Villa del Palmar Resort Cancun / Fraud

1 404 Camino del Rio South Fourth Floor, San Diego, United States
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Phone: 619-683-7440

May 29, 2015
Profeco - (Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor)
Av. José Vasconcelos No. 208, 6º Piso, Col. Condesa, C.P. 06140, México D. F.

The first week each year in June, my sister, brother and I decided to start traveling after the sudden death of our mother on June 3, 2001. In her honor, we decided to make new memories, so the first memory I created was by getting married on her birthday, June 5th. On the first week of June in 2010, a group of us (family) always travel together, traveled to Cancun, Mexico. On the 3rd day of our visit, we visited Wal-Mart. On the inside of Wal-Mart was a time share office in which it captured my brother’s attention because they were offering free golf. So on June 5, 2010, we visited the Villa del Palmar Resort. As soon as we got there, they brought out the champagne to everyone. We clearly stated to the sales reps (Aaron Williams & June Gregory) that we wanted to be able to travel different places and not to the same resort and we were assured that we could. We were sold on it being a good financial investment and that we could actually make money and pay the annual maintenance fees by renting it out. After we didn’t take the second offer they brought out a 3rd offer that my brother could not resist. However, we were told by Aaron Williams & June Gregory, (an American Salesperson) that we had up until a year to cancel the time share or we could sale it if it wasn’t working out for us. So on the day after (June 6, 2010) we called to inform The Villa Group that after we had a little time to think and discuss the purchase, we decided that we needed more time to make the decision and that rite now it’s just not the best time for us to purchase. Well we were told that we could not cancel it and that we had to keep it or they would report it to the credit bureau. It was never ever told to us or discussed with us that there was a 5 day cancellation period, so we were deceived or misrepresented on the day of sale and our consumer rights were infringed upon. I have made several attempts to cancel this contract and tell my story but each time I spoke with someone at the Villa Del Palmar Cancun Club Caribe Trust 1, I have been completely ignored, rudely spoken to & no one has ever returned my call when they said they would. The monthly and annual maintenance fees alone have put our family behind on all bills. My husband lost his job of 9 years and is now going through depression. It has been a struggle to maintain just the utility bills. We now can not afford to travel. We have been a victim of scam. Our information was suppose to be confidential but has not. We were contacted by a male representative in September of 2012 from Mexico by the name of Johnathan Myers and phone number of [protected]. He stated that he received information that we wanted to sell our timeshare and promised that he had a buyer and all we had to do was pay the Mexican government taxes of $2, 000.00. He sent look a-like government documents for us to sign and to fax back and send the money to Western Union and pay: Ana Maria Del Real Becerra on 09/14/2012, City: Guadalajara, Mexico. When that was done, all lines were disconnected and we never heard from them again. On last week I received a call from representatives stating that they worked for the Mexican Government and wanted to help recover the money that was taken from us. Contact info for them: Lic. Raul Jimenez Hernandez, Dirección de Verificación, Reforma 74, 4to 5to Piso, Colonia Guerrero, Delegación Cuauhtémoc, CP 06058, México, D.F.
Tel. +[protected] Fax. [protected], [protected] They have not asked for any money and state that they are not allowed to because they are paid by the government of Mexico. We would just like to cancel this contract that has caused our family so much debt.
Earvin E. Burton, Regena Burton Myers, Padrick D. Myers

May 29, 2015

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