Vista Containers & Closures, LLC / defective bottles, terrible response

1 4003 Leland, Houston, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 713-589-9799

We have had the WORST experience with this vendor I can think of. The only thing worse would be if they had scammed us outright. We ordered bottles for our water business, and when we showed up to will-call and they didn't have the color (blue) that we ordered. They did nothing to make good on their mistake, and since we had to have bottles they charged us full price for a different color. As we have been using them, they are more often than not defective, lacking the appropriate recycling stamps, warped, wrong gram weight, wrong neck size. We asked if we could merely exchange them for the correct color and they said they wouldn't be making any bottles in blue because they didn't have the pre-forms. This means they never had them in the first place when we ordered them! So we tried to continue to work with them, they required us to send them samples of the defective bottles (fair enough) but then somehow they never received them. That's convenient. They finally agreed last week to give us two free pallets of bottles (still the wrong color), but when we arrived today, they refused. We had to spend an hour negotiating one pallet for free. You call that a make-good?

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