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Kenmore “Elite” aka piece of crap refrigerator

Mode 795.74043.411
Refrigerator purchased in October 2016
Compressor bad in March 2020 and the technician stated "all these 795... models have this known issue with the compressor and board and want to charge me $650 to replace a bad known part. This is an issue with LG and Sears for having a product with a known defect and trying to charge customers $650 to replace their poor craftsmanship. The customer service personnel (foreign cal center) had the worst customer service, getting an attitude about my issue and hung up on me. This is after waiting over a week for a response to a missed service call and I was told to wait until I was contacted! I waited for a week with no contact only to be railroaded yesterday with an exorbitant labor charge. Stand behind your merchandise and make this right! This needs resolution now!

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    Mr. Helpful May 17, 2020

    Hi Mr. Collier.

    Do you have the original order number for your refrigerator purchase? Was the additional warranty coverage elected when the purchase was made?

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Kenmore elite refrigerator

I purchased a Kenmore refrigerator about a year and 1/2 ago (2018) and it stopped working in January of 2020. When I purchased the refrigerator, the sales rep told me that the protection plan would be obsolete in a year and that is the length of the manufacturer's warranty. So cut to a year and 1/2 later, the thing stops working. Since the warranty had expired, I called Sears for your home and paid $125.00 for the technician from Sears to tell me that the problem with the refrigerator was in the control panel in the back. For them to come out and fix it, it would cost over $650 and if my husband was handy, I could just buy the control panel from Sears Parts Direct and he could install it himself and it would cost us $150.00. So on this recommendation, that is what I did. On January 27, 2020 I called Sears Parts Direct and ordered the part and was told it would be here within 3 weeks - order #E339811. The part never arrived and I called to get a status and was told it was on backorder. Meanwhile, my food is going bad because the refrigerator works only sometimes. I can't buy milk because it spoils but the food in the freezer is OK. I contacted my home warranty plan and they came out, so I shelled out another $75.00 and this time was told it was a maintenance issue and not the control panel, so I paid another $50.00 to have it cleaned (I have owned at least 3 refrigerators in my life and never had to have them "cleaned") The refrigerator continued to malfunction. I have now contacted Sears about 6 times to date. I have been told that the order was cancelled (it was not cancelled) and that because the part is on back order I will be charged when the part is mailed to me. I intermittently check the website and sometimes the part shows up as available and other times, on back order. Other times I call and am told that the Back end department has to contact the manufacturer for status. Most recently, on 4/29/20 I received an email from [protected]
"Dear Member,

We have received your request regarding the order# E339811. We have contacted our manufacturer regarding this and currently the item is on backorderd status. These parts are estimated to arrive at our warehouse by 05/05/2020. Once the order is shipped tracking # will be updated.

Thank you for choosing Sears PartsDirect.
Haskins K."
Today is May 11, 2020 and still no email, no response, no part. So I contacted Sears Parts Direct thru chat. I was told in by "Tony": "Once you had placed the order with us, the part was in stock after which unfortunately the part went on back order, so as per the update from the manufacturer we have still not received any updates on this back ordered part. As it is produced based on members request, will take additional time for the delivery. These parts are in demand (not avilable elsewhere) and we take up the responsibility of making it available only for a valued members." Please give us some time to ship the part from the vendor. and then when I was transferred to a "Supervisor" named "Karlene" who advised that the issue was "escalated" which I thought was already done and asking for more patience. I asked if I could be compensated for my spoiled food or a credit on a new refrigerator and she said "I wish I had an option" and "You can contact us Customer Solution at 1-XXX-XXX-XXX." Needless to say, I need help. I need my refrigerator. I am a mother three and my husband and I work very hard to provide for our kids. Luckily, we are able to continue to work (though our hours have been reduced) through this COVID pandemic. As you can imagine, we need a working refrigerator because we cannot go out all the time to purchase food, when it goes bad or to get takeout. This situation has become untenable and all I want is a resolution to my issue. I am currently out $100's in spoiled food, as well as the cost of the part and the money I've had to pay for zero resolution. I'm not looking for a payout or much less. I need a working refrigerator. That is all. Sears has always been my go to for my appliances for decades. I still have the combination washer/dryer I purchased from Sears in 2001. And it still works! That's how much faith I had in the products and service of Sears. I have been let down in a big way.

