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sears diehard car battery

the sears automotive in Hayward California the WORST ..i took my 2 DIEHARD batteries, , which my mechanic told me that been that they were 3 years old...they would not HOLD CHARGE ...after charging them overnight ...i spoke to this CROOK named JULIUS ..HE SAID TO COMEBACK on wednesday when they would get some in wife and i drove there on thursday march 12 ..this guy JULIUS is a CROOK 2 batteries were under WARRANTY according to my invoice ..yet ..he .SOLD me.2 ..$ 159.00 batteries that he sent someone to pick up at O'REILLY ., , and charge me $ 189.99 for them...he said that they were SEARS battery ..but that was a LIE ...i could of gone myself to O'REILLY and bought them myself for $159.00 ...and these are NOT SERAS batteries ..which is FRAUD ..on this guy whats the point of having a warranty for 3 years when you buy a battery from sears ..and the battery FAILS yet they WON'T .HONOR THE INVOICE with the WARRANTY ...

Sears Home ServiceKenmore Elite Washing Machine

The drain pump on my $1000 washing machine went out after not quite 2 years. It is covered by the Sears Home Repair warranty plan. The repair tech was on time and veferified that the pump was defective and needed to be replaced. He did not have one on his truck and ordered one at that time (Feb 4, 2020). It was to be drop shipped to my address in 4 or 5 days. As of 2/19, the pump has not been delivered. Sears customer service says it was ordered from the manufacturer and they have no way of knowing when it will be shipped. Really ?? Sears Parts Direct, eBay and Amazon all have the part listed as available with 4 day delivery guaranteed !!! If Sears would refund the $280 dollars I spent on the warranty I would just buy the $115 part and replace it myself.

warranty protection agreement for my cook top

I purchased complete protection agreement for my Kenmore Elite Introduction electronic cooktop. My cooktop not working back in Dec. 11, 2019, I called and scheduled for the service. The technician cane out and said will take 4 weeks to get part. After 4 weeks the parts still not arrived. I called customer service and they agree to replace my cooktop. However, another after 2 and half months I still not get my cooktop. I called again and customer service say I have to wait still March 13, 2020 for the customer service call to see if they gave the cooktop in warehouse then they going to schedule for the delivery.
I have to wait 3 months anh hope that Sears have cooktop in the warehouse?
My case #6587337

home warranty program, contract no. [protected]

Date of incident: 2/12/20

Description: After upgrading my appliance plan to whole house coverage I was immediately contacted again by the representative (David), who asked me to repeat the card number being charged, my date of birth, and the city in which I was born. I was not asked for personal information when we set up the original appliance plan, and I was not comfortable with receiving a follow-on call asking for personal information and that I repeat the charging card number and expiration date. I did repeat the card number and provided my birth date as I grew increasingly uncomfortable. I feared I was being scammed, so I terminated the call.

Geraldine Sierzega

need to cancel recurring order

I signed up at a Sears retail store, four years ago, for an auto delivery refrigerator water filter to be delivered every 6 months. I do not need it any longer but Sears is out of...

my washing machine

I called Sears to come to my house to service my washing machine. It wasn't turning on, and we needed help getting it fixed. I thought that by going through Sears where I bought the product, it was the smart thing to do.

It has turned into nothing but a nightmare. The technician arrived at my place of employment instead of my house. My son stayed home from work to wait for him. Then, we had to reschedule for a date a week later. The technician arrived an hour late and didn't even call to let us know he was behind on his service calls.

He found out that a part needed to be ordered and proceeded to charge me. He was having problems with the machine processing my check and had to do it several times. I cautioned him that I was going to get charge several times because of the issue with the machine. Eduardo said, "don't worry, that is not going to happen". Then, he proceeded to call someone who told him that he was only supposed to charge for a portion of the repair fee, and that it would be finalized when the part arrived and the service was complete. Then, he went ahead and proceeded to process the check for the different amount.

I checked my bank account a couple of days later to find out that he charged me twice: first for the full amount of the service call and then, for the partial amount the person on the phone told him about.

I have been trying to get my money back to no avail. Sears was quick to get my money but horrible at giving back money that belongs to me. I will never use Sears again for anything. I have never encountered such terrible customer service.

My claim # is 6608171. No one listens and no one gets back to let me know where my claim is in the process.

I am so frustrated. If I don't hear back from Sears by tomorrow, I will file a claim with the Better Business Bureau.

I called again today, and the person on the phone, Felix Hunt, couldn't find anyone in the customer service department that was available and wouldn't let me talk to his supervisor.

Zeydi Gutierrez

4057 Stevens St., Castro Valley, CA

Sears System Home Warrantysystem home warranty

I called Sears about the water leaking from my jetted steam bath into the basement on October 21, 2019. They sent out Seibold plumbing. The boss told me I had to order a drain system with two cables for the jetted part of the bath. I spent two hundred dollars in parts. Then a plumber came out from Seibold who said he could fix the situation but he never returned. A second plumber told me the first had quit. The second plumber left stating it was a two man job. Seibold returned, assessed the situation and sent in another guy who did get the drain in but did not attach the cables. Thus- no jetted bath. Also, unless the plug is pulled completely out of the tub, water will fill up the tub while taking a shower. In addition, the side of the tub was pulled open severely cracking the porcelain in the corner. The tub to this day has the side of the tub dangling open with all the inside parts exposed.
Two weeks ago Sears sent over a different plumber named Paul Flarhety who was very disturbed by the present condition of the bath. He said though that he could make it right and would send a proposal to Sears. Three days ago I received a voicemail from Flarherty saying Sears was not honoring the contract. I have not formally heard from Sears but when I called them about this, I was told they are sorry for the inconvenience but that the bath was not covered. I said this has been an open claim since October 21, 2919 and it is now the end of January 2020 and you are just getting around telling me this? This is absurd. The way we have been bathing in a sink all this time and all for nothing. The lady told me she was sorry for my inconvenience. Please help! I am at wits end. I am 72 and feel I have been taken advantage of due to my patience with them.

