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Be On Guard against Unethical Lead Generation Practices

Sometimes back, there was news regarding a leading lead-generation company being suspended by Direct Marketing Association. The said company was accused of carrying out some unethical practices. It is companies like these who give direct marketing a bad name.

The company in this case was Phruit Limited, which boasts as the industry leader in providing lead generation services and behind the scene they use unethical marketing ploys like marketing or selling in guise of a research (Known as sugging). The company sells your valuable information collected by means of survey or research to some other businesses. These are the businesses which call you up every now and then trying to sell you anything from insurance to home appliances. It is possible that you are feeling terrible reading this already, but it is good to know the truth, so that, you don’t fall in their trap the second time.

The company has also passed on information about people who had registered with the Phone Preference Service to opt-out of marketing phone calls. Really, how low can a company stoop to generate business! They do not even respect the privacy of their customers.

However, Phruit Limited has finally got what it deserved. Direct Marketing Association suspended Phruit from the Direct Marketing Association membership after a thorough investigation into allegations of some serious non-compliance by the Direct Marketing Commission. DMC accused Phruit of breaching the DM code of practice provisions 21.18 and 21.80 about TPS compliance and data cleansing, provision 3.11 that holds Phruit responsible for compliance by its suppliers and provision 3.18 on "sugging". However, Phil Lightfoot, a director of the company has reportedly denied any such malpractices.

Keeping consumers’ trust is the pillar of strength for direct marketing industry and the breach of the same can be lethal in the long run. It is companies like Phruit that play with the consumers’ trust by breaking the code of direct marketing ethics. All the direct marketing and lead generation companies need to adhere to high standards of professionalism and trustworthiness and maintain a certain level of transparency. They need to take responsibility for the compliance by any of their supplier. These are the prerequisites of a fair trade and if a lead generation company cannot adhere to them and engage themselves in malpractices, they do not have the right to be in the business. DMA has every right to banish them the way they expelled Phruit Limited.
DMA will continue to take exemplary steps against such unethical practices by the lead-generation and direct marketing companies. But you too need to update yourself with adequate knowledge about companies like Phruit Limited so that they cannot deceive you the second time. Phruit Limited can be reached at :-

Phruit Limited
The Barn
Huddlestone's Wharf
Ng24 4ul
Phone:- [protected]

However, it is always better to stay on guard against these companies. If you get calls from them for research, make it clear that you do not intend to offer your details to some third party and if the company does so, you will seek legal actions against it. Only you have the ultimate power to defend such unethical practices – use it well!

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