Kenmore elite refrigerator

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    Mr. Helpful May 13, 2020

    You can purchase a secondary "garage" fridge for as inexpensive as a few hundred dollars. It may be a really good solution as a temporary storage area until this part arrives (assuming said part solves the problem).

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Kenmore elite side-by-side refrigerator. Model 106.5177

I am a former Sears employee, so I trust Sears products, however, my wife and I purchased the above refrigerator in February 2018, and this wasn't a cheap appliance. As of right now, the ice maker makes ice, but it won't dispense the ice. Also, the LED lights on the freezer side are out, and I can't see any way I can take care of that problem. On top of these two problems, the stainless steel doors have lost their color in spots (it looks terrible). I would appreciate any assistance you may give me to take care of this. Again, being a valued Sears customer (and former employee), my wife and I are rather disappointed in what has happened to this appliance. We wish to continue buying from Sears, but it depends on how this issue gets resolved. Thank you. does a Ms. Teresa still work there? If so, we would like her to call us.
Ron Downey
[protected] (H)
[protected] (C)

Kenmore elite side-by-side refrigerator. Model 106.5177
Kenmore elite side-by-side refrigerator. Model 106.5177
Kenmore elite side-by-side refrigerator. Model 106.5177
Kenmore elite side-by-side refrigerator. Model 106.5177
Kenmore elite side-by-side refrigerator. Model 106.5177


Washer machine repair gone wrong

Sears repair has visited my house 3 times last week and my washer is still not fixed. They rescheduled the 4th appointment that was supposed to be today.
Hopefully I will see a repair person tomorrow. I have a master protection agreement. I have had 2 different techs and neither could stay to the end of the cycle of the machine stating it doesn't matter they have too many other calls and can't wait to see if the fix worked. Plus sears pays them for unlimited visits to fix the washer. That does not help me because I have no washer to wash my closes. I have spent unlimited amounts of time on the phone with service reps and just get bounced back and for and then they lose the connection when they transfer me. Today I ended up at customer solutions who told me I might be eligible for a replacement since they haven't fixed it with this many visits and transfers me to the protection agreement department and then disconnects me. The employees who answer the phone just tell you anything to get you off. I am so disappointed in the customer service I have received. I have also been told twice that dispatch would call me but no one has called me back. Can someone help me at sears with my issue?

master protection agreement / warranty service

Worst Company you can buy from. We have been out of a refrigerator for over 3 months!! I have been on the phone for hours on end - At a minimum of 40 hours. When we called about the refrigerator they sent a tech that said they would order a part that does not exist. They send 2 other techs all that confirmed the part does not exist. I have finally approved a new refrigerator and was told it was going to take over 6 weeks to deliver. When I told the CSR rep this was just unacceptable he came back with if humankind has been without a refrigerator for centuries you can do 6 weeks. Just an FYI I figured out that the MPA CSR reps were pushing me to the Manufacturer Reps and Vice Versa. Do Not Wast your time unless you enjoy being on the phone for hours on end with no solution.

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I need to change my bank info for auto pay

I have the life insurance through sears. I need to change my bank info for auto pay. Can you please direct me...

sears diehard car battery

the sears automotive in Hayward California the WORST ..i took my 2 DIEHARD batteries, , which my mechanic told me that been that they were 3 years old...they would not HOLD CHARGE ...after charging them overnight ...i spoke to this CROOK named JULIUS ..HE SAID TO COMEBACK on wednesday when they would get some in wife and i drove there on thursday march 12 ..this guy JULIUS is a CROOK 2 batteries were under WARRANTY according to my invoice ..yet ..he .SOLD me.2 ..$ 159.00 batteries that he sent someone to pick up at O'REILLY ., , and charge me $ 189.99 for them...he said that they were SEARS battery ..but that was a LIE ...i could of gone myself to O'REILLY and bought them myself for $159.00 ...and these are NOT SERAS batteries ..which is FRAUD ..on this guy whats the point of having a warranty for 3 years when you buy a battery from sears ..and the battery FAILS yet they WON'T .HONOR THE INVOICE with the WARRANTY ...

