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+852 6963 0550 (Hong Kong)
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+353 1526 9773 (Ireland)
+64 9280 5224 (New Zealand)
+64 9280 5225 (New Zealand)
+65 80 0101 3119 (Singapore)
+65 80 0101 3120 (Singapore)
+27 110 623 034 (South Africa)
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+971 8000 3570 3491 (United Arab Emirates)
+971 8000 3570 3492 (United Arab Emirates)
c/o Fareportal Inc., 135 West 50th Street, Suite 500
New York, New York
United States - 10020

CheapOair Complaints & Reviews

CheapoairCustomer Service Representatives

To whom it may concern,
Today is April 19, 2021, I received an email about a flight change, due to the listed changes I called the customer service line at 0754 HST. At this point the agent began helping me, he then put me on hold, and shortly after being on hold the phone was disconnected. I waited about 15 minutes to see if the rep would call back they did not so I called back at 0849HST. After finally getting some we continued to work on my booking from there I was told I needed to speak with another department and finally, after 20 min I was transferred and began dealing with the booking drama. after the woman took my info and then put me on hold, after being on hold for a few minutes the call was disconnected. by 0924HST I called back once again and after the almost 25 min wait I got a representative asked them to call me back if we got disconnected gave them my number then we proceeded. Once he heard my dilemma he said i needed to speak with the scheduling department. He tells me it will be a 2-3 min wait and puts me on hold. after 10 minutes someone takes me off hold and begins to work on my booking then they say I need to speak with the scheduling department and they need to put me on a brief hold for 2-3 minutes to reach someone. Now another 20 minutes later a woman named Sophia answers asks for my number in case we get disconnected and then proceeds to help with my booking. She tells me she needs to call Alaska airlines and has to put me on a hold. After being on hold for over 20 minutes my call went straight to the survey asking about my recent services received. I wait to see if this woman is going to return my call and she doesn't know once again I'm on hold waiting for someone to resolve my problems. After I have been sitting on the phone for over 3 hours and my main concern has yet to be resolved. I am still on hold waiting for someone to resolve my problems and no one has which is creating real anger. I would like for this situation to be rectified immediately and some form of compensation from you other than an apology. An apology for the first disconnect and failure to return a call is doable but not 3 and 4 times. That is absolutely ridiculous, uncalled for, and unprofessional.

Mrs. Mooney

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    • CheapOair's response · Apr 20, 2021

      Our apologies for the inconvenience, contact us at [email protected] and provide the 8 digit booking number for assistance.

    CheapoairThree us Paid for a round trip to Sal, Cape Verde on January,2020 leaving on May,2020.

    Three us Paid for a round trip to Sal, Cape Verde on January, 2020 leaving on May, 2020. I flight got rebooked and change location at least 3 times. Here it is April 8, 2021 and still no booking for us and all other airlines is flying to cape Verde. We asked for a credit so we can flying somewhere else or book with another Airline. I paid my monies to CheapOair directly and they will not even give us credit to use. It been well over a year and still no form of booking or refunded. Seriously contemplating a class action as I'm connecting with other people with the same problem. COME ON cheapOir you can do better!!!
    Booking # [protected] and #[protected]

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      CheapoairBooking# [protected]

      I have called customer service for the last three weeks requesting to cancel and reschedule my tickets to Jordan. I cannot fly to Jordan since there are 10, 000 Covid-19 cases per day.

      My flight is tomorrow and only today customer service is telling me that I have to contact the airline directly.

      Calling customer services takes too much time. I have been waiting on the phone for hours and I still do not receive a proper answer. I only want to reschedule my trip to October or November 2021.

      The service provided by some of the customer service representatives is unacceptable and the supervisor is never available.

      I can provide a copy of the calls log and any other information to support my claim.

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        • CheapOair's response · Mar 30, 2021

          That is correct, with this airline and the status of your ticket, changes and cancellations have to be done with the airline directly, this has been advised to you. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

        CheapoairMy airline credit due to covid-19

        I book tickets last year To take my kids to see their Grandmother Aunty's and uncles cousins etc. we haven't seen our family since 2012. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic I was forced to cancel my ticket to go see my family in Boston. I call Cheapoair To redeem my tickets, but it seems they are giving me the runaround as to what's going on with my credit one moment I have credit the next moment I don't now I'm told I have no credit I still haven't flown I still haven't used my credit I don't know what's going on I felt like there's a fraud going on inside Cheapoair. I want to know what's going on, and I need my credit as soon as possible!!!

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          Extremely dissapointed that at booking my car rental price was 272 and my final bill was 700. My booking number is [protected]. What a rip off this was. I will never use your services again.