no product/no refund

I placed an order for a refrigerator on December 7, 2019. The refrigerator delivery date was set for Dec 26, 2019. The refrigerator was never delivered. I began calling Sears home delivery on December 26, 2019 in order to understand what was taking place and I was told to wait longer, that I could not cancel and get a refund, that no refrigerator had been sent to the warehouse, and so on. On Monday, January 6, 2020, I insisted on a cancellation and was granted one. At the time, was told a refund would be processed in 7 to 10 days and I would receive an email in 48 to 72 hours. I patiently waited until the following Monday, January 13, 2020 and then called to check on the refund status. I once again was given the run around via phone and chat and was I told I needed to wait another 48 to 72 hours for a response. I now have a case manager, Raye Bryant who informed me on Thursday, January 16, 2020 that there was no new information in my case. My case number is 6600972. I cannot see how there is even a case. No refrigerator was ever sent to the warehouse, the order was cancelled, a refund needs to be processed.

master protection agreement

Found out last year that we did not pay the bill. Sears refused to renew even if backdated premiums paid. Fair enough I thought. Presumed a misunderstanding at home and although we had around 9 appliances on the agreement, felt we had to accept the situation.
As a result of the second complaint (to follow)it was revealed that a totally unknown and incorrect address was on the account so the invoice was never sent to us... So long now impossible to rectify.

  • Updated by [email protected] · Jan 14, 2020

    Oven door locked on Christmas Day.
    Technician came out to diagnose three weeks later.
    I had to help him open the door, to prevent damage.
    True, he could only see 3/4 of serial number (10 year old appliance). I assured him it was registered with Sears. He argued with me that it was not, even though I pointed out it was on a Master Protection Agreement for 10 years, and a main board had been replaced in 2014. Tried to explain to him in three different ways.
    Door latch clearly the issue. Error codes E1 F5 clearly visible. He took a picture but insisted he would not diagnose...
    Made the mistake of paying his call out fee to keep my end of the contract, $89 now lost.
    Called Sears 5 times. Twice they really struggled to find the appliance record at all, argued that the model number and serial number must be visible on the front of a ten year old appliance.
    The third call the oven was found within 20 seconds, customer service seemed excellent.
    Supposed to get a call back but never happened.
    Fourth call in I was told to find appliance manual. I asked why as he had only just given me the model number and serial number on record...
    Fifth call. Again good service. Discovered via M# & S# that several of our appliances had had address changed arbitrarily to a completely unknown address. (This was the root cause for the failure of our 20 year old Master Protection Agreement as the bill was sent to an unknown address).
    After many many hours of very patient calls, including cut-offs, finally got a "free follow up" appointment for today.
    Noticed no emails though, so called in.
    Appointment had been cancelled by someone (Local depot?)
    Reason given "we don't service Whirlpool ovens".
    Call Center suddenly referred me to another in mid polite conversation.
    After 2 mins on call it became obvious I was not talking to Sears anymore. Sears had transferred me to Whirlpool without a word!
    Astonishing. 20+ years placing trust in Sears for appliance purchase and large MPA. Blown away completely.

kenmore elite refrigerator

September of 2019 our new refrigerator was 50 degrees inside and water was rushing out of the door due to ice melting. Our warranty was expired in Oct. 2019. I was so relieved because I was covered. Well I called 10 times back and forth poor customer care and they sent the repair guy 4 times, and of course going back and forth are up the warranty time. I called again today January She tried to schedule me service, but I didn't want service. I wanted to talk to someone about how many times it was repaired and the strategy to waste my time so I could no longer get a new fridge. She could not transfer me to someone today only on Monday. I have thrown away spoiled food 3-4 times, taken time off of work because their schedule needs to be accommodated, wasted hours on the phone, etc. Here I am January 2020 and it's almost 60 degrees in my fridge again. My freezers is full and spoiled too. I can never get the help I need or lodge a complaint to a valid service solutions expert.

kenmore elite refrigerator

order #[protected]

On November 19th, I ordered a gift for my grandson which turned out to be the wrong model. This was pointed out immediately by my grandson and the item was never opened. I contacted Sears to return the item, copy and pasted the address onto the shipping label and didn't think anything of it.

The item was sent back on December 2nd and to my surprise, I got an empty box back weeks later on December 17th. I assumed there was perhaps a mistake but I double checked the address and tracking shows it was delivered to the proper location but was returned to me.

I emailed Sears about the issue to the regular customer service email

This has been literally the worst customer service experience I've ever had. and also the email of Ann Infusino and Rob Baker, both higher-ups at Sears customer service. A week went by and I got no response. I was away for Christmas so my son called and spoke to a representative who said they looked into it and a refund was being processed and everything was fine.

