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I ordered a TRIAL of SUPERACAI BERRY &PURE HOODIA, tablets for £2.49 off the internet just after xmas.
I wasnt aware that i had to cancel within 14 days or they company would take the full price off me...of which i wasnt aware of either. This was deducted on 29/12/2010 for £75.00 Today on trying to pay for my groceries, my card was declined, i have since found out that the above have taken yet another £79.95. I have recieved goods for the first lot of cash they have taken...but as yet nothing else has arrived.
I have not given them permission to take money from my account. I have sent 2 emails and made numerous phone calls to the company. The phone gets automatically answered with an announcement of the office hours and then gets cut off...i am still awaiting confrimation of emails...i dont work as i am sick and thought that these tablets would help me shift the weight i gained over xmas...i have lost no weight...just nearly £200 in valuable cash and they are the ones to have gained...please help me try and get my money back...they are rotten scoundrels who deserve everything thats coming to them...


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