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Dentafirst comenity bank and lied about soft dentures — My teeth was pulled out by chowdhury in cumming georgia without consults with my doctor

They charged me $5200 for 14 teeth to be pulled out and 5 shots of antibiotic after took antibiotics and codiene syrup for pains and shove those glop of stuff to make my dentures after the teeth are out...And made another set of dentures after stitches are barely out...Dentures suppose to be comfyte soft but they told it wasn't so I keep going back trying to get them to fix it right so I can eat like a normal person cause I was loosing weight lije crazy...Then tbis lady redo my billing saying i didnt have to pay my june bill cause I got my dentyre redone...But They messed me up on my billing that i had to do hardship with comenity bank dentalfirst and I am on fixed income that can barely get by...I still don't have dentures fits right they're too big for my gums to hold them in...I'm living on pureed foods that you have to be blended up to survived...
I think there shoukd be an undercover agent to go investigate all aspen dentals offices everywhere...aspen dentals should paid for our bills to say its paided off...

Unethical behavior, improper financing advisement, damage to teeth

Local Account Number [protected] - Amount of Bill 1642.60. Service Date 10/18/19 for $3459.00. I was charged these amounts and receive separate billing for financing via their...


TheseI dentures are a nightmare, two pairs and having problems with both pairs. Was told by the dentist to come in and have her ajust them, not make them over. How can you adjust something thats to large for my mouth. I am still wearing the temporay dentures that fits a little better, having major mouth problems as well as digestive problems. It's all about money, not good customer service. I was offered a loan before anyone checked to see if I had Insurance. My insurance was charged one price and the credit company another price. I really need this problem corrected, I am afraid to go back to that office. I don't want that same dentist working in my mouth. A nightmare!!! I want my money back, so I can go some place else, my distrust of these people is over whelming.

getting dentures

I had my teeth pulled and got a set of dentures that have never fit . They are too big for my mouth and when I try to wear.them I have to carry denture adhesive in my purse and...

[Resolved] Upper restoration to open my bit I was going to have all my teeth crowned on top

Aspen dental just won't money had five crowns lost one tooth had to get a bridge that been about a month ago and it's already broke another one they crown I'm at the time of this complaint I have a major toothache went and got second opinion all the work is going to have to be redone I was going to have a upper restoration of crowns they weren't even doing the procedure right it's supposed to all be done at once in one day they was doing two teeth I also have been on two rounds of anabiotic for abscess due to their procedure.

  • Resolution Statement

    They refunded all my money insurance to

Unauthorized credit card charges

On 9/10/18 I was givin a Detailed treatment plan. Total plan amount came to 4, 625.00. on 3/12/19 I decided to go ahead and get my teeth pulled and get dentures. Aspen dental informs me that Dental first opened a credit line for me up to 9, 900.00. @28.99%
They charged my card 9, 036.00 the day they pulled my teeth. Altho I never received my dentures untill 11/2019. They overcharged me almost double and had to pay that high interest on something I didnt even have yet.
After my teethe were pulled when I returned to them with sores in my lips and gums. Very painful!! They refused to give me anything for pain. Aspen said to use ibprophen and warm salt water. That was after I tried for days to get an apt. to get in. They wouldnt return my phone calls and when I did finally get thru they were very rude! I really feel like these people are cold hearted and crooks! I have tried disputing this with commenity bank . They sent a letter saying they are investigating my claim. but in the meanwhile are reporting bad thing to my credit. killing my credit! Like I haven't been through enough! now i have teethe that fall out without glue and horrible credit! At my wits end!

Very poor service / product

I had my teeth removed in Dec 2018 in prep for an operation. I arranged for dentures at the time.
An impression was taken before the teeth were removed. After some time (had to wait for swelling to go down ) I came in for a fitting and picked the grade of teeth I wanted. I picked the middle one.
From the first time I was never happy with the fit. I was back several times for adjustments. After sever times I asked for a replacement set as they advertised. They geve me a hard time about that. They gave in amd made them but I felt no difference. They feel loose from side to side and no amount of adheavsive helps for very long.
Everytime I eat from the first bite food sticks to the sides. I expressed that consern to them and they shruged it off. I was at a Dr office for a follow up visit on the operation I need the teeth removed for and he asked how my eating habbits were and we got into the denture thing. He said the food sticking was becuse of cheap materials.
After several trips to Aspen In Schylkill Haven and a few time going over and being told there was no one there to help me and I would have to come back, they sent me a regestered letter stating that they no longer wanted to deal with me.
I am now planing on going elsewere for new teeth.

charges and ill fitting teeth,

On Oct 31 2019 I went in and had All my teeth removed. THey gave me immediate dentures, stating they were free and woud be charged for my permanent set. It was supposed to be an...


