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NetSpend Complaints & Reviews

Netspend / locked out of my account

Carrie Washington on May 13, 2017
I had a temporary NetSpend debit card. I received my other NetSpend debit card with my name on it. I activated it, and tried to transfer my money from the temporary card to my new NetSpend debit card. I called to check to see had my money been transferred, and the recording said that I had...

Netspend / this is the second time netspend has robbed me.

EddieTheGuy on May 10, 2017
They locked my card because they didn't recognize that I lived at a new address and refuse to unlock it or give me my money back. They say they will mail you a check but it never arrives. You can't talk to.anyone in their customer service without a valid card number, so since they...

Netspend / Acct locked?

Bobbi#1 on May 9, 2017
Yes I got refunds because I did not get my items cause one went to California for some odd reason and I live in WV, others did not come, ontop of few items broke so policy is they refund your money back!cause of this my netspend card is locked!!??!!?..I have my grandson 1yr old w me, ye...

Netspend / Netspend is stealing my money!

Intoxikait on May 2, 2017
I just wanted to let everyone know that I have officially filed a lawsuit against netspend for fraud and refusal to send me the money that was in my account when they unexpectedly closed my account. I was out a job, I was made homeless with a 2 year old son because I did not have access to...

Netspend / Worse/lying customer service and dispute department

vanentito28 on Apr 20, 2017
SIXT RENT A CAR has deducted money from my bank account without my authorization. Last week on Thursday 4/13/17, the merchant attempted to withdraw the money from my account for a transaction that was not authorized by me. The merchant then sent me an email saying that the transaction wa...

Netspend / Travelocity

Carmen Brittenum on Apr 18, 2017
My name is Carmen Brittenum reference # 7298031964 claim # 3314738 I didn't authorize travelocity to take $371.50 off of my card it was taken without my permission. And when I called to let them know i didn't make that transaction I was told to contact my card carrier. Travelocity is not a place to use they will take your money without your permission

Netspend / i have had problems with my direct deposit

aviance on Apr 11, 2017
I had just double checked my tax return information and it seem that my number is off one number..This is the account that I input for my taxes--70004134655394 but the last four on my account is 5294, what do I have to do because it will be deposited tomorrow and the amount that i...

Netspend / Prepaid debit/direct deposit card

Patrick W. Hopkins on Mar 30, 2017
My name is Patrick Hopkins (pwh_poetworks@yahoo.com), and I am choosing to disclose my personal info to hopefully speed up the process of resolving my issue. I signed up with Netspend just over a year ago, via TurboTax, to receive my full 2015 income tax refund via direct deposit. I also...

Netspend / My account is locked or doesn't exist.

Antwuona Crowder on Mar 28, 2017
I just had a deposit made into my account this even and it says that that my information was invalid. I made some withdrawals because I had to pay my rent and it only take a certain amount out each transaction. I have to pay my rent or else I get evicted so please fix this problem unle...

Netspend / Debit card never received

Angie222 on Mar 2, 2017
I filed my taxes February 14, 2017 with turbo tax . I have always files my taxes with turbo tax and never had a problem until now. NetSpend never sent out the debt card. When I called to inform them I never received it. I was informed it will be a replacement card sent out in 2 busine...

Netspend Prepaid Card / Lies about return of money for unauthorized transactions.

Joni Nunez on Feb 28, 2017
On 2/9/17 I noticed that my netspend prepaid card that I was to receive my income tax on was missing, it either happened when I totaled one of my cars in an accident on 2/4/17 or inbetween then and 2/9/17. I immediately called in a police report as well as called the card in stolen to...

Netspend / Withdrawal money from my netspend card account

Debra Lindsey on Feb 24, 2017
My Name Samantha Levy Claim Number 3173435 And Reference Number 5150369443! On Thursday, January 26, 2017 My Netspend Card Was Stolen And Unauthorized Transactions Withdrawal Money From My Netspend Account The Amount Of $1, 233.77! Y'all Still Haven't Refund My Money Back! That Was My Rent...

Netspend / Locked me out of my account no access to my money

Breelynne34 on Feb 23, 2017
How can a company literally destroy someones life like this. i have to pay for my new apt because I am being evicted and now I am going to be in the street with my two kids because these lousey disgusting company feels they can play games with peoples money. They lockee my account and are...

Net Spend / Prepaid visa card

Daphnen on Feb 21, 2017
Working with your company net spend has been a nightmare. I received a visa net spend as a christmas gift in december, 2015, it was never disclosed to the purchaser, nor did I know the temporary card had a 120 day expiration. I have been trying to access and use my money to no avail since...

Netspend / Money that was deposited onto my friend card

Antionette Henderson on Feb 13, 2017
My friend Samuel Sanders was kind enough to let me use his bank card for a one time fee for direct tv, and when my services got canceled direct tv took money out his account. So they refunded him his money but had him get a prepaid card so that's what he did. Now your company won't release...

Netspend / Blocked account

NigelSuper NJ on Feb 7, 2017
You block my card... Again. Then text me that I should call but the contact center is conveniently closed. So who the heck blocked the account if the deposit came in after the department was closed... I've had this account for a number of years and. Ever had a problem until recently. The...

Netspend / Customer service

Wendy W1129 on Jan 29, 2017
I have read through the letters of complaint posted on this site. Iwas quite surprised too see so many problems. I have been with Netspend since June of 2010 and have never had a problem that was not addressed in a timely manner. However I also keep a keen I on my account with the text...

Netspend / Account locked

Tom led on Jan 27, 2017
I have called numerous of times its been a week my accounts locked i cant transfer any of my money its gonna be another week befofe i get a card so it will be 2 weeks ive gone with no money my bills that were due are now behind have no gas money to make it to work or get food for my...

Netspend / Letter of dispute

skimberly88 on Jan 16, 2017
Reference # 7438091710 I contacted your office on 1-13-17 due to three transactions on my card that were not made by me. I was given the above reference # to include on this form. The transactions are as followed: Posting date 1-11-17, Rakuten.com for $119.76 Posting date 1-11-17...

Netspend / No reason to lock account

Neng Thao on Jan 13, 2017
I returned an item that I didn't want. I chose the refund to go into my NetSpend card instead of cash. Refund came next day account was locked immediately. Said it was suspicious lol. Suspicious for putting money into your own card lol. Had to take a picture of the receipt and said it...

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