Harbor Lights, Denver Co. Salvation ArmyRick barns resident manager

Iam a client here in the program wanting to bring to light the very inappropriate conduct that Mr. Barns has brought here to the Program.
Often we the clients are disrupted in one form or another, due to this mans severe anger issues. He often takes the way he is feeling out on clients, by verbally bulling, and threats of what he will do if not complied with.
In the last week alone he refused to allow individuals to receive their medications he has a BAD MOMENT THEN ALL WHO ARE NEAR HIM WILL PAY DEARLY.
Me myself, was told by him he was not going to allow me to see my parole officer who ordered me in, because he had a bad morning, when only hours earlier he said he will get me to the appointment.
He has thrown chairs on the floor, turned of the air conditioning unit to the class rooms, to only mock the clients that he will be sitting in his nice cool office. He will place hurtful thoughts during the week to than play minister and tell all to praise God.
This program as of now is dysfunctional
at best. In my belief the staff here is intimidated by him because they allow him to continue to do what he has been doing.
This program could be a very special place of healing and change, and many here strive to be productive members of society, however, its hard to be honest with who we are for fear of condemnation from this man.
I can only hope that this is taken serious, and that a review is put in place to stop the verbal bulling this man has over this entire community.


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    brian hummel Jun 30, 2016

    I wrote the complaint so living here at harbor lights has been a daily routine of walking on eggshells. I hope that those who embrace change can do so without living in fear if they make a mistake.

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