James Doylejames doyle lying thief will steal products with fraud credit card disputes

Any seller that deals with James Doyle, residing at 2 Henley Road, Farmingdale NY 11735, using email address : [email protected], phone number : 516-845-1210. Should avoid this thief at all costs. He is nothing but a two bit lying thief that will lie to anyone to steal anything he buys online. He thinks he can find out when an item ships and contact his credit card company 24 hour later and say he never got the item. He will lie to his own credit card company to orchestrate the theft of an item. he will lie saying the item was to be delivered via overnight delivery, will lie saying he contacted the merchant, what ever two bit lies he can get away with. Do yourselves a favor avoid all contact with this scum. He will be taken to court for petty larceny were whatever the civil and criminal charges are he will be facing them!

Oct 11, 2019

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