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Do yourself a favour and check out customer reviews of this poor excuse for a car rental agency! I didn't and am now adding to the long list of dissatisfied customers...Read on...
I rented a car in September 2016 in Toronto. I thought that because it was the least expensive option that Expedia brought forward (shame on you Expedia, but that's another story), it would be reputable and I shouldn't have any concerns. To start, they are offsite and not at the airport so a bit of a pain to get to them but I knew this and for the better price, decided that was ok. The rental procedure was nothing short of high pressure intimidation particularly around insurance. They claimed that I had to take their insurance when in fact I