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Pizza Hut Complaints & Reviews

Pizza Hut / Pizza not delivered

Leonard Vincent on Feb 14, 2017
I ordered Pizza at 7.58pm on the 14FEB17 and the agent - Waha advised that the delivery will take 45mins to 1 hour. I waited till 9.10pm and then called several time and for my luck the call got connected and spoke to agent before I advised about my order they cut the phone. Again I called...

Pizza Hut / Store needs better management team

Blessed2018 on Feb 12, 2017
Pizza Hut is one of my favorite restaurant to eat at, but their management staff sucks. Pizza hut need to hire new managers, they are always yelling at their employees and treating them with disrespect. It is just ridiculous how they at their. If this continues Pizza Hut will not receive...

Pizza Hut / Store manager

Carrie foster on Feb 5, 2017
Mgr is fratinizing with certain female employees having sex with them and not making them do there job. What I mean for example one server will be waiting on customers in dining room when it's time for next server to come in he pulls her to back and she ends up not finishing her duties in...

Pizza Hut / Honey bbq wings no sauce

Ashleyysnay on Feb 5, 2017
At the Cornelia Georgia location I went in On Sunday February fifth at around 2 pm. Asked for 16 boneless honey bbq wings take out. When I got home with them and looked there was no sauce on them. Just pieces of chicken. I was upset because I am pregnant with a toddler and could not get...

Pizza Hut / Service / food

mdissinger on Feb 4, 2017
on 02/03/2017 I took my family to the pizza hut in hamburg pa and it was horrible. the wing sauce was sour the place was very dirty food all over the floor it seemed to be understaffed we waited quit a while before any one spoke to us although it was not busy the salad bar was disgusting...

Pizza Hut / Pizza hut donaldsonville - horrible customer service

Ms Karen Marie on Feb 3, 2017
This morning February 3, 2013 I tried doing an online order to Pizza Hut in Donaldsonville, LA without success. It was around 10:45 so I gave them a call trying to make an early order so my coworkers could keep our scheduled lunches while being able to enjoy hot food. I called the first...

Pizza Hut / We never received our pizza.

Sarah Pillow on Jan 26, 2017
Hello on 01252017 at 10:19 pm I placed an order online for two large pizzas and they quoted us 30 minutes through email. In the email I provided the full correct address and a phone number in case they needed to contact us. At 11:49pm our pizza still wasn't here when I called the store the...

Pizza Hut / Pizza hut

Jessica Leuenroth Meira on Jan 22, 2017
I order wings, pizza and a soda on jan22, 2017 at 3:08 pm was supposed to receive my order at 3:13 and it is now 5:19 and nothing. I have called the store several times and have been put on hold all the time no answer. Have written complains, and nothing. Here it is my order: Your order -...

Pizza Hut / Fired for being sick, then lied to

cbdworker on Jan 16, 2017
I was fired from Pizza Hut by text message because I was sick on 12/30/16. I had doctors' notes for each E.R. trip, I called before the 2 hour requirement, I did everything I could to plead with doctors to release me but the antibiotics weren't working and not only was I coughing so bad I...

Pizza Hut / Delayed delivery across the counter and staff attitude

Rajeev Singh on Jan 12, 2017
As per the receipt attached, I had gone to buy pizza from dubai silicon oasis new outlet of pizza hut, at 12 midnight, we were issued the receipt for one medium veg pizza and told that it will take 15-20 minutes. After 20 minutes when I returned to the counter for delivery, they told it...

Pizza Hut / Pizza

Thomas Keat on Jan 6, 2017
I ordered a pizza on line. I ordered half supreme and half Pepperoni. Apparently when I was ordering on line, the only items that were checked we Pepperoni, Beef and Pork so I unchecked the beef and the pork, When I picked it up, the whole had supreme minus Beef and pork. When the employee...

Pizza Hut Rage / Company

Stuckey88 on Jan 2, 2017
Rage incorporated is a selfish company to work for. I have never seen a company that stretches there employees as far as they do. I am a rgm and my district manager I feel bad for. They expect to much from him which is a Dominos effect. And they wonder why there competitor is winning. When...

Pizza Hut / Credit card transaction, product not in the store.

Ashley Simon on Dec 28, 2016
I, have ticket # 990098 i placed my order for 8 bone-out wing, ranch dressing, cheese sticks and 20 oz. Pepsi. Total: $16.14 they said it will take 2 hours, they're down to 1 delivery driver. Ok, cool i waited patiently. I checked my bank statement and npc international took out $...

Pizza Hut / Manupulasi tenaga pekerja sambilan tanpa bayaran

Badrul Hisham on Dec 28, 2016
Saya Badrul Hisham Mohd Salleh, bapa kepada Nur Farah Nadiha yang bekerja sambilan di pizza hut cawangan taman putra ampang. Beliau diambil bekerja sebagai pekerja sambilan pada 07.11.2016 dan telah berhenti bekerja pada 25.12.2016. Dari mula bekerja sehingga tarikh akhir beliau berhenti...

Pizza Hut / Bad service experiences

chip sit on Dec 27, 2016
I'm actually not kind of person who like to launch a complaint easily without any tolerate.But of course as a human I do have my own limit of patience.Its happened when I visited this outlet (ID 3010263) on 27th Dec 2016 at 20:22 according to the POS with receipt number 114992 to have my...

Pizza Hut / Ordered chicken meet ball but receive beef meatball at pizza hut jusco rawang malaysia

Palvannan on Dec 24, 2016
Hi . I am an Hindu and ordered chicken meatball at pizza hut jusco rawang malaysia. What i receive is the beef meatball and i have eat that 1 piece then only notice that is a beef. When i call the manager the said the cook is nepal and he never see the order properly. I dont know how many...

Pizza Hut / Absolutely disgusted! Horrible experience!

Todd on Dec 14, 2016
Pizza Hut was my favorite place to eat pizza! That was until now! Last week I went to my favorite Pizza Hut restaurant and ordered a pizza. I found some hair in my pizza and when I noticed that I called the waiter and demanded some explanation. He said he was sorry for what happened, took the...

Pizza Hut / Delivery pizza

ldksfgjv heirsgluj el on Dec 11, 2016
I would like to complain about this order: 1545 s. Havana st. Havana & florida Aurora, co 80012 (303) 745-9353 Your order - 3161211211034001182025813 Placed on december 11 at 8:10 pm I usually order from dominos, but thought i'd give pizza hut a try. Mistake. My pizza arrived one hour and...

Pizza Hut / I am complaining about the manager at 5510 suite 270 lafayette road by the name of james

Selina Porter on Nov 19, 2016
Every time I work with this manager he sends me home. James had a problem with me saying that I wanted to see him put my drop in the box saying I don't need to see him. I understand that the manager has to verify our drops but we just had an issue with drops and I just wanted to make sure...

Pizza hut - Canton, NY / Anything cooked

Diane Wells Gilbert on Nov 16, 2016
Pizza Hut in Canton was recently "updated". Since moving and updating - across the same parking lot - EVERYTHING they cook, they BURN !! I have been screwed three times with black, unidentifiable food. I took the time to ask that my food not be burned when I ordered and was wholeheartedly reassured...

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