Walgreenspharmacy sucks every time!

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Every time... I give them another chance and another chance, hoping that maybe they would get a little better at what ever they are running over there. Every time I get a prescription filled there, it could be 8 hours later and they still won't have it ready. Every time I go there - drive-thru or going inside - there is always a long, long line, and it takes about 10 minutes just for someone to finally get their medicine. I always see customers shaking their heads with disbelief, and I ask myself why do we go through walgreens for prescription refills? Yes, it may be closer to the house than other places, but I am at the point where it is not worth it! The time it would take to drive somewhere else, pick up the meds, and come home, I would still be in the drive thru waiting for my walgreens refills. I am changing my pharmacy tomorrow, this place is awful with a capital "a"!!! Thank you for letting me vent.


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    Laura Schob Oct 29, 2020
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    My husband has terminal cancer. A Walgreen pharmacist in Bend, Oregon had to have me tell her Fentanyl (pain med) could be refilled. She hadn’t read anything. But the worst thing was she said I could pick up the perscription that night. I said I’d pick it up in the morning. I went there at noon, and the male pharmacist working said they did not have Fentanyl. I received no text message about this. I talked with the head pharmacist and he said, “Oh, the pharmacist probably didn’t look to see if we had any.” There service is appalling. Go to a private pharmacy or Rite Aid. Our regular pharmacy doesn’t carry Fentanyl. Can you imagine how it feels to have your spouse so I’ll and you are lied to about pain meds? Where is humanity? Where is human focused service? Not at Walgreens, for sure.

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  • Bl
    Blue orange Jan 19, 2020

    Walgreens filled my mother’s BP prescription at 5 mg. When she came to live in my town, the new physician caught the error from her old dr transferring her records. She was supposed to be at 2.5 mg. For 2 months, she was taking double the meds.
    The pharmacy techs can never find anyone’s prescription. There is no system of organization. No person ever waits under 15 minutes for a transaction. CVS doesn’t seem to have these issues.

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  • Ez
    Ez pass blows Feb 09, 2021

    @Blue orange Cvs is worse

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  • Ro
    Robert Hockett Nov 27, 2019
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    Got prescrips and other goods at Rite Aid for 15 years. Perfect every time. Shelves always stocked, prescrips always seamlessly filled. Walgreens buys the store two months ago. Same employees, but now everything royally sucks all the time. Empty shelves, fewer selections, iffy prescrips. It's as if the old Soviet Union came back and 're-organized' operations to ensure everyone's [censored]ed - including the hard-working. Thanks, Walgreens. And thanks, non-existent anti-trust law.

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  • 37
    3701 N KINGS HWY Apr 17, 2017
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    I just moved to the area and changed my prescriptions to go to Walgreens Pharmacy Store #6898, 3701 N KINGS HWY, Myrtle Beach, S.C. 29577.
    That was a big mistake. I have gone there twice after getting a text, and signing in online under prescription status showing ready for pickup. But it won''t be ready until tomorrow. I am going to find another Pharmacy that knows what the Hexx is going on.

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  • Gr
    Grammamary Nov 20, 2014

    They have stolen my benzos and committed insurance fraud and shorted my husband by two thirds of his inhalers putting him in the hospital with an exacerbation!!! Ghetto! I will never spend a dime in that store. Also every time I go there, in St Paul, a patient is always disgruntled and frustrated.

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  • Br
    BrigidBernadette May 11, 2014

