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Pizza Hut Complaints & Reviews

Pizza Hut / Online order

kayla kearney on Sep 21, 2017
I ordered a meal online and they called me and told me they couldn't deliver my food because of the weather, which is understandable. But I used a coupon with my order and I didn't even receive my food. I called the manager at Pizza Hut to see if I could get another coupon and she was rude...

Pizza Hut / Wrong order from 2213 Versailles Road,Lexington, KY, 40504

Grunge bee on Sep 21, 2017
Put in my order to your pathetic excuse of a Pizza Hut. First of all they were very rude to me, very rude to me. They delivered my pizza to me and had the wrong order. The delivery driver had no idea what he was doing very unprofessional and seemed like he hadn't got proper training since...

Pizza Hut / Large Pizza size was 13 inches instead of 14''

Fru51 on Sep 21, 2017
I've ordered Large Size pizza online with online deal going for $7.99. Didn't check it at the store, but only when I got it home. It seemed rather small for it's Name, so I measured it with a measuring tape and got only 13 inches in diameter. So here's my question: This online deal for a...

Pizza Hut / The on-site manager

Nancydlc1 on Sep 21, 2017
Today i was gonna order wings because it was wing Wednesday so i calculated how much the large wings would be. So it was 36×.60=21.60 then may be 3 dollars tax. When i try to explain to the manager and all she says is"i press the button and it gives the price she was quoting me 32 dollar...

Pizza Hut / manager at store

Shona1017 on Sep 20, 2017
I received an email about a promo you were running where you buy one large pizza at menu price you get a 2nd large pepperoni pizza for $1. I placed an order and I received 2 cheese instead of 1 cheese and 1 pepperoni. I called the store in west orange and the manager wasn't helpful and...

Pizza Hut / wrong pizzas

DwightSmith21 on Sep 20, 2017
I ordered a stuffed crust with extra pepperoni and extra cheese and they forgot to add he extra cheese and Pepperoni. I paid extra for it and they didn't put them on there.. also ordered a pepperoni and bacon, hardly any pepperoni and there's no bacon.. Done in El Campo TX - 9/20/17 --...

Pizza Hut / manager

EALyons on Sep 19, 2017
This woman acts as if she has no customer skills whatsoever...I, personally, believe she's prejudice...I have heard from people that know me, that she talks about how my grandbaby acts when we eat there...She is only 2 years old...I only go in there once or twice a month because of...

Pizza Hut / seasoning on the cheese bread

Bre1111 on Sep 18, 2017
Why does my cheese sticks have seasoning on them? I thought it was only supposed to be cheese. I'm sad about it, I only wanted cheese. :( please fix this or send me free cheese sticks and also there was a hair in my pizza so sad :( give me fricken free food otherwise I'm gonna be so sad...

Pizza Hut / service/ delivery/ employees

Dahana on Sep 17, 2017
Store: 12113 Pembroke Rd, Pembroke Pines, FL 33025 Phone: (954) 435-4111 I want to start by saying that I have been a customer of pizza hut and I have never been as unhappy as I am towards a company after tonight. I had placed my order at 7:53PM and by 8:16PM I had not received my order yet...

Pizza Hut / pizza/pasta delivery

Bryan3 on Sep 17, 2017
Placed a order at 7:52 pm for a pasta dish and large pizza.. was told 80 minutes for delivery time.. After waiting an abnormally long time I called to see if I was in line for delivery.. was told that I was next in line and they were waiting on the delivery driver this was at 9:32pm...

Pizzahut / pizza

Johnson66 on Sep 17, 2017
Pizza Hut needs to correct their cheese portions on their pizzas! I have to order extra cheese just to get full coverage of cheese over my pizza! I ordered extra cheese today and there were more blank spots on the pizza then there was cheese. if I had not ordered half with black olive...

Pizza Hut / food delivery

Daphney Civil on Sep 17, 2017
On September 17 at 4:00pm I ordered food online from pizza hut, 10 minutes later I was called by an employee and told I could not order what I had chosen. At 4:20 pm I ordered something else (order number:3170917152105001182012384 ) and I was told my food would be delivered by 5:00pm...

Pizza Hut / poor delivery/horrible manager skills/cold food/service sucks!!

Acord on Sep 17, 2017
My husband and I order from the pizza Hut off Dorchester Rd in summerville sc we placed our order at 430pm on Sunday and we didn't receive order pizzas till 10 mins till 700pm. We also ordered the lg 7.99 order online special needless to say it wasn't 16 bucks it was 27 and some change so...

Pizza Hut / service

Valley6421 on Sep 17, 2017
To whom it May Concern; I went to Pizza hut for your advertised 2 medium pizzas with two topping @5.99 each or 1 large for 7.99. We went to your Hardscrabble location . We ordered two medium pizzas with one pepperoni and extra cheese and one with mushrooms with extra cheese. They tried to...

Pizza Hut / customer service

Bturn on Sep 17, 2017
I visited my local Pizza Hut in Monroe Ohio which I do often. My Daughter placed a to-go order of 4 lg. Pizzas. I expected them to be 10$ but she was quoted 58$ and change. She contacted me to let me know they were not 10$. I called and talked to the store clerk who took the order and...

Pizza Hut / food

Diana Ferguson on Sep 17, 2017
I ordered a pizza at 1:30 today, Sunday Sept 17th in Grove City Ohio. I ordered it online and requested delivery at 4:00 pm. My first complaint is that it was 15 minutes late. It is located only about 5 minutes from my home. The pizza was COLD. The pizza had almost no sauce on it and wa...

Pizza Hut / delivery/freshness

Pghk on Sep 17, 2017
On September 8th 2017 I placed a delivery order at 7:50 pm. My order consisted of a medium pan pizza, cheesy sticks, two salads and an order of cinnamon sticks. When I placed my order the girl struggled with running my credit card. I had to give her my card number three different times and...

Pizza Hut / rude/unprofessional/staff

Kasiecota on Sep 17, 2017
Called to order pizza wanted pizza half white sauce other half red. They said that is against policy if it is ok fine things change. As an employee it is a responsibility to create solutions not mock, laugh or lie to costumer. Anyway so asked for half no sauce with an odd in container in...

Pizza Hut / didn't get what I ordered

DianneS58 on Sep 16, 2017
I called in a order on 9/14/2017 and asked for mozzarella cheese i was told they only had cheddar no explanation i come to this location I know thats not so.because i can't have cheddar (Drs. order) i had to go out my way to another pizza hut with lights being out due to the hurricane i...

Pizza Hut / online survey/sweepstakes

Deverhart on Sep 16, 2017
Had an excellent experience at my local Pizza Hut! And I wanted to complete the survey printed on the back of my receipt and give appreciation and compliments where due. I was prompted to enter a survey code or store code, if there's no survey code on the receipt. There is no survey code...

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