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Complaints & Reviews

Legalwise I am a Legalwise member but I could get legal help

I phoned Legalwise on the 14th of February seeking legal advice. I was told that a legal consultant would contact me in 48hrs. Till today, I have not heard from Legalwise. I even phoned Legalwuse and asked to speak to the person who was supposed to have called and I was told that he was busy on the phone, he would get back to me. Till today, I have not heard from Legalwise. Today is the 26th of February, I reported the matter on the 14th of February. What kind of service is this, all they are interested in is to deduct your money every month without fail, but do nothing for you when you need their services. This is broad daylight robbery, I feel rreally scammed by Legalwise!

Legalwise — legal service

No feedback on my cases!! I'm so frustrating with the service of legalwise. I have currently 2 cases with legalwise and struggling with feedback and service from both case...

Legalwise the way they do things

On june I call legal wise and launch dispute about cell c contract I have with them after few day people from legal wise called and and tell me he will handle my dispute but even today I never got any feedback regarding my dispute I send the person whos handle dispute an email with regard to my matter he doesn't respond now I dont knw what is a way forward with regard to my matter because each and everyday im sure I lose the information they will need by taking long with the matter. It is not my first time having a problem like this the first one about a reckless landing of the car finance I got from absa the matter was with legal wise for almost 6 months and the time the were doing a follow up I was nolonger having a car I tradede it in so the way you hand thing is not professional is like playing ground tell us if you dont want to work with me the business your doing it has lot of compitates and they all ways ready to welcome new people.

Legalwise car

My husband joined legalwise in April and asked if they can help us with my case they agreed.

I've been coming here since May 10. They said that they've called them and sent a letter of demand but they never updated me not even once. Firstly it was Pamela, the other one then Miss Govender. They said that my matter is now handled by Mrs Or Miss Simon who is their attorney. She said we must wait for two weeks and I must come back On fr I day today the 19 the only to tell me that they can't help me I must get a private Lawyer after the whole 2 months of their empty promise s. To me it looks like they've been paid by Bestdrive boss not to continue with my case

Legalwise lack of legal assistance by lawyers

Legalwise can not do any legal work, such as sending Letters of Demand, calls to Plaintiffs, etc. All they do is refer you to Ombudsman of relevant case or send you documents which you have to fill in yourself to the NCC. They do not handle anything themselves and you must do all the work. I could have done this myself from the very start if I thought that anything would come of it. Legal wise takes your money every month, just to tell you that you must do what you were very well aware of from the start. It's all a money making scheme. No lawyers to assist and nothing to be done.

Legalwise service rendered

I called in to this number ([protected]) at 18:49 on 29/10/2018 using cellphone number [protected] and I was assisted by a gentleman by the name of Benny Maake.

I went through the verification process where I had to confirm my name and other particulars. The gentleman on the line asked if I am calling on behalf of my husband or the policy holder, assuming that I am not the policy holder. He further asked more questions to verify my details to which he then said the policy is under a ‘MR' and that it needs to be rectified if there is a mistake further assuming I am not male.

I brought this to his attention that I am male and that what he sees on side is accurate information and that I didn't appreciate him assuming that I am female by judging the tone of my voice.

I find this treatment very appalling, distasteful, rude and downright unprofessional.

I felt interrogated because someone was not convinced enough that he is speaking to a male account holder.

I'm highly aggrieved by the incident more especially when I attempted to correct the person. I cannot change how I sound over the phone, and I cannot be illtreated by someone for that. Especially when you are rendering a service, which I am finding to be atrocious to say the least based on the experience.

I ended up not even getting the help I called in for because of the judgemental undertones of the Maake.

I ask that you listen to the record of the call and provide feedback. I am highly upset by this level of unprofessionalism. I also consider cancelling my membership based on this encounter because I can only imagine what else can possibly go wrong when I have to deal with the members of your staff.

Legalwise legalwise encourage unfair and fraudulent dealings

Membership no.: 1301286
Claim no.: PLC793614
Reference no.: wf_[protected]

It was on 08/06/2018 when you sent me a repudiation letter for my case.
I objected on 18/06/2018, which according to the letter you sent me, you were supposed to re-assess and give me feed back latest 30/06/2018. However, it's not end September 2018, but never received no feedback from you - nothing.

