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Complaints & Reviews

VISIT TO AAA OFFICE — Unethical behavior

This is the second time in less than i month that i have been " discriminated against by the employees at the north las vegas, nevada office". I own three cars. " the first time...

Roadside Insurance

I cancel my AAA in December 2019. On February 6, 2020 $80 was taken out of my banking account for the Roadside Insurance. I called the local office and I said I cancel my AAA in December 2019 and I did not want the Roadside Ins. I called at least 3-4 times for my refund. I call yesterday and was on hold for oveer 1/2 hour. I hung up! I want my $80 back now! I will be calling the BBB and file a complaint today! I think this is a scam and I am not happy about it!
Gary Dietrich


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March 9, 2020

AAA Corporate Office Headquarters
The American Automobile Association
1000 AAA Dr.
Heathrow, FL 32746

Re: Member No: 429-014-[protected] 6 (PLUS MEMBERSHIP)

To Whom It May Concern:

Please be advised that the undersigned contacted your AAA Roadside Service on this date at 6:00 a.m. for a tow of our car to the specific Auto Shop at 600 D NE 27th Street, Pompano Beach, FL.

After 3 hours of waiting, your office sent someone who "thought" they could start our car. The car that needed to be towed was in my driveway and "my" car, which I needed to go to work, was in the garage. First, I specifically called and requested that they tow our Buick Lucerne to the Auto Shop because we did not know what the problem was with the vehicle and we had dealt with this specific auto shop in the past. I requested to speak to a "Supervisor" who did not provide me his name and he reiterated that it would be an additional 1 hour to 1 ½ hours to arrive. Your "Supervisor" then advised that it would cost me $48.00 additional charge because of the mileage. The "Supervisor" at that point cancelled my request for any service whatsoever and hung up on me.

I contacted your office again and spoke to another employee who informed me that my request was, in fact, cancelled and therefore I would have to have wait an additional 1 hour to 1 ½ hours for service. I begged your employee to help me and, as nice as she was, your employee was very helpful and provided me with a tow truck.

Please be advised that the mileage from my home to the Auto Shop is approximately 12.2 to 13.1 miles. I have attached a map for your review. Also, please be advised that this is the first time this year that I have contacted AAA for assistance and have not used your services for the past several years.

I am very discouraged with the service and especially with the "Supervisor", whoever that may be. As you know, I have paid for and we have the "Plus Membership". I have attached a copy of my membership card.

Please reimburse me for the "Mileage Fees" of $48.00 which should not have been charged. Also, I would hope that your employees accommodate and apologize for their error, especially the "Supervisor".

If this does not meet with your approval, or if you do not agree with me, I will have no alternative but to cancel my membership. Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss this matter. Also, please advise when we will receive the $48.00 which was overcharged to the undersigned.

If your office will not refund the $48.00, I will have no alternative but to contact my attorney to collect the overcharge.

Thank you for your courtesy and cooperation in this matter.

Very truly yours,

Anita Frage

cc: Marshall L. Doney, CEO

automobile service.

I took my car in to AAA to replace spark plugs and get oil change. Repair order no 7261361 my aaa membership id 620 111 [protected] 9 Member since 2008. I complained about them not...

auto insurance policy

I contacting this office and spoke with Raquel about car insurance. Her quote was $200 more than my online account without changes. I didnt the paperwork bu phone and once the...


I recieved a tow from aaa in October and the tow truck driver damaged my car. I submitted a claim and now 4 months later I have not received a response from anyone. I would like my car to either get fixed or given the money to fix it myself. I can be reached at [protected] and my name is Greg Blackman. Thanks. The tow truck company came out and took photos and I dint know if they think that this is a joke but I am willing to go to small claims court to get this resolved if I cant be helped.

refusal to return calls regarding auto claim.

On 12/16/19 I was involved in a non injury single vehicle private property collision that required my vehicle to be towed to my residence. I contacted AAA and they dispatched a...


