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Maytag Complaints & Reviews

Maytag / maytag front load 2000 clothes washer

Dominika1 on May 15, 2017
Maytag sells some serious lemons. I purchased Maytag Front Load 2000 series clothes washer 3 years ago. It worked ok for a year. Since then, I had so many issues with it, that I don't even know where to start. For the past two years we were able to use the washer on quick wash and extra...

Maytag / Maytag Dryer not working

allets on May 12, 2017
I bought a Bravos Gas Dryer from Home Depot. When I received it, the steam refresh was not working. Since I live 30 miles from the city, they told me to find my own repairman. I did and the cheapest was $200.00 traveling time, which Maytag refuses to pay. I already paid over a $1000.00 for...

Maytag / Washer doesn't fill with enough water to cover laundry

rubbadubdub on May 10, 2017
Dear Maytag people, My old Sears washer gave up the ghost and I purchased a new Maytag Washer form Lowe’s May 2011. Model #: MVWB450WQ2 Serial No. Series: 300 I selected this particular washer because of the large tub with no spindle in the middle. This allows me to wash large comforters ...

Maytag / maytag front loading washing machine

Dennis Scheppmann on May 2, 2017
We purchased the Maytag Performance series washer model # MHWE900VJ1 in Aug 2009 and it shakes and vibrates badly. Called an authorized service company to look at it and the main bearing for the drum needs to be replaced at a cost of $700. The technician did not recommend the repair but...

Maytag / Maytag top loading washing machine

Twist1577 on May 2, 2017
Hello...most frustrating dealing with Customer Service. First they offer a call back...they never call. Better off staying on the phone for 20 minutes to get through. The washing machine fails within a year. Took 1 month to get the part, part broke within 4 days another month waiting...

Maytag / Maytag dryer

Mitch Mccomb on May 1, 2017
Dryer was only 4 years old, the dryer element went out on my dryer. Called Maytag customer service about sending out a free replacement part, they were very rude. They wanted to sell me a warranty for $$300.00 to take care of the repair. I just wanted them to ship me the part for free...

Maytag / update on maytag bravo washer

jennifer nirk on May 1, 2017
After filing the first complaint this Melanie called me to help resolve my issue and so I called her back. I talked to some other guy there and after giving him my reference number she left he still had no clue what was going on. Finally he sees my problems and said they were offering me a...

Maytag / Maytag refrigerator

JoMa61 on May 1, 2017
Date of incident 4-23-17 Motherboard/control panel stopped working Model# MF 12569YEM0 Serial# K11668270 Maytag is aware of the parts being defective on this particular model. I think the company should stand behind their product and offer a repair on these models. I have been waiting for...

Maytag / bravos xl mct washer and dryer

dapconway on Apr 28, 2017
I took delivery of a new set of Maytag Bravos XL MCT washer and dryer in the first week of March 2017. Within the first two weeks the dryer was not operating correctly. If you stopped it by opening the door to check your clothes it would not restart. If you left it in that state (power on...

Maytag / 22 days to receive our fridge in florida

Valentini Theologidou on Apr 28, 2017
We purchased a MAYTAG fridge on the 30th of March from Home Depot. Our initial delivery date was scheduled for April the 8th. We received, a phone-call from the delivery technicians located at Woodlands, FL the day before and we informed them that we will home to pick up the fridge the...

Maytag / maytag bravos high efficiency top - load washer... dont buy terrible washer

jennifer nirk on Apr 27, 2017
I bought a Maytag washer from Lowes on April 14th. I brought it home and initially had trouble getting it started. Finally got it working for one day. The next day I go to start it and it won't start. I called Customer service and they told me someone would be out on Monday between 8-12...

Maytag / top load bravos xl washer and dryer

Momof33 on Apr 23, 2017
My washer and dryer are about 2 yrs old. I hate them with a passion. My washer rarely gets clothes clean. Leaves soap residue, smells like rotten eggs despite regular cleanings, gets off balance constantly, and wears my clothes out by twisting them into knots. The dryer leaves my clothe...

Maytag / Bravos dryer

Tammy Stuart Webb on Apr 22, 2017
I have had the fuses, heating element replaced going on 3 times now. I'm over this product and am ready for a complete new dryer and most definitely not a Maytag. Will not recommend this product. This dryer is definitely the worst item I have ever bought in my life. I thought when buying...

Maytag / regarding dryer model #ld-4000

Andy Bello on Apr 20, 2017
Dear Sirs: April 20, 2017 RE: complaint # 628996968 On 3/11/2017, I briefly turned on my Maytag dryer and received very strong shock. On 3/13/2017 I replaced this dryer The pain was significant and the shock left my right arm numb especially around my pinky finger on my right arm. I did not...

Maytag / maytag washer model mvwc425bw

Former Maytag customer on Apr 19, 2017
Our Maytag top-loader washer, Model MVWC425BW, delivered 8/1/2014, along with four other appliances. I had to call for service a couple of months later complaining about bad burning oily smell. Service rep came out, couldn’t find anything wrong. He told me sometimes new machines have a smell...

Maytag / maytag top load washer

HAP6951 on Apr 19, 2017
I bought a maytag top load washer model # MVWB835DW in november 2015. My washer was 11 months old and broke down. Repair people came quickly and said it was the motherboard that went which is a $500.00 part. I thought it was a fluke it broke but i bought the extended warranty just in case. Now...

Maytag / Top loading water efficient washer

Just want anyone who was thinking of trading their old washer in for a more efficient one to know, it is the biggest waste of money out there and you will only be mad! They do not work!!! I appreciate companies trying to save us money but if we pay our water bill we should be able to...

Maytag / Maytag top loading high efficiency washer and dryer

tm111 on Mar 30, 2017
I bought a top loading high efficiency washer. It does not put enough water in the machine to properly clean the clothing. The clothes come out smelling almost the same as when they went in. Some of the clothes come out dry. The wash cycle takes almost an hour to complete. I have to look...

Maytag / Maytag washer

flylady44 on Mar 20, 2017
hi I wanted to share this with you I bought an 11 hundred dollar Maytag washer... 4 service calls first month they refuse to replace it.makes me sick my only recourse Is this..im hitting the social media first problem first use leaking ever where;; had to replace the 2 hoses under washer...

Maytag / Stove gemini

Nelv on Mar 16, 2017
My stove with Doble oven has a defect that is caused by steam coming out of the oven. It has damaged the Clearwater on the front face right above the steam spout. This was an expensive stove and I already spent OVER $400 replacing front left element and when the technician repaired it, the...

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