Siamese2plz.comBad siamese breeder

Breeder claims to ship kittens but what she really means "I will ship kittens if no one locally buys them." She strung me along for 2 months then when the kitten was old enough to leave, and others contacted her, she took the first $450.00 that came to her door. No wonder she would not take my deposite. Agnes is a senior citizen and does not know how to use a camera so don't expect pictures unless her daughter is around to take and upload them. Agnes also has no knowledge of the dietary needs of Siamese in regards to kidney issues. She told me that they feed their cats "What ever is cheapest, becuase the good cat food is so expensive now." Other family members in the household are very sick (and in and out of the hospital often) so that cats do not get the attention they require all the time. She sent me many emails containing excuses why she could not attend to the cats/kittens due to medical problems of her family. I have emails to confirm all my claims.


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