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Complaints & Reviews

Complaint about bad service

I have made several attempts by email and phone (while calling from another country by the way) to resolve the issue of not being able to refund a ticket that was purchased in March (booking # [protected]). My sister (the passenger) needs to leave as soon as possible for personal reasons and all they could say was they would offer a future credit. What future credit if she needs to leave as soon as possible? My emails and phone calls seem to be going on deaf ears which is absolutely appalling and unprofessional. It's funny that they were quick to call me as soon as the ticket was purchased but they're conveniently nowhere to be found, now that there's an issue.

  • Updated by Isioma Ikpe · Aug 10, 2020

    That is so sad! Absolute moneymongers. It's ridiculous. I hope you get your issue solved

Booking I made and paid 2986.26 canadian dollars for in Feb 29 2020 and your agent cannot find it

We have successfully cancelled your booking # [protected]
If you requested to cancel for future travel, this action preserved your credit. There is nothing else that is required from you until you are ready to re-book your travel. Simply contact our travel offices closer to your new travel dates to reserve your new flights.
If you have requested a refund, we are still reviewing case by case to confirm if airline rules will allow for refunds. If they do, we will notify you of the refund status once we complete our review.
If you have requested a change to your itinerary, Simply contact our travel offices when you are ready to book your new flights
Thank you for your patience and for being a valued CheapOair.ca customer.
Thank you,
CheapOair.ca Customer Care

PS: I called to rebook and the agent could not find my booking ...will go to my lawyer if I have to about this from: Geraldine Hilliard 3198 Toba Dr, Coquitlam BC V3B 6A4 [protected])

  • CheapOair's response · Jul 30, 2020

    We are unable to locate the reservation by the name or the address, we require the booking number or the email address you used.

Resolved Refund from a cancelled flight

On May 1, 2020 I booked a flight from Jacksonville Florida to Flint Michigan. The dates were from 5/6/2020 to...

Resolved Airfare refund due to covid -19

Billing Details
Account holder: Kurt walter hassel
Booking #: [protected]
Email: [protected]@hotmail.com
Phone: [protected]
Ticket Cost, service fee & taxes
: $ 2122.48
Flight Watcher
: $ 0.00
Travel Assist Classic -
: $ 21.90
: $ 143.90
Cancellation Fee
: $ 70.00
Total Amount Paid : $ 2358.28

Cancellation Fees? These were supposed to be disallowed by government mandate. CheapOair fought me on a credit card dispute to get this instated.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Updated by Kurt Hassel · Jun 24, 2020

    CheapOair will try to say this fee would be waived if I re-booked. The problem is I am over 60 and on chemotherapy. I CANNOT travel by Doctor orders.

  • CheapOair's response · Jun 25, 2020

    In order to assist please provide the 8 digit booking number.

Booking# [protected]

I made a reservation (booking number booking# [protected], and tealized on the same day that the airpot is closed due to corona virus!!! Howcome cheapoair booked it for me in firsyt place!!!

Moreover, when I realized that the airpot is closed, I cancelled my booking within the "24 hour limit" i.e. No penality and no chage of my account. Never theless, the money was withdrawn from my account anyway for a travel that will never happen!!!

Suprise supprise! When the time was close tothe booked floght (10th june at that time), I was informed that the flight is cancelled (what a surprise). After a while, I got another email saying that I an eligible for a re-fund! Suprise suprise and I should call a usa number to confirm autrhorizations. (note I sent multiple emails, but never got through to cheapoair.com except their billing department who says they received the requestr!! So!!! No refung provided!!!

I called the number in their email *a usa number and I was calling form uk: a costly long distance call, and I got a recorder kept me on the line for about half an hour!!! Where I hang up and gave up calling cheapoair as such calls can be more expensive that the ticket I am trying to refund!!!

Until now as the date of this email, I stil did not get any refund and I cannot call thenm on the expensive long distance call!!!

I used to be loyal customer to cheapoair where I purchased so many tickets in the past. Obviously I will never purchace anything from them anymore.

