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We stopped by at the brick a few weeks ago as we were moving to a new apartment at the end of April. We were greeted by a salesperson (who was probably the only positive part of our experience). We proceeded to discuss furniture with him and decided to buy a bed, couch and mattress. The salesperson then asked us when it would be convenient to deliver the items to us. He told us that because we were moving in to an apartment building we would be able to choose a delivery time as he understood we had to pay for the elevator. However, as the delivery date was over 1 week away we could not sort out the delivery with him in store. He told us to call the customer service team 7 days before our chosen delivery day. This was mistake number one as it is now clear that you do not offer this service and your staff should be educated on this.

A week or so went by, and it was now 7 days before our desired delivery date. We had called the day before but were told it was still to early to sort it out. So the store called us back on Saturday 20th April. We arranged delivery on Saturday 27th April. We asked the person on the phone if 3pm would be convenient and she said yes and so we proceeded to book the elevator in our apartment for 3pm. (this set us back $210)

On Thursday 25th April we received an email stating that our items would be delivered on Friday 26th. We did not agree to this and therefore I tried quickly to call the store. They weren't open yet so I decided to try the "live chat" option. The live chat was unhelpful and I did not get any answers, they just told me to call the store. The only thing I was told on this chat was that Calgary do not offer an elevator time slot service. (the first time we were informed of this after speaking to numerous people).

I then called the store. I told them what I had discussed on live chat, and that I was now being told that it isn't possible to book a delivery time. The woman on the phone now agreed that we couldn't book a time. I was very frustrated at this but she apologized and said that they do give us a three hour window and that she would attach a message for the driver to aim for 3pm-5pm. This was not ideal at all, and we felt stressed but we could not do anything about it as the elevator was non-refundable.

Saturday came around, we received an email with a delivery window of between 1:45 and 4:45pm. The time wasn't great but it wasn't too far away from our elevator time slot so we hoped we could make it work. However, at around 10:30am we received a text saying "your delivery is next". We then started to panic as this was way earlier than our elevator booking.

We called the store right away. They were unacceptably rude to us and really unhelpful in the situation. The woman who answered the phone had a terrible attitude and tried to say I was lying about ever phoning the store and discussing delivery times. This infuriated me as I had called 3 times in total to discuss. I said that the delivery men were due to arrive way outside the window we were given that morning. She then proceeded to tell me that it was likely early as "it is a nice day so the delivery men will want to finish early". Now this excuse is not only absolutely ridiculous and not our problem what so ever, it is extremely unprofessional and shows the company in a very bad light.

The phone call to the store did not help us at all and in fact just made us 10 times angrier than we already were. Honestly, the customer service skills were unlike anything I have ever seen.

The delivery drivers then turned up. (we thought we were over the worst of it, boy were we wrong). They turned up around 11:30 - nowhere near the time slot we had discussed with the store before booking our elevator slot or anywhere near the time window they had given us the same morning. Due to this there was already another company delivering items and taking up the loading bay parking. Instead of having some patience and waiting for the truck to unload a couple of items, your delivery drivers decided to stop in the middle of the main street and try and squash our items in through the front door. (Even though deliveries are meant to go through the other entrance only). They threw our items around like they were nothing. One of the delivery men tried to carry the three seater sofa by himself, not only risking his own safety and well-being but it was too heavy so he couldn't catch it, so it fell on to the floor from height with a big thud. They dragged our mattress along the floor, there was absolutely no respect or care for the items or the apartment building what so ever. They then proceeded to put the items in the elevator that is strictly not for deliveries. They did not ask permission or anything, just threw them in with no consideration of anyone else or the building. Now, I spent over $2000 on these items, which you may not consider a lot of money, but it is to me and the disrespect was absolutely disgraceful.

The manager for elevator bookings wasn't impressed in the slightest. He took his anger out on us for something your drivers did. Why on earth we should have to deal with the aftermath of your mistakes and obvious disregard to rules is beyond me.

So, we are now left with a very angry apartment manager, and we are $210 down due to the non refundable elevator slot. So who is going to compensate us? because quite frankly it was all disgusting behavior from your staff and it caused us to miss our elevator slot completely.

I have never been so angry at a service in my whole life. From start to finish it was terrible. From making false promises to secure a sale, telling me I was lying about calling, throwing our furniture around without a care in the world, just the whole experience. Moving home is one of the most stressful and expensive times in our lives, and all you did was add extra stress and cost us extra money.

I would also like to let you see how the "assembled" sofa was left in our home. See attached. Absolute disgrace.

Claimed loss: $210 non refundable elevator slot.

Desired outcome: I would like to be compensated.

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Apr 30, 2024 1:24 pm EDT
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