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Maytag - Dishwasher

I bought this because it's suppose to be the best. 2 years later it quits in me and they want $369 to fix it. On the front it says 10 year warranty but that only cover the rack and tub. That's kind of s misleading I think. Checking on internet seems to be a common problem with washers that use this same control module. For that price I could go buy another and probably last longer. Last Maytag I will buy.

Maytag - Washer & Dryer

I purchased this stacked washer and dryer set in 04/20. I left 3 months later for a year. They were fine when I came back. Four months have passed so this brand new washer / dryer set has been used for a total of 7 MONTHS.

The "in house" repair contract I got from Good Deals Appliances in Fort Myers, FL in 2020 is now a 3rd party company called EPIC. EPIC operators call a local repair company. The wait was 3 days the first time and 5 days for the 2nd appointment.

The repair person came out and said that the dryer has to be on a frame and the washer has to be on rollers underneath. It was not sold to me that way. Since the units are stacked on top of one another - he can't get at them to begin to fix them inside.

The Dryer - The dryer selection knob only heats on the "whites" setting. The repair person could fix the electronics on the dryer because he can reach the control knob and the electronic keypad... but he got it to work while he was here so he wasn't going to do work that might not be needed... and then the settings didn't work the next time I tried them. The dryer still only heats up on the "Whites" setting.

The Washer - The washer is leaking out of the door and not completing the rinse cycle. It started out with a little leak and now the entire rinse cycle isn't working. The noises are weird.

Good Deals Appliances
14680 S Tamiami Trail, Unit 4
Fort Myers, FL 33912
Phone: +[protected]

This is so bad that Maytag needs to be involved. This type of appliance used to last 20+ years with minimal maintenance or issues. 7 MONTHS of operation to terminal failure? Wow. And sold to me without a stacking rack or rollers that would allow the repair person to work on them?

At this point, I want them out of here. I don't have time to play repair games.


Maytag - Maytag top loading washer, model number mvwb835dc4

This washer has a glass lid insert. TWICE the plastic lid by the hinge cracked/exploded in small pieces so that the washer could not turn on (lid would not close). I submitted pictures Maytag to...

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Maytag - MVWB765FW3

My 2 year old Maytag Commercial washer started making a loud noise on spin cycle that sounds like a jet aircraft taking off. The machine is used in a 2 person household and has been carefully taken care of. A service technician advised that it is likely a bearing or transmission problem and that I would be better off to just buy a new washer. The 2 year life on this machine is absolutely unacceptable and I feel that Maytag should correct the problem.

Desired outcome: Fix my washer.

Jan 08, 2022

Maytag - Product

We purchased a Maytag Washer on 11/1/2018 and we bought a Lemon. Within the warranty period the washer stopped working and the main board was replaced. Recently 12/30/2021 the washer would not power up and we called the 800# for a service Appt. The earliest was 1/5/22. The service tech said it was the main board again. We asked about the 10yr warranty sticker that was still on the washer, and he replied it only covered certain parts, which is really false advertising. With all the problems with this washer and the cost of labor plus the part it was not worth it to have it repaired. The tech clearly said this washer should not have these issues due to the age of the washer and already having the board replaced once. I have attached my receipt and either want a new washer or a reimbursement check for purchasing a Lemon.

Desired outcome: New washer or reimbursement check for purchasing a lemon

Jan 08, 2022

Purchased a lemon

Maytag - Maytag Washing

Purchased a Maytag Washer ( MHW8630HW1) only 2 years ago and having issues with it. The message board states " Low Flow" clothes is soaked after wash. Called Maytag and the earliest date for service is Jan 21, 2022(2 weeks) Had a company to fix the issue and a rubber hose inside the machine had to be replaced . It had a small hole. cost$260. Hose probably cost $5

Maytag - Maytag washing machine. MVWC565FW

We have only had this machine for 11 days. Clothes are sopping wet. Fabric softner is not dispensing. When I call the customer service line, no one will answer the phone after lo g wait times. We should not be having any lriblems with a product that we have had for under 2 weeks. How do we fix this if I cant even get ahold of the company? Still on hold as I write this... we bought a maytag/whirlpool because we THOUGHT they stood behind their products.

Desired outcome: Someone to come and fix our brand new washer.

Just got off the phone with Maytag. I was told that no kne was available to service my area, and that someone will email me in 2-3 days! I asked what I should do with my sopping wet clothes in the meantime. I was told to take then to friends or family or the laundry mat... UNACCEPTABLE! I wull NEVER purchase from them again! Plus she kept repeating it was a limied warranty so there might be a service charge. We have only had our product for 11 days! This is ridiculous!