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Fraudulent customer service activities and no promised flight ticket refund

January 8, 2020 I booked a flight through cheapoair from HKG-JKT on january 25. My credit card was charged...

No refund can happen eve if it is not your fault

Seriously! No money back for cancellations!

I have been calling them about my parents flight tickets which have been cancelled twice. When it was cancelled first they told us to make changes if we can provide them $300 for 2 passengers. And so we are so stupid we gave that money to them. 3 days later that flight was cancelled too. This time they told me lufthansa does not make any changes for cancellations anymore! I asked for $300 I paid. They told me "they cant give my $300 even if flight has been cancelled"

Seriously! I was so pissed and hanged up the phone. I directly called lufthansa and asked them if we could not rebook our flight tickets. They said "that is not true, they just want more money! This is not your mistake that has been cancelled. You can even get your money back" and they rebooked another flight for us.
Somehow that flight was cancelled and I called cheapoair again (never call them, they are nor helping at all). They first told me "yes thats possible to get money back because that is not passengers mistake". When I called them second time they told me "you cant get return this flight has been cancelled twice"
These cheap company seriously lying to everybody! When they book a flight they do not even speak clearly about the rules as well as they make their own rules even if I talked to lufthansa they still insist "no refund". After representative saw there was no way he could make me better. He put me on hold for an hour and called lufthansa. After an hour he said "no one picks up".
Freaking liars!
Now I have been on hold with them for 4 hours no one picks up my calls.

Freaking liars! Once I get back home I will sue them.

Resolved Unethical behaviour and unauthorized charge — where's my refund???

This complain is 3 years old because I was told by cheap o air agent to wait for my refund. I was told by geordie (account/chargeback department) that it takes 365 days to get the refund and I reached back again n again. Noone has reached me back and disssapered. I am resubmitting my request bcz I want my refund. This company and people who are working in this company are looting and lying over and over again — I was treated with very unprofessional and horrible staff, I was told by a supervisor to accept the flight that one of his agents messed up and forced me to keep it or else his coworker will lose his job. I was told that I should call back the next day to fix the issue since he (supervisor) had to catch his taxi that was waiting for him to take him home since he was off the duty. I was told by 8 different agents and everyone kept transferring me and noone wanted to take the blame of the cause this cheapoair fraud. This was a trick they played and I lost my 24 hours policy just by their games. This whole conversation was recorded and cheapoair has the recording of it. I have all the proofs and I am still waiting for someone to resolve this issue. My money does not grow on trees since I was told that I make enough money and it should not affect me! (this was all recorded) the agent asked me to provide 3 different credit cards along with my debit card numbers since he kept making mistakes. On top of all this, I had bought insurance on this ticket and they know what this insurance meant but they deleted that record too! The total damage was done: total booking amount: $1, 402.51 charge back amount: $1, 352.66 mental stress time wasted

=I need my money back!!!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • CheapOair's response · Jun 02, 2020

    Provide the booking number so we can locate the reservation and help out.

Resolved Advertising flights that are not operating!

Cheapoair are advertising international flights to Dublin which are not even operating. They are taking money off people knowing this, it's illegal & they're committing fraud! I've had 2 cancelled flights with them both International flights since May. I have not gotten any money back? I have now filed two complaints with the US Department of Transportation & they have been nothing but helpful trying to prevent this happening.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • CheapOair's response · Jun 01, 2020

    Please provide your booking number and contact us at www.cheapoair.com/customersupport by using the online chat link.

A terrible company to work with

My wife and I have had a terrible experience with this company when all our flights booked through
Cheapoair were cancelled due to Covid19 travel restrictions. Trying to contact the company has been a nightmare as the general wait time is over one hour to talk to a representative (always in India) and when connected on over 50% of the time the line dropped and we had to go through the same procedure which has been extremely frustrating. All we are requesting is a refund for the cancelled flights and here major issues have transpired. Checking our credit card statement we have found that Cheapoair have actually deducted more than the quoted fare and following a detailed summary sent to Cheapoair we have not received the full amount and just received random small amounts not totaling 10% of the full amount. We have contacted our credit card company to file a complaint. There is no continuity of customer representatives at Cheapoair and their behavior appears to be very much like sharp practices and anybody less capable I am sure are being swindled out of their money and simply giving up. I am 70 years of age and have run my own business for all my working life and never have I experienced such a dreadful company and I am unable to even give them a one star rating.

