WowgoldStudio / Did not recieve my WoW gold

1 AB, Canada

So i found this website a day late and dollar short. I spent 267.00 usd on 40000 WoW gold. It was a birthday present for myself, I wanted the Mekgineers present eh? So i spent the last 2 days trying to get my gold from them and they kept putting me off. Told me that they didnt have the stock. I Thought it was weird at first that they would ask for photo copies of my drivers license and Credit card. I promptly asked why i was using Paypal then? Thank god i was smart enough to realize it was scam in time to save my identity. They got my 267 bucks but they didnt my life atleast. Let this be a warning tothe rest of you out there NEVER SEND YOUR INFO!! Using paypal eliminates the need for this!

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