          I will agree to pay the original booking fees and the additional two days I was added due to flight cancellation and the fuel fees, which is a scam too, but the other charges I want removed and credited back to my account.


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            Feb 17, 2021

            Cheapoair — Unethical behaviour

            FOR CLOSE TO ONE YEAR, I am trying to get my refund from CheapOair, and month after month, all refund-related...


            Randy M: book a flight April 2020 covid 19 arrive no flight out, change for later year Philippines was close for visit, change flight march 2021, waiting so I cancel in January of 2021 pay cancel service on ticket wait for refund, now airline stay that ticket was expire in 2020, agent holding ticket open, now airline say that they can't refund me, but every time agent change day and month they never make a new ticket so now I lost ticket and refunds due to agent not doing their job. And sad part the Philippines never open up for visitors they are still close, I just can't believe this.

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              Cheapoairnon refund of travel fees

              I had bought tix to Hawaii from Santa Barbara for vacation April 2020. Because of Covid it was impossible. I tried to call, email and chat with the company to no avail. I ended up spending hours with two different airlines to get my money back. They finally paid me back what they owed me.

              A few days before I was supposed to travel (I had cancelled my own flights many weeks earlier) I got an email from CheapOair saying they had cancelled my flight, which wasn't true, I did that. And they were charging me a fee. I called and go hold of a rep.

              He said they charged the fee because they took time to cancel my flight, which was a lie. I finally asked for his supervisor. He HUNG UP on me!

              He called back later and said he'd refund the money. I think he refunded $35. While doing my taxes I now see they charged me $80.90 more than that $35, so he LIED again. I'd like my money back and an apology from the man who lied to me! Booking number: # [protected]

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                CheapoairTicket refund

                They refused to talk to me, I wanted to speak to a supervisor and they would put me on hold until I gave up. They have ownership of the ticket but the money you paid for it is in the air flight company hands. So they basically play this game of I own your ticket but the money is already in the hands of the company so you go through all this process to get your flights cancelled over, over and over again and nobody give you a decent resolution. I want to travel or my money back.

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                  Feb 02, 2021

                  Cheapoair — Unauthorized charges and unethical behaviour

                  (ONE) Faye E Nash ... Mon, Feb 1, 10:53 AM (20 hours ago) ... to [protected]@cheapoair.com... Faye E Nash ...

                  CheapoairRebooking using a credit

                  Purchased tickets for four passengers for travel in April 2020.

                  We did not travel due to the pandemic and were issued a credit by Cheapoair. Booking number: [protected]

                  October/November of 2020:
                  I tried searching Jet Blue flight options for travel in 2021. There were no Jet Blue flights listed for several combinations of departure and arrival cities that I tried. It was frustrating not to be able to filter airlines before choosing a destination. It left me with very little information on how to go about the rebooking process independently...finding the flights I wanted. I called and spoke with a representative that told me they were unable to access Jet Blue flights and I may need to wait a while longer until they were released. She also recommended I call Jet Blue directly to try to book flights. I did that and was told by Jet Blue I had to rebook with Cheapoair...makes sense since that 's where my money went originally.

                  I inquired via email about rebooking. I exchanged a few emails with several representatives, but was ultimately left without a response about rebooking a Jet Blue flight.

                  I called and talked with a Cheapoair representative that told me she was unable to book flights for me and that I would need to call Jet Blue and use the credit directly with them because she wasn't authorized to make any changes to the itinerary after 1/4/2021 (even though I had done this already and been referred back to Cheapoair because that's where I purchased the tickets). She also told me she would send an email that noted the dates of travel had been extended by Jet Blue. The email I received had the same dates as originally sent when the credit was given and said NOT to contact the airline directly as they would not be able to help me. Why had two representatives advised me to do this?
                  The Jet Blue website clearly states that dates have been extended both for booking and travel.

                  I did contact Jet Blue and once again was told that I needed to call Cheapoair. The rep told me to read a section directly from their website to the Cheapoair rep (specifically for travel agents) about the status of open ticket. She told me that Cheapoair has the ability to book ANY available Jet Blue flight (even if not listed on Cheapoair's site) and all necessary waiver information is right on their site.

                  12/30/20: I called CheapoAir back and spoke with Mike. He told me there are no flights on 3/28/2021 from Newark to Orlando. I told him there are currently 18 flights listed on the Jet Blue's website on 3/28/21 and he put me on hold for several minutes. He came back to acknowledge there were indeed flights and asked which ones I wanted. I was placed on hold some more. He came back and said he still isn't able to get the flights and he needs to see about something else. He asked if he could call me back in 10-15 minutes. It's been 25 minutes and I have yet to receive a call back.

