Don Dissinger used appliances / Appliance repair service

Had the misfortune of trying this company out. Should have read reviews first. Came on board to do appliance service. Got 3 calls. One wrong #, thought they were calling Sears for delivery, and 2 inquiries on appliance parts. Called customer support, was told it was related to appliances, I would billed $20 each. I told them I did not sign up for parts but service. That's when I got the attitude! I was told I could always discontinue my service with them, which I did. This is flat out stealing from the working man. Go figure its direct from New York city. Next line was in capitol letters. Please, please, please don't get involved with this company unless you want to loose your hard earned money. Which, by the way I don't believe this company knows the meaning of. This next line was also capitol letters. They, in my opinion, are nothing more than common crooks and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I doubt anything will be done, it's the American way. I'll bet if they got caught cheating on their taxes, the government would be sure to step in and get their money. I am more than willing to get involved in a class action suit if it gets started. We, the working men and woman, need to get together on this. This kind of stuff sucks, and it's everywhere. Oops, just saw the note that says avoid using capital letters. Guess they don't want you to know how upset I am. Going back and changing my capitol letters. I'm curious as to weather I'll hear from Appliance Appointment complaint department. LOL

Apr 05, 2016

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