The same day I get an email saying the item was never delivered back. I responded with tracking numbers and a photo of the return shipment. 5 more days go back, no refund and no response to my email. At the start of January now I contacted Sears chat support who gave me a refund reference number and said it was initiated on December 31st and everything was fine. The next day I get the same copy and paste email from Sears saying the item was not returned and to provide the serial number of the product and the tracking. I responded saying the item was not opened so I did not know the serial number and again, provided the tracking and images of the return shipment. 6 more days went by, no refund and no response from Sears. I for the last time contacted Sears chat support who said they were escalating the issue and everything would be fine. I told them I've gotten nothing but the same copy and paste emails requesting information. This time I provided the requested information to Sears chat support. Again I got the exact same copy and paste email from Sears support. It's pretty clear they don't care. I've emailed their higher up offices and their customer service emails after double-checking for accuracy. Again no response whatsoever. This has literally been the worst customer support experience I've ever had.

order #[protected]

Sears Brandskenmore electric slide in range

We purchased a Kenmore slide in electric stove - within 6 months of using the paint peeled off of the face where the controls are located. I am a very clean person, I dont use harsh products to clean - I have a nice kitchen, my stove is visable to those who want to eat at the counter, and it looks awful. I called Sears, they charged me to come and see the stove, and then I had to buy a replacement part that was over $100, now I have to have them or someone else replace it, and the installation will cost me even more money. I am very disappointed in this product. It was supposed to be stainless steel, you can see from this picture, it is not, it is a some type of finish that is not compatable with daily use and cleaning.

kenmore electric slide in range
kenmore electric slide in range

kenmore elite refrigerator

First service call on refrigerator not working was Dec. 16, 2019. repairman checked temp in refrigerator and said it was ok. refrigerator still did not cool.
called back that same day and was told it would be Dec. 30, 2019 before the next available service date. We went through Christmas without service.
Repairman can out on Dec. 30 and refrigerator worked for 2 hours. Place call back to service repair and repairman came back on Dec. 31. He did absolutely nothing because he said repair order was not place under the warranty agreement and that we would have to pay up front and he left. Called back to repair service and was told the next service date would be Jan. 7, 2020. We have gone through the entire holiday without a refrigerator and having to take off work to be here for the repair man to come and do nothing!! What good is a service Warranty Agreement?

Sears Brandskenmore elite 106.[protected]

The unit quit cooling less than one year of ownership and was repaired under warranty (after 10 days) the ice maker quit a few months later, after warrany expired. Just found out the wiring harness that goes into door has 5 broken wires out of seven due to lack of clearence. I beleivethis a manufacture defect.

Dave Zirkle

Sears Brandsrepair protection agreement is worthless

I have had an ongoing issue with Sears Home Services failure to live up to their obligations regarding a "Repair Protection Agreement that they sold us in March of 2019. The coverage is on a Kenmore Elite refrigerator that we purchased in 2011 along with a 5-year protection agreement. We renewed the agreement for 3 years in 2016 and then for 2 additional years this March.

We requested service on 5/27/2109 when there was no ice in the ice maker bin. Since then technicians have been to our house on 5 occasions. On four of those occasions they attempted repairs. The other visit was diagnostic, and parts were ordered. Today is December 18th, 2109 and we still do not have a refrigerator that will maintain acceptable temperatures. After today's cancellation a phone call resulted in an earliest available appointment of 12/31/2109.

An attempted repair in June held desired temperatures for about 3 weeks. An attempted repair in October held desired temperatures for less than 2 weeks. At least 9 schedule appointments have been cancelled, 8 of those unilaterally by Sears and one where I was unable to return a call to the technician for about 15 minutes when he called to say he was on the way.

The typical time frame of availability for a rescheduled appointment has been about 2 weeks. After a Sears initiated cancellation on December 5th, I first used the reschedule link furnished in the email and the earliest available appointment was for December 17th. I then accessed the "Sears Home Services" web pages and when requesting an appointment, I indicated that I was "not sure if I was covered by an agreement". Amazingly I got an appointment for the following day for a diagnostic visit for a fee of $120.00.

When the Sears Representatives called to sell the protection agreement they emphasize "The peace of Mind you will have knowing that your refrigerator will be repaired promptly and at no additional cost". They also stress that "If we cannot fix your refrigerator it will be replaced". Sears has not lived up to either of these promises. It also appears that they put customers that have protection agreements at the back of the line for service appointments in favor of generating revenue from diagnostic visits. I suspect that once the new customers or hooked for the diagnostic fee they get the same shoddy service as those who bought repair agreements.

Sears Brandssent wrong part, will not fit. please send me a prepaid return label and refund to my credit card

One brush assembly was received and I asked tor 2. The product sent was wrong for my saw. The brush assembly is too small to fit the holder. I would like a prepaid return and credit back to my card. I tried to fit the brush in the holder and found it to be too thin by about 1/4 on the thickness, this will allow the brush to float loosely when it should slide with minimal movement on all four sides
I have been a sears customer for over fifty (50) years,.