    Walgreen's is a disgrace to the pharmacy business. I can only hope the people whom they have made suffer from their idiotic run around to fill prescriptions prescribed by a freaking oncologist from a large cancer treatment center, that they get that back ten fold. One day cancer may come for them, and when it does I hope that they are denied medically necessary pain medication just because it is a weekend. And when the pain comes, I hope they suffer like they have made me suffer, writhing in pain throughout the long dark night, feeling like you'd rather commit suicide than have to suffer from the pain of cancer and chemotherapy. I hate this company and I hope the hell they have visited upon me will come back to them ten fold. You are either in the business of filling prescriptions or you are not. Funny, I NEVER have problems at CVS, which will get all of my business. I see Walgreen's must hire from the bottom on the pharmacy class, and CVS hires from the top. They not only know my name at CVS, they greet me with a smile and if they are out of my meds, they will immediately call another store for me. Walgreen's violated my privacy by discussing my business in front of a waiting room full of people. I'm standing there bald from chemo, covered in red spots, holding onto the counter to stop myself from falling over, and they tell me they can't fill my prescription because they have to call the doctor first--on a Friday at 5:30. They are interfering with my medical care, and I am thinking about suing.

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  • Fl
    FLOYD IN FLORIDA Mar 05, 2012

    I deliver to Walgreen and they have more part time people that McDonald's!
    Part time people up the Ying Yang!
    They must have minium wage pharmacist as none of them ever stays!
    Use to go to Walgreens for Prescriptions but Since the fools decided to dump Tri Care
    I was forced to go to CVS? What fools, now they have lost half of their Prescription sales!
    Good show CEO ur running Walgreens right into the Ground!
    Walgreens is firing at the Bottom to cut cost when they should be firing at the Top!
    Walgreens says Express Scripts was offering “below-average” reimbursements for the more than 80 million prescriptions it fills annually for Express Scripts’ members[8]. In ending their contract with Express Scripts, Walgreens faces potential losses of $5.3 billion in annual sales[9].
    Get rid of you Walgreen's stock now as the Bottom is about to fall out Especially in the Miltary areas of the nation!

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  • Vv
    vvagcc Jun 15, 2011

    To Jack W: The Pharmacist has the right refuse to fill any scrip for any reason. If they feel that the script needs to be verified then they have the right to do that. If the script is a controlled substance then the laws are different in every state. But if the pharmacist has never filled with that Dr. how do they know the signature is valid? You could have stolen the pad and be writing your own scripts. Not by any means saying that you are. But desperate people do desperate things. That is their license and lively hood. If someone was having you do something that could be illegal and make you lose your job would you do it? Probably not. But some pharmacist don't care that much about controlled substances, that is probably who filled your script with-out verifing it.

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  • Ja
    Jack W Jun 13, 2011

    Walgreens in Kissimee FL
    I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis over 15 years ago. My regular pharmacy CVS was out of my heavy pain killers ( Morphine, Methadone etc) so like usually in this situation i went to Walgreens across the street. Pharmacist told me that He has to contact my doctor prior accepting my prescriptions. It was Sunday and I knew i will not be able to get in touch with my doctor. I told him that i run out of my medication and i need them today. He did not care. I ask Pharmacist to provide in writing either the Law or procedure where would state that he can refuse to fill out prescription unless additional contact with doctor will be establish. He could not. I went to another Walgreens and i got my meds without calling my doctor (it took 3 other pharmacies to find all of medications). I was without my meds for over a day (extreme pain etc)
    I complaint to a store manager and told him exactly what happen. He actually called me back, but he did nothing to either help me or to reprimand his employee. This was my last time at Walgreens. I would not care if it would not be for the fact that very few pharmacies are allowed to carry my meds (DEA regulations) and my prescriptions can not be filled partially. They did not care that I'm handicap and it is hard for me to run from one place to another. They did not care how much pain (actual physical pain) they made me suffer.
    CVS has their share of problems, but Walgreens is just unbearable .

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  • Si
    sickkid Apr 01, 2011
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    totally agree. its terrible. http://terribleterribleinstitutions.wordpress.com/

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  • Ge
    getinitonbymyself Nov 10, 2010

    Everytime I go there they are so slow... they don't even know much either. My wife and I had some issues and I was not able to hold an erection and i went to order my viagra... not only did they make me wait for 8 hours, but they gave me the wrong medication. Now my wife will not have a Rendezvous with me. And we could not even get our freak on. Now she is leaving me for my next door neighbor... AND HE IS A MIDGET!!! do you have any idea what that did to my confidence? Dam walgreens they suck. Now I am filing a lawsuit for 2.5 million dollars for pain and mental anguish. Next time I am going to CVS.