                  I don't know if the representatives at Cheapoair are really as incompetent as multiple encounters have indicated. Instead, I am inclined to believe that the company has their reps send people in circles as part of a scam. Reps are telling people flights are not available when indeed they are, in anticipation that customers will forfeit their credits or become so frustrated with the process they will give up trying. It is absurd the amount of time that I have put into trying to book a flight that is clearly available.

                  At this point, a refund would really be ideal so I didn't have to spend any more of my time trying to address this issue. However, rebooking one of the many available flights is also fine with me. I will be sure to purchase tickets directly from the airlines in the future to avoid such a disaster.

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                    I bought a ticket from Dallas texas to Yaounde Cameroon from cheapoair. Departing Dec 17. For some reason Cameroon embassy refused to issue me a visa that the border is close. I was going for a burial. I called the first agent to cancel the ticket, she told me I will be getting $488 out of $799 or a credit of $799. I told her to give me some time to think about it. So today I decided to cancel the tickets. another agent told me there is nothing as $488 that I can only be credited. That sounds fishy and crooked for one company giving me 2 different answers just because they dont want to give my refund.. I'm ready for legal actions.

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                      Dec 09, 2020

                      Cheapoair — Ticket refund issue for booking #[protected]

                      I booked flights for me and my son in January 2020 for flights to Israel via American Airlines and El Al...

                      CheapoairRefund policy

                      I purchased a round trip airline ticket for my son on November 21 at 11 am.
                      At that time, the agent told me that I can cancel within 24 hours without fees or penalty. And, the confirmation email also stated that I could cancel within 24 hours.
                      I did not realize at that time that they charged $24.95 so that I could cancel within 24 hours.
                      The next morning, 22nd, at 9 am, my son did not want to go on the trip, so I called them and told them I wanted to cancel.
                      However, they told me that the ticket I purchased was non-refundable. I took 5 more phone calls, spending 4 hours, talking on the phone, and the company finally agreed to refund.
                      However, out of $388, only 235 was refunded.
                      The $24.95 was not refunded, and I agree that.
                      But, another service and other charges of $127.16 was not refunded.
                      This is violating the agreement stated in the confirmation email.

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                        • Updated by jroxlee · Nov 27, 2020

                          If CheapoAir needs my booking number, it is [protected].

                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        CheapoairRefund due to airline cancellation during covid 19

                        I've been trying to get a refund for months now! This is beyond the worst website I have ever used, it is contradicting and never consistent. I have travel insurance and yet i'm told I can't get a refund. I will be filling a class action lawsuit as it is my fundamental right for a refund when I did not cancel the flight and simultaneously have insurance for things like covid.
                        It says in your travel protection plan under section 1: you or your traveling companion being hijacked, quarantined, required to serve on a jury (notice of jury duty must be received after your effective date), served with a court order to appear as a witness in a legal action in which you or your traveling companion is not a party (except law enforcement officers).
                        This is covid-19 and we are forced to quarantine.

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                          The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

                          • CheapOair's response · Nov 19, 2020

                            Hello, you then have to file a claim with the insurance company, they will need your covid test and other paper work to back it up. You can find your plan code on the email confirmation as well as the insurance company email, and phone number on how to file your claim. Cheapoair does not file the insurance claim for you. If you need more information on how to obtain that information, please call the office directly. wwww.cheapoair.com/customersupport

                          • Updated by Dulcelina · Nov 19, 2020

                            I’ve done all of that. I do no not need to prove to you that I was COVID positive if the government or state had a mandatory lockdown. Why would I have to contact the insurance company when the travel protection plan is under CheapOair? You folks have a great way of twisting facts and making your company appear good when there are many holes in your terms and policy.

                          • CheapOair's response · Nov 23, 2020

                            Hello, the insurance plan is not under CheapOair it's under tripmate. As a travel agency we do not own or operate the insurance that is contrated out to a 3rd party. They will be the ones who need medical documentation, not Cheapoair as we follow the airline rules when it comes to refundds.

                          • Updated by Dulcelina · Jan 03, 2021

                            I love how it says resolved and I haven’t got a refund, voucher to rebook my flight or any sort of help. I paid over 1, 000 for a flight that they cancelled and i’m apparently wrong for asking for a refund!

                            Please make sure you read all terms and policies before purchasing from this company as they are cheap as they promise to be.

                          The complaint has been investigated and
                          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                          CheapoairRefund / future credit

                          I bought tickets to Thailand through a travel agency called CheapOair for June 2020. Due to the pandemic, my flight was canceled and the agency gave me a credit to use in the future with Hong Kong Airlines.

                          My mother passed away in Thailand on October 19, 2020. I already missed the funeral and I am trying desperately to get to Thailand in time for her memorial day in January. Unfortunately, Hong Kong Airlines has no flights to Thailand right now and the credit expires at the end of the year.