Completely destroyed my teeth. Had to have full extraction. My "fillings" broke during spinal surgery. Go in and they tell me they could not be saved. Front teeth. All my...

the prices of these procedures to me it a rip off

6516 I sent the procedure of my bills of the procedure. They aside I have gun disease I just went to my dentist and they took xrays of my whole entire month. And my dentist...

the dentist

I came there with severe tooth pain, had 3 extractions. When the dentist was doing the extractions I asked for her to please stop for a second I felt as if I was hyperventilating...


Dentures I got comfy lite in Jan 2015 I have had to move my home burn down in March 2015 I lost my 5 yr old Greatgrandson I lived in Montgomery Al had work done in Prattville al move to Deland fl saw Dentist in Daytona Beach early in 2016 they replaced the company lights but they never could get them just right they tried to realign them I just kept gagging me then I moved to Snellville Georgia due to my health tried to see Aspen dental in Snellville Georgia the first Dennis I saw tell me I needed a new set of dentures . Then Another lady come in and told me she had to talk to the owner of Bad Aspend Dentist she told me I needed to return to Daytona to have them Replaced contacted Aspend Dentist Home Office the dentist in Snellville contacted me and told me to come back in she cut some off of the back of the teeth still not beating right gag them out of my mouth before I was out of the parking lot I can't afford to buy a new set I would like to get my money back on this that I bought and go somewhere else thank you


My son and I were looking for a new dentist after our regular one retired. My son chose to try Aspen Dental in Methuen for convenience of the location. My son went through year...


I was told I had periodontal disease and my husband too.My husband was told he had 6 cavities.None of which are true because we've been to two different other dentist and neither of us have periodontal disease or cavities for my husband.I went in to have fillings removed to replace with tooth colored fillings and the dentist made a rude remark to the dental technician about my tongue being in the way and he didn't know he was going to have to fight that the whole time.I also received a tongue ulcer from the technician pushing my tongue out of the way for so long.The dentist also was supposed to fill a couple of cavities and he missed one.

bad dentures

Ted Bleckstein, DDS, MS I went to aspen dental in Lake wales FL I purchased a set of new dentures.. I have never been able to wear theses dentures I paid 2600.00 dollars for them...

my dentures and implants and costs

I feel I am overcharged and my 1of my implants fell out immediately and was never told that happens until it did and my dentures are cheaply made when they cost over $8, 500...

dental work damage and fraudulent charges

I have been having dental work done for 2 yrs now sent to 2 different offices. I have insurance and seem to still be paying outrageous amounts i'm up 7, 000$ i've been...

deceptive advertising

After calling to confirm pricing and that they took my insurance, found out that the pricing on their website is deceptive. I ask if this was the price they said yes, I ask if...


I had wisdom teeth removed 2016 for 3 1/2 years it was pending through insurance they were not responding to the insurances requests for documentation therefore insurance refused...

billing for crowns and root canals

I had two root canals done in October. I paid each time as directed, even having to pay a deposit to have the work done. Now, without even sending me a statement they are sending me to collections for work that was already paid for and other work that was declined.

Service there was terrible - from waiting hours to being left 2 months with a temporary because they kept cancelling my appt saying they didn't have a dentist that day

billing and customer service

December 12, 2019 To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this letter to share my experience with the Aspen Dental location located in Festus, MO. I originally went to this office...


The day after my teeth were removed and the temporary dentures were put into place I knew the lower dentures were too big. Not only did they cut the inside of my mouth, but made...

same day denture

10 years ago i was a patient of aspen dental. I came in to there office with bad upper tooh pain. I was seen that day..told to come back in 3 days to have a mold made of my teeth..and 2 days after that i had 13 teeth pulled and a denture placed. My issues now is that i have a mass in the roof of my mouth and need surgery and im hopeing its not turned to cancer.

dentures that do not fit..

