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NetSpend Complaints & Reviews

Netspend / Locked me out of my account no access to my money

Breelynne34 on Feb 23, 2017
How can a company literally destroy someones life like this. i have to pay for my new apt because I am being evicted and now I am going to be in the street with my two kids because these lousey disgusting company feels they can play games with peoples money. They lockee my account and are...

Net Spend / Prepaid visa card

Daphnen on Feb 21, 2017
Working with your company net spend has been a nightmare. I received a visa net spend as a christmas gift in december, 2015, it was never disclosed to the purchaser, nor did I know the temporary card had a 120 day expiration. I have been trying to access and use my money to no avail since...

Netspend / Money that was deposited onto my friend card

Antionette Henderson on Feb 13, 2017
My friend Samuel Sanders was kind enough to let me use his bank card for a one time fee for direct tv, and when my services got canceled direct tv took money out his account. So they refunded him his money but had him get a prepaid card so that's what he did. Now your company won't release...

Netspend / Blocked account

NigelSuper NJ on Feb 7, 2017
You block my card... Again. Then text me that I should call but the contact center is conveniently closed. So who the heck blocked the account if the deposit came in after the department was closed... I've had this account for a number of years and. Ever had a problem until recently. The...

Netspend / Customer service

Wendy W1129 on Jan 29, 2017
I have read through the letters of complaint posted on this site. Iwas quite surprised too see so many problems. I have been with Netspend since June of 2010 and have never had a problem that was not addressed in a timely manner. However I also keep a keen I on my account with the text...

Netspend / Account locked

Tom led on Jan 27, 2017
I have called numerous of times its been a week my accounts locked i cant transfer any of my money its gonna be another week befofe i get a card so it will be 2 weeks ive gone with no money my bills that were due are now behind have no gas money to make it to work or get food for my...

Netspend / Letter of dispute

skimberly88 on Jan 16, 2017
Reference # 7438091710 I contacted your office on 1-13-17 due to three transactions on my card that were not made by me. I was given the above reference # to include on this form. The transactions are as followed: Posting date 1-11-17, Rakuten.com for $119.76 Posting date 1-11-17...

Netspend / No reason to lock account

Neng Thao on Jan 13, 2017
I returned an item that I didn't want. I chose the refund to go into my NetSpend card instead of cash. Refund came next day account was locked immediately. Said it was suspicious lol. Suspicious for putting money into your own card lol. Had to take a picture of the receipt and said it...

Net Spend of Austin Texas, A subsidiary of TSYS of Columbus Ga. President and CEO M. Troy Woods / Debit card accounts

RobWil on Jan 8, 2017
I am very very annoyed and am not happy nor am I pleased with your customer services today or at other times as well. I feel you have hired too many inept reps. I have now had this same (Lady) and I use this word loosely!!! This is the 2nd time I have had her and she has tried to lock my...

Netspend / Falsely of my money

dick gibson on Dec 29, 2016
dear sir/madam: my name is tony bobet from new york city, my address is 1710 seward avenue, bronx, new york, 10473, apt#5g. i am file complaint to netspend.com. located at p.o. box 2136, austin, texas, 2136. my problem i am having is the they took of $49.00 on my account. they called...

Netspend / Netspend customer service / unprofessional

Domioniece Espay on Dec 29, 2016
I have been a netspend customer for over 8 years. I received card. Payed 20 dollars for the Premier card. They blocked my premier card without permission. I called to dispute an unauthorized withdrawal from the card I use often. The women blocked that one. Failed to let me know she blocked...

Netspend / Undisputed charges on my account

mrs.benton on Dec 23, 2016
12/15/2016 I received a charge on my account that I didn't arthorized so I contacted ace elite card to find out what was going on. Spoke to a gentle men about the situation. who informed me he will take care of the matters. I requested a dispute of the charges that were on my account. i...

Netspend / Service!

Nathan on Dec 7, 2016
Do not deal with NetSpend, everything about them is terrible, these people are extremely rude and they don't know what they are doing. I needed some information so I called NetSpend support. I spoke with four different reps and all gave me different information. When I told that previou...

Netspend / Blocked account

Shinitta on Nov 20, 2016
I have been a customer with netspend for 10 years with one account and 0ver 5 years with another account. I didn't really use the online access but when I decided to utilize it, I eas blocked out of it. I ess able to access the online part but when trying to access the virtual part it ak...

Netspend / Unauthorized credit card charges

Evans Samuel on Nov 5, 2016
I am writing you in reference to card# 4039-9579-9251-1772, ref#8549017831, claim# 3022336 for the amount of $90.00. Also claim# 3012742 for the amount of $89.00 for a unauthorized order. These 2 orders was deducted off of my card with out my permission. I am on a fixed income and these...

Netspend / Unauthorized credit cards charges

Samuel Evans on Nov 3, 2016
0n 10/30 thru 11/2/2016 2 charges was deducted from my card without my permission or knowledge, the ref# 8549017836, claim#3022336 for the total of $90.00. Also claim#3012742 for the amount of $89 was also missing from my account. My card#4039-9579-9251-1772. Being that these deduction...

Net Spend of Austin Texas, A subsidiary of TSYS of Columbus Ga. President and CEO M. Troy Woods / Visa

Fedup39 on Oct 31, 2016
I purchased a visa / debit card deposited my money they when I tried to activate the card it had a block. Mind you I have several others cards with my name but the cashier said they were blocked so I purchased another card. The cashier faxed over my id, which has my address, check stub...

Netspend / Direct deposit

lordtheta on Oct 7, 2016
They lost my total direct deposit and doesn't give answers on how and why they haven't taken care of this. I used the account numbers given which I feel goes to one of their personal accounts and they need to be held accountable since they will not give me the funds that was transferred...

Netspend / Time warner cable and netspend have failed to refund my money

lmc20720 on Sep 19, 2016
On july 23, 2016, I filed a dispute with netspend against time warner cable for a service I did not receive. On august 9th, I followed up with netspend to find out what was the result of the charge back and was told, “provisional credit not issued. No additional information is available until...

Netspend / My money

Sondon1010 on Aug 30, 2016
Hi my name is david jackson and I was writing to know I made a claim cause my card was stolen on the august 25th 2016 and that  bill money other personal stuff I was talking to the lady she said i  probably get some of it why its still under investigation I really hope so I really need it it was 600 + 710 =1310.00

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