Kenmore Elite Washing Machine

The drain pump on my $1000 washing machine went out after not quite 2 years. It is covered by the Sears Home Repair warranty plan. The repair tech was on time and veferified that the pump was defective and needed to be replaced. He did not have one on his truck and ordered one at that time (Feb 4, 2020). It was to be drop shipped to my address in 4 or 5 days. As of 2/19, the pump has not been delivered. Sears customer service says it was ordered from the manufacturer and they have no way of knowing when it will be shipped. Really ?? Sears Parts Direct, eBay and Amazon all have the part listed as available with 4 day delivery guaranteed !!! If Sears would refund the $280 dollars I spent on the warranty I would just buy the $115 part and replace it myself.

warranty protection agreement for my cook top

I purchased complete protection agreement for my Kenmore Elite Introduction electronic cooktop. My cooktop not working back in Dec. 11, 2019, I called and scheduled for the service. The technician cane out and said will take 4 weeks to get part. After 4 weeks the parts still not arrived. I called customer service and they agree to replace my cooktop. However, another after 2 and half months I still not get my cooktop. I called again and customer service say I have to wait still March 13, 2020 for the customer service call to see if they gave the cooktop in warehouse then they going to schedule for the delivery.
I have to wait 3 months anh hope that Sears have cooktop in the warehouse?
My case #6587337

home warranty program, contract no. [protected]

Date of incident: 2/12/20

Description: After upgrading my appliance plan to whole house coverage I was immediately contacted again by the representative (David), who asked me to repeat the card number being charged, my date of birth, and the city in which I was born. I was not asked for personal information when we set up the original appliance plan, and I was not comfortable with receiving a follow-on call asking for personal information and that I repeat the charging card number and expiration date. I did repeat the card number and provided my birth date as I grew increasingly uncomfortable. I feared I was being scammed, so I terminated the call.

Geraldine Sierzega

need to cancel recurring order

I signed up at a Sears retail store, four years ago, for an auto delivery refrigerator water filter to be...

my washing machine

I called Sears to come to my house to service my washing machine. It wasn't turning on, and we needed help getting it fixed. I thought that by going through Sears where I bought the product, it was the smart thing to do.

It has turned into nothing but a nightmare. The technician arrived at my place of employment instead of my house. My son stayed home from work to wait for him. Then, we had to reschedule for a date a week later. The technician arrived an hour late and didn't even call to let us know he was behind on his service calls.

He found out that a part needed to be ordered and proceeded to charge me. He was having problems with the machine processing my check and had to do it several times. I cautioned him that I was going to get charge several times because of the issue with the machine. Eduardo said, "don't worry, that is not going to happen". Then, he proceeded to call someone who told him that he was only supposed to charge for a portion of the repair fee, and that it would be finalized when the part arrived and the service was complete. Then, he went ahead and proceeded to process the check for the different amount.

I checked my bank account a couple of days later to find out that he charged me twice: first for the full amount of the service call and then, for the partial amount the person on the phone told him about.

I have been trying to get my money back to no avail. Sears was quick to get my money but horrible at giving back money that belongs to me. I will never use Sears again for anything. I have never encountered such terrible customer service.

My claim # is 6608171. No one listens and no one gets back to let me know where my claim is in the process.

I am so frustrated. If I don't hear back from Sears by tomorrow, I will file a claim with the Better Business Bureau.

I called again today, and the person on the phone, Felix Hunt, couldn't find anyone in the customer service department that was available and wouldn't let me talk to his supervisor.