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  • Be
    bellaboozle Oct 03, 2010

    The problem with Walgreens, as with many companies, is that they only care about money.

    Ive seen an old woman with a deceased husband ask for more hours at work only to have her hours cut three weeks later AND a new person hired. Not only a new person hired, two new people hired within the month. Please dont tell me that Walgreens hiring new people has anything to do with trying to save the company money on paying for our health insurance. If you work under a certain number of hours a week, you lose your health insurance. Surprisingly, all the full time employees work one or two hours under the required number of hours to receive health insurance. Thats a coincidence right? But their TV ads say they care about its customers. Right. More like they care about your wallet.

    And they really push the health insurance. My store manager, Ms. Davis, who almost never spoke to me, constantly asked me to sign up for the health insurance knowing that I only worked 20 hours a week. Knowing that I could not receive it. I finally said one day "I work 20 hours a week. So why would I get it? I wouldnt be able to use it." She didnt say anything. They let you pay for the health insurance and then when you go to use it, it comes back saying declined due to insufficient hours. I had a third shift person tell me that this happened to her.

    By the way, I got my prescription at Walgreens for the two years I worked there. I always had to wait in line 10-15 minutes to get my prescription because some guy was yelling at the pharmacist or they were just really slammed. I heard Walmart was cheaper so I started going there. I saved a whopping 10 bucks a month off my prescription by going there AND every time I have gone, I have either had no wait or waited five minutes at most. So then I found out Costco was cheaper. Im now saving a whopping 15 dollars a month at Costco and at Costco I have never waited. So, bascially, for two years I paid $180 more a year for my prescription and always had to wait in line.

    The other issue is the management. The co-workers vary but, out of all the management, a few or several will have bad attitudes. Bad attitudes meaning lazy, rude, micromanaging or totally ignorant of the idea of positive reinforcement.

    Lazy as in they get a list for themselves and pawn off a bunch of their work onto you. Then you see them smoking outside ten minutes later. You see a note in the office from the store manager saying to the assistant manager "Tony - do this and stock the cooler" and then it says "Amanda - do this this and that." At the end of the night, you see Amanda doing all her stuff AND the cooler.

    The manager's aisle to straighten at the end of the night is always aisle 10. The other employees straighten 4 aisles but the manager only has to do one and that is aisle 10. When Mr. Lugo works, I do aisle 10 and my other 4 aisles. When other managers work, they do aisle 10. Mr. Lugo is one of those "special" managers though who likes to talk on the phone to his friends all night and claim he was busy with customers so I have to do his aisle plus the long list he gave me.

    By the way, Tony and Lugo are real assistant managers and these are real instances that happened with them. I literally saw Tony outside smoking a cigarette while another girl, I called her Amanda because I have no issues with her to reveal her name, did his work. I literally saw Lugo talking on the phone for hours every night to his friends while we straightened his aisle and worked. Every time I walked in the office, he was eating and/or talking on the phone to his friends or girlfriend on speaker phone.

    Ive had managers micromanage. They check on you every five minutes. They may ask how you are, pause and then either give you a long list or ask how the list is going. One person told me that a particular manager liked to sit and watch us on camera and then pop out when we were standing still. There is no positive reinforcement. If you are doing a good job AND are a manager, they let you know. Otherwise, they dont let you know. I actually asked one of the managers if they had heard of positive reinforcement and they said "What is that?"

    The employee evaluation is completed on a form online but you dont discuss your performance unless you ask to do so. It is supposed to be a two sided evaluation with the employee completing a form on their own service and the manager doing it as well but, of course, the store manager claimed an asst manager, Victoria, told us to complete the form before the deadline and she never did so the only performance evaluation that was completed was the manager's version of your performance alone. The previous year I was never even told there was an evaluation! I learned this after two years of working there. The manager also never talks to you in person about your performance but youre supposed to check off on it online as if you have discussed it or "be taken off the schedule."

