Le Spa / Bad managment

1 550 Plaza Drive Folsom, ca 95630, Folsom, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 9163519226

On 4/7/2010 I went to Le Spa for hair extension consultation. I ask Tasha Deo Buno the stylist how long does it stays on because my wedding is on May 8 and she told me it stays on for up to 3 months and it shouldn't be a problem. She told me if I decide to get it done it's $100 an hr and estimated no more than 3hrs and I had to pay $185 cash for the hair extension and the rest I can pay with Spa Finder certificates. So I schedule appointment for 4/14/2010 at 12pm. On 4/14/2010 I call Le Spa and told them I'm running late and won't be there til 12:30. I arrive at 12:20 pm but we didn't start til 12:30 pm. It took Tasha 2 hrs to put in hair extensions. When I went pay for it Robin Fischer told me its $250 and I ask her why because it only take 2 hrs. She told that Tasha had told her the amount and maybe because I was late for 30 min and it counts for it because I was scheduled at 12 pm. I paid her $250 in Spa Finder certificates and gave Tasha $30 tip. The next two days so much hair had fallen off that u could see the glue from the back of my head. I called Le Spa and scheduled appointment to come in on 4/17/2010 at 11am. I got there at 11am but Tasha didn't show til 11:30am. She told me it was normal for it to fall off and it's also because I have really thin hair and there's nothing she can do about it besides taking off a few strands of the extension that was showing. Then I showed her the chunks off hair that had fallen off when I run my fingers thru the my hair. So she blamed it on the glue and said this is the first time it ever happen and apologized to me and she's willing to redo it for me for free on 4/22/2010 at 2:30pm and 4/23/2010 at 3pm. I recieved a call from Le Spa on 4/22 at 11am saying Tasha had called in sick and request to rescheduled on 4/26/2010 at 2:30 and 4/27/2010 at 3pm. For the few days most of it had fell off. I showed up at Le Spa at 2:30pm but it was closed so I called Tasha cell. She told me Robin is coming in and she's gonna call me back. After waiting for 20 min, I decided to call her back but there was no answer so I kept calling and leaving her messages. At 3pm Robin Fischer show up and let me in. I told her I had an appointment with Tasha and she told me that she's no longer is working for Le Spa and that I should try to contact her myself. I told her I tried calling her but she's not answering so she try calling her with her cell but she didn't pick up. Then I ask her what are they gonna do about this. She told me that Tasha was the only person that do hair extension at Le Spa and she's a contractor so Le Spa is not responsible for anything. Then my boyfriend, Andy Tsang said that we come to Le Spa for your service and Le Spa should be responsible for it. Robin argued back with him saying Tasha is a renter and had nothing to do with Le Spa. Then I ask her if I can get a refund. She told me all she could do is give me $250 credit for le spa because I paid with the spa finder certificates. I ask her what about the the other $185 I paid for the hair extensions and she said it's not refundable because Tasha had put in already. I showed her my extensions and told that most of it had fell off. She told me that its not their problem and that's all she do. So my boyfriend ask her for her name, her position and the owners information. She told us that she's the manager and if we're gonna filed a complain she's not gonna give us the store credit and then she wrote us the owners and her names. After we left Le Spa I call Luxe Salon and Spa for a hair extension and removal for a consultation. I got there around 4pm and I speak to the stylist Mike Sui Crusett about removing the few strands of extensions that was left on my head. He told me whoever did the hair extensions had put too much glue that's why its falling off and she did bad job on it by gluing too much extensions on to one strand and now my real hair and extensions are in a knot. He's willing to be my witness and I took picture of it.


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