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Entergy CorporationCustomer service, billing

Started construction on 1000 sq ft home in July 2019. Moved in January 2020. Dealing with Entergy MS was a complete nightmare.
Final correspondence - Requested LED security light. Yellow security light was installed. Called Entergy and said leave the yellow light but correct the erroneous billing for the LED light. To date, I have spent 3 hours on the phone, for this issue alone, and no resolve. I have informed Entergy I've filed a complaint with BBB and anywhere else I can write a negative review.
Incompetence from ground level up !
Unfortunately they are the only kid on the block so you're STUCK

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    Entergy Corporationaccount/billing/service

    I had been paying my elderly father's bills and continued to pay them after he died. When I sold his property, I requested a final bill be sent to my home in another state, and then the chaos, incompetence, possible extortion/criminal activity, etc. began.

    Payments had been automatically deducted from my checking account that I set up for my father. They were even charging me an extra $2.95 per month to pay over the Internet. What slimeball company does such a thing to elderly people? Then the $2.95 fee went away at some point in time. When the property sold, I informed them in advance that I was closing the account, and I would settle the bill by check. So what do the incompetent idiots do: they try to draft a final bill from my closed account even after they cashed my check. I only paid for the first month in full, since I needed a corrected final month bill. Of course, they did not tell me about this because they rarely send me any correspondence. I had to guess what to do, because I was getting different answers as to what to do every time I would talk with someone new.

    They also want me to pay for the new homeowner's bill for almost 2 weeks after we closed on the property. After complaining about it, and reluctantly accepting it, I received authority to pay the bill up to 5 days after we closed. They would not even accept the authorization of the transfer to the new homeowner until he called them the next day after I did.

    So, I still did not receive any correspondence from them. I am still in the dark at this point. I never received the corrected final bill, so I prorated it to the authorized date. Then I get the boldfaced lies from these incompetent idiots. They say they cannot honor the agreement made because a tornado destroyed their building in Arkansas where the meter readers come from. So, I call Louisiana and they just laughed and said none of their buildings were destroyed by a tornado in Arkansas. They tried to humiliate me. I told them I needed a final corrected bill for my records, because I am not responsible for the problems of their company. That's on them. I told them I just wanted to pay the final bill. Then, they say they would not accept payment from me because I am not the account holder. I told them, my father, the account holder was deceased, so how is he going to pay for it. At this point, I just wanted this to go away. I had settled all other utilities and bills with no problems. But of course not Entergy, with their god complex, "I am here to make your life as miserable as possible and a little guy like you can't do anything about it, haha." Of course I am paraphrasing what they are telling me.

    Two months later, I get an email from them saying I still owed them money, and if I did not pay, I would go to collections. I responded back saying I had made the payments. I waited a few days with no response.
    There was nothing in the email that said they would not respond back to me. I contacted my attorney at this point, because I believe they are acting borderline criminal now. My attorney said let them come after me, because I am not responsible for a deceased persons debts. I could sue them for a lot later if they tried.

    I called Entergy one last time to fix THEIR problems. They had cashed both my checks at this point, but they added a $30 service fee and wanted me to pay ALL the new homeowners fees. They said I would go into collections in about two weeks. WoW!! I said you need to send me the bill so I know what to pay. They said they would, but it would arrive in 3 weeks, one week after they would start collections. WoW!! So I aked them where I could get the final bill. They said online, so I went online, and there was no final bill. WoW!! They had a number I owed with no breakdown of what I was paying for. WoW!! So, I went to pay the bill because I am so done with these incompetent losers. I tried to pay the bill, and their website would not let me! WoW!! I tried numerous times. They signed me out of the account, so I could not get back in. WoW!! Fortunately, I wrote down the phone number where I could pay over the phone, of course for an extra $2.95 fee. I paid them, and the money is now out of my account. I hope this is the last time I have to deal with these incompetent losers. Or, maybe not. I think I will have a little chat with the Attorney's General of a few states. As I said earlier, it seems like possible extortion to me.

    This is the worst utility ever, with poor service, possible criminal intent/extortion, and if they have an alternative power company in the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, etc, I would recommend to use them. Steer clear of these losers. You are only asking for severe trouble if you have to deal with them.

