Jett Jagpal Mediawedding cameraman

Do not book this guy for weddings at all, he has ruined many peoples marriage and has no respect for his own marriage. He has 3 women who he has personal messed up there life's he has 4 children and is currently living with another woman(Pam bura) and her child. I worked for this guy and couldn't believe the scams and drugs this guy did, his family have nothing to do with him. This guy is a low life he will try to get your sister or wife to meet up with him after he has filmed your wedding and sell them weed, I've seen it happen so many times and should of done something about it long ago. If you want to bring shame and bad luck on your wedding day then book this guy but trust me when I say the guys not worth £500 he gets people like us to do the work and pays up pennies The only thing this guy can do is sell weed! Watch out for Jett Jagpal original from handsworth like they say father like son who has just married for the 3rd time do these people have no shame ?

Jan 04, 2015

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