My car was not starting so I called for a TOW truck. I asked TWICE for a tow truck and denied roadside assistance because I was in a rush and didn't want to waste time when I knew the problem WAS NOT the battery. Your representative send a road side technician anyway, against my wishes, and he was not able to fix the problem. So now I'm stuck waiting ANOTHER 40 minutes for the tow truck I originally asked for. Very frustrating, extremely poor customer service.

auto and home insurance

AAA took over a policy renewal that I had with Safeco and sent me a cheaper rate to get me to sign up but a whole page of fine print coverage was not offered for that price and I would have to pay to get that if I want it. I asked to add my husband to my home insurance policy and went ahead and paid for the auto policy and was going to pay for the home policy once it was updated. After multiple emails and calls, no one fixed the home policy that I was willing to pay more for but needed my husband on the policy. They never responded to my calls or emails but keep sending me reminders to pay for the policy.
Neither policy was in effect with AAA yet as I was going to get them renewed before they expired with Safeco. After two weeks passed and nothing was updated by AAA, I decided to cancel the auto policy that I paid for so I can take both policies with the same company and get a bundled discount. I actually saved over $1000 by doing it with another company.
Since I had paid for the auto policy in full, I called AAA to get a refund. The policy was not in effect yet and the person who processed the refund confirmed twice when I asked that it would be a full refund. I logged on that evening to see if it was processed and there is a $30 charge for a policy that never went into effect yet, that no one ever told me that there would be a cancellation fee for-just a nightmare. I called and asked why they didn't refund me the full amount and they said that's their policy. I asked to see a copy of the policy since nothing that I received showed that there would be a cancellation fee for a policy that didn't go into effect. They told me the policy is only for employees and I cannot see it. I asked for the situation to be escalated and for a manager to call me back and they told me that department does not call customers.
I have never heard of such a thing in my life. They do not tell you about the cancellation fees, they confirmed I would get a full refund which was not true, and they said they do not call their customers back. What company does this? I will take this further because their calls are recorded and I have the phone call logs and emails that I sent numerous times without any response. I am very happy that I did not proceed with them because if this is happening before the policy goes into effect, I cannot imagine what would happen if I had an accident or needed them to fix something.
Please DO NOT use this company!! They are scams and do very shady business!!! Everything has been a scam with them!!!

no help from aaa employee

On 1/1/20 I was rear ended about a mile away from my house. I pulled over called police and got an incident number from the officer as well as the insurance info and registration for the other drivers car. I called AAA the very next day and started the claim. I was given a claim number as well as the info to the adjuster that would be assisting me in repairing my vehicle. After waiting for 2 days I tried several time to contact the adjuster(Luke DeMarino) after about the 3-4 time of calling I finally had made contact with with the adjuster only to be given and attitude and told I had to wait for him to track down the driver that rear by ended me and that the driver is in the service and unavailable at the moment. I then proceeded to ask "so what I'm supposed to just sit and deal with my car being crashed up by someone on one of your policy's" at which time his response was yes and that I could always contact my insurance company to have my vehicle fixed!! I was extremely upset by his attitude and the way he was talking to someone he was supposed to be helping. He is lazy and clearly has no care about his job or his profession I find him extremely ignorant and lazy. I just would like my vehicle fixed to the condition it was in before I was rear ended by one of your customers I should have to deal with an employee like him ontop of all the other headaches and inconveniences I'm being forced to have to deal because of this situation. I have and incident number and a claim number and the gentleman already admitted to the police officer that he rear ended me. I do not understand what he would need to speak to this gentleman about that is forcing me to have to drive a crashed vehicle that I am still making payments on when I'm the person that is the victim...Please address this issue immediately I'm would just like my vehicle back to the condition it was in before I was hit. I'm trying to do this the nice way and without having to bring in a lawyer and a lawsuit but he is making it very difficult for me to have faith in your company...
Thank You
David Gonzalez [protected]