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      Jul 06, 2018

      Entergy — bills

      Entergy sent me a letter stating that I owe $600 back pay because my meter wasn't working right and for the...

      Entergy-Texas.com — utility deposit unrealistic

      I was advised by Entergy personnel that I would be required to pay a unrealistic deposit of $430 based on...

      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      Entergy Mississippi — Exhorbitant fees

      I have been an Entergy customer in Mississippi for 14 years and have paid my bill every single month. In May...


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      The complaint has been investigated and
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      Entergy — Extra deposit

      These people are trying to charge me an extra deposit, my lights were never shut off, also they just sprung...

      Entergy Mississippi — Bad service

      I called to Entrgy to discuss my bill. I needed to make a payment next Tuesday. I have had service with...

      Entergy CorporationThreatening company rep

      I called to Entrgy to discuss my bill. I have two sons in college and needed to
      make a payment next Tuesday. I have had service with entergy for 5 years. Each time I
      call to ask a question, For example; why is there a Fuel adjustment charge you get jumped
      verbally. The Representative are always rude. Yesterday, Sept 15 was the worst person.
      This person was abusing his power. The first response out of his mouth I don't know why
      a truck is not already at your home disconnecting your service. I asked him was he
      threatening me." I don't understand why you still have service, "he said.
      Immediately her attacked me verbally. I was so upset. He kept threatening to have my
      service cut off, I got his number from the Public Service Commission website in
      Mississippi. The person the web page is Mr, Davis but Mr, Lee apparently has taken his
      place, He was extremely angry. I called the PSC to file a complaint. I told the manager
      at PSC would assist me on Sept 20th, this company is letting employees really excuse the
      term (dog us out. ) He said "he would make sure I would never call his office
      again". That was a threat. Thank your for time and input in this matter.

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        Entergy — Ridiculous Deposit amount!

        Well a picture is worth a thousand words right? Look at the ridiculous amount of security deposit they wanted...

        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction

        Budget billing? I think not! 6 months of service, paying around $300 - $500 monthly, ending with an additional $2100 bill, all for a shotgun house. They say it's my fault for signing up for the service, "As they advise their customers not to do for the first year of their service." Ahem, I was not advised "not to sign up." Actually, I was encouraged, but now certainly discouraged. Irony is here, I can feel it. I can also feel them slapping it on my credit report, which was flawless, because I didn't pay from August 15th (payment posted) until November 7th (payment posted). As they've told me, "After 90 days we report to the credit bureaus." Who's doing their math?
        How does one dispute an energy balance or an unfair credit reporting? The story really gets more elaborate, but I won't bore you... just a warning for Entergy consumers. Oh yes, also they are happy to accept payments for your grossly ending balance, but they send no statements or reminders... until you forget to pay and you've been reported. Well, thank you Entergy!

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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Entergy — Monopoly

          It all started in Dec. 08 when I recieved a disconnect notice for a total of $565. My avg utility bill i...

          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Entergy CorporationBad service

          My bill was due SEPTEMBER 25, they mailed me a cut off notice on OCTOBER 2, received it on OCTOBER 7 they will cut off my power on OCTOBER 9

          The bill is not even 30 days late, it is only for the month of SEPTEMBER.

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            • Bo
              Bobby Nov 17, 2008
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              I havent received November's bill butI received a disconnect for not paying it.
              I have been cut oss three times since Ike. Once because we requested someone check the meter. My bill has increases by 100 to 120% over the same period last year. The usless CSR told us we bought something. Last time I checked we didnt purchase and additional household and attach it to an outlet. The problem is that we are locked into the yoyos and have no other option. Legal Crooks is all Entergy is.

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            • Ho
              Hogoblin May 24, 2010

              I just the smae Notice my Bill was due on May 4th and I got the disconnection notice on May 15th, last day to pay May 24th . I think Entergy should be taken to court for this kind of practice . I think they are trying to hit cutomers after they got hit my Hurricane IKE . I am thinking to getting solart panel and cut the idiots off . I wish I could switch to another provider, which is another Monopoly they have on my area that I can't switch .