I am James Gill [protected]/ your company in Hinesville and Savannah is my night mare from hell, the most unprofessional group I have ever seen. NO one listens to the patient...

consumer fraud

Was leered in by free xrays consulting. The secretary pushed me to get credit card. Almost $4000 done overcharged extracts. Said fifteen teeth. Detures don't fit i'm in the hole and still have to get my bottom ones down. Just want money back, the pain to stop and have a pair of teeth to eat with. They seem me come mile away. Have no self confidence left I see these people go to the right dentist and their teeth look good. On limited income owe money and have become depressed. They said they would work out fine and look good! Yeah right.

services, scheduling, payments

I was scheduled for teeth cleaning 5pm and i was there at 4:30. They told me that nobody will be available and i have to wait until 6 pm. I was so furious that nobody even pick up the phone to inform their client about any changes. The also told me that i will not going to be able to keep my appointment for tomorrow until i pay first. It's aspen dental in trussville 1820 Gadsden Hwy suite 112 birmingham al 35235 and Manager's name is Amy Crespo who told me that i have to pay first before they give that schedule to me. She was so rude and walked away after saying that. U can reach me at+[protected],

botched dental work

Dear residents of cochella valley (especially students of the several colleges in the area), I am writing this letter of warning since the coachella valley is very dear to me. I...


Aspen dental, removed two teeth and left the root still in my jaw bone! It left me with infection, severe pain and told me I was fine and had dry sockets that was my problem. I...

high pressure tactics and stating I had periodontal disease

Used high pressure tactics and treated me like I had never been to a dentist and like I had never known how to care for my teeth. Only saw a dentist for maybe 2 minutes for him to tell me I didn't know how to floss. Pressured me into to treatments that I didn't need and filed paperwork incorrectly with my insurance company. Took about 7 months to get that corrected

wisdom tooth removal

I went to the Aspen Dental in Alton, IL to get all four of my wisdom teeth extracted. I had never had dental work before so I was already petrified. I went in for my appointment, watched as literally everyone in the waiting room got taken back before me. I waited 3 hours past my appointment time with no explanation. Finally, they called me back, they ran my card for the $700 procedure. Took me back to the room, used the numbing gel, and left me in the chair for 45 minutes "waiting for the numbing to work". they finally came into the room to use the numbing injections, they were extremely rough and I felt every shot. I had tears rolling at this point. They started the process with the dental assistant physically holding my head down while the surgeon yanked and pulled. All of a sudden, they both stopped stood up and said we will be right back we need to grab some equipment. I waited. They came back into the room, the surgeon says, "I have to go, we will have to reschedule you for a different time". the assistant handed me my purse and sent me on my way. I was balling at this point trying to explain to my boyfriend what happened but my mouth was numb. I was spitting out blood in the parking lot. I wasnt offered any ice, gauze, pain meds, nothing. they were in shock that I was upset. If this wasnt bad enough, once I got home and the swelling and numbing went down I was in extreme pain. I looked in the mirror to find a gaping incision in the back of my mouth. so the surgeon had actually made the incision to extract the tooth, then sent me on my stitches, no packing, no gauze, no pain meds. Then no other dentists would touch my mouth because they didnt want to be held liable for something they didnt originally do, so I had to wait until it healed on its own. I sent a very strong worded email, never got any type of response. it took some fighting but I did end up getting my $700 back. it was a traumatizing experience. I would never recommend this company to ANYBODY.

wisdom tooth removal


Yes I went to the aspen dental on highway 27 in lake wales fla, at the later end of 2016 to be fitted for new dentures " I was fitted for the dentures I paid 2600.00. Doller...

billing refund

I recently went in for teeth cleaning. I was given the hard sell from Invisi-line to teeth whitening .

1st did not appreciate the hard sell. Secondly, I paid all up front. Big Mistake! Now that the work has been completed Aspen owes me $309.00 . At the time of my 1st visit I signed up for the credit card which before I left the office I was told by the office manager it would be canceled per my request. That never happened. Today, I checked to see where or when my credit would be done. I ask that very question nearly 2 weeks ago and as of today still no credit/back or posted. They had credited my account back to the "so called canceled credit card". Although I paid with my American Express card somehow or another in their infinite wisdom they credited the wrong card. Today I was told it would be another 7-10 days before I would see the credit come through. That will make it nearly a month of waiting because the office staff being clueless as where to refund the money. They should have seen where the $'s came from. When having work done I had to pay every time before I even sat in the chair. So on my third visit I paid the whole amount. What a mistake that was.
Waiting another 7-10 days is unacceptable. It's not my fault.

