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Aspen Dental reviews & complaints

Aspen Dental complaints 1083


Aspen Dental - Crowns on teeth 20 and 29

I received a consults from Aspen Dental in Sanford, Florida in July 2021 that I needed crowns on these two teeth, I explained that they did not hurt and that 6 months ago my previous dentist in Santa Fe, Texas had said that I was okay and could wait for a long while. Aspen said that it would be covered by Guardian and Delta my dental plans. I was told after a few days that it had been approved. They insisted that I pay $350.40 as a co-pay even though the whole bill was supposed to be covered by my insurance according to them. Guardian Insurance asked them repeatedly for more information, I had to push them to respond and Guardian refused to cover this.

Aspen has refused to pay me back for my situation after they pushed me to get work done that was not needed. I asked them several times if this was approved and they said that it was, turns out that they lied to get my money. Richard M Jordan 5510 Baywater Dr. Tampa, FL 33615

Desired outcome: Pay me back the $350.40.

Aspen Dental - Combination of malpractice and consumer fraud.

Charged me $1200+ for cleaning.
Filled two teeth, and one filling fell out after 30 days.
I initially payed $600 up front. They billed insurance my max allowance of $1000 and invoiced me an additional $663.
So, a total cost of $2263 for services.
The cleaning took less than 20 minutes.
They also tried to charge me $135 for a toothbrush.
There are other vague charges on the invoice as well.

Desired outcome: full refund

Combination of malpractice and consumer fraud.

Aspen Dental - Dental collection law firm

I went to My regular Dentist 6 days prior to going to Aspen Dental. I went to Aspen Dental who said I qualified for "Finacial Aide"Aspen Dental pulled 2 of the wrong teeth and gave me partial dentures that don't fit and don't work. I never went back because Aspen Dental "Lied" about "Finacial Aide". I'm now being sued for close to $4, 000.00. The law firm Rausch Strum sued me and have broken several Federal and State Collection Laws In addition Rausch Strum have perjured themselves in their response to Federal complaints with the Federal Consumer Finacial Protection Bureau. Aspen Dental, Galaxy International and Rausch Strum Law Firm are All Crooks and need to be Stop!
I would like to Participate In Any Class Actions Against any or All of the Above mentioned. Please contact me

Desired outcome: Participant In A Class Action


Aspen Dental - My money back

I went to aspen dental in Forsyth, IL about 2 1/2 years ago to get a broken tooth fixed or pulled. They took me into their office and tried to get me to finance 9000.00. I did not he that kind of...

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Aspen Dental - Back partials, top and bottom

I went to Aspen Dental in June2021 for a cleaning. They made up a list of things my teeth needed to have done. Partials we're on that list. I was told it would be simple to make partials for me so I...

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Aspen Dental - Dentures

I started at the beginning of 2021 to have new dentures made. They did the x-rays and initial exam and said I needed a lower tooth pulled. I had been told previously that lower teeth were like gold...

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Aspen Dental - Appointments for dental work done not honored

I had an appointment with Aspen Dental in Bristol, Tn. for Jan.11, 2022 for 10.15 am and I waited until 2 o'clock in the afternoon and still had not been called in. They were taking everyone else in...

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Aspen Dental - Consumer fraud and physical injury

I recently moved to The Bloomington, Illinois area to retire. I made a dental cleaning appointment at your Aspen Dental ADMI franchise store located at 1401 N Veterans Parkway. I arrived on-time and...

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Aspen Dental - Appointment at angola indiana office

I had an appointment for january 7 2022 at 2:00pm at the angola indiana office that was made 6 months prior at my last appointment. Upon arriving before my scheduled time I called to notify them that...

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Aspen Dental - Dental

I had an appointment for a simple teeth cleaning, but was pushed into a periodontal disease treatment that I did not need and did not want. They Charged me $1, 193.20 for 25 minutes of severe pain!...