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            EntergyBilling Practices

            Apparently three was an unpaid portion of a bill, to the tune of $20 (why?, I don't know), it was carried over to the following months bill. Of which just a cumulative figure was given and a pay date of the September 21st given. On the 10th of September I arrive home in the late evening to found that my power has been out for a number of hours. I quickly call Entergy to find that I had to have a portion, that $20 dollars paid by 9th of September. This of course was nowhere on the bill, the bill I had included this amount a showed a due date of the 21st. Not a breakdown of $20 by the 9th and the remainder by the 21st. I did not receive any other piece of mail or a phone call about an interruption of my service. I was able to get the power restored and was forced to pay $50 reconnect fee. Which I complained vehemently about, as I feel I was not entirely at fault.

            I receive my current months bill, only to find that another magical $50 charge. I call and find that it is a $50 Deposit, to go along with the $200 deposit I gave them to start service. I ask why do they need so much deposit considering the my average energy bill is about $80 a month (single bedroom) and since they are so quick to pull the trigger on the plug, it would take 3 months of non payment to use up that amount (of course i would never do this). No answer.. It most be nice to run a Monopoly. If I had any other option I would get my power elsewhere. Thanks for reading

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              • Wp
                WPPPPP Apr 13, 2009

                yeah ENTERGY is bullcrap

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              • Be
                beinola Sep 27, 2010
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                Entergy did not bill me for 2 months. When I called and asked what was going on with the bill, no one could give me an amount. I went in person. No one could give me an amount. I was then billed for 2 months, had late fees, but a letter came with the bill explaining that there was a billing error and that I could pay any outstanding charges over time. John M. Browning (the Supervisor of Customer Accounting)stated in his letter that they would work with me. My first skipped bill was for $81.38. I paid $100. I told the customer service rep I could pay more on Oct. 20. I get paid once per month. A week later I get another bill. I call again only to find out I have late fees and a cut off notice. I took off work today to go see them. They told me if I didn't pay any remaining balance my service would be cut off. I had to pay over $100 to keep the lights on. Mind you, I just paid $100 a week ago. I get paid once per month and live in a 500 square foot apartment. Entergy did not work with me. They have caused me financial hardship. I am always on time with my bill. I feel screwed.

                1 Votes
              • La
                ladonnadougan Sep 01, 2012
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                Oh yes so much for there"Power of the people "ad campaign...thats a load of ###
                When we had the power outages from the ice storm in 2008, every time anyone in my family called they were rude and obnoxious...
                their customer service sucks...i too wish we had a REAL " power of the people" company...
                YOU SUCK ENTERGY, BIG TIME.
                LaDonna Dougan Pocahontas AR

                1 Votes
              • Fk
                f#$ked1 Feb 20, 2014
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                i have a bill for 1352.73 if my lights are turned off i will lose my home by my kids i have tried calling public commissioners office and the only thing that he could say was waaahhhh i cant make themlet u make a payments its a corprate bizness

                1 Votes
              • Mo
                Moon Hollow Farm Jul 09, 2014

                I have the exact same situation with Entergy regarding a shut-off situation that occurred in May 2014. Same exact confusion over bill, overdue amount (which I didn't realize had carried over etc.), immediate shut-off, etc. I have been in this state for 14 years and have paid my bill every single month. I have lived in D.C., California, Missouri, Tennessee, Florida and overseas. Let me state again, I have never not paid a utility bill. Like you, I wasn't told about any $200 fee on top of a $50 reconnect. Not only am I appalled at the exorbitant fees, I am humiliated by their treating me like some nary-do well. I fully admit I misinterpreted the bill---but the Entergy rep told me it is so confusing that even she had her service disconnected for the same exact reason.
                I can understand the $50 reconnect fee is necessary. The rest is just a consumer rip-off.

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              • Ri
                Rick420 Jun 29, 2016

                I remain neutral on this. While I do agree these additional deposits and fees are a bit high and consistent... I also hate to inform you that any additional fees are regulated and APPROVED by your local PSC. Meaning the very people YOU elected are responsible for this situation. Ultimately, you're the cause of the very fees you despise.

                -1 Votes

              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Entergy — Rip off

              First of all i didn't receive a bill for two months then when i did it was 800.00, after paying a 500...

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