My case was:
I bought the car from Levi Auto in Pretoria 30/06/2017. The dealer did not declare any issues with the car, but only declared they did roadworthy test - which I was ok with it.

However, the car gave me issues within one week of purchasing, and the dealer did not want to take responsibilities. You sent me from pillar to post even to Marais Parson Attorneys requesting copy of the contract together with a full report from RMI dealer costed me R2200 - which I provided all these. You and Marais Parson kept saying you are awaiting for court date and this took more than 6 months.

After so many months of waiting for court date, you conveniently repudiated my claim with a twist, immediately after I complained of not getting feedback from you, with you saying:

1) I do not have a case (despite you having said the dealer has admitted they did me wrong by not disclosing the car was involved in an accident)
2) The dealer fixed the car but issues kept coming - which is a bloody lie because the dealer did want to take any responsibility and I took the car myself for repairs - hence contacted you for help.
3) The Dealer did well by giving me a car that was involved in an accident because I have signed the contract. You say this despite the dealer only disclosed the car was never involved in an accident and roadworthy was done - which was in contravening the findings by the RMI dealer.
4) It is ok for the dealer to enter into an unfair dealing with citizen by doing false declaration of the condition of the car and so the citizen (defendant) must fend for himself.

Now, 3 months down the line, you still have not given me any feedback of my objection and valid reason why you repudiated my case unfairly - but opted to ignore my last correspondence with you.

Legalwise — service

Lack of feedback and Bad Customer Service In April 2018 I visited the Legalwise branch in Florida, to discuss a legal matter with Belinda Mohale. I was told that action will be...

Legal Wise — bad service

Having been a loyal member of Legal wise for over 5 years, I thought I was legally covered. Legal wise do not supply feedback but I have a case with them from 1 December 2017, at...

Legalwise — car accident matter which happened 2013-may-08 not resolved

286859 This matter goes back to 2013 May 08 not resolved even today. I must say this is worst poor and despicable service I have ever received, I have been very very patient hoping that...

Legalwise stop order don't stop but keep on deduction on my persal

I contacted legalwise in east London several times but the problem dont stop. If they dont stop why Legalwise dont take this union called popcru to court or you work together with cosatu unions? I also want all my money they deducted after i cancelled their membership. I hope by writing to you is the best option because i think of cancel legalwise but depends on this. Im Kali Thembelani [protected]

Legalwise — lack of response

Good day, I called your Legalwise office on Sunday 04/03/2018 as I have a legal matter which requires urgent attention. The gentleman I spoke with advised me that he would open a...

Legalwise — poor level of service

My matter was reported to you on the 16 January and spoke to Natasha and was referred to Nkosi Tshabalala attornies. To my surprise they did not receive legal claim forms and...

Legalwise — bad service

December 6, 2017: I sought help from LEGAL Wise RANDBURG branch, concerning my inability to take occupation of a house I bought from an agent who bought it at an auction in 2016...

Legalwise service

Hi I took out legalwise hoping to make my life easier for legal matters. I bought a plot in 2016 at a value of R60 000 but paid only R50 000 with a balance of R10 000 during the purchase I decided to cancel the purchase nd requested a refund however it was a huge struggle to get my money back and decided to write to you in February 2017. You wont believe if I tell you I had to fight and made my own means fighting to get my money back. Only end of May I received a response from you guys and at that point I was very pissed. It took you guys 3 months to get back to me after I have managed to resolve the matter myself. My matter was allocated to Babalwa Ntozini in Bellville Cape Town, I told her to escalate to her manager because I want my money back for all subscription taken from my bank because you failed me. I specifically asked her to cancel my legal cover in May last year but im not surprised you did not and you still taking my money after numerous requests to cancel. No manager contacted me, no refund, no cancellation was done and you still taking my money. I want you guys to cancel it refund all my money.
My email bulelani.[protected] Bulelani Skulu

Legalwise — office of acting deputy sheriff in sekhukhune district

Dear Legalwise I have not got any correspondence with regards to my complain. I have been a loyal client to your company for past several years. Now i am assistance but you are...

