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My name is Daniel Pratt,
I called today to reactivate my phone,
I have now spoke to 3 reps and 2 supervisors in you company.
1st call, can I have your information so I can put it into our system, hold on the system is loading your information, gave the my name, credit card #, and street address, we were disconnected.
2nd call, can I have your information, I replied you have my info he was unable to find my info after giving him my IEMI, I then asked for a supervisor, she was able to help me I gave her all my info again, not happy about that, she was able to set everything up and said she could send me a new Sim card, I was upset, I said OK go a head and send me the Sim card, Told me we are all set you will have it in 3 to 5 days. I said thank you, hung up,
Received 3 calls from the number I called while I was on the phone to someone else, called the number back, spoke to a rep I could not understand he asked me for a oder #, I said your supervisor did not give me order #, at that point I asked for supervisor, he asked my for my IMEI gave it to him, he says we have nothing in our system, I can take care of this for, can you give me your info, I said what, I just gave my info out to 2 different people in your company and you needed to find my info, finnaly I said never mind I Weill just contact the attorney general of Washington state and file a complaint, he did say much a hung up the phone.

I find this to be very unsatisfying, I'm upset that I have giving my info out to 2 of your reps, how do I know I'm giving my info to trac phone, I don't. At this point I'm not sure what to do about this, your customer service is not satisfactory, I should be able to call your company and get the service I need, without giving my info out 2 times, and then asked a 3rd time. This is very upsetting me.

Prior to this I have purchased minutes 60 dollars worth and was never able to use them, spoke to your reps.
Back then I had the same issues with your reps. Please give me your info. Tryed that 3 different times.

I will be filing several complaints to the proper authorities, if you cannot provide the service I have asked for.

Thank You
Daniel l Pratt
574 Pontiac Ridge 98844
Oroville Wa.

Jul 31, 2018

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