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NetSpend Complaints & Reviews

Netspend / prepaid visa

JerzeeMuddratt on Sep 17, 2017
My 15 year old son, without his parents knowledge, went into a CircleK convenience store to put $200 he saved throughout the summer, on a prepaid visa card, to order BMX parts. Well, he chose a Netspend card. But when he called the number on the card to activate it, he was told to contact...

Netspend / requested info

Christi Raglin on Sep 10, 2017
I have made several attempts to get my direct deposit statement information for business reason, I was told it would take 24/48 to be received by email, and I still have not received it. I have been with Netspend to long to go through this type of service . I can't access this info online...

Netspend / Customer Service

janine livingston-ransom on Sep 7, 2017
9/7/2017 @ 11:11a.m. and 11:16a.m. I referred my son to netspend when enrolling in college. I just received his card today and tried to activate it and put money on it for his birthday, which is tomorrow. I put in all the information asked and when customer service answered I was talking to...

Netspend / Customer Service and supervisor

Ms.Forgotten on Aug 31, 2017
On Aug. 31, 2017 at 3pm. I waited on the line for 1 hour 50 minutes. I have been a long standing NetSpend customer. I find this wait time extremely unacceptable. The representative offered no help and dismissed my issue completely as if she did not want to hear it. Shocked by the treatment...

Netspend / sweepstake card

Nate Hevel on Aug 29, 2017
I was offered a NetSpend master card as a $1000 sweepstake winner. the card came today and I activated it and there is no money on it. why would I go through all the hassle of winning a $1000 gift card just to not have the money on it. there was no referral code for me to enter just get...

Netspend / debit card and security questions I never agreed to

Bob Sim on Aug 28, 2017
I got a Netspend card last year 2016 and it has been nothing but fraud on behalf Netspend no one else. First off I have two law degrees, therefore, I know law and know what Netspend is or what you are up too. When I got the card it was for my email account, Protonmail based in Switzerland...

Netspend / prepaid card

Pissedmom38 on Aug 24, 2017
I have used netspend as a secondary means for years and never had an issue. I have 2 official credit union account but like to put direct part of my direct deposit on my netspend card to receive it faster than my banks. Let's go back a while ago. My card seemed to be damaged and not...

Netspend / netspend

Tammytraywick on Aug 4, 2017
I made an account the other day. Today I tried logging in and it said my account was locked was is this? I have had cards sent to me but never used. But I ordered one for my direct deposit and this is what happens. I haven't even got my card yet either. Can someone please let me know what...

Netspend / customer service and refusal to return monies

TiLeBe on Aug 2, 2017
On 7/31/17 There was an incorrect transaction made on my account. I called NetSpend to dispute the charges, I was told if I disputed them my card would automatically be cancelled. I didn't want my card cancelled and asked if there were other options. I was told to discuss the matter with...

Netspend / dispute not refunded

ann bergstrom on Jul 27, 2017
Complaint Type: Consumer to Business Complaint Nature of complaint: Billing or Collection Issues Problem description: I contacted netspend on 7-15-17 to file a dispute for charges made on 7-14-17 from I tunes for 39.98 my card was cancelled, issued a new one 10 days later. Still waiting...

Netspend / customer service

Bob Bushell on Jul 26, 2017
I had an issue with a unauthorised payment and had did a dispute. My SSI came in today. Attempting to gain access to my funds, I have been on hold off and on for better than 90 minutes. For something that should take no longer than five minutes. Twice now I have asked for supervisors only...

Netspend / direct deposit

Deborah murray on Jul 24, 2017
I always get my direct deposit pisted at 10:38 sunday evening, i noticed it was not there last night or this morning, i spike with my payroll dept, whom confirmed it was sent, called netspend saying they did not receive it, well where is it? Keep repeating same response it will post when...

Netspend / employees not sending my card waiting three weeks for a card

S.williams on Jul 18, 2017
Ferb # 41691 or # 41694 is the employee name I'm not understanding why I haven't got my card yet waited three weeks I'm highly pissed off every time I call they say they will send me a card I have not got a card so I thinking netspend is stilling my money . I've answered the security...

Netspend Prepaid Cards / fraudulent transactions

Tracy Scroggins on Jul 9, 2017
I am a victim of netspend fraud& would like to know how to go about, contacting the correct department about filing a complaint.To recoup my funds .Please provide me the information needed in order to address this matter.Over the years there were numerous authorized cards loaded with my...

Netspend / netspend giftcards

meshy flo on Jul 5, 2017
let me start off by saying that I always buy throwaway cards because i feel more comfortable doing it that way, well let's skip to the point. I got the card and i tried hooking it up to uber & it kept declining it so i called customer service & they couldn't even speak fluent english!...

Netspend / Visa Gift Card

madinMA19 on Jul 3, 2017
Beware! Don't ever give the NetSpend Visa Prepaid Gift Card as a gift for someone. This is such a scam! My kids were given 3 cards as gifts from a holiday or birthday present. As soon as you activate them you have 3 months to use them if not you are charged a fee each day. If you don't...

Netspend / and account open in my name by some one else

Herbig Noreen on Jun 29, 2017
And its covered by the FTC settelment From: "FTC Settlement" Date: Apr 7, 2017 12:04 PM Subject: RE: NETSPEND FTC SETTLEMENT To: Cc: Account 5141672009 Dear cardholder, Thank you for contacting Netspend Customer Service regarding the Federal Trade Commission Settlement. Netspend ha...

Netspend / transaction made on my account not by me

Shatara on Jun 23, 2017
I work hard for my tax money and I have kids there was money took from my account that wasn't OK by me claim number 3355056 I reported it on March 8 2017 it happened on February 23 2017 so I waited and end up calling back May 2 2017 and Netspend act like I never contacted them but I did...

Netspend / account suddenly closed after activation/ denied access to federal student aid funds

RoshanaKnighton on Jun 15, 2017
I was sent a netspend card in august 2016 which I activated to have my student loan disbursement sent to. I registered for online access on 10/18/2017 and I was due to start classes at Lone Star College on 10/24/2017. My disbursement was sent to my card on 10/25/2016. I received an email...

Netspend / netspend card

Cosmophilosophy on Jun 13, 2017
I received an authorized charge on my card and I reported it stolen. Then I called back immediately and ordered a new card. That was May 22. Today is June 13. I have not received my new card. On Friday, June 9, I called to inquire about my replacement card, since it had been more than two...

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