Zeydi Gutierrez

4057 Stevens St., Castro Valley, CA

system home warranty

I called Sears about the water leaking from my jetted steam bath into the basement on October 21, 2019. They sent out Seibold plumbing. The boss told me I had to order a drain system with two cables for the jetted part of the bath. I spent two hundred dollars in parts. Then a plumber came out from Seibold who said he could fix the situation but he never returned. A second plumber told me the first had quit. The second plumber left stating it was a two man job. Seibold returned, assessed the situation and sent in another guy who did get the drain in but did not attach the cables. Thus- no jetted bath. Also, unless the plug is pulled completely out of the tub, water will fill up the tub while taking a shower. In addition, the side of the tub was pulled open severely cracking the porcelain in the corner. The tub to this day has the side of the tub dangling open with all the inside parts exposed.
Two weeks ago Sears sent over a different plumber named Paul Flarhety who was very disturbed by the present condition of the bath. He said though that he could make it right and would send a proposal to Sears. Three days ago I received a voicemail from Flarherty saying Sears was not honoring the contract. I have not formally heard from Sears but when I called them about this, I was told they are sorry for the inconvenience but that the bath was not covered. I said this has been an open claim since October 21, 2919 and it is now the end of January 2020 and you are just getting around telling me this? This is absurd. The way we have been bathing in a sink all this time and all for nothing. The lady told me she was sorry for my inconvenience. Please help! I am at wits end. I am 72 and feel I have been taken advantage of due to my patience with them.

no product/no refund

I placed an order for a refrigerator on December 7, 2019. The refrigerator delivery date was set for Dec 26, 2019. The refrigerator was never delivered. I began calling Sears home delivery on December 26, 2019 in order to understand what was taking place and I was told to wait longer, that I could not cancel and get a refund, that no refrigerator had been sent to the warehouse, and so on. On Monday, January 6, 2020, I insisted on a cancellation and was granted one. At the time, was told a refund would be processed in 7 to 10 days and I would receive an email in 48 to 72 hours. I patiently waited until the following Monday, January 13, 2020 and then called to check on the refund status. I once again was given the run around via phone and chat and was I told I needed to wait another 48 to 72 hours for a response. I now have a case manager, Raye Bryant who informed me on Thursday, January 16, 2020 that there was no new information in my case. My case number is 6600972. I cannot see how there is even a case. No refrigerator was ever sent to the warehouse, the order was cancelled, a refund needs to be processed.

master protection agreement

Found out last year that we did not pay the bill. Sears refused to renew even if backdated premiums paid. Fair enough I thought. Presumed a misunderstanding at home and although we had around 9 appliances on the agreement, felt we had to accept the situation.
As a result of the second complaint (to follow)it was revealed that a totally unknown and incorrect address was on the account so the invoice was never sent to us... So long now impossible to rectify.

  • Updated by [email protected] · Jan 14, 2020

    Oven door locked on Christmas Day.
    Technician came out to diagnose three weeks later.
    I had to help him open the door, to prevent damage.
    True, he could only see 3/4 of serial number (10 year old appliance). I assured him it was registered with Sears. He argued with me that it was not, even though I pointed out it was on a Master Protection Agreement for 10 years, and a main board had been replaced in 2014. Tried to explain to him in three different ways.
    Door latch clearly the issue. Error codes E1 F5 clearly visible. He took a picture but insisted he would not diagnose...
    Made the mistake of paying his call out fee to keep my end of the contract, $89 now lost.
    Called Sears 5 times. Twice they really struggled to find the appliance record at all, argued that the model number and serial number must be visible on the front of a ten year old appliance.
    The third call the oven was found within 20 seconds, customer service seemed excellent.
    Supposed to get a call back but never happened.
    Fourth call in I was told to find appliance manual. I asked why as he had only just given me the model number and serial number on record...
    Fifth call. Again good service. Discovered via M# & S# that several of our appliances had had address changed arbitrarily to a completely unknown address. (This was the root cause for the failure of our 20 year old Master Protection Agreement as the bill was sent to an unknown address).
    After many many hours of very patient calls, including cut-offs, finally got a "free follow up" appointment for today.
    Noticed no emails though, so called in.
    Appointment had been cancelled by someone (Local depot?)
    Reason given "we don't service Whirlpool ovens".
    Call Center suddenly referred me to another in mid polite conversation.
    After 2 mins on call it became obvious I was not talking to Sears anymore. Sears had transferred me to Whirlpool without a word!
    Astonishing. 20+ years placing trust in Sears for appliance purchase and large MPA. Blown away completely.