                          Is there any way you can help me with my situation or anyone that I should contact that may be of assistance? I am looking forward to your response.


                          Nittaya Lyman

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                            The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

                            • CheapOair's response · Nov 13, 2020

                              Hello, this is already being looked into my Cheapoair and as advised we are waiting for the airline to respond to our request for a refund. Our apologies for the inconvenience.


                            • Ni
                              NitT Dec 03, 2020
                              This comment was posted by
                              a verified customer
                              Verified customer

                              I got a message from Cheapoair said that No refund and credit will expired on December 15, 2020.
                              I need to rebook, but no flight to Thailand. What the heck! [censored] . ! Cheapoair took my 2608 dollars.
                              NEVER EVER AGAIN USE Cheapoair.

                              Nittaya Lyman


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                            CheapoairAir ticket

                            We had booked a direct flight on Aer Lingus on Dec 5
                            The airline is cancelling that flight
                            Instead of refunding the money cheapoair informs us that if we do not accept an alternate flight on Dec 4 with a stopover in United States where covid rates are high we will lose the entire fare
                            There is nothing on their website prior to purchasing this that indicates this
                            My email is uma.[protected]@yahoo.com

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                              CheapoairRefund being withheld covid 19 cancellation

                              I have been waiting for a refund and sent several emails and have recorded calls which my number is updated but the company keeps calling the original number (my husbands old number) and basically trying everything not to give me the refund they promised and have on recording as well.

                              Refund being withheld covid 19 cancellation

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                                CheapoairDue Refund

                                In March 2020 my wife's flight was cancelled by British Air on the day of the flight. Called BA and they confirmed the flight was refundable but would need to be handled by CheapoAir since the ticket was purchased from them. This ticket was over $1, 000.00

                                I tried for days to reach CheapoAir including waiting on their chat for 6 hours. When I finally reached them they told me that the flight was in the past and since I didn't cancel with them we were not eligible for refund.
                                This was a very busy time for travel changes and people were getting stuck around the world - so getting to talk with an agent was extremely difficult. But I left messages, sent emails, and did all the things possible to contact them before the flight time. I bought an emergency replacement ticket through CheapoAir but could never get them to refund the original cancelled ticket.

                                Do not use this company for your travel services. I like their website flight search options and their pricing - but If they will take advantage and cheat like they did us, it is not a business to support.

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                                  • CheapOair's response · Oct 22, 2020

                                    Hello, please provide the 8 digit booking number for further assistance. You can also contact us via phone or live chat by going to our website www.cheapoair.com/customersupport

                                    Regards, ,

                                  • Updated by Douglas Spencer · Oct 25, 2020

                                    The booking number was [protected]. CheapoAir notified us via email at 8:22 PM for a 10:40 PM flight. The problem was that the cancelled flight was the second flight in a series of 3.
                                    British Airways and American notified us early in the morning prior to first flight. They also told me the ticket was refundable. But they could not cancel or change the ticket - only CheapoAir could do that. And of course you didn’t answer calls or emails.
                                    I did rebook another flight through CheapoAir for her replacement ticket - [protected] was the replacement flight.

                                  CheapoairCancel my fly

                                  Got some tickets from chicago to guayaquil ecuador on 7-2-2020 tru the website book me a fly to a company call interjet base en mexico.. My departer day is from [protected] return on [protected]... Got and email on 9-1-2020 with a cancellation & refund information call the website for cheapoair and give me the number in chicago to call the airline interjet for my refund try the number fue times but no one respond look the number from the airline in mexico city call the number in same situasion no respond... Call cheapoair again and the say to keep try the number in chicago.. Someone from cheapair call my the same day and offer me a vouchrer to fly another day with the same airline interjet.. But a tell theme the airline looks like is out of buissnes.. The lady fron cheapoair say the someone will call me back soon.. Today is 10-13-2020 in no refund from the airline or cheapair or my debit card

                                  Cancel my fly
                                  Cancel my fly

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                                    • Updated by juan c quintanilla · Nov 18, 2020

                                      someone call me from cheapoair and offer me 84 dollars back ?? i pay 299 for my ticket after i refuse the money there say the still working in getting my money back from the airline INTERJET ..man !! this people know the INTERJET IS out of business ?? funny there web site is up and running selling tickets but just look at the hundreds of complains from INTERJET ..scamming people

                                    • Du
                                      Dulcelina Nov 18, 2020

                                      This is a interesting, I did not cancel the flight and I got charged for the airline cancelling the flight. Good to see another example of inconsistency and lies from CheapOair. Thanks for sharing your experience! So sorry that they are going through this too. Good luck!

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