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On Thu, Sep 23, 2010 at 3:57 PM, I wrote:

For taking my $25.

Your " credit advice" is hardly advice - of course I know I have to pay my debt down to raise my score - you made it sound as if you were going to give a in-depth review of my entire credit report and make recommedations on how ot raise my score the fastest way possible.

This was the worst $25 I have ever spenat in my life. Thank you sir for nothing.



AND HIS REPLY ----------------------


It's unfortunate that you are so short sighted in your assumptions of what your expectations were. If you knew how to raise your credit scores then perhaps you would not have such low credit scores. I am not sure what you expected for $25 but since your scores are so low, it's obvious that you NEVER pay your bills.

If you had come to me and asked me to refund your $25, I may have obliged but since you want to be a jerk, then you can go ### yourself and stay in LOOSERVILLE with your PISS POOR credit.

I have seen your kind before. People who take no personal responsibility and think that there is an easy way to fix the mistakes they've made and refuse to "MAN-UP".

I am certain that 5 years from now, your credit will still be ###!

I'm just mad that the time I spent looking at your credit and writing this email is time that I will never get back.

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