    The best employee in photo, Eve, quit because she asked the store manager for a transfer and was denied because they didnt want to lose her at that store. Instead of giving the hardest working person in Walgreens a transfer and keeping her in the company, they let her quit. She had moved 45 minutes away and was working two jobs. She constantly had customers asking for her. She ran the photo lab better than anyone I have ever seen. Instead of granting her the transfer, they had to hire a new girl who was horrible and broke things, literally, every day. The previous store manager gave her an award to show her recognition for doing such a great job. That is the only time I have seen any management show any type of acknowledgment for the people who work hard at their job. There are no contests, awards given or any recognition given to good workers. They gave you pins years ago but they stopped doing that to - gasp - save money! The only people who get any recognition are the management in forms of bonuses that no one else sees.

    Ive seen managers cut buy one get one free packages open to sell them as individual items at full price. Ive had a manager tell me that I shouldnt tell the customers about the coupons because ripping them off instead of establishing a friendly relationship really makes them want to come back. Ive had a manager tell me that I was hurting their profits by using coupons to get products for almost nothing. Even though they pay me 8 bucks an hour, it's wrong for me to hurt company profits by getting an iced tea for a quarter. Okay.

    If you work photo, you are pretty much a slave. They want you to mop, take out the trash, stock the shelves, put up signs, help the customers and run photo. If you are in the number one photo store in the district, most managers let you just take care of photo but you always have the crazy ones who still expect you to wait on photo customers every five minutes, take care of their photo orders AND stock the cooler AND stock the shelves AND whatever list that is neverending.

    So many things to complain about.

    They care about money but they waste who knows how much on printing and posting repetitive already-established signs. There's already a sign up saying the sale price but you have to put another sticker UNDERNEATH the sign that's already up because there's no room to put it. Then you have to cut out pictures of the ad saying the sale price. So now you have two stickers up saying the price and a picture of an ad saying the price. On top of that, it blocks the prices of the other products below and above the signs! This sounds stupid because it is. This is why Americans ask what the price of something is when IT'S RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF THEM. They are so overwhelmed with signs and stickers that they don't even notice them. Walgreens wastes an untold amount of money in man hours and in paper posting up three signs saying the same thing.

    The constant badgering to sell the item of the month. "If you sell this candy bar, you get a nickel!" Wow, a nickel. Let me guess. If I sell a 100 of these, I make five bucks. I bet you make a lot more than five bucks with your bonus for ME, not you, selling this stuff, huh? The company would sell more of the item of the month if they actually gave the workers a real incentive to sell it. You can talk to us, sternly look at us and leave up angry signs about "This is your job. Sell IT!" all you want but, honestly, I can't get fired over not selling it, you dont treat anyone well and I dont feel like giving you a nice fat bonus when I gain nothing out of it financially or emotionally from how you treat me. On top of that, I like some of the repeat customers and I dont feel like harassing them to buy a candy bar every single time that I see them. "How's it going?" makes customers come back a lot sooner than "How are you? Would you like to buy this crap I havta ask you about for the next 30 days?"

    Another important side note: if they know something that benefits you, they will not tell you. For example, with the item of the month. IF the item is on sale and you use a coupon in the Walgreens paper to sell the item, you dont get your whopping nickel for it. The store manager did not even know this. Or she claimed not to know it. So, basically, no reason for me to sell it because she gets the credit for it and I don't even get my whole nickel. None of the other employees read the employee handbook so they had no idea.

    Also, fifteen minute breaks. Walgreens has a policy that you are supposed to get three a shift. I have never seen a store where that really happens. Most stores give you one. One store gave no one a 15 minute break besides the girl that worked in the morning. I had to insist on it. I was told it was not required by two assistant managers and one store manager. I had to print out the store policy for breaks and bring it in and show them. Then I still didnt get my break until I called the district manager. I was treated differently after that. Other people told me "Dont rock the boat. Just dont take the break." I went to college and realized relatively quickly Walgreens wasnt going to be my career so I insisted on the break. I told the other employees that if no one said anything, then nothing would ever change. The fear of this being their main job with no education and children committed them to remaining quiet and that is completely understandable but sad nonetheless.