Sears Brandsrefrigerator odor

We purchased a freezer on the bottom, two door Kenmore Elite fridge about a year ago, and for the last month, there has been a terrible odor coming from it. The smell burns my nose and throat. It's nothing inside. It only happens when it's running. And it has soiled my white curtains beside the refrigerator with a yellow film. Reading the other complaints, I see this is not the first time this has happened. But also reading, I see that you've been aware of this for years with no solution. I absolutely LOVE my refrigerator, but not that smell. My house is very small and you can smell it in every room . Sad to learn that it has been an ongoing unresolved problem with your products. Model # [protected]

Sears Brandskenmore freezer model 253

$600 freezer out of warranty after 1 year. Bought a Kenmore model 253 freezer. It ran perfectly well for 12 months. 14th month started getting warm. Call for repair technician. Comes out. Says it's out of warranty. Wants to charge me $100 to walk out my door. Again call Kenmore. They tell me it has a 5-year sealed system warranty. They tell the technician 5-year sealed unit warranty. Technician says no. Kenmore is wrong. Call Kenmore back. Kenmore says, "No. I will reschedule it with another next technician." He calls and says, doesn't even show up in my house, doesn't even look at anything it, says, "It's out of warranty. Nothing I can do. Call Kenmore." Yes 5-year sealed unit warranty.

I will set up another appointment. They set up the appointment. It was canceled before I could even get to my phone call. Again same bull. They set up another appointment. Within 5 minutes appointment is canceled by repair company. Then somebody calls me back. Says they're from Sears and says no everybody was wrong. It's only a one year warranty. How many lies can they tell you over and over and over when you spend money on their bloody products. If anyone buys a Kenmore product they must be out of their mind. Don't ever buy One. They don't back them up. Do not trust Sears. Do not trust anything they say and above all don't trust their appliances. Junk junk junk

  • Sh
    Shaun R. Dec 15, 2019

    If you'll reference your owner's manual, it outlines the warranty coverage on the back page. If you no longer have said owner's manual, here is a link providing you with the same information:

    The warranty coverage is limited after the first year. In diagnosing the problem, a service technician may or may not find the problem to be covered. Therefore, before beginning the service, you are expected to cover any and all costs not covered by the manufacturer.

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Sears Brandskayak

i ordered a kayak from sears online on 2019 and the kayak was to be shipped to the sears hometown store in niceville florida. the online order status changed from "processing" to "your order is ready for pick up". i called my niceville sears store only to find out it was not there and did not arrive on the truck. i was told maybe it will be on the next truck. after a few weeks i gave up and finally i contacted sears online for a refund because the hometown store said they can not help me or refund my money. I contacted sears online and was told they would refund my money and received an email stating my money would be back in my account in 3 to 5 days. it never showed up and the sad fact is that every time i call to inquire about my refund and give them my name and the order number they have no record of my previous attempts so each time they say the same thing send an email and have no intention of every giving my my money back. i have copied and pasted this to as many complaint boards as i can and put it on facebook and asked that each reader please tell everyone they know so that no one else will have their money stolen. this kayak was for my son i am a single mother and this is just disgusting that they can get away with this. i rarely have money to buy him things other kids have and when i finally do get the opportunity the money is stolen by a greedy corporation. please tell everyone you know not to shop at sears or kmart online or in any of their stores.

Sears Master Protection Agreementrefrigerator repair

I called to schedule an appointment for my freezer that has thawed my food. After 3 calls i was scheduled for an appointment on [protected]. I called on 126! I was told they would call the local dispatcher that would call me that day. when that didn't happen i called again on 127. The person I talked to said she would contact the warranty division and see if she could help. When i got disconnected, I called back and got a very unhelpful guy that told me (I understand your frustration but technicians in your area are busy until 31st)
Can you seriously tell me that you would be without a freezer for 3 weeks and be okay with it? You would not have been okay receiving my payments 3 weeks late!
Been a customer for 20+ years. Not my fault that you cannot provide the services i contracted with you to provide.

Sears Servicejenn-air oven

Our oven stoped working 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. We had no stove and oven for Thanksgiving. The parts came in, and then did not work. The mother board was bad, then removed, then still didnt work. The stove will not be ready untill December 22nd... Maybe. The mother board broke 2 times already, fan broke, stovetop broke. It feels as though our stove has been broken more than it has been working. However, you refuse to replace it. I do not care if its a cheaper model, at this point, for replacement. I do not want my wife to be mad at me, because you cannot fix this oven. Please. Do. Something, its the holidays. We really want to cook in an oven for Christmas... Not on a hot plate...

  • Sh
    Shaun R. Dec 07, 2019


    When and from where was your oven purchased? Please also provide the model number of the unit you are referring to.

    Thank you.

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Sears Brandskenmore elite 3 door fridge - faulty lights & circuit board

The unit in question was part of a home purchase in August 2018. The light cover at that time was melted and wouldn't stay in place. We thought nothing of it at the time and left it off. Yesterday (December 3, 2019), we noticed that the top 2 plates/sliders were extremely warm and there was a bit of burnt plastic smell when we opened the frig. We figured out that the lights were not shutting off when the doors were closed. After a search on the internet, I found that this is a common issue with these models.
There was talk that there was a manufacturer recall and/or a lifetime extended warranty for particular serial numbers for this issue only. I have not been able to successfully locate this documentation. I spoke with Sears, but they don't have any records of this by the manufacturer and won't cover the repair/replacement.
For now, we've unplugged the unit to cool the lights so that we could remove them and the housing & not continue to heat the frig, or worse- potentially start a fire in the unit.
I'm hoping Sears will step up and make this right - especially since this is an ongoing issue.