iphone 7

dear sir madam,
I have been using an iphone 7 for a while, which was working perfectly. 2 or 3 days After the last update the phone stopped working and says no service& i tried to find out the problem and found out that is the common problem with iphone 7 and apple shared on its website that they replaced if anyone has this issue and is those series that comes on the website ( https: iphone-7-no-service) as you can see there.
I went to apple store today but they avoid me offer any replacement as they said is over warranty- i asked them but it was kind of their fault and is not mentioned on their website that they would replaced faulty one as long as is under warranty, they just mentioned they replaced it . they refused and i have been told by manager go and complain.
also i asked them to fix it they said it is not fixable if you want you can pay for new phone
so i dont understand why this issue on my phone, i want a senior manager to quickly resolve this issue .
if you want any more details about my device please contact me

iphone 7

guest treatment and follow up is unacceptable

657867 Stayed at this hotel on 11/23/2019. Found hairs/makeup on pillow of first bed (2 bed room). Second bed had small holes in sheet. Shower had hair on walls and when wife took...

roadside service

Case #834 Tow truck driver tried to charge my vehicle twice with reverse polarity and destroyed my battery and a number of fusses. The action was verified by four different individual sources yet AAA denied my claim. I was in the vehicle trying start the car and close the window notices spark from under the hood got and founf the cables on the wrong terminals. Tow driver advised me that stuff happens and when it rains it pours.I am attaching the paper work I sent to the attorney generals complaint department. I want to pay for repairs and any future charges from the dealer while the case goes to litigation. They have been uncooperative refusing to talk to me for more than 45 days.

roadside service

American Automobile Association / AAA.comaaa southern california automobile club

On friday 11/22/2019, I contacted aaa in regards to a tow service I requested on friday 11/15/2019, in post falls, id. My fiancé had car trouble while driving my vehicle and we needed to have it towed to the dealership we purchased it from, which was located a few miles away in spokane, wa. I was able to contact aaa while I was at work and had the vehicle towed. I had a very busy week at work and waited a few days to hear from the mechanics to get an update on my vehicle and started to reach out for information on my vehicle. I have been unable to speak to anyone or get confirmation that my
Car was actually delivered there and is at the requested location. I am now in need of my vehicle to transport my children to school and to get to my place of employment. I now have no idea where my vehicle is, if it was even actually towed and I now have been denied, what should be standard across the board, quality customer care. Aaa has lost my vehicle and will not take the initiative not only as a upstanding business but as a responsible party, and resolve this issue I did not cause.

American Automobile Association / AAA.comroadside assistance

I came out of my house this morning to find that I had a flat tire on my truck. I called AAA immediately at 7:02 am. I was told a technician would be here in about 60 minutes. It has now been over an hour and 40 minutes and AAA just called to say someone should be here in 20-30 minutes. Ridiculous. I have been a AAA member for 20 years and was happy with their service until recently. I'm not sure what has changed, but having to wait more than two hours for roadside assistance is not what I signed up for.

American Automobile Association / — not finishing repairs to my vehicle.

I was involved in a DUI hit in riun accident on May 31st 2019. After filing a claim with AAA the guilty party's insurance. I took my car to Showtime Custom Coach in Running...

American Automobile Association / — customer service

I was with a friend at AAA in Corvallis OR on Monday 11/11. She was returning a brand new suitcase she had purchased with cash. When she asked that the return be in cash, she wa...

American Automobile Association / — premier

I get varied expertise in response to inquiries and service requests in my let's say 25 years on and off of AAA membership. Today I spent 40 minutes on 4 calls to AAA premier...

American Automobile Association / AAA.comclaim declined

Our car was parked at roadside when another car insured with AAA hit our car in the front (the driver was backing up his car) and caused damage on the front bumper. A police officer was called in and left a note with us as he said that the damage was not big enough to write a report. The driver admitted that he made the mistake by hitting our car. But our claim for compensation was denied as the representative said in a letter "Based on the findings of our investigation our vehicle never made contact with your vehicle". We do not understand how the conclusion was made and it is just an insult to say that as if we filed a false claim. We haven't got a penny to fix the damage either.