    Also, let's say you want to invest in this company and make it a career. You don't get holidays off ever. You have to take your vacation days before and after holidays, even assistant managers. As a manager, you will have to work third shift in a 24 hour store at least once a week. There are no normal hours and no normal holidays so, unless you are a top executive, there is no real reason to work here as a career. You will miss holidays with your family no matter how good of a worker you are.

    They don't train people. Photo is expensive. If you break stuff, it costs them a lot of money and new people always do. It also takes time to bring the new stuff in and, in the mean time, the customers are very unhappy that photo is down. It's not the new person's fault for breaking stuff either. They train you with someone for maybe two days. If you ask for more time, they say they will talk about it and don't. I learned photo through the books, internet and help line. None of the managers know anything about photo. Maybe they know how to change a roll of photo paper but, generally, that is all. What a great business move! You have new overwhelmed photo employees with a broken machine, uninformed managers who have worked for Walgreens for YEARS, and a help line that generally takes 1-2 hours to call you back on even the simplest question. Walgreens loses money by not training their people correctly and taking the time to do it. Instead of losing out on having two people work photo for 1-2 weeks, they lose thousands more when the new person breaks something, has photo business non-existent for 2-3 days and the cost of having a technician come out PLUS the new parts. Look how much they saved by not training the new hires AND the managers correctly.

    On a positive note, I loved most of the employees. I feel bad for the immigrants who work super hard thinking it will amount to anything. Best case scenario, they become assistant manager after three years of busting their butt and appeasing the various personalities of management. Worst case scenario, they realize that Amanda is better as a floor person because she works hard enough for three people and will never promote her because of that cost-saving hard working personality she has.

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  • Wg
    WGS Jul 22, 2010

    Well another post saying how horrible their pharmacy is ran. I had a prescription that I hadn't realized had expired, and took it to Walgreens to fill it. I handed it to the tech, and she said that it would be done within the next 30 min. I waited in their crowded little waiting area for that 30 min and another lady asked me my name and if i was waiting, I said yes, she said ohh they are almost done filling the Rx. I then sat another 10 min and then she came out and she gave me back my Rx and said it had expired. I WAITED 45 MIN for them to tell me it was EXPIRED... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

    So I went and got another from my physician and went around 10 o'clock tonight to fill it. I gave it to the tech and he said it'll be about 30 min. I waited patiently again in the small waiting area and after 45 min went and asked if it was done. It was a different person that asked me what I needed and I said I wanted to pick up my Rx. He asked me my name, I told him, and then he said ohh we don't have any Rx in our system for you... He looked down at his DAMN desk and saw my paper sitting there and said, Oh it wasn't placed into the system, that's going to be another hour. [censored] that pissed me off. Its 11 PM and Ive already sat in your store for almost an hour and you tell me I have to wait another, due to your irresponsibility? NEVER WILL I FILL ANOTHER Rx at Walgreens! Enough said.

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  • Pu
    pugbee Dec 28, 2009

    I have given Walgreens many chances over the years, but now I've had it. Just realized my 2-year old son's liquid antibiotic was short by two full doses. I am furious over this. If the doctor prescribes antibiotics for 10 days, then that's what I assume we need to do. But I am also furious because I paid for this medicine (all 10 doses) 10 days ago, and now I see I was cheated out of my money. I will go back to Walgreens one more time, and that will be to chew some major ###. Then I'm done for good.

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  • Ma
    madeph Oct 10, 2009

    I have never seen a company that doesn't care or at least pretend to care even about their customers. I live in Seaside California, and Walgren over here is a disaster. You never get your prescription on time, we wait for over 45min, at one stage we even went to sleep in the car because we had enough of waiting in the store. When you make a phone call it's worse, you will hold until you decide to hang up. I made a phone call to my doctor twice, thinking that they maybe didn't fill up my prescription, and told me twice that they sent back the approval earlier, and it's now in the late hours of the afternoon, but I haven' heard anything from Walgreens.