Maytag - Dishwasher W11325263A

I purchased a Maytag undercounter dishwasher 06/26/2019 not necessarily because I liked the features that it had but for the reason the Maytag is 'Supposed" to be so reliable.
The dishwasher starts on any cycle and then quits and drains and we have to start all over again using more detergent (which isn't cheap and I specifically use the brand of detergent and rinse recommended by Maytag), more electricity and water. It started just on one cycle so then we would use another one and slowly they all started doing the same thing. Washing for a little bit and then draining.
I am so extremely disappointed in Maytag products.
I contacted a service representative, and he determined that it is the door latch and is ordering the part.
Now, two years after purchasing it, I need to pay for a service call and a part that shouldn't have been necessary at the age of this appliance.
At the time that I purchased the dishwash, I also purchased Commercial size washer and dryer. Disappointed in them as well. I will never ever again purchase anything with the Maytag brand sign.
Just for the record; I purchased all of these appliances at Lowes in Montoursville PA 17754.

Has anyone else experienced this problem and needed and new door latch?

Desired outcome: I would like Maytag to reimburse me the cost of the part and the labor even though I realize I am out of the warranty period

Jan 06, 2022

Maytag - MVWP575GW washing machine

In 2018, I had a Speed Queen washer. I replaced it with a MVWP575GW based upon comments on the internet. The Speed Queen at that time was not rated well since it had a new washing cycle. The Maytag worked for about 3+ years and then began to have problems. I tried to have the unit repaired but was unsuccessful. Another repair company came out and I was told the unit was fine. About 3 months after the initial contact, the unit would not drain water out of the machine. A service technician came out and replaced the motor and device that pushed out the water. (The failure was a thin rod that held the impeller had broken. It looked like the thin rod had rusted through.) The unit then worked for about 2 months and then started having problems doing any wash load, no matter what the cycle selected. Based upon my experience with the Maytag unit, I will have a Speed Queen classic clean top load washer installed. It is I hope better than the Maytag that will be replaced. My wife and I want a washing machine that works. To have a warranty that must be used several times is of no value if continuing problems occur. To say I am disappointed in the Maytag washing machine is beyond an understatement. A long warranty is not good if the device needs warranty work to be called on every several months.

Desired outcome: Just registering a complaint about Maytag quality

Maytag - Refridgerator MSC21C6MFZ00

Ice maker/dispenser stopped working after just 4 years. Certified Maytag repairman said wiring harness snapped at the bottom hinge of the door due to poor design which puts stress on those wires every time the door is opened and closed. He explained that a new door is the only fix. The door alone is $1, 092.00, plus labor. I called Maytag who said the 10 year warranty is limited to the compressor. All other parts have a 1 year warranty, so they will not pay for a replacement.

Desired outcome: Maytag provide replacement freezer door at no charge and I will pay labor to install.

Dec 17, 2021

Maytag - mgr6600fz gas range

Purchased on 07/03/2020. First time I cleaned under the center burner porcelain finish chipped off. Now the finish at the very top of the oven door is flaking off revealing a shinier metal surface. The finish is not covered by any warranty. Eventually it will work down to the visible front of the door. A new door costs $ 546.00 . The whole range cost $782.00.
SO !SO! disappointed in American made and Maytag.

Desired outcome: A new door at no cost.

Maytag - Bravos washing machine purchased 01/02/2016

This week computer board fried it self. Machine just stopped, I unplug it to reset machine, when plug in again it started again all by it self I never touch any part of it, with no lights. I called you got a appointment four 3 weeks out. The machine is label model # MVWX655DW1 Your warrenty card is printed MVW655DW0. Serial number 5364165. Trying to track this down. My service man finds that Whirlpool is not manufacturing this part any longer! So I have a machine warrented for 10years that cannot be repaired. Because you are not manufacturing the parts. This service call cost me 95.00 Before this unit I have owned two previous Maytag each lasting 20 yrs. Never needing the Maytag man. I guess you no longer practice the "quality goes in before the name goes on."

Desired outcome: Locating computer board and refunding services charges.

Maytag - Commercial Washer Model # MVW7232HWO

Maytag top load Commercial Washer has continuous problems: OOB (out of balance), clothes can only be filled to a certain measurement (about 1-2 inches between a dot and line) no higher, no lower said repair tech yesterday or it will go out of balance. We were never told this or read this in sales manual. How do you wash a couple of sweaters in cold on the delicate cycle. Impossible repair tech said, it needs to be filled to that imaginary line between the circle and line OR WILL GO OUT OF BALANCE (OOB). Expect towels to finish the towel cycle wet and soggy although machine says "Washing Complete" then expect to attempt to do the drain and spin cycle another 21 min to get the soggy out. Then be told you are not loading your machine correctly! We never had any of these issues with other machines despite years of doing laundry by washing machine. Then to be told by Maytag Customer Service that only option is to keep calling service with out warranty. We have had the machine 4 months and always problems and also a very very noisy spin cycle like machine is going thru the wall. We need our money back to buy other than Maytag.

