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H Nov 22, 2017 reviews complaints warnings comments not safe reliable 1 USD hosting proposal scam fraud and money stealing from not experienced webmasters.

Nowadays, 1 USD scam / fraud web hosting proposals are increased, on hosting forums thousands of 1 USD per month unlimited hosting offers have published through scammers.
I saw also 5 USD, 10 USD per year unlimited hosting packages.
Question ; is it possible to provide unlimited hosting for 1 USD?
Answer ; This is impossible, only new hosting entrepreneurs may offer temporary 1 USD hosting because they need to have specific customer circle.
But not whole of 1 USD hosting proposals are honest and serious, behind of them are staying thiefs, scammers and fraud persons.

How to understand who is real hosting company and who is scammer?
In fact it is very easy to know, but scammers are targeting, focusing not experinced webmasters.
Webmasters who has no experience about hosting business, they believe 1 USD hosting proposals of scammers.

What is technique of hosting scammers ;
1. Publishing ads on forum portals about 1 USD unlimited packages (unlimited traffic, disk, sql, everything unlimited) …All liar.
2. Selling packages and getting payments
3. You will see that your webpage is frequently offline / downtime problem after 15 days or 1 month later
4. You start to send tickets but never answer
5. You claim your money, if paid by bank, it is too late or difficult to get payment. Many webmasters does not want to spend time to claim money back, because amount is very small. But amount is very big for scammers.
6. If you paid by PAYPAL, or similar payment system, you can claim your money up to 180 days
7. Once you claim your money via PAYPAL, they answer immediately and they ban your CPANEL account and they say "you must mark PAYPAL claim as" SOLVED ", than they may reopen / unlock your account.
8. You believe this pink words and marking as"SOLVED "on (this is the biggest mistake).
9. After you mark" SOLVED "your paypal money claim case, of course your account will not unlock.
10. Once you mark a case" SOLVED "on you can not reopen case again.
11. Hence, scammers completed money stealing process legally.

Advices ;
- Before you purchase 1 USD hosting, please search comments on internet whether it is a real hosting provider or scammer.
- Please always pay by PAYPAL or similar one where you can claim your money upto 180 days, never by credit card!
- Please never mark your paypal claim as" SOLVED " unless your problem % 100 solved and tested at least 2 weeks.
- Please share / publish on forums if you have faced a bad scam hosting experience

BIGGEST ADVICE ; If you have a big web site project, never purchase hosting from 1 USD hosting proposals, please always buy hosting from big companies as MOCHA HOST, GODADDY, HOSTGATOR, BLUEHOST, HOSTPAPA, A2HOSTING etc. similar ones. Those hosting companies are not offering 1 USD hosting package, please think about this why they can not offer? They have more money / more financial power in their hands. Yes big hosting companies can not offer 1 USD hosting because they are not scamming and stealing money. This is difference!

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