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Cleanliness of theatres

Email from AMC CEO about theatre cleanliness for Coronavirus is pathetic. We go to the movies often. Specifically AMC Garden State 16 mall in NJ. The cloth seats and arm rests have not been cleaned in years. Stained, disgusting. They should be steam cleaning the seats 2 times a week. There is 1 inch of dust on the speakers. Gum and stains on the carpets. Never hot water, soap, paper towels, toilet paper in the bathrooms. They wonder why ticket sales are down for the past 2 years. Start Cleaning!

Movie tickets

My son is 15 years old he took a friend to the theater on Friday March 6th 2020 at AMC Braintree cinema on...

movie experience

wife and I purchased tickets 3/6/2020 for the 5:30 pm showing of Invisible Man. we were seated in E5 and E6...

Purchasing tickets

I do not like writing a complaint but the bizarre handling of us buying tickets this afternoon to see Call of the Wild and I could not pass buy without notifying you and let you know how your employees haven't a clue.
We walked up to the automated screen to purchase and buy tickets. Unfortunately the price for two tickets was not correct. One African American young girl was helping another couple right next to me. They were just asking about your club membership. I said excuse me but my price is incorrect. She seemed annoyed with me for asking and said try running it through again. I did and the same thing happened. I waited patiently as she spent at least 7 or 8 minutes with this other couple who by the way did not purchase any tickets. Meanwhile there is a line gathering behind me with at least 12 people giving me the stink eye because they thought I was causing the delay. She finally after about 10 minutes was able to display a seating chart for my selection. I chose 2 seats and paid for my tickets. Just then, our 2 friends showed up and went through the same difficulties as I just went through. When our friends seat selection screen came up, it was a different screen that I chose from. I asked the girl why the difference and she said they were 2 different times. I asked why and she thought I wanted a late night showing. What???
We got there at 12:50am for a 1:15 showing. We did not get to our seats until 1:22pm. That's 30 minutes to buy tickets. My business would be bankrupt if I had that kind of efficiency.
PS. I asked the kid collecting our tickets if I could see the manager. He said they were around somewhere but they were real busy today and I said "WHAT". We were the only ones here when we first arrived.
Your automated screens are very poorly designed and problematic. Your front door ticket sales people need better customer interaction skills. No apology given at all.
I will be back because we are 4 seniors that have been taking advantage of the $5 movie day.

Ticket Kiosk

Showed up to purchase a ticket for a movie. I purchase a seat and soon after, asked to pay for the ticket, which was 19.03 with tax. I pay $20, and after I press Checkout, I get a warning message displaying "Your ticket could not be processed at this time." I don't get my ticket nor my receipt. All I get is .97 worth of change back. I ask Guest Relations for help, and I get told that the seat is still available and wasn't purchased. Staff comes by soon after and decides to check cameras after I explained my situation. I wait about 30 min and I get no help. Staff comes by later on to say to me that they didn't see me pay and payment wasn't registered. So basically, I paid $20 for nothing.

Gift Cards

I had $200 worth of gift cards and on the back it said they never expire. I went to the theater and the cards were no longer valid. I was told I needed to call customer service to get new cards issued. From there I was told that I needed to send an email with all my gift card and personal information. I received an automatic reply from AMC that I would receive the gift cards within 9 business days.

12 business days came and went so I called again. I was told by the rep that my call was never recorded, my emails went unread, and my gift cards had never been processed- even though I received a confirmation email.

I was then told that they would reprocess the cards and was guaranteed that I would receive digital gift cards within 7 days. They said 7 days would be the max and it was going to be escalated to management to expedite since they admitted they dropped the ball so badly.

7 days has come and still no gift cards. Customer service still can't provide any answers besides that it was actually processed. I have now spent over 3 hours on the phone with customer service- all of the reps have been extremely rude and unhelpful... Not to mention I still don't have my $200 worth of gift cards!

ticket purchases and snacks very disorganized and difficult.

I went to the theater on tues feb 11, 2020. You could not purchase tickets outside. The computer ticket...

listing of movies is deceiving and no one answers the phone to answer any questions! every customer is not computer savvy to go online for answers

I saw the trailers of movies Chappak and Punta at the AMC west Chester, Cincinnati, Ohio and waited for their release ! The movies were released on the dates ! On AMC website, movies were showing as now playing but when you try to purchase the tickets, no showtimes were available? Why showing trailers and showing on my AMC app as showing now and I am unable to purchase tickets ? So ridiculous and when you call the telephone to the theater, get recordings and no one answers and phone hangs up ! Where is your customer service ! No concept !! So fed up ! Geeta Chohan ! [protected]! Need answers or I am going to Social media

online ticketing (autocommit)

Had plenty of money on a gift card to see a movie and something happened during the transaction. Tickets were $14.98 yet the AMC site still wanted me to pay $2.xx. The gift card(s) still had a total of $29.xx as a balance. Exited the site, tried again and noticed that my balance was now $13.xx. Damn system stole, yes my money was stolen by AMC. Never once did I hit the "purchase" button and both times just closed the app (website).

Ended up at the theater, picked the exact same seats that were selected 35-40 mins prior. Paid cash for the movie and now my App and website can't display ticket information.

So there's something F'd up about the programming and the lack of error checking or lack of appropriate controls when a customer just decides to close the browser.

Then, chat the the AMC staff online, what a waste. Basically tell you what you already know and of the times I wasted 20-30 mins of my life trying to use chat in the past, you would figure I would have known it would go nowhere.

No stuck having to chase the Gift Card folks to see what kind of lovely excuses I'll hear from them.

Started with AMC back in 2011 and it takes just 2-3 bad experiences to just stay home and stream for $25 per month and not to have to deal with *hit like this.

amc a-list

I received and email stating that the primary email to my account ([protected]) has changed and called the # that was referenced. The individual I spoke with was not able to provide me with further information - only that they will freeze my account and will contact the fraud department. I was not given info on account activity or what was the new email. (This seems unusual because if someone used my credit card fraudulently, I could see what was purchased and when.) At this time I cannot even access my account because of the change of email. This will also potentially impact my ticket for an upcoming movie later this week. (I was told that after my A-list account had been frozen that all future tickets purchase via that account will be void.)

All I know at this time is that 1) someone other than myself has changed the email address associated with my account (as the representative informed me that it looks like there was another email listed as primary), 2) that the fraudulent process may take at least 72hrs, and that 3) if I want to see a movie in the mean time - I must pay full price for the ticket/s (even though I have already paid the money for the A-list for this month).

At a bare minimum, I think I should have access to my account and be allowed to change my password as the email implied (I was told I could not access my account until the issue was resolved). In addition, there should be a more ironed out contingency plan if something like this happens to other individuals. (In a sense, I am loosing a week/days off of my A-list program - I should either be offered an extension to when the next payment is due or at least 1-2 tickets which cover the time I am missing while AMC is investing my claim.)

At least the individual I spoke with was courteous, but she was frustratingly unhelpful. (She could not answer specific questions that I had and frequently deferred to "I will start a fraudulent report".) Finally, when I asked her how I could make a complaint regarding this issue, she stated that she would do it. Unfortunately, I have little faith in employees making/filing complaints on customers behalf. She would not provide me with information on how to access this website or other avenues to make a complaint. She could have at least offered to allow me to speak with her supervisor or refer me to this website. In the end, I found this website after doing an online search after my conversation with her.

Thank you for your time.
H. Calvert

auditorium lamps, marqee lights, tempature control, imax sound synch bad, children posing managers.

Dates: There is a range of dates these issues have been over the last several months. Honestly dating back to...


My fiancé and friends went to see the movie (1917) lastnight and had a few issues in this location. First the...

AMC Theatres

amc a list

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outside drink

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manager of concession

I purchased a kiddy corn package & was intentionally short changed an even $5.00 by the male concession...

food and drinks stinky and unhealthy

I purchased sealed cup of fruit tea before the movie on the mall. Because of the holidays I parked my car too far away from the theatre and was not able to put it to the car.
Person who was talking to me("Brian") came from the theatre kitchen and claimed to be the manager. He was very rude, his BO exceeded anyone's limit of tolerance. I was told to either through the cup or they will not allow me in the theatre.
The food and drinks in this place is so stinky and unhealthy, the seat was greasy and table dirty and sticky from the spilled foods and drinks! Service people were offering food, talking, blocking the view while I was trying to watch the movie. The stench from the kitchen personal and greasy food was so strong that I was nauseating and finally forced to leave. Never again my family or I will attend AMC. I am sure that unsanitary condition and stench will bring these places to the end of their greedy business.

concession stand and crumbling our two gift cards that balance on one was $ 27.00 and the other $50.00

My husband and I are seniors who received two gift cards, both 50.00 dollars. After going on line and...

seating d9 d-8

First Complaint D9 and 8 seating electric seats do not work in movie Hall # 12. Second Complaint The...