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I have been a member for over a year now. I play a lot of the slot tournaments. I use the auto spin button because it is ALLOWED and easier for me. Out of 50 tournaments I have only won some coins in about 3 or 4. In one game another player and I were neck to neck and started out at the same time, all of a sudden he jumps 60 spaces ahead of me in to 2nd place. This happens all of the time, the same winners day after day, same names every day. If I am not allowed to use auto spin feature then you should not have it on the tournaments. It gets real old real fast losing and seeing the same names, who I am sure are all fake anyway, win all of the time. I pay my membership fee every month, I don't expect to win every time but I do expect this game to be fair. As I stated I am sure most of these players are not even real people but accounts made up by Vegas World, all the same I pay the fee to be entertained not annoyed every day. I want my credit card information to be taken off of your records, do not sign me up automatically for another membership if I wanted to be annoyed everyday I have real life to do that. This is a rip off you are stealing peoples money . OH and your Customer Service robots are ignorant, they need to get a new line other than " the odd are the same for all players" this is boring and untrue. It's an internet game, make it fun for all, quit stealing money from people. I will put this on every game complaint site I can so this nonsense is known hopefully you will get less membership paying customers until you listen to people. My fault for being stupid and falling for this. Have a nice day !!

Apr 29, 2017

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