Legalwise — poor service

Loged two complain and everytime they said they dont handle that kind of complains. Being with them for years. Very diaappointed and would never recommend someone to them. On the...

Legalwise — unable to contact appointed attorney referred to by legalwise

I had left I don't know how many message for a attorney I was referred to by a consultant from Legal Wise Florida Gauteng. I am so disgusted by the way we are being treated a...

Legalwise — slow services - urgent matter

Good day I'm a member of LegalWise and really thougth services will be much faster. It's a week and I still dont have answers. My court case is 2nd October. This is the first...

Legalwise — bad service

I have lodged numerous cases with LegalWise and no one has attended to even one case. Every time I go to the legalwise department at Tygervalley I'm told the systems are down or...

Legalwise — pathetic service & lack of empathy to customers

This afternoon I had a 14h30 appointment with polo, a very rude & disrespectful lady. Firstly she doesn't listen but is quick to jump to conclusions without full information... — incompetence and unprofessionalism

Legalwise is the most incompetent and unprofessional service company I regret ever having to deal with. Now I understand why most people lose their cases especially when...

Legalwise — appalling service

The beginning of June, I requested legal assistance with legal wise Port Elizabeth. My matter is one where, I have a tenant in my primary property and they have now defaulted. I...

Legal Wise — service

Hi Beginning of March I requested legal assistance with a case from legal wise, I was appointed a legal representative that seem not to be interested on my case, I have left her...

Legalwise — poor service

I referred my case to you to for an assisting in April 2017 already but to date (end May 2017) I have not received any help. As a member of Legalwise I paid my premium for the...

Legal Wise — Unauthorised debit order on my account

I am sick and tired of this. I have never had or signed any consent or contract with legal wise, I have no idea where they found my account number. I have called them more than 5...

Legalwise — poor service and comedian attorneys

I had complain in 201433 against my insurance company(eyewise) for house contents that was not replaced after house breaking.I was noticed to challenge the matter by the the...

Legalwise — harassment

286859 My name is Schelton I have received a email of harassment from a Bareng from the Benoni branch in south Africa. His so called members have owed me 45k for a year now for work I...

Legalwise — not attending to my query

on the 18th September 2014 I lodged a complain at Ghandi squarer legal wise offices at Johannesburg .They never attended to my matter as such.I was complaining about Vodacom which...

Legal Wise — Not Attending of complaints

I have lodge a complaint with legal wise to attend to my complaint with company called Kollekt and its almost 8 months this company debiting amount of 399.00 every month on my...

Legal Wise — Lack of Service & Comittment to Delivery

Legalwise - Show no emphathy towards their customers and have no idea what "Customer Service Excellence" means. Earlier this year i consulted the Florida Roodepoort Branch and...

Legal Wise — Very poor service!!!

" Dont talk to me. Talk to my lawyer " What a joke !!! If i call for assistance they tell you, you have to phone this nr, and when you phone that nr, they tell you a different...

Legalwise not responding

Good day, I reported a case of unfair dismissal as my employer retrenched me and did not follow the correct procedure. I was unemployed for more than a year & according to the lawyer who was appointed by Legal wise, my employer had to pay me out for unfair dismissal. No one gets back to me & I've been logging complaints on HelloPeter. My first complaint was raised on 26 Jan 2011 & Lynda Hasert advised that the manager will deal with it. Couple of emails & months later & neither Legalwise nor its appointed lawyers (Nishlan Moodley attorneys) are getting back to me re my case after I've been informed that my case is being dealt with by the sheriff of the court & that I will be hearing from the lawayers. I'm still waiting & its a year later but no one is responding.My legalwise membership no. is [protected] & case no.
Client no LW/W35

Legalwise — not responding to my query

On the 12th April I emailed legal Wise seeking legal advice, till today I haven't received legal advice. Then on Tuesday 20 April I sent an email to customer services and and...