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Bad breeder out of Michigan that claims all kinds of top cat shows awards but we have lost all our four cats from her 5yrs old and under. All passed within the last 20 moths and 3 alone in the last ten months. Two of those three were kittens under the age of 15 months. One was 4 yrs died of cardo myopathy (congenital), his brother died at almost 5yrs, he died because he already had a weakened system due to also having cardio miopathy but one of the kittens was positive for calicivirus, corona, mycoplasm, upper respiratory etc and infected him, even after being hospitalized for stretches at a time and thousands in vet bill he succumbed to FIP. The kitten that had all the viruses had to be euthanised at the young age of 15 months and we did everything humanly possible and thousands of dollars trying to save him to no avail. When i contacted this breeder immedietly about the colici etc...she admitted (and i have proof in e-mails) that she had lost 4 kittens due to that and that another kitten had a big sore on its mouth. The last kitten (also 15 months) had to be euthenized xmas eve due to non-regenerative anemia...bone marrow cancer. I have been battling cancer myself and having to go through something so traumatic and devastating, holding each and everyone of our beloved family members in your arms while every single one is euthanized is beyond what a healthy person can broke me, it affected my health, my recovery, i tried nursing one cat after another for almost a year and all the while trying to stay alive myself and she knew this. She couldnt care less what was happening in our family ) I sent this so called "breeder" all the medical reports, timelines, treatments etc... All three of our veterinarians put these records together because they had never seen something so devastating and so much loss and sicknesses. We forwarded everything to her and my husband has called and left many messages. The only response was..".i dont know what happened, all your cats family members that i have are still healthy and i only replace if it is congenital, so stop calling and stop trying to contact me!!". Well...there are congenital issues, our cat families are obviously not still alive because their siblings died (she admitted it in the e mails) and last but not least..why did she advertize that she was downsizing her cattery a couple of weeks after we picked up our last kitten?, , , coincidence? A special warning to all you breeders out there, i see many of you use her cats in your breeding programs, and this may start affecting your quality of cats and the upcoming health of these upcoming litters.. My husband has retained a lawyer in her area, as for me, nothing could ever replace those wonderful beloved cats of ours. We spent over 7 thousand dollars trying to save them to no avail...i wouldnt want this to happen to anyone else and especially i would never want to see another beloved pet ever suffer the cruelty of bad genetics due to the greediness of a bad breeder. They may have all the ribbons hanging on their walls but don't be fooled, its how they treat you after the kitten is sick that matters, that is called humanity. What is even sadder, i know these cats are going to be even more neglected due to her taking on breeding dogs and horses now. I am sure i will get those ppl who have to protect one another for the sake of profit. You can say that all your cats are fine and im just being bitter but bottom line if a good breeder has nothing to hide why not return a clents phone call especially if you say you care so much about your breed. At least call to find our what happened to them because if dont ask i just assume you already knew all along what was going to happen. Please be aware of "Lil Luv Lyns ".Mason Michigan..owner Pam Vandermolen

  • Lynn Trautlein-Osika Mar 23, 2016

    It has come to my attention, through messages to me from other breeders in her area, that she is now accusing the death of my beloved cats on my cancer treatments. I cannot even begin to understand the cruelty behind such an accusation, it is vile, disgusting and a whole new low for a so called "breeder". To say something so uneducated speaks volumes of her character or lack of. Shame on anyone who uses a persons devastating illness to deflect their responsibility in the breeding of sick/ill cats. To blatantly have accused someone's ongoing treatment as the reasons for such a traumatic and tragic loss of beloved family members is a whole new low in the "breeding" community. Since when is HCM, Corona/FIP, and non regenerative anemia cause by my type of cancer treatments?! I guess it is up to me to educate someone who is uneducated is the realm of cancer my case and after much research, .i had decided to pursue a different type of cancer treatment, one less evasive but longer in sessions. Thus is why i travel out of state because it is only available in selected places. After much research and speaking to doctors/specialists on the risks to family and pets i was assured that the type of treatment i chose had absolutely no chance, none, zero, zilch of any ill effect to anyone or anything around me...impossible!! It is not the type of treatment where heavy toxic medications are involved. There are other alternatives out there for us cancer patients but simple uneducated minds don't seem to know that. Ms Pam Vandermolen maybe before you spread such uneducated vomit out there, know what you are talking about but i guess deflecting the real causes of my beloved cats deaths is what you need to do and avoiding responsibility at all costs seems to be your priority... not accountability. I have to admit that since i began my long journey of treatment i have met some people who's behaviour can be highly inappropriate but this a whole new low

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  • Ma
    Mary Lu Sep 28, 2016

    I got a kitten from her and she is doing fine.

