI have already submitted this complaint once with no response. We collected a hire car from Port Hardy Airport and there was no one at the desk when we arrived. We had to call and after the second call some one arrived who said that they were not the regular person and that Debbie had a...

National Car Rental / executive elite

Jul 27, 2019

I would like to know benefits of executive elite. I can never get the vehicle I want and I have already rented around 200 days this year, sent people to rent from company and told I can't switch into a suburban from a Durango but I can get a Armada. I know how it works, they use suburban...

National Rental Car / national car rental - damage form after being told everything was fine.

Jul 25, 2019

As an Executive Elite Member I rented a vehicle in Norfolk VA on July 21, 2019 and returned at Dulles Airport on July 23rd. When I picked up the car in Norfolk, I did check out the car and walked around but if you've ever been there the car rental garage is not the most well lit location...

National Car Rental / article left in the car while returning the car

Jul 20, 2019

Hi Team, My name is Ravi Rao and my Emerald ID [protected]. I have used the services from 15th April till 8th June, and than from 6th Jul till 15th July this year. Contract # RES [protected]. While returning the car on 15th July, I had forgotten to picked my umbrella from the car...

[Resolved] National Car Rental / customer service

Jul 14, 2019

With all the location I visit, National is the best in customer service and convenience. However, your staff in Atlanta airport ar by the far the worst in customer service. They're unfriendly, aggressive and frankly rude. I've experienced issues with pick up, drop off and management lack...

National Car Rental / inconsistent charges

Jul 08, 2019

We are a large international organization and our division has been rotating several USA employees to work in Germany since the summer of 2018. We mainly rent cards from the Frankfurt National Car Rental company. Since the beginning of the year I started noticing charges on several...

National Car Rental / additional charges

Jul 07, 2019

National Car RentalWe had a hire car arranged to collect at Port Hardy airport and arrived around 9.00 to collect the car. No one was there so we had to call and wait for someone. When a lady arrived she said that the main person had a water leak and she was just helping out but that our rental did not start...

National Car Rental / tier days

Jul 04, 2019

National Car RentalI rented a car from April 21 to May 12, 2019 in Kuwait and they have not updated my rental days so I can achieve my EE status. Emerald Club# [protected] I should have 60 Rental Days I have submitted several requests to have my Emerald Club Account updated and it has not been completed. Reservation# [protected] Can you assist in resolving this matter?

National Car Rental / cleaning fee

Jul 03, 2019

I'm writing regarding a recent cleaning charge that was assessed for RA [protected] on 5/29. When I returned the car I told the return agent that it was smokey and that I had to purchase Febreeze to help with the smell. I also told him it should be cleaned and not placed on the Emerald Aisle...

[Resolved] National Car Rental / vehicle damage

Jun 27, 2019

I rent vehicles from National Car frequently because I travel extensively for work and they are my favorite rental company, I am even an Emerald customer. In May, I chose to rent the Nissan Maxima, upon leaving the parking garage, I gave my phone to the woman in the booth to scan (Emerald...

National Car Rental / regarding change in my rental amount for the rented car without informing

Jun 18, 2019

Hi, I am complaining about car that I rented from National Car. Below are the complete details: Rental Agreement # [protected], Bill Ref # [protected], Renter Name: Deepshikha Jain Rental Location: Washington Reagan Airport, VA 22202 Return Location: Newark Liberty International Airport...

[Resolved] National Car Rental / columbus ohio national car rental office

Jun 06, 2019

On 6/5/19 11 30 pm I attempted to rent a car from the emerald Isle in Columbus oh, John Glenn airport, and was told I did not have a reservation. I had to remove my bags leave the car, and rent a car from dollar. I talked to the manager at the national office in columbus, I think Darrell, he...

National Car Rental / rental in Prague using points

Jun 05, 2019

I am a very good National Customer ( [protected]). Made car rental using points at Vaclev Havel airport in Prague, Czech Republic for a vacation (Rentals #'s: [protected] - 7 days; [protected] - 3 days). I called Customer service 5 months ago to assure they accepted points. Arrived in...

National Car Rental / lost key fee with rental car return atl

May 31, 2019

On May 8, 2019 I (Emerald Member [protected] and Invoice [protected]) rented a Nissan Sentra (Trip #[protected]) from the Atlanta Airport (ATL) location and after my 3 hour rental, I returned the car to the ATL facility. Upon returning the car which had a push button starter, the keys were...