AAAroadside service

Motorcycle went down /flat tire from hitting rock in road an hour from anywhere cell service existed so had friends call for me when they arrived at a town. I'm in the sun no shade no food little water and masses of flies for 3 hours when I flag down other drivers who promise to take my information and call AAA on my behalf multiple times. Clearly I had to stay with my motorcycle.
AAA ignored every single request from the Samaritans, leaving me stranded in the blazing sun and the company of 9000 sweat flies from 8:30am-5pm when a truck came for another bike that flew off the road about a mile from me.
I convinced the flatbed driver him to take me as well and made it home perhaps that evening.

What AAA DID do is send a truck from the wrong town to another town neither I nor my friends had ever heard of while my actual location, which was explained extremely clearly several times to the operator, would had been out of the driver's service area even if he hadn't gotten himself lost.

I. Don't. Like. Useless. Idiots.

  • Le
    Left in the cold! Nov 16, 2019

    Same to me in 17 degree weather. Left me to die. I will never get AAA again. Frost bite, hypothermia.

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American Automobile Association / AAA.comtow service

My car battery was dead and I needed AAA to either jump start my car or tow to a mechanic. You only get 4 allotted tows per year and I had used all 4. I had paid to renew my membership about 3 weeks ago and thought my allotted time was into the next year.

When I called for the service, they said they can't help because my allotted time doesn't renew again until November 1st. I tried to explain that I've been a steady member for about 15 years and that my car is stranded. They didn't care, they held firm on declining service because of 6 days. They could have chosen to provide the tow and charge it to the my allotment that begins in 6 years but they cared more about the strictest interpretation of their policy rather and taking care of an established member. I've never seen anything like this.

Also, a few days ago I had a friend that was stranded in a parking lot, about 2am, by herself. I thought, no problem, I'll call AAA and get her towed to safety (not realizing at that time that my allotment had been used up). They refused to provide the service. Many times in the past I've been able to help someone out by giving them one of my AAA tows and I didn't have to be with the car when service was provided. I guess this is another policy they've tightened up on because they wouldn't budge an inch either.

American Automobile Association / AAA.comon-board monitoring

We just purchased auto and rental insurance through AAA. We downloaded the On-Board App on one of our phones to try it out before another download. We were extremely displeased with the app. We seemed to have quite a few hard braking incidents and it consistently dropped our rating. We drive approximately 6000 miles a year most being close to home. I have been in the vehicle on the occasions it has indicated hard brakes. I did not feel or observe any hard brakes. One day in particular there were four incidents of hard braking in just a couple of miles. At this rate, our insurance will probably go up. I am very disappointed and do not plan to utilize an app that will characterize us as bad drivers, which we are not. This appears to be an unfavorable app which could be used to penalize us and I would certainly hope this information is not shared to reflect we are bad drivers.

American Automobile Association / AAA.comtire change service

I called AAA at 3:45 P.m. on Sunday, October 20 for a tire change at my home address. AAA stated that someone will be out to my home in an hour. After two hours of waiting I contacted AAA who then stated that someone came to the call box but there was no answer. It was discovered that they did not call the number I gave them. They stated they would send someone out again and they would arrive at approximately 6:30 pm…NO SHOW! I called again they said 8:20…NO SHOW! Called again, they said 9:05…NO SHOW! Called again, they said 9:50, They finally arrived. When asked why such an inaccurate time frame, they answered "its technology". I stated that in the age of information and technology, a 6 HR DELAY is not a technological deficit but systemic incompetence. I have been a loyal customer for many many years and rarely use the service. To experience this type of poor service is disheartening and is making me re-think my supporting a company with such a lackadaisical attitude towards its paying customer dishing out thousands of dollars. Additionally, the dispatcher did not take the time to call the correct number …1, and 2.…the dispatcher did not take the time to call the so call alternate number in the system. I am going to post my experience to the BBB and AAA social media.

I can be reached at [protected]. I would like to know from corporate how such poor service is allowed.