    They gave me a wrong prescription that I didn't order, and three days later they called me for the one I ordered. I don't understand how they do their work, their planning, time management and administration sucks. It takes them half an hour to put 30 tablets in the bottle? Come on, what is that? that's very incompetent. Now I'm writting this because I'm so mad they gave 6 tablets instead of 60 and I paid $11.99 co-pay, thats a lot of money for 6 pills. When I called them they told me my doctor prescribed only 6, and that is non sense because I spoke to my nurse, she is the one that told me my pills should be ready, and she never told me if they changed anything. On Firday night, what am I supposed to do, with 6 tablets that I'm supposed to take 1 every six hours? The doctor's office is closed until Monday. I'm over fifty and unemployed with a L3, L4 and L5 disk that is buldging out and I need my medication. What do you do with a company like that? People that fire their employee that is pregnant and just miscarriaged? How heartless is that? They are definitely bad news, very unethical.

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  • Lu
    luvleelady1984 Apr 21, 2009

    I worked for the company for 6 years, I worked overtime spent time away from my son taking on responsibilties that didn't corresspond me all to make my pharmacy manager or district pharmacy manager look good and for what? To have them fire me shortly after suffering from a misscarriage. I finally was blessed and was 3 months into my pregnancy that I so much longed for when boom in the middle of a recession they fired me without warning. I had no other income and already was raising my 8 year old son on my own and I didn't even have health insurance for my son or myself not to mention that I didn't qualify for help from the state, Walgreens also decides to dispute my case when I tried to apply for unemployment. They are a very shady company Heartless and so own they only care about profit and not their employees, Walgreens has gone on to pay hush money to african americans due to a legal dispute that took place 2 years ago or so...

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  • Be
    Beverly Oct 25, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I understand how frustrating it is to wait so long for a prescription. However, at the same time I work for Walgreens as a pharmacy technician. I know the process of filling a prescription can be an immense task when you are short on staff or when the pharmacist is extremeley slow. I know this is no exception, but I am just asking people to try to be more patient. At this point in time, most pharmacies are short with pharmacists; therefore a lot of people are working over time to better serve you. And Walgreens is one of the few pharmacies that has stores open 24 hours a day. Please try to be thankful for this convience. More than likely if you choose to go to another pharmacy, either they will treat you worse or it will take just as long. Please try to be patient. God Bless.

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  • Kn
    Known Entity May 08, 2018
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    Verified customer

    @Beverly Your first claim may be true, but that doesn't excuse you folks for messing up my order. My physician called an order to be filled. My insurance company is all set to pay it's share, and I'm ready to pay mine. Walgreen, however, is once again putting some kind of a block from filling it. Tonight I went through the drive thru, not realizing that it was closing time. The tech looked right through the window at me and walked away. A little common courtesy would have been in order. Now, not only does Walgreen Pharmacy think it has the right to treat customers rudely, it is also too incompetent to even fill a valid prescription. As of this evening I am done with Walgreen Pharmacy. You folks would do well to open your eyes and see that you have competition in the market. And from now on, your competition WILL get my business. Walgreen Pharmacy, you're fired.

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  • Ta
    Tamro Jan 16, 2019

    @Beverly Ha! I work first and second shift and none of the 24-hour pharmacy Walgreens in my area will fill prescriptions after 11:30 p.m. I have to wait till the next day and I usually can't get a break from work

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  • Li
    Linda Elaine Vontress Feb 27, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Although I work for the Walgreens Company, I have heard the same complaint regarding our pharmacy. We have lost many long time patients due to poor service and it's beginning to make the front end store look shabby. I just want you to know that you're not alone in how you feel regarding our pharmacy, however, if you would like to forward your feelings onto the company heads, send email to walgreens.com or ask the store manager for the number to the district office of your state.

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