National Car Rental / lost and found

May 23, 2019

I left my jacket in the front seat of the car. As I boarded my plane in San Antonio, I realized I did not have my jacket. I tried calling the San Antonio National Car rental but they do not list local numbers so I had to call the main number. The lady explained that I needed to fill out a...

[Resolved] National Car Rental / emerald club

May 16, 2019

My name is Timothy Key. I have been patiently on the phone for 2 hours on my second call and 30 minutes on my first. I called to merge my emerald club numbers. I asked would I be able to use my credits from what would have been my old account to my new account. I was assured it would...

[Resolved] National Car Rental / usury damage fees

May 15, 2019

My rental was vandalized in the Orlando Florida area in April 2019. I received a damage claim from National in the amount of $1, 447.02 - way too hire. I did receive an offer to lower this from Randall Hardie of National (he was very professional) but this is still too high based on the...

[Resolved] National Car Rental / car rental

May 14, 2019

I rented a nissan versa may 7 2019 loc san jose intl airport ca ra [protected]. while driving 880 n fwy I hit an object dropped by car before me no way to avoid caused damage front bumper driver side I have pic to this date no reprt repair cost from national need these asap so I can get $...

National Car Rental / commercial

May 11, 2019

The commercial is 3X as loud as my TV! Complaints from neighbors! Live in a condo. Lower this now! No one that lives here will rent from you due to this (Fort Lauderdale beach). Pls fix this! Streaming on Direct TV Now. You are the only problem commercial. Why is this so loud? Apparently I...

[Resolved] National Car Rental / rental promotions and customer service info

May 07, 2019

Enrolled in one two free - earned a number of free rentals, was informed of limit of 3 coupons use at a time, asked about rental location limits and was told there were none, needed to be used for rental days before end of day June 13th. There was a note that they can be used at National...

[Resolved] National Car Rental / tolls

May 03, 2019

Quite often I get toll citations but my card on file is okay according to National Car Rental. Almost every week my card ( AMX) on file gets card successfully for the rental and most of the time the tolls. Occasionally I get a citation but when I go to pay online it says the citation...

[Resolved] National Car Rental / price gouging

May 01, 2019

My other company was charging 106.04 You charged 250.60. Situation: Had reserved vehicle with another company at Houston IAH on 4-26 at 1130PM, my flight was delayed and I arrived at the rental facility after midnight and found out my retailer was closed. So I approached your rental counter...

[Resolved] National Car Rental / customer service

May 01, 2019

I rented 3 van at tpa last month, I still can not get over the way I was treated that day. 1st, budget rented me 2 15 passenger van when they only had 1 available. After waiting 3hrs, I ended up settling for a 12 pass and a 15pass. Then after returning them, I got in my car to exit the...

National Car Rental / customer service at the airport

Apr 09, 2019

I reserved a car through my company's business account. I am on travel for business. I rented the vehicle from March 15, 2019 to April 12th, 2019. My travel has been extended to May 1st. I am currently trying to reach the Norfolk International Airport National Car Rental. I have tried...

National Car Rental / overcharging & promptness of resolving issue

Mar 18, 2019

Dear National The rental car facility is responsible for ensuring I never fly into Wichita again. There customer service is horrible, they over charged my account without discretion. Resolving the issue has been very time consuming. I've never been treated this badly in seven years of...

National Car Rental / reservation vehicle availability

Mar 15, 2019

I reserved a "High Roof" passenger van at the Fort Lauderdale Airport location for rental this June. I decided to ensure avalability by visiting location this week. Upon arrival no staff member could advise availability and manger on duty stated they have not had vehicle at their location...

[Resolved] National Car Rental / unauthorized credit card charges

Feb 19, 2019

I rented a vehicle in Regina Sask, November 12th and returned it November 14th RA# [protected]. I did not have time to refuel prior to returning the vehicle and was charged for a fill. I accept this charge. On the 15th of November, I received an email notifying me that as there was evidence...

[Resolved] National Car Rental / poor customer service

Jan 29, 2019

I took a family trip to Hawaii and needed to rent two cars for the duration of the trip. Since the Emerald Club site will not allow multiple reservation at the same time, I made a call to Emerald Club to make the reservations under my account. When I talked to customer service, I told them...

[Resolved] National Car Rental / I complain about who not working well as its should be

Nov 14, 2018

Hey account of membership it's not working I complain about that no anything about this information should be to fix soon possible ok this is information for this I'm Aftab Yusuf my driver's License:, I complain since last year before and still yet no answer to knowing happened and reason...