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Aspen Dental - Overbilling - Did Not Receive Advertised Discount

I went to my local Aspen Dental office, in Mohegan Lake, New York on December 7, 2021. At that time, I was only looking for treatment for an infection, although I did need extensive dental work. I was told that I could get all of my treatment needs met within days; they took impressions for dentures that day. I came back the next day for a minor issue, and the extractions were done on the third day, December 9, 2021.

I have dental insurance, and after determining what the insurance was responsible for, my obligation totaled over $7, 000, which I paid in full before the extractions were done.

Since my treatment, I learned that I was supposed to receive a 20% discount or the insurance pricing, whichever is greater - according to what is/was on the Aspen Dental website. There were no qualifiers in order to receive the discount. Since I have insurance, I should have received the insurance pricing, which I did not. When I called the local office to inquire about the discount, I was told that they discounted my insurer... That is not what they advertised, and I want the discount that I did not receive, nor was I made aware of such discount.

I hope this can be resolved without legal action, which I plan to initiate if Aspen Dental does not honor their promise to new patients.

Please advise.


Aspen Dental - Satisfactory work

Hey when is your Aspen Dental to have some work done I asked him do you guarantee your work because you're talking about a lot of work they said yes we guarantee 100% satisfaction which is not true they made me my temporary partial the top did not spit it was too big they try to make it fit he made it worse it would make me bite my tongue are the side of my mouth I decided to go elsewhere to finish up my dental work I had another $5, 000 worth of work to be done they call me to make an appointment I told them I wasn't interested I was going somewhere else that was unhappy with their work in the fact that they didn't stand behind they're working on a percent they said we do guaranteed Temporaries I said how can you not when it didn't fit from the word go it's not like it was three weeks or a month down the road this was from the first day I told him I was going elsewhere the manager called me and said come in and finish up your work we will give you credit for your Temporaries I said okay I went in and I had three crowns done and my permanent top and bottom Bridges when I went to pick him up they told me that I owe them $700 I said no my insurance company is going to pay $5 05 on each one and I've got a credit temporary and I still have money on my account he said you have money on your account enough to cover the bottom or the top we can't give you post I said that's crazy where is the manager I was told you she was on vacation I said mama she be back they said the following week I said I'll come back I called up to see if the manager was back and they said that she had been transferred I said let me talk to the new manager the new manager informed me that they do not stand behind your work on temporary even though they didn't from the beginning I said so you guys lied to me to get me come in and finish up to work I see you also your filing a claim wrong my insurance company that you found his immediate which is wrong with it should be a flipper which is a different code is closed but it's not the right post I'm talking to the manager and the owner comes out and says you need to leave that's the way we saw it and we're not changing it now lease could not believe I'll call the complaint department and got no response whatsoever from the supervisor but once said she would look into it nothing has changed now I'm going to have to file small claims court and waste my time to get this situation taken care of I'm a member of we service Veterans United going to see if I can get him involved because this is totally dishonest.

Desired outcome: Like a situation taken care of insurance company would take care of the bill if it's filed correctly and they should give me the credit for the partial but I'm going to have to go to small claims court to get that I know

Aspen Dental - Visalign liners service at Athens, Alabama office

Went to Athens Alabama office for consultation December 2019. Received Information and a promise to straighten teeth and close gap in front teeth. Started liners in January 2020. March 2020 the office was closed due to Covid. They opened back up fall 2020. Went back to office December 2020, because my bite was severely off and teeth was severely crooked. Pain and could not chew food properly, because my bite was off. They said they will fix the problem and order a new set of liners. I already paid over $4, 000.00 dollars for ligners that did not fix my teeth. They told me that they will call me when my liners come in. I called in January, February and March of 2021. Each time they had not received the ligners. They never once called me. I was in severe pain and my bite was getting worse. I went to another dentist to try to get some relief and fix my teeth. I had to pay over $4, 000.00 to get more ligners to repair my teeth. I am now getting treatment. I have not heard from Aspen Dental concerning my ligners. They did not do what they was supposed to do. They misled me and never called me back.