Thank you

  • DeAndre Washington Oct 20, 2019

    Hey Missy, the person who came to your house to fix your tire is one of your neighbors. The person who answered the phone and scheduled the appointment is at a call center. Asking the person who drove out multiple times to change your tire why something at the call center doesn't work is pointless. Glad to hear that your tire got changed!

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American Automobile Association / AAA.comtowing of a vehicle. (the timing and details specifically)

On Tuesday, 10/09/2019 at approx. 7:00 AM a request for a tow was submitted. The AAA person initially spoken to said that no one would commit to towing the vehicle until 10:00 to 10:30 AM. Since there were evidently no other, more timely options, that time was agreed to. After several inquiries, dispatch notifications, phone calls, wasted time and missed obligations, the vehicle was finally retreived some 6 hours later and towed to the repair the mean time I was contacted by the service provider and told to leave the truck open, unattended and with the keys under the floor mat! Very, very, risky and inadvissable but since the commitment(s) made by AAA and the provider were obviously useless, I was left with no choice. Luckily a neighbor was at least able to keep an eye on the vehicle. When AAA was made aware of this circumstance I was told that the provider had no right to advise me to leave the keys in an open vehicle and that the truck would probably not be retrieved and that the pick up would have to be rescheduled!?! Since the 10:00 AM pick up was finally accomplished after 3:00PM I lost my slot in the queue of the repair shop and now I will be without my vehicle for an extended period of time because of AAA's and thier providers inability to fullfill it's obligations. I am curious as to what you will do to rectify this situation and make this right. Check how long I have been a member. I may be asking for a refund of my recently submitted dues, depending on your response.

American Automobile Association / AAA.comservice

I have called for over 3 months regarding a roadside technician who damaged my electrical cord in my vehicle. I've been calling for the last 3 months and have been told the same information that management is reviewing my file. I've been told that initially this process would take up to 16 days...I have yet to receive a call from claims, management or a problem resolution team member. I have not been able to use my vehicle since July... I need answers ASAP.

American Automobile Association / — insurance

Auto insurance tpa133533505 Tammy Roberts I do not understand how people get things screwed up so bad that deal with peoples liability insurance. I have all of my car house...

American Automobile Association / AAA.comroadside assistance

About a month ago, my car broke down and I was waiting for a tow truck to come for 5
Hours. I kept calling back to check the status and I kept being told 30-45 minutes. During this time I had a 3 Month old baby in the car. My husband had To leave work to come After so many hours of waiting. After waiting 5
Hours, The tow truck driver was not even nice or apologetic at all. We think that a 5
Hour wait time for a tow truck is unacceptable considering that we Are Paying for a AAA membership. It would have made more
Sense to pay a private tow truck to come at that point. I called and Filed a complaint and never Heard Anything back. I am Very Disappointed in AAA after This, and am surprised considering I've been a member
For many years and my Family has Been members for many, Many years. We are
Considering cancelling after this.

American Automobile Association / — membership/fraudulent charges.

Member # 620-004-[protected] The company removed my 20 year old daughter, Malia, from my account and began billing her separately and still billing me for her as well! The company...

American Automobile Association / — automatic renewal of cancelled policy

I cancelled my policy in 2009 and it was reinstated and automatically paid by my American Express! We haven't used your service, never received cards, but have been billed for 10...