kenmore elite 3 door fridge - faulty lights & circuit board
kenmore elite 3 door fridge - faulty lights & circuit board
kenmore elite 3 door fridge - faulty lights & circuit board
kenmore elite 3 door fridge - faulty lights & circuit board
kenmore elite 3 door fridge - faulty lights & circuit board

Sears Brandsmaytag dishwasher

Don't waster time taking out an extended warranty on any appliance from Sears, because they find reasons to NOT cover the appliance they have you paying for. Purchased appliance from the Sears warehouse for floor models, noticed some roach infestations, shortly after installation, took efforts to correct the infestation, but after less than a year, started having problems with the electronics, when the technician arrived, found several roaches on the board, and stated--NOT COVERED.
Didn't know about the problem until the technician arrived, and now the money spent on a warranty covers NOTHING!

Sears Brandskenmore elite refrigerator model #795.74093.410

We bought our refrigerator about 5 years ago and just like the hundreds of comments, we have a dead animal smell inside the refrigerator compartment that has been there for several weeks. I have replaced the air filter and put odor absorbers in it, but it still smells horrible. I have not pulled the back cover off as others have said there is no serviceable areas to be checked or cleaned

Sears Brandsovercharged quoted price on chat

Purchased a fridge from Sears on Chat because they promised to give me a better price than what I found online. After looking at my email and confirmation I noticed that they didn't give me the discount or price they quoted me on Chat instead charged me more than I agreed by over $200. I was also charged delivery which was also supposed to be free when ordering online. I contacted Sears and they were not able to correct the price unless I cancel and start the order all over again. This is right before Thanksgiving and I need the refrigerator deliver as scheduled. I could not cancel or I would not have a fridge for the holidays. I don't believe this is an error by a computer I think this is a salesman who was trying to make a commission and promising something to make the sale. Horrible they do this to people and what if I didn't verify my charges on my credit card? and how many more people have they done this to? this needs to stop.

Sears Brandssears home service

My Kitchenaid refrigerator had frost build up. Submitted a service request to American Home Shield, who dispatched a Sears Home Service technician for the initial visit on 10/25/2019. I was told a replacement defrost control board needed to be ordered. And he would come back on 11/5/2019 to have it replaced. We were told to start defrosting the refrigerator two days before the appointment, which we did. Then no one from Sears showed up on 11/5/2019. I called AHS to find out that the appointment "is no longer available" and needs to reschedule. The first available date was 11/14/2019.
I tried to find out why the 11/5/2019 appointment was cancelled but neither Sears nor AHS could give me a real reason. I received no notification from Sears or AHS in advance about the cancellation. This caused great inconvenience on my part because of the time and effort of the defrosting, as well as the length of time the refrigerator cannot be used.

AHS Service Request Number: [protected]
Name: Weichung Wang
Desired resolution: Please send someone to get my refrigerator fixed ASAP.

Sears Brands — kenmore elite refrigerator 795.71323.411

Purchase this Kenmore Elite Refrigerator in 2015 and the condensor and another part are broken. Only had the refrigerator 4 years. I had to throw out over 200.00 in food and Sear...

Sears Brandsproblems with online orders

Sears used to be one of the most admired and profitable Fortune 500 companies. Sad to say they no longer deserve those accolades and based upon our recent experiences, I doubt they will be in business much longer.

On October 30th, we purchased a refrigerator and microwave online from Sears. When Sears submitted the charges to my credit card company, something went wrong. The monies for the refrigerator never were posted to my credit card and, according to the credit card company, Sears posted the monies for the microwave and then almost immediately retracted that post.

That meant that my order for these appliances never went through! Therefore, I had to reorder both appliances and I used a different credit card. This time, the charges were posted and the orders now showed up in my Sears account. However, the delivery address and the delivery date for the microwave were wrong.

After talking to 3 customer service reps, 2 installation service reps, trying to call the installaller twice who would not return my calls, and one supervisors, I could not get this straightened out so I had to be transferred to another supervisor to cancel the order since everyone else said they couldn't cancel it. This process took almost 2 hours on the phone after being put on hold several times, being transferred multiple times, and the call being dropped twice!! The customer service supervisor offered me $20 not to cancel the order---what a joke.

Ultimately, I also had to cancel the order for the refrigerator since the one I ordered for our new home would not fit. Surprisingly, this only took one call this time.

Being a long term, loyal Sears customer, I didn't give up and placed a new order for a different refrigerator and microwave. This time, Sears computer system actually generated a confirmation email with the right delivery address and right date. When I looked at my Sears account online, however, it showed the wrong delivery date again. This time I did an online chat---everyone else I had talked to over the phone was in a foreign country and their accent was so thick I had a very hard time understanding them. I hoped that they could read English better than they spoke it.

During a long online chat, the customer service rep again tried to validate the wrong delivery date on November 5th. After several go rounds I seemed to get through to them (they didn't read English very well evidently), and I finally got the rep to state for certain that the delivery date would be November 15th. All of this chat is documented.