Sent me an email about refund

My flight from lax to uln on may 25th 2020 was canceled by the air line and cheapo air send me a e mail saying I will get a portion of the refund $1494.28. This was in the begging of march. I have not seen any refund. This flight was in bond. The out bond flight from moscow to laxwhich is the 2nd part should also be refunded. I was on the phone for 3 days for moe then 3hrs every day. I have not seen any refund and I can not get in touch with any one.

Resolved Problems due to coronavirus

We bought our tickets on November 11, 2019 for round-trip Montreal - Paris (Booking #[protected]). Due to Coronavirus pandemic on the rise:
• on March 15 and 16 I've tried for 10 hours to contact CheapOair for no avail
• on March 17 I sent an email trying to change the flight to come earlier to Canada
• on March 20 I received a confirmation that my request (#3960925) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff
• on March 23 the airline (Air France) cancelled all their flights and we requested to refund the return tickets
• on March 27 CheapOair replied that, the airline is currently not offering any refund waiver, instead I may consider changing my travel dates with no change fee,
• the offer is unacceptable as all French airports are closed for travel, all planes are grounded, and we are stranded in France
• on March 28 CheapOair asked for my opinion about customer service
Most likely we'll fly with a different company at much higher prices.
We need the refund ($1, 337 CAD)


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • CheapOair's response · Apr 13, 2020

    Please provide the 8 digit booking number.

  • Ch
    Chris Zari May 30, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You will never see your refund. I have had the same experience. I completed their form, I had travel insurance and still no refund. it has been 3 month. action law suit only answer

    1 Votes

Resolved Travel agent

We purchased 3 tickets with cheapoair. Unfortunately given the covid 19 and "shelter in place" order all of our flights were canceled. Cheapoair will not even pick up the phone, chat on line after 5 hrs waiting, and does not seem to want to give refunds. I had to use 3 different airlines for my eastern europe travels. All of the airlines are giving refunds and each of the countries are not allowing travelers to enter. The airlines said if I had purchased my tickets directly through them they would have refunded but I am not at the mercy of cheapoair who is not responded. To make matters worse, cheapoair recently charged my credit card on april 2nd, 2020 for an item I never authorized. I have not been able to even talk to them by phone, chat or online. What would they even charge me for. I never received a receipt. I never authorized them to use my credit card.

  • CheapOair's response · Apr 13, 2020

    Please provide the 8 digit booking number.

Resolved Airfares with philippine airlines

My flights have been cancelled by Philippine Airlines (Booking REf: UHNODX) due to the Corona Virus. The airline say that I cannot deal with them due to the fact I booked through CheapOair (Booking Ref: [protected]) and should contact them. Despite several attempts over three months to contact them via online forms (which initially were un-deliverable) and telephone calls (timed out or directed back to the website forms) I have received only one one reply to say that they received my e-mail and would be in touch. Which they have not. According to their site I haven;t even requested a cancellation (technically true sine the airline cancelled) - I certainly have requested a refund. This is simply not good enough but seems to be consistent with the hundreds of reviews here. I understand that they are overworked in the current circumstances but a response of some sort is not much to ask for. All of the other booking agencies we used have all been very good (if a bit slow). If only I could award zero stars.

  • CheapOair's response · Apr 15, 2020

    This has been resolved with the customer.


Resolved Refund of tickets due to corona

We booked and paid our tickets to Portugal and Spain, departing 29 May from Cape Town. Booking number [protected] Dated 04 November 2019. We used CheapOAir.

Now we are forced to cancel our trip due to the Coroma Virus.

