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NutriSystem Complaints & Reviews

Nutrisystem / weight loss

Orangeskull on Sep 17, 2017
I signed up for their basic food program, off to the side in small font they have an auto renewal which apparently is added on without your knowledge. If you dont call them after your first order they will continue to send you food and there is no hope of getting your money back. They are...

Nutrisystem / basic plan: men, favorites pack

Stephen Harding on Sep 8, 2017
I signed up for Nutrisystem.Somewhere in the fine print they put in an auto-renewal in. I tried to cancel it but they said I had a choice either keep 2nd order or face a $125 dollar cancellation fee. There is no way it costs them 125 dollars to cancel my order. Even if they shipped it and...

Nutrisystem / re-occuring ordering

TooOldforthis on Sep 1, 2017
I have been an on again off again customer for years. Their food has been getting worse and worse over the years. This year I called to cancel as I always do after being put on an hour hold I was finally connected to a very hostile service representative who did not let me just cancel...

Nutrisystem / frozen foods.

Ed Shindel on Aug 7, 2017
I just got my frozen food delivery and so much food is defrosted and I don't think it is safe to eat. The ice cream has completely melted inside the wrapping and the meals are partially defrosted. There was no dry ice left inside the bag, inside the container. This is not the first time it...

Nutrisystem / sending thanks for rectifying a problem

pvl on Aug 1, 2017
Thank you for your concern, prompt, and courteous response & action provided in the replacement and new shipment of my damaged frozen goods order of July 1, 2017.The fresh delivery was packed very well and had dry ice included in the carton. All items were frozen completely and no problem...

Nutrisystem / food & service

~Doc on Jul 16, 2017
My wife and I both were on Nutrisystem starting in January, 2017. A couple of times, we each received outdated product. The last straw was when my wife received a lunch container (dry) of mac & cheese that had a small WORM in it. She called for a refund for the shipment, but was only...

Nutrisystem / frozen food delivery/no dry ice in the container

pvl on Jul 4, 2017
Reference Order #: 898468454 The minute I commend Nutrisystem and share with friends and family how impressed I am for the company having things on the ball, there is a royal screw-up. I received the frozen portion of my order on Saturday, July 1, 2017. One of the first things I noticed i...

Nutrisystem / customer service and food selection quality

Steve Moline on May 26, 2017
Having enrolled an auto ship package, I called back to the original rep (Kim) to request Ala Carte. I was rudely put on an indefinite hold. Today I called to cancel auto ship, and was immediately helped by Delores. NutriSystem food ranges from tasty to awful. One third is tasty, one third i...

Nutrisystem / nutrisystem customer service

Laura Sfiligoj on May 8, 2017
I have been an off and on customer with Nutrisystem for over one year. The customer service over the past couple months has been absolutely horrible and for this reason, they will no longer receive my business. They have an area to list a coupon code when you check out on their site. I put...

Nutrisystem / Unable to get "guaranteed refund"

Linda KC on Mar 20, 2017
I ordered "Lean 13" with a money back guarantee the end of January. The shelf food arrived early February and it caused severe stomach distress, heartburn and upper gastrointestinal pain so I called on February 10 to cancel. The counselor comvimced me to wait until the frozen food arrived...

Nutrisystem / Nutrisystem

THOMAS j cort on Mar 8, 2017
you should be advised that your response about my complaint is unacceptable... I have already sent a complaint to the PA Arrorney general . My next round of complains is to my two senators, one congressman and the federal trade commission will include my photograph with my disability. That...

Nutrisystem / Cancellation

markkwhite on Feb 21, 2017
I tried to cancel via phone but was left on hold for 45 & 50 minutes. Went to the website to cancel and no option. They pick up the phone in 30 seconds to sign up but not to cancel. Ended up doing a chat online and informed the agent to cancel. Round and round and I finally said that I...

Nutrisystem / Refund from NutriSystem

Lj$ on Feb 20, 2017
I ordered one of the NutriSystem food plans. I tried the food and was less than satisfied. So according to the NutriSystem policy, I can return the food and receive a refund less the shipping to send it back. I returned the food. I am still awaiting my refund. It has been 2 months. Thi...

Nutrisystem / Deceptive wording "auto-delivery"

gary tranbarger on Sep 10, 2016
I checked "auto-delivery" on their website on my initial order which costs me over $350.00. No where that I can find does "auto-delivery" mean "auto-purchase". I did want the food auto delivered to my home. Thought that was what the phrase meant. I was definitely wrong. When my 2nd month...

Nutrisystem / Cancellation process

hankk on Jun 6, 2016
I just started with Nutrisystems (on 05/55/2016). After 2 weeks, I lost 16 pounds. My wife passed away on 06/02 and I knew I had to delay my diet plan. I called Nutrisytems yesterday and asked to have my account canceled. The customer service rep. told me the orders were automatic and I...

Nutrisystem / Weight-loss program

thrdage on Apr 9, 2016
Received food yesterday and couldn't find any definitive guidelines in their Get-Started brochure. Read all material multiple times & made a list of about a dozen questions. Called their "counselor" this morning. Recorded message says I will b e on hold for 10 minutes (!?...

Nutrisystem / Everything is terrible!

Alexis on Dec 8, 2015
I wish I had never used the Nutrisystem. They absolutely don't care about their clients and do not listen to them. Everything about them is terrible. Their old site was great. There was everything we needed - the food, water and exercise trackers. But now they have this awful new facebook...

Nutrisystem / Don't give them your credit card number!

Reviewer56815 on Oct 5, 2015
I gave them my credit card number and they continued to charge their product to it even after I cancelled ! when I called, the black woman I spoke with that kept saying "ax" - as in - "let me ax you a question" - was useless. she even laughed when I told her to stop charging my card and...

Nutrisystem / The taste was terrible and I didn't like their frozen food

elextra2 on Jul 2, 2015
People, don’t try to lose weight by using the website www.nutrisystem.com. I have tried their food and tasted like something frozen, but when I ate, I didn’t feel taste of food at all. I didn’t understand the flavour and was shocked that someone liked it and posted...

Nutrisystem / Disgusting

Bossquaw on Jan 25, 2014
OMG! Worst decision I ever made! Don't be fooled by the lovely pictures of the food on tv. That is NOT what you get! The pizzas were like eating cardboard with some tomato paste and fake cheese smeared on it! Tons of "Italian" food that would make a real Italian cringe! And the worst...

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