kenmore elite refrigerator

September of 2019 our new refrigerator was 50 degrees inside and water was rushing out of the door due to ice melting. Our warranty was expired in Oct. 2019. I was so relieved because I was covered. Well I called 10 times back and forth poor customer care and they sent the repair guy 4 times, and of course going back and forth are up the warranty time. I called again today January She tried to schedule me service, but I didn't want service. I wanted to talk to someone about how many times it was repaired and the strategy to waste my time so I could no longer get a new fridge. She could not transfer me to someone today only on Monday. I have thrown away spoiled food 3-4 times, taken time off of work because their schedule needs to be accommodated, wasted hours on the phone, etc. Here I am January 2020 and it's almost 60 degrees in my fridge again. My freezers is full and spoiled too. I can never get the help I need or lodge a complaint to a valid service solutions expert.

kenmore elite refrigerator


order #[protected]

On November 19th, I ordered a gift for my grandson which turned out to be the wrong model. This was pointed out immediately by my grandson and the item was never opened. I contacted Sears to return the item, copy and pasted the address onto the shipping label and didn't think anything of it.

The item was sent back on December 2nd and to my surprise, I got an empty box back weeks later on December 17th. I assumed there was perhaps a mistake but I double checked the address and tracking shows it was delivered to the proper location but was returned to me.

I emailed Sears about the issue to the regular customer service email

This has been literally the worst customer service experience I've ever had. and also the email of Ann Infusino and Rob Baker, both higher-ups at Sears customer service. A week went by and I got no response. I was away for Christmas so my son called and spoke to a representative who said they looked into it and a refund was being processed and everything was fine.

The same day I get an email saying the item was never delivered back. I responded with tracking numbers and a photo of the return shipment. 5 more days go back, no refund and no response to my email. At the start of January now I contacted Sears chat support who gave me a refund reference number and said it was initiated on December 31st and everything was fine. The next day I get the same copy and paste email from Sears saying the item was not returned and to provide the serial number of the product and the tracking. I responded saying the item was not opened so I did not know the serial number and again, provided the tracking and images of the return shipment. 6 more days went by, no refund and no response from Sears. I for the last time contacted Sears chat support who said they were escalating the issue and everything would be fine. I told them I've gotten nothing but the same copy and paste emails requesting information. This time I provided the requested information to Sears chat support. Again I got the exact same copy and paste email from Sears support. It's pretty clear they don't care. I've emailed their higher up offices and their customer service emails after double-checking for accuracy. Again no response whatsoever. This has literally been the worst customer support experience I've ever had.

order #[protected]


kenmore electric slide in range

We purchased a Kenmore slide in electric stove - within 6 months of using the paint peeled off of the face where the controls are located. I am a very clean person, I dont use harsh products to clean - I have a nice kitchen, my stove is visable to those who want to eat at the counter, and it looks awful. I called Sears, they charged me to come and see the stove, and then I had to buy a replacement part that was over $100, now I have to have them or someone else replace it, and the installation will cost me even more money. I am very disappointed in this product. It was supposed to be stainless steel, you can see from this picture, it is not, it is a some type of finish that is not compatable with daily use and cleaning.

kenmore electric slide in range
kenmore electric slide in range

Sears Brands

kenmore elite refrigerator

First service call on refrigerator not working was Dec. 16, 2019. repairman checked temp in refrigerator and said it was ok. refrigerator still did not cool.
called back that same day and was told it would be Dec. 30, 2019 before the next available service date. We went through Christmas without service.
Repairman can out on Dec. 30 and refrigerator worked for 2 hours. Place call back to service repair and repairman came back on Dec. 31. He did absolutely nothing because he said repair order was not place under the warranty agreement and that we would have to pay up front and he left. Called back to repair service and was told the next service date would be Jan. 7, 2020. We have gone through the entire holiday without a refrigerator and having to take off work to be here for the repair man to come and do nothing!! What good is a service Warranty Agreement?

kenmore elite 106.[protected]

The unit quit cooling less than one year of ownership and was repaired under warranty (after 10 days) the ice maker quit a few months later, after warrany expired. Just found out the wiring harness that goes into door has 5 broken wires out of seven due to lack of clearence. I beleivethis a manufacture defect.

Dave Zirkle