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Maytag Complaints & Reviews

Maytag / dishwasher

cam7187 on Jan 17, 2018
The dishwasher is leaking and when I looked it up online, apparently tons of people are having the same problem with this specific model. I reached out to Maytag chat and was told they can't help me, that I need to pay a service technician at $85 to find out what's wrong with THEIR...

Maytag / maytag front load washer 24" mhwc700yw serial number cd62228005

mrr2018 on Jan 8, 2018
THE WORST -MADE IN CHINA. My first machine broke 1.5 years after delivery. No parts in the US. Had to wait six weeks for a new maytag replacement. I purchased the unit around 1-1-16 and had it replaced with a brand new Maytag5/31/17. Now less than one year later the same malfunction i...

Maytag / maytag washer 2000 series

E Warren on Jan 6, 2018
We purchased this washer 3 years ago. We had an old GE top load washer for 20years that we never had any issues with, but thought it was time to upgrade to new more efficient technology. We chose Maytag brand for the name and notoriety. However I have to say that we are disgusted with the...

Maytag / mvwx655dw1

I'veHadIt on Jan 4, 2018
I have had this Maytag Bravos machine for four months. I bought it when my previously owned Maytag Bravos machine broke down after only five years. Well, this machine also quit working. It stopped mid-cycle, full of water and laundry. When I called Maytag to have the machine serviced...

Maytag / maytag dryer

idoubtit on Jan 1, 2018
MAYTAG DRYER 7.0 CU FT ELEC DRYER MEDC300BW JUNK I would never buy another Maytag anything. This is the worst customer service/repair. I have had the repairman out three times and each time they do not have the part on their truck. It has to be special ordered. Please in a world of amazon I...

Maytag / mvwb835dw1

J Billiot on Dec 26, 2017
Not enough water in machine to wash clothes, which do not come out clean. Called Maytag & they sent a service man who switched out the panel since it was under warranty but would not address the holes in clothing. However, no one wants to address the machine is eating clothes (even on the...

Maytag / maytag brovos

mcchev on Dec 23, 2017
This is the worst washer I have ever owned. I have always bought maytag and it use to be the top product in the business, but with this water saving piece of junk the name has went to the bottom. It doesn't clean. Bottom line. I have had this thing almost 2 years, I thought I would get use...

Maytag / maytag washer# mvwc6esww1

Frankie Mercer on Dec 23, 2017
I have already made a complaint about this inferior product and I received a notice from Maytag wanting more information. This washer is just a pile of junk as is evident by all the comments of other unlucky people who happened to purchase this machine. The water leveling-temperature...

Maytag / horrible customer service and follow up, weeks maybe a month to get a repair under warranty

ARitt on Dec 18, 2017
I bought a brand new Maytag refrigerator in August and it completely broke! It stopped cooling in both the refrigerator and freezer and defrosted all of my food in one day. Resulting in a loss of over $250 in food. The worst part of this entire experience so far has been dealing with...

Maytag / water leveling device on washer

Harvey H. Mercer on Dec 18, 2017
Washer does not fill properly with water before it starts to agitate. If you manage to get through wash cycle, then after it spins clothes dry, then it pumps more water in on clothes. There is no way you can ever get clothes clean and dry when it does this. I have paid to have this problem...

Maytag / bravos xl washing machine

Jennyb1234 on Dec 15, 2017
My Bravos xl washing machine has been in our house for four years.. model number: mvwb750ywp. We have had nothing but problems with it since we first bought it. My husband has had to take it apart 3 times. Last night the smell coming from the machine was unbearable. Musty, moldy smell that...

Maytag / washing machine

wendy crosson on Dec 15, 2017
I bought a Maytag washer for the first time from Lowe's. It was a "floor" model that someone bought, didn't like and returned. The price was right and I thought Maytag was a good brand. Please see the pictures attached of my "mop" head that I have washed 2 times. I can't believe how many...

Maytag / washing machine

Washingdefective on Dec 14, 2017
Bought new washer from Hone Depot store # 6917. Would not go into wash cycle . Made all pertinent calls to Home Depot and Maytag. Each company blames the other. I am still without a washer that works. It is 8 weeks old! I want thus defective machine replaced with a working machine I have...

Maytag / maytag washer

lrwegener on Dec 11, 2017
A month ago our washer (model MVWX655DW1 & serial C64441301) had no power. We check our breaker, the outlet and nothing. Called Maytag because it was still under the year warranty (Purchased Dec. 26, 2016). Maytag setup an appointment with Chambers Services to come look at the washer. Came...

Maytag / maytag dishwasher

Andrew MacNeil on Dec 8, 2017
Bought a Maytag dishwasher, had it installed for approximately 1 1/2 months before it started to leak. Had repair man out 6 times who replaced more parts than the machine was worth. This went on for 3 months and nothing was repaired. Spent all this time trying to get a replacement. Finally...

Maytag / washer

Daniel Powell on Nov 29, 2017
My wife and I bought a new Maytag washer and new Maytag dryer last October (2016) and both worked great from the start. However, during the first week of November 2017 (3 weeks after the 1 year full warranty expired), the washer had the entire electronic circut board blow and wa...

Maytag / washer model # mvwb765fw

Katele56 on Nov 29, 2017
Washer doesn't clean clothes. Tech came out and said "washer does what it's designed to do"; that's nice, but it doen't get clothes clean. I put a cat blanket in the wash that had vomit and cat food on it. After first wash, it came out looking just as it went in. 2nd wash (tech was here...

Maytag / coin-operated washer

138 Student Living on Nov 27, 2017
Between july 2017 and august 2017 138 student living jamaica purchased 13 washers and 8 dryers from the local dealers atl jamaica limited to equip the laundromat it operates for the benefit of its residents (clients). eight weeks ago 2 washers stopped working and the atl technician advised...

Maytag / maytag washer model mvwx655dw0 - 18 months old

Dmoery on Nov 27, 2017
I have been working on this problem for 4 days and we have been without a washer for 2 weeks now. We own a Maytag Washer, Dryer and Dishwasher and I have bought Maytag's our entire 20+ year marriage. The washer in question is an 18 month old Top Loader. The Suspension rods holding the drum...

Maytag / maytag bravos xl

KVL on Nov 23, 2017
We built a new house in 2012 and purchased new appliances at this time - the Maytag Bravos XL washer and dryer were part of them. We have been having issues with the washer becoming unbalanced during the spin cycles, laundry not coming clean on the initial wash (lightly soiled laundry) and...

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