SUBMIT A COMPLAINT refund policy = fraud

Buyer bought some baby bowls. She then claims that they are defective (how a bowl can be defective I do not know) despite them being brand new, in retail packaging and heavily bubblewrapped. Also apparently they arrived late despite eBay shipping service being used and eBay can see that they arrived at the estimated time.

Buyer did not contact me and according to eBay opened a case although I was never told about it and even now nothing is showing!!! I only knew that the buyer had abused the return policy as I saw the refund on my PayPal dashboard.

I called eBay with a major WTF query only to be told that my return policy is ticked to auto refund if the buyer 'DOESN'T LIKE THE ITEM' up to the value of £750. Now who in their right mind would set that? I certainly did not so this must be a default setting.

eBay are not helping despite that they know the buyer had abused the return policy aided by eBay. The bowls which retail at £18 were sold at only £5.99 but this is not about the money, this is about the clear abuse and lack of morals which eBay have. Fortunately a kids quad bike was not the item here. I am filing a court order and sending this to eBay for the return of £5.99 plus interest as this is wrong, they know it is wrong but are forced to lie and refuse to support you as instructed from above their pay grade. It will cost more to do but I have to do this before someone is ripped off in a joint fraudulent operation between a thief and eBay.

All screens shots and correspondence have been sent to BBC Watchdog as this is open to abuse from staff inside eBay working with outside criminals.

Dec 10, 2018

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