American Automobile Association / AAA.comtowing

at 7:30pm EST on 8/11/19 I called for a tow for my motorcycle. I was told it would be an hour and Budget Towing would be responding. I told them to expedite it because I was in an UNSAFE LOCATION. at approx. 8:00pm EST I received a notification my tow request was assigned to a technician. At 8:30pm EST I called back, the tow truck had not arrived. The rep I spoke to was very rude and condescending. She said the tow request was rerouted and it would be 2 1/2 hours. I told her that was unacceptable, I was in an UNSAFE LOCATION, she said that's what it is - she didn't care, she had an attitude, then she told me I could talk to someone else and she put me on hold. I was very upset and hung up. I pushed my bike home . If I didn't it would have been stolen or dismantled for parts. This has been the absolute worst service to date. I will be posting this on all forms of social media and verbally telling everyone I see how horrible you are and how you left me stranded. I could have been hurt and my bike could have been stolen. To add insult to injury, I received a phone call from AAA asking if my vehicle had been towed yet. WTF! your own people cant tell if the tow truck arrived??? This was 3 1/2 hours after the original call for service. I Confirmed the call was on a recorded line then I stated you people screwed me over royally, you had no regard for my safety even to I stated I was in an UNSAFE LOCATION, and I had to push my motorcycle home in order to assure its safety. The rep then stated oh, so I guess I can close the tow request...Again, no apologies, no offer to look into why this happened, nothing. As far as I'm concerned, you are a rip off and totally worthless of the money you charge.

American Automobile Association / AAA.comroadside assistance

I have had AAA for 8 years and never needed it until yesterday. My husband and I were driving on a section of route 80 east bound yesterday with very little shoulder when we blew out a tire. The tire was shredded and we had no choice but to p over right there even though it was a less than ideal location. We immediately pulled over, called AAA (giving them the exact longitude and latitude coordinates of our location) and began prepping to change our own tire. We tried multiple times to jack the car up but due to the narrow shoulder we were on a steep slant in the gravel and the jack kept slipping. To make matters worse we were around a tight right hand turn so trucks couldn't see us until about 6-7 seconds before they passed us (my husband counted). I was afraid we would be hit from behind or the car would roll on top of my husband trying to jack it up. After an hour with no updates I called AAA again to check in. The woman did not ask me if we were safe and quickly told me I needed to be patient and it would be 20 minutes. I doubt she looked up my service order. Another hour later I call again only to find out that the first woman had entered the wrong address even though I had given her the coordinates. The service man who went to the wrong location obviously hadn't found anyone and closed the order without attempting to contact me. At this point we had been on the side of route 80 for 2 hours with our car parked dangerously on a slant. I call a third time and a new lady enters our correct coordinates but the call is disconnected. I call a 4th time to confirm that someone is actually coming and I am audibly distressed due to being concerned about my husband's safety as he is still trying to work on the car. She is rude to me, puts me on hold for 3 minutes and then transfers me back to the main menu. I call a 5th time. Finally this lady was empathetic as it has now been 2.5 hours and we are in a dangerous location. See confirms my service order and sends me a link to view updates of where the service truck is. It was another 30 minutes before the service truck arrived however at least the estimate she gave me was accurate. The man who arrived was very efficient and had us taken care of within 10 minutes, although the car was in such a bad location that he had to try twice and use our small jack as well as his professional jack to get the spare on. AAA had taken a total of 3 hours to get us help and it was now 5:00 pm on a Sunday. We tried calling 12 different auto centers within the area and all were already closed or closing before we could make it there. Even though we still had 150 miles to go until home, we had no choice but to risk it and drive on the spare even though you aren't supposed to drive more than 55 miles on them. By the grace of God we made it home safely, however a lot of danger could have been avoided if more than 2/5 people at AAA had done their jobs. We learned from the service man who eventually helped us that we saved $75 through AAA that day. If we had called him directly we would have saved hours, stress and a dangerous situation and paid $75... when my membership runs out I will not be renewing. Next time I will pay the $75 and not rely on AAA to risk my life and my husband's.

American Automobile Association / — towing truck

593703 This towing truck was driving 95 miles per hr in a fast lane on the I-15 south bound on Saturday 8/10 @ around 645-650pm. License plate CP 91954. He almost rear ended us. We moved...

American Automobile Association / — roadside assistance and customer service is horrible

The roadside assistance is abysmal. You're told a tow truck will be there in an hour. An hour later you're told it'll be another hour. At three hours you're told they knew from...