We now have received a message stating that we will not receive the money back, but we have a credit that must be used before 20 November 2020.

This is totally WRONG! We cannot use the tickets as we cannot go again this year. We intended to walk the Camino FOR THE LAST TIME as we are getting old.

We desperately need to be refunded IN CASH.

Our e-mail : [protected]@gmail.com
Our phone number : [protected]

Danie Pienaar
South Africa

  • CheapOair's response · Apr 07, 2020

    Please provide the 8 digit booking number for further assistance.

Travel agency cheapoair will not refund payment for cancelled tickets.

I purchased tickets quoted by cheapoair. This was passed on to another travel agency when I purchased the tickets. Before the date of travel, the flights were cancelled by the airline. Their next available flights were not acceptable. This made the return flights also out of my schedule and has to be cancelled also. I then purchased tickets myself from another airline on new acceptable dates, including the return trip to save on fare and meet the new schedule. Cheapoair would not refund the fare I paid for the cancelled tickets. No reason given, except corona virus.
Questions raised on my email remain unanswered. Suing cheapoair may not be practical since the amount involved may not be enough to pay a lawyer's fee. It is very disheartening to see cheapoair get away with this. Warning to all : never use cheapoair at all. Pass this info to all your friends.

Spirit airlines will not answer my emails or phone calls'

Confirmation [protected] from Columbus Ohio to LAS VEGAS March 23rd. My CASINO HOST sent me a Email that CAESARS was closing. So I had to cancel my flight. I don't want my money back I need to book a flight later this year. Please help me.

Resolved Cannot cancel trip (booking# [protected])

I have tried to cancel this trip (April 3-12 LAX to Pittsburgh, PA die (2 passengers: Jame' Elisirene Samuels and Elijah Santino Johnson) due to the coronavirus and have had no luck. Per instructions, I have submitted my request via your Airline Travel Waivers Due to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus form. I keep getting an undeliverable message because, according to the site admins I do not have permission to submit. I am at a loss as to what to do next.

I have been at this for more than a month. Due to the large amount of cancellations I have followed all directions of how to submit my request. I have been on hold for a whole day (15 hours) and have not received any help.

I can be reached via email at [protected]@yahoo.com or via cell at 724.980.6111.

  • CheapOair's response · Apr 02, 2020

    Deborah, you are getting that message because we've already received the request and we are preventing people from duplicating the request. We will process the reservation according to the airline guidelines and will end you an email once it has been done, this is taking 10-14 business days. As long as the request is in before the departure you are good to go.

    Also you may want to take this post done, you posted your phone number and who knows who reads these and you could get some calls you don't want.

Flight change charges b/c of coronavirus

I booked an international flight in early March before corona virus restricted travel into many countries. My flight was supposed to leave March 29th but the country I was supposed to fly into has suspended flights. I have called cheapoair multiple times, filled out their form & was informed I'd have to pay $300+ in fees for something I didn't cause. They are apparently still trying to wrangle money out of customers while tjere is a worldwide pandemic going on!!

My cancelled flight

Hello I have already tried to speak with your company about my cancelles flight, all phone numbers are down and only a form to fill out online. Number1 im not filling it out for you to charge me more money for a cancelled flight. Number2 I have already spoke with the airline and the said I have to get my refund from you so yea they said I could have a refund. Number 3 to advise people to wait 48 hours before there flight to contact you I have seen people write you guys for weeks and get nowhere just the same old speech due to call volumes blah blah blah no help at all. I have already had to pay 248.00 to make a change to my flight 26 hours after I booked, and bought the travel protection, did no help so why should I have to pay more when I didnt cancel the airlines did! So thats trip disruption. I have e mailed, messaged on face book and like I said tried to call no response from your company just wait and wait. Would you wait for your money hell no. I want a refund please. My reservation number is#[protected] I will seek action with the dot, bbb and my bank if this not taken care of. Email is [protected]@gmail.com my flight was april 12 2020 I had bought 2 tickets

Truly disapointed, ms miller and mr seamer

My cancelled flight
My cancelled flight