Desired outcome: Money back from Maytag. Purchased at Home Depot

Dec 16, 2021

Maytag - Serious Quality and Design Issues

The Washer/Dryer Combo I purchased for over $1500 is complete junk! The first washer had transmission failure out of the box. It makes grind and loud screeching noise when it has 5 Bath sheets to wash. WORTHLESS! The dryer is so light and flimsy it moves across the floor when in operation. The link trap never catches lint as it falls off and into the machine when trying to remove the link trap. What little it does catch ends up on top of the machine. If I ever find who designed this, they had better hide! My entire home has been Whirlpool all my life, and that ended with this purchase. Their customer service is worse than any I've ever tried to use, and end up ignoring you. I will be getting new units and will be displaying my junk at a public square with a sign on it to show all the problems. It's the only recourse I have about a company who won't stand by their product or give me a refund in the 1st month of purchase. I'M DONE WITH THESE CROOKS!

Desired outcome: Refund!

Hi Mr. or Ms. Reeve.

Hopefully I can help.

Did you purchase your units directly from Whirlpool or through a separate local or national retailer?

That’s a problem too. I was told by customer service if you bought it other than from Maytag then no $$ back. That’s a crock of S.


Maytag - The lid is too heavy and the hinge will break.

This unit has a huge, heavy flaw. The lid is too big for its hinge. It separated over time, stopped closing correctly, and had to be held down to lock shut to start a cycle. I had a 3 year warranty that we used 2 years in. The day after the new lid was installed it started to separate at the same spot as the old one. It's just a matter of time before I have to pay $200 for a new lid. They need to make a lightweight metal lid you mend the issue. It washes great.

Desired outcome: I'd like to see Maytag provide a lightweight metal lid to mend the issue.

Dec 08, 2021

Maytag needs to address this issue.


Maytag - Stove range

I purchased the Maytag range in 2019. I didn't purchased the warranty because my last range (Kenmore) lasted 10 yrs and continued to work without any service. I only purchased a new one to match a new refrigerator. The Maytag oven stopped working only after 2 yrs and now it's going to cost close to $500 with visit, parts and labor to repair. On top of that they cannot tell me when the part will be available though they requested partial payment. This is ridiculous and I shouldn't have to pay for this as it appears to be a manufacturer defect. I will never purchase a Maytag product again and will share with family and friends. This is totally unfair to the consumer and robbery.

Desired outcome: Refund

Hi Precila.

Unfortunately any product can break down over time. Some times those problems come sooner than one might expect. Maytag, as well as many local retailers, offer additional warranty programs to cover those unexpected breakdowns. These guarantees can be purchased at very reasonable costs. Some people find it acceptable to have a little more risk but better pricing with the merchandise and chose to accept shorter warranty periods. As frustrating as this is, all products deal with these same set of rules and circumstances.

In addition, CoVid-19 has had crippling results within the industry and has caused countless delays. Again, this is something all manufacturers are dealing with at this time.

If you would like, you can contact Maytag's Customer Care hotline at [protected]. Maytag is always willing to do anything reasonable to take care of their customers.

Maytag - Maytag microwave oven

It is simply impossible to be able to reach the burned out light bulb in my Maytag over the counter microwave. I have removed everything needed to locate the interior light but there is absolutely no way to reach the bulb to remove it. I cannot afford to pay $100+ for a service call to put in a light have to do without an interior light. I think your engineering team needs to know about this flaw in your otherwise good microwave.

Desired outcome: A free service call to replace the interior light bulb, from a Maytag repair person.

Maytag - Maytag washer

I bought a Maytag washer model # MVWB865GW1 and I absolutely hate it! It leaves a white residue on all dark colored clothing and has ruined them. I use HE tide pods. Not sure where residue is coming from. I have tried different settings hoping It would fix the problem but it has not. Just recently I poured a few buckets of water into the load of dark clothes and this seemed to have left less residue. I wanted to do my part in conserving water with the new washer but when I find myself washing the same load 2 to 3 times and manually adding water …..makes no sense. I miss my Kenmore that I had for close to 20 years.


Pictures attached


Maytag - Electric Range - 10 year warranty range.

We have had this stove for approx. 5 years when we bought the house.
Builder got stove with no instructions or registration.

11/23/2021 - we placed party mix in the oven at 255 degrees.
After 45 minutes, the stove went to BROIL BY ITSELF. The party mix
caught on fire. If we had not been home, the kitchen would have caught
fire. We had stove destroyed and bought a kitchen aid stove.

We do NOT want this to happen to another customer.

Please check the ranges - a recall maybe needed.

John Jarvis - [protected].

Desired outcome: Bought a Kitchen Aid - did want to use the Maytag range again.

Maytag - maytag-mvwb835dw4 washer lid breaking and part availability

Bought this Washer with matching Dryer in June of 2019 from Lowes. When looking through the reviews on this washer, and I seen nothing about the lid breaking and causing the it to not lock and start the cycle. I am currently trying to find a lid replacement and they are sold out all over the internet except where they are the most expensive... Through Maytag directly. I am so disappointed that with the continuity of lids breaking, there has not been a revision or even a substitute for the fragile and poorly designed lid. I am also displeased that the lids are so difficult to find due to the limited availability. My warranty expired. Never would I have imagined a situation of part of the washer breaking and not being able to fix it or buy parts for it. With the probability of another lid breaking in the next year, I could buy a washer from GE for the cost of the 2 lids.

Desired outcome: Lid Replacement or Recall and replace this washer.

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