American Automobile Association / AAA.comroadside assistance

I placed a call because my car would not start. Told the person i was in South Park Charlotte NC: she sent the guy to Concord & south Port. What in the heck; perhaps if she paid attention & was not joking around; second call via 3 way with aaa driver; second lady was worse; i clearly gave her the address. She said I cannot understand. Well if she doesn't understand English because she is not so intellectual or a bit racist. Get good customer service people

roadside assistance

American Automobile Association / — replaced alternator assembly

I called and spoke to an AAA Representative concerning this issue and I was told someone from AAA would contact me after they investigated the issue. That was a week ago and I...

American Automobile Association / AAA.comprepaid visa card

My son went on a trip with a AAA prepaid card. As a over 30 year AAA member I felt that the card would be best as I could load it from the United States as he traveled and he would not be traveling with cash or his bank card. On August 1, he went to AAA office and put an additional $300.00 on it on top of the $300 that he had opened the account with. On August 5th, with his account information I got on line to add an additional $300.00 to his card. It was 'declined" I got onto TELECHECK's get assistance website and not only was my attempt declined so too was his in person cash transfer from August 1!! Although his card clearly showed that he had more than $300.00 so how could it have been declined if his total was more than the initial $300.00 with which he opened the account. The TELECHECK reporting is misleading and incorrect. I spoke to one helpful person at AAA and she suggested I call the bank to see what the problem was. I did and not only did our bank pay out the August 1 $300.00 to AAA Prepay but also the declined action from August 5 had been received by the bank and it ahd been approved and was being released tomorrow for AA- but the TELECHEK report says that all fo these transactions were declined. I then called AAA back and spoke with Chad (175026) who was so unhelpful that it made me rethink my decision to have EVER used a AAA card (glad I don't have your credit card if the service is anything similar.)
I want to know why the telecheck report says that all the financial transfers equaling $600.00 show that they have been declined although the bank says they have paid out and are preparing to pay out the financial transaction to AAA- where is the $$? TELECHECK is a horrible service- you can't get a human being and as this was an online financial transfer of funds none of the prerecorded items are helpful- it isn't a check- there is no date- there is no code- useless and terrible service which misrepresents the financial transactions that have been done and are approved by the bank. I am totally disappointed.

American Automobile Association / AAA.comtow truck driver reckless

At approx. 7:50 am I noticed a AAA tow truck with the plate number 1312C2 driving down Bear Valley Road in Victorville Ca recklessly. Cutting other drivers off, zip-zagging through lanes without any signal or warning, driving way over the speed limit, etc. Bear Valley is a very busy road. Shocked to see it was a AAA tow truck. Driver cut me off as well as others, nearly clipping another car.

American Automobile Association / AAA.comcustomer service rep 504188

I called to use my roadside assistance membership 8/5 @ 7:35am pst. The person I spoke with said that I could not use my service because it was within 48 hours of setting up the membership. I explained that I tried to renew my expired account but I was not able to online so I created a new account. The person explained because it was past 90 days from being expired it's considered a new account and in order to use it I would have to pay $75. I asked to speak to his supervisor. That is when I got the "pleasure" of speaking with Andrea #504188. She started off hostile, I explained my situation and asked her to waive the $75 fee. She went over the same stuff the guy before her did. I asked to speak to her supervisor, she flat out refused to transfer me. I asked a couple of times because she because rude and indignant. At that point I was not asking to transfer to get the fee waived, it was to explain how rude and unprofessional Andrea was being. I asked for her supervisors name, she refused. I asked for her name and employee id number.

At no point did I raise my voice, swear or disrespect her. I encourage you to pull the recording and listen to this exchange. I would never allow my employees to speak to my customers this way.

American Automobile Association / — company driver

I was driving South on I-75 in Weston, Florida on August 01, 2019 around 1:45 PM. A driver in one of your small trucks, license plate EBF-V11 was driving very carelessly and on...

AAA Auto Insurance — harassment

I had cancelled my auto-insurance policy and they sent me a final bill. In that, it indicated if I can show proof that I have coverage somewhere, then send them the items they...