Today, November 4, I GET A CALL FROM SEARS DELIVERY TO CONFIRM THE DELIVERY OF THE REFRIGERATOR TOMORROW, NOVEMBER 5TH!!! SHE ALSO HAD NO RECORD OF THE MICROWAVE DELIVERY!!! This Sears employee actually spoke English, changed the delivery date to November 15, and placed calls to research the microwave purchase and made sure it was to be delivered the same day. I told her she was the first Sears employee who actually seemed to know what she was doing and thanked her several times. I have my fingers crossed waiting for November 15th!!! It is no wonder Sears is going to go out of business!!

Sears Brandskenmore elite

Bought in 2013. I unloaded and turned down temp to 8 degrees, smell went away. Had technicians come and the removed ice build on bottom freezer, thought it was fixed. No, dead animal smell is horrible! And yes coming from side and back not inside frig. The tech said, my frig was made by LG sold as Kenmore. Man, I lime LG too but ya, bad design not being able to clean drip pan easily. But as stated this did t help anyone anyway. SEARS- post the remedy to problem vs saying we are sorry so we can get it fixed! Thank you!

Sears Master Protection PlanKenmore stove instalation

This whole situation started from a master protection replacement stove that was suppose to be comparable to the one I bought from sears back in 2099 from September 22 2019 to October 24 2019 i have been trying to get sears to install my downdraft duel fuel stove. I work two jobs and could only do Saturday installations.

1st call for Installation- 9/22/19 3:19-4:22pm case number 59995
set up The 1st tech came in and stated that they didn't know the stove was a duel fuel and down draft and they weren't set up to do the installation.

after another phone call lasting an hour to explain why the installation wasn't done and stating again that the stove was a down draft duel energy i got another appointment for 2 weeks later. The 2nd tech came out and didn't know it was a downdraft and stated that I was suppose to supply some adapter part (the only way i can assume this statement came buy was when i was talking to the 1st tech and said shouldn't there be some kind of adapter to go from a Gen- air downdraft to a Kenmore downdraft). I'm not an installation tech. so don't know how to install this downdraft stove if I did I wouldn't need the installation protection. Needless to say the 2nd tech. didn't install the stove. I called sears warranty back again and stated the problem and they said they would solve the problem and contact the installation department for another problem. same run around.

10/18/19 2:51pm-3:53pm
called [protected] because I got no verification on my appointment. was told the appointment had been cancelled by the tech. because he couldn't do the installation; but I was never informed that the installation was cancelled. Throughout all these phone calls I have been put on hold for over 15 minuet increments time after time. by 3:23pm I asked to speak with a supervise at sears master protection and after waiting for 10 to 15 minutes again spoke with "Conner" supposedly a supervisor and told him I wanted to start a written complaint. He said he would stat one and that the call was being recorded. I commenced telling him about all I had been through for this installation at one point he said that from his records I was suppose to buy a part (I was never told that) and then I was hung up on. I waited for 5 minutes and no one recalled me. I recalled, went through the recordings, was transferred to customer solutions and left on hold again. I tried to call "at your service back and got a recording saying at 4pm it was closed.

10/19/[protected] 9:50am-10:55am - case #60727
called to continue complaint through customer solution dept. and there was no complaint on file. I started another on. Mary from sears started a Case #60727 finally. I went through all that had happened she called installation department and the warranty department. she said she would get some one who could actually install the stove. I was finally transferred to "innove solution?" and they said sears had to email them with an agreement to pay the extra cost installation and only sears needed to contact them again.

10/23/19 3pm-4:25pm case #6503168 number called: [protected]
went through all of my problems put on hold and was transferred from: technical specialist department who said I had am appointment for Oct. 28 8-5pm which was a Monday and I couldn't be there (I was not asked or gave conformation for this date) when I said I would be recording this conversation too I was told I couldn't even though sears supposedly had been recording some before. I was then put on hold for another 15 minutes and transferred to another department he said the other department was instalation not problem solving and didn't know why I was transfered there; then I was put on hold again before another customer solution person who said they would contact installation again. final someone came back and said within 24 to 48 hours "off line team" would get back in touch with me. Still no acceptable solution to my issue...

10/24/19 3:57pm-5:57pm Case# 6503168
once again back and forth between installation and protection agreement and complaint department., at the end they transferred me to instillation person who said that my agreement was for basic only which involved only taking out the stove and pushing the new one in and plugging it in. I said my original installation from my original agreement involved; the cutting of the whole in the house and duct placement, and that is what the agreement was that I had been paying for since 1999 when I first got the stove and kept the warranty agreement with installation paid up. He could not tell me when or if my original agreement change. I am not satisfied with this attempt to not follow through on my original agreement. I don't want to allow sears to no longer be responsible for the warranty I have continued to pay for these years.

Also during this conversation I brought up to installation that they never gave me an amount for them to install the stove and was told they would not do the installation. Other companies who I didn't buy the stove from wont do the installation ...So what am I suppose to do?

Sears Brandssears master protection plan

My 90 year old mother has had the Sears master Protection Plan for years. She needed her heat pump repaired which is covered under the plan. I took the day off to be there when the repairman would be there. Her appointment was at 2pm and the repairman never showed. We contacted Sears customer service 3 times each time being on hold for over 30 minutes. No one answered the call. I finally talked with a represented online through the website. At 7:30pm they told me that the repairman was sick?? No one bothered to let us know??? My mother has paid over 1, 000.00 for this coverage. It is a joke. This is how Sears treats customers who have been with them for over 60 years???