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  • Ck
    C. Krautstrunk Feb 20, 2017

    We have had a similar experience with Lil Luv Lyns and Pam Vandermolen. We purchased two kittens in the summer of 2015. Each kitten was from a different female. Picked up the first in July of '15 and the second over Labor Day weekend. The second kitten was smaller than the first. Both kittens were vet checked. Some difficulties with the second kitten, upper repiratory infection. When it came time to have them neutered about 10 weeks later routine blood work found the second kitten tested positive for feline leukemia. We were devastated. After a second snap test revealed the same results we then followed through with the ultimate lab testing. This also showed he was not just a carrier. But it was full blown, in his bone marrow. Heartbroken that we had to put him down. Our first little guy has remained negative. I sent paperwork to Pam and she said she had the parents and the littermate of our cat tested. All was negative although I never received a copy of the lab work. My Vets office sent her a text about this warning her of the health of her other cats. No reply from her was received. This is the first I have written about this but I feel a load has been lifted from my shoulders. We owned this particular cat just 10 weeks before we put him down but it felt like a life time to us! 😹😿

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  • Lynn Trautlein-Osika Mar 04, 2017

    @C. Krautstrunk I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved family member. It pains me to know that the suffering continues for these beloved pets and the families that have grown to love them. I see similarities between your situation and mine. I also was told that all their litter mates and family members were healthy (i was able to prove otherwise). Our kittens also had upper respiratory infections along with Calicivirus, Corona etc...and we were told by our vet that these kittens were extremely ill. We tried contacting her numerous times to no avail, her only rude response was to stop calling her. Even though it has been over a year since the overwhelming loss of our 4 beloved boys, we think of them regularly. We remember each and everyone of them and how much they filled our home with laughter and love but it also breaks our hearts remembering the horrific final outcome and how they suffered due to the heartless behaviour of Pam Vandermolen. As i write this i'm overwhelmed with sadness and miss them terribly as i am sure you miss your little furry baby. I eventually adopted a little female persian kitten (she is now a year old) but i catch myself always worrying about her health due to my mistrust of all breeders thanks to ms Vandernolen . I thank you for sharing your heartbreaking experience and i truly hope that by speaking out against her we will save other kittens and/or families from experiencing this kind of devastation. I wish your remaining kitten a long and healthy life...:(

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  • Ru
    Ruthie Kister Podd Apr 17, 2017

    I worked with Pam for several years in my breeding program and found her to be caring and concerned about her cats/kittens. None ever had Feline Leukemia!

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  • Sa
    SandyNG123 Feb 23, 2018

    We had a very similar experience with our precious little Boo, who we bought from Lil Luv Lyns in 2010. He died of FIP within his first year. I had never heard of "FIP" before then, even though I've had cats my entire life. When I told her Boo died, Pam seemed to think it was because of being exposed to some household toxin (like lilies) and seemed to want to indirectly blame us. Our vet performed an autopsy on Boo, and the results came back conclusively FIP (an autopsy is the only way to test for sure). We offered to send her the results; she declined them. Pam sheepishly offered us a replacement cat then, but given how devastating it was for us (and because it **scared** us, given that we have two other, healthy cats), we didn't go back for another from her. Given how rare FIP is, it seems unlikely (in light of other comments) this isn't an issue with the cattery, and was likely one before this initial complaint--I am proof of that. The only saving grace was that our vet is very experienced and diagnosed Boo sooner rather than later. We were heartbroken. I just happened upon this post day because I was actually watching a video of Boo and wondered if the cattery was still in business. I cried reading these comments. I'm so sorry for your losses.

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  • Sa
    sandy N-G Nov 06, 2018

    It appears she is now operating under Meow My Persians?

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  • Lynn Trautlein-Osika Feb 20, 2020

    @sandy N-G unfortunately looks like she is

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  • Kr
    Kristin Morgan Jan 21, 2019

    I too have had the same issues as stated above. We adopted one kitten from her who still appears to be healthy but 6 months later we have adopted two males and both have been very sick. Just last week we found out that my vet thinks one of them has FIP. Our whole family is heartbroken. To lose this little guy within his first year of life and not knowing the outcome of the other kitten is so sad. I FB messaged her just yesterday. She read the message and never responded. I guess we should have done more research on complaints instead of focusing on the things that she bragged about

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