One thing is for certain...Aspen Dental...Never again!

teeth fillings

I had cavities and needed to get them fixed before I could start my orthodontic treatment (Braces). Well I got my top teeth filled and they were fine so I got scheduled to get my remaining 4. ( FOUR. ) filled. Well the next day comes and they tell me I have 5. (FIVE). That need to be filled but wait. They hurt told me I only had 4 left and I know a cavity didn't just pop up over night. Well they filled my teeth and my bottom right molar had literally a shaved crevice through the top of my tooth. I didn't like that and asked her to fix it. She ends up filling it in. Well now I have problems with my fillings. My teeth are super sensitive now and Biting on crunchy things hurts my teeth. I have another crevice on my top left tooth caused by them and I feel that makes my tooth even more prone to cavities. I've never experience problems with a filling before going to them . My email - @[protected]

created a loan, prior to my knowledge, on services I was going to pay for out of pocket.

6516 The office person submitted a loan application and didn't tell me until after I was seen in the exam room. I took a look at the paperwork and considered it an option. I came...

billing and insurance fraud

I was seen 4 times in 2019. My insurance was in network and they charged me 970 that I owe and the insurance paid their portion. I have paid 970 and now they refuse to let me get my teeth cleaned because I owe 331.60 for an appointment that I have an EOB showing I only owe $19.40 and the insurance owed $77.60 for. I never got a bill even online shows no statement. Now they call me and tell me they are sending me to collections. I am in process of filing complaint claims with my insurance, the state insurance commissioner and peer review for the state ada.

office manager

After 3 days of excruciating pain, and 2 hours waiting to be seen for my apt, I was taken to the back, and the staff was absolutely awesome. The xrays, the explanations, the...

all servicing and misleading website

My husband anthony went to aspen 11/12/19 with appt made online on the jensen beach location. Clearly website says reason: tooth pain. He got there at 7am to set for 2 hours for...

they treat you like you are stupid

Went there to see about getting partials and upper plate. They said they would go ahead and clean my teeth after x-rays. I thought what would it hurt and had them go ahead and do it. After they numbed my mouth with about four or five shots, they scraped my teeth for over an hour and according to the X-rays I had very little build up. After the numbness wore off, started getting sensitive. Someone looked at them and said that the top of my teeth had been chipped off. Not one but all of my bottom teeth. I asked the dentist at Aspen what happened and she said she could buff it out. So I went back for the appointment and they had me set for fillings of the holes in my teeth. I asked them why they were filling my teeth if they had not missed them up. I told them I did not want them Drilling in my teeth anymore. I just wanted my teeth fixed. They told me I needed to go somewhere else because I did not trust them. I told them why should I trust you after you had knocked to the top off of my teeth and then denied it. I then called the corporate office in New York and they refuse to help at all. have been through a lot of pain through the holiday season because of these people. I was eating before I went, now it is harder to.

crown lengthening

I went to Aspen dental in Brookpark about almost a year ago. I and my husband accepted third party payment as we had Cigna and was told by the office manager that some services were not covered. I asked for crown lengthening and crown and my husband needed a crown as well. I and my husband signed up with credit to get this service. We were given appointments for our crowns after the procedure was done and told everything was paid for. A couple of weeks before my crown appointment i had another teeth that needed work. I went in and again was told that I was okay and paid up. My husband had recieved his crown before me cause I had to cancel for mine due to work. My appointment was rescheduled. After my teeth was fixed i was called to a desk and i was in so much pain that i signed paperwork. I got home looked down and realized that the were billing me more money for my crown. I called and the office manager was very nasty. I made several complaints and no resolve. I got hanged up on and my husband was told by the office manager to go to the other office that I contacted because i made a complaint on him. I finally decided to change office to Fairview office. Upon speaking to the office manager there i was told in order to get my crown I had to pay up front 500 dollars. I was livid because I had already paid for it. Upon threatening lawsuits there was still no resolve so i gave in and just finished the fixing of the teeth that was in pain and thereby forgoeing my crown. I went there for my last filling and was injected with numbing solution that eventually got squirted in my mouth after arguing with the dentist about me being allergic to the medicine racing my heart. To make along story short. I had to take out more loans and really only got fillings done. Which i have insurance. Also now I have to take out another loan to get the very first procedure done again. Because they would not give me my crown for the crown lengthening i had done now i am in pain two days before Thanksgiving with a crack in my teeth and fillings falling out of the tooth. I cant eat and enjoy Thanksgiving. I feel very depressed and cant cook for my family because i am so upset. I called the office and they told me to walk in. But i am so scared that they are going to ask for up front money and tack on more fees. The utter experience i have had with Aspen dental is that they dont seem to care about anything but money. While they seem to have a great Thanksgiving this holiday I and my family are miserable.

no dentures

They pulled my teeth out and did not have the dentures ready they were not made right they made new one but they were not right they had to fix gums and I never went back they did...