Sears Brands — Kenmore elite refrigerator

On or around the beginning to the middle of september 2019 we started to notice that our fridge wasnt keeping things as cold as usual, the ice maker didnt work on a constant pace...

Sears BrandsKenmore elite refrigerator with sides

In September 2015, we purchased a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator with a Master Protection Agreement ([protected]). The first year the motor had to be replaced due to malfunction. The technician stated that the new motor is good about three years and the same problem will happen again. Beginning this year, the freezer doesn't work and ice-maker has not been working. We have called many times [protected] for repair. The service support person Gregory came by three times to look into the problem.

Frist two times he indicated there was no problem and just the temperature needed to be set lower. The third time he said the freon leaks and he added freon. Sadly, nothing was fixed and the problem still exists.

We called [protected] one week ago to report the issue. We were told Gregory will contact us when he's available. Haven't heard from him, we called Gregory and left messages. There were no response.

Then, we called [protected] again this morning. As usual, the call was transferred from one agent to another. Every time, we need to repeat the same
Problem. It takes long time to wait for the transfer and this morning there was no pick up after the transfer.

Based on the existing problems, the motor and more parts are malfunction.
We were told by one of the customer support case manager Shavon, if Gregory
reports the problem is unrepairable in his coming visit, there will be replacement. We need to know when he can show up for this appointment.

Would you please let us know who to contact and to follow up of this issue?
To contact Master Protection Agreement [protected] has been very unpleasant experience.

Best regards,
David and Sandie

Sears Brandskenmore elite refrigerator

Our refrigerator was purchase 15 months ago from Sears along with a Master Protection agreement. On October 3, 2019 -It stopped working and when I called to schedule an appointment for repair they said I had to wait until October 23rd- 20days! After calling several numbers and speaking with people so called manager's in India and Mexico, along with being put on hold for ever, and spending numberous hours on the phone the only thing they could do was move it up to October 22. I was told if I could get a certified technician to come out sooner that they would reimburse me and if it cost more then $300 I would have to contact them to get an approval. I had Mr. Appliance come on October 12 and they said the compressor needed to be replaced along with two evaporator coils. They called to get an approval for a $733 fix and were denied. I called again to find out if they would have the parts needed to replace when they came on the 22nd and was told that no they would have to order the parts and I would have to wait another 7-21 days for parts and another appointment. They expect me to go without a refrigerator for 3 months?!? Really???? I call this beyond sad to be treated like this when I paid $379.99 for this warranty and $2, 499.99 for the refrigerator that only last 15 months!! Then today they were scheduled to come out between 8am-5pm. I was called at 10:55 am and told they had to cancel due to the technician having a family emergency and could reschedule for November 7. I tried calling several numbers again only to be told there was nothing I could do but be put on an emergency cancelation list. I am beyond disgusted and sick to my stomach that this is happening and that there are others out there being treated like this. There has to be something done to help people not fall into this trap of paying for something that is pretty much worthless.

Sears Brandskenmore elite refrigerator/freezer

RE: Complaint on Kenmore Elite Refrigerator:

Phone Number: [protected]
Name on Warranty: Tom Murray
Email: [protected]
Kenmore Elite Model number 795.72483.410

I purchased a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator four years ago. On August 10 of this year (4 years old), my refrigerator stopped working. I lost the contents of my refrigerator. I was unable to get a service call for over two weeks. The technician came to the house, and was unable to fix the refrigerator. Note that the service call was repeatedly cancelled at the last minute, and I had to wait until 9/11/19 to get a service call (over one month from the time the refrigerator stopped working.

Today is October 22, two months and two weeks since my refrigerator stopped working. On Friday, a technician spent four hours inserting all new parts, the freezer is still not working. I made an appointment which was for yesterday, and it was cancelled at the last minute. My next appointment is in one week. In the meantime, I've now lost groceries twice, and I am going on three months since my refrigerator/freezer broke.

I've never been more dissatisfied in my life over a product, but more importantly over the way Sears has handled this claim.

The technicians all tell me that the product is made by LG, and they are lemons, but that corporate will not allow a replacement nor will they deem it a lemon.

Below is the information from an complaint email sent in August. It has the product and warranty details:

From: Nancy Murray
To: [protected]
Cc: Tom Murray
Subject: Formal Complaint #[protected]
Date: August 28, 2019 1:48:46 AM IST

Phone Number: [protected]
Name on Warranty: Tom Murray
Email: [protected]

Kenmore Elite Model number 795.72483.410

I am submitting a formal complaint against the Sears Scheduling and Customer Service division. On Thursday, 8/15, while I was away from the house, my Kenmore Elite refrigerator stopped working. I lost about $200.00 work of food that my house guest disposed for us. When we returned home on Sunday, 8/18, we spoke with your representatives, who said we should wait for a return call to schedule emergency service.

On 819, we were put on an emergency schedule, and purchased a warranty. We were told the warranty would cover repair costs. We later received a text confirming a repair scheduled for Monday, 8/26 (8 days after the first call).

On Monday, 8/26, we received a cancellation text, and a rescheduled date of 9/11(3 weeks and two days after our call). To my displeasure, we made at least four phone calls. We were told a supervisor would call us in an hour. We didn't get a call back, and started making calls, all very long wait times, almost 3 hours of trying to reach someone. We were transferred many times, disconnected once, and finally spoke toa nice person in Warranty, who couldn't help us.

Many of the calls were terrible because the clarity was very poor. I couldn't understand a word they were saying.

We want to know if you could please put us on the schedule prior to 9/11, preferably this week? How could you cancel our appointment, then tell us we have to wait for another customer to cancel before you can service this refrigerator. To add insult to injury, this refrigerator is only four years old!!!

We look forward to your response without delay.
Thank you

Nancy and Tom Murray

Sears Brandsfront load washing machine and technician breaking it.

"Buyer Beware!!" Anyone thinking about taking the Master Protection Plan that Sears offers with it appliances should Beware. Every appliance we have in our house is from Sears and they convinced us the Master Protection Plan was the way to go. It sounded good and we spent literally hundreds of dollars a year carrying it on all our appliances. Most appliances are expensive and we thought the plan would replace any of them that couldn't be fixed. We sure found out the hard way it did not cover something a Sears technician broke while replacing a part on our front load washing machine. He assured us we had the Master Protection Plan and it would be fixed. He was supposed to order the part he broke. Once he left it started becoming almost impossible to get any updates on what was happening. We spent hours on hold more times than I wish to remember. When the technician did return he assured us the part was being looked for. Not to worry you have the Master Protection Plan and it will be taken care of. "Famous Last Words." More time calling and no once answering their phones. We finally found out the part couldn't be found and they turned our claim over to a third party liability person. More time waiting and no update. More calls and sitting on hold for hours. To make a very long frustrating story shorter the third party liability person finally told us they would not replace the washing machine since it was working. Didn't matter to them about the 3 plastic pieces the technician had broke. We brought up the Master Protection Plan and were told it had nothing to do with them and we should read our policy closely. We did only to find out Sears or the technician isn't responsible for them breaking things on the appliance. In the end they sent us 100.00 and said it was finished. Now we have a washing machine that working, but it is de-valued because of a Sears's technician and no one cared after all the talk in the beginning about not worrying because we had the Sears Master Protection Plan. Well it wasn't worth the paper it was written on or the thousands of dollars I spent over the years carrying it. I will never buy another Sears appliance and all friends and family will be warned about our trouble with it all.
Ed and Mary Harrison

Sears Brandsservice or lack of

Had a dryer go out at a rental where a handicapped tenant lives. I took the back of the dryer apart and saw the starter switch was broken. Called Sears and scheduled appt for their technician to bring out part and repair on Thursday. Technician came but said he thought he had the part but did not. He demanded I pay the $109 for him coming out. He did virtually nothing. Left the dryer apart and took his money. I called Sears to complain and they said non refundable and too bad for me. I drove to an appliance part place and repaired the dryer the next day as the tenant could not go to a laundry mat and Sears failed to keep their word.

Sears Brands — shocks/struts lifetime warranty

Went to Sears Auto Center in West Covina today to replace the shocks on my S10 Blazer, 25 years after first purchasing them. I have lifetime warranty but when Daniel was preparing...

Sears Brandssears protection plan

Sears will not honor the extended warranty it sold me on my lawn tractor ! I had called them about my tractor seat being broken and they say it is not covered. The seat is cracked and the adjustment lever does not hold the seat in a position, it keeps sliding forward. I asked them to replace the seat and they said it is a cosmetic issue . The foam cracking in the seat will keep the safety switch from engaging if it gets worse and the seat adjustment will not hold causing the seat to slide forward when driving the tractor. Sears claims it's a non functional part so it's not covered . I call BS on that ! The extended warranty says otherwise but they won't honor it ! No where in the warranty does it say the seat is not covered ! The real reason I think for not replacing it is that the seat is no longer available and they have no replacement for it ! Their own website says it needs to be replaced as it is a safety issue.

sears protection plan
sears protection plan
sears protection plan
sears protection plan

Sears Brandskenmore refrigerator

We purchased our Refrigerator from Sears in August of 2018. I have always loved sears and refused to purchase appliance elsewhere... until now. In August 2019 we came home to find our Refrigerator's temperature was over 70 degrees internally and all of our food completely spoiled. We immediately called sears because we are under warranty.. sears home protection. They couldn't see us for two weeks. The tech arrived and said he couldn't fix it without a payment. I knew this was wrong... we are under warranty... so I call sears... the tech calls sears... it's determined that we don't owe anything but the tech said he can't fix it because it was coded incorrectly and if I wanted my problem fixed that day we would have to pay $89 plus parts. He said sears would have to schedule another tech to come out if I wanted to utilize my warranty. So I opted to do that. The new tech took another two weeks to come out. This tech told us the problem but said he couldn't fix it because he assumed the first tech ordered the parts. He told us he would be back October 7 after the parts arrived. That day rolls around and Sears rescheduled for this coming Monday October 14th... I got a text message from sears saying they rescheduled my service for October 21st... no call no email no explanation... just a text. I've been without this appliance operating since the end of August. Sears is terrible. I will never again shop with sears for anything at all. They don't care. It's abundantly clear why they have closed so many stores. All I've heard when I talk to sears customer service is offering to extend my warranty which expired at the end of September but I was at least assured this claim would be handled because it was made while it was under warranty... I can't get them to honor the warranty I had... why on earth would I waste money extending false promises. I've never been so disappointed in a company before in my life. This is the first time any company has upset me enough to rant about them on a public forum. Never again.