Desired outcome: I would like to join Class action lawsuit against Aspen Dental.

Please add me the Class action suit. My name is Evelyn Rawls. Telephone number is [protected] Email address is [email protected] Thank you

Aspen Dental - Failure to provide service

Aspen dental charged me 2700 for partials and 5 months later after a tooth broke from pressure from wire on partial which I had complained that it was hurting my tooth and they said it had to clamp on tight . I went to another dentist and they took X-rays and they said all my teeth were rotten which I don't understand how that happened in 5 months because they took X-rays . I complained and the owner said he would give me dentures free of charge but they said they couldn't after repeated trips to see them and I told them the dentures were not sitting on my gums right they decided they could not help me but they refused to give me the dentures they had made for me . I'm on a limited income and I need my money back to see another dentist that can help me and they are refusing to refund my money please help me I borrowed the money from a bank and I still have 2 payments left since September 2019

Aspen Dental - Unauthorized credit card charge for procedure that was never done. Cancelled appointment but was still charged $1700

Had an appointment for a cleaning but after my free x rays and consultation (visual exam of my teeth) i was presented with an $8100 invoice for needed work, including 2 root canals and crowns! Was told i needed to pre qualify for CareCredit in case i needed a way to pay for work. Unknown to me, when i was approved for a credit card, Aspen Dental immediately drew an advance of $4600 for work they did not even do. When i cancelled any appointments for any procedures Aspen Dental refunded a portion of the advanced but retained $1700 for a cleaning. they claimed they performed a Root Scaling and Planing but no it was a simple cleaning. I also feel Aspen Dental presented a false credit application to CareCredit in order to get me approved for a credit line in order to draw an immediate advance.

Desired outcome: I need the $1700 balance on my CareCredit credit card refunded by Aspen Dental. I cannot afford it

Aspen Dental - Implants

Hi, I've been a patient with aspen dental in Goodyear az for almost a year. My complaint is that I've been waiting for 2 teeth implants for about 7 months. After numerous mistakes they keep sending by implants back to the manufacturing for modifications. This is unacceptable. I would appreciate an explanation from somebody other than my doctor. My name is Dean Cool, I live in Avondale AZ. My phone number is [protected]. Thank You

Desired outcome: Get my implants installed

Dec 17, 2021

Aspen Dental - Aspen Dental Invisalign treatment

In June of 2021 I began Invisalign treatment at Aspen Dental in Indiana (exact location upon request). They were made aware at that time that I would be moving to Florida in December of 2021 and that they could transfer my information to a local Florida Aspen Dental facility for completion of the treatment. After numerous phone calls to Aspen Dental at the Indiana location, I have not received the courtesy of a response concerning transfer to a local Aspen office. I have called once per week over the last 3 weeks and have gotten nothing but the run around. The latest response was that the office manager will not be back to talk to until December 28 (today is December 17). I have contacted a local Aspen Dental office and they are fine with continuing the treatment, however, they require a transfer and release document from the Indiana office. I am beyond mad. I paid in full for the treatment and am not getting satisfaction of having the treatment completed as contracted.

Desired outcome: Finalizing treatment of reimbursement of funds.

Dec 16, 2021

Aspen Dental - Insurance fraud

I went to Aspen Dental for tooth pain. They said my teeth were not aligned causing grinding and I needed Invisalign otherwise the pain would continue. I was also given a deep cleaning on the right...

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Aspen Dental - Change of insurance plan

My friend went to Aspen Dental, this spring with a horrible toothache. He was given antibiotics for 10 day, after which he returned and was treated at a cost of $3000+. He did not have dental...

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Aspen Dental - Lower full denture

From day one (2018), I complained about the quality of denture that was made for me by the dentist at the Aspen Dental location on Post Rd. in Warwick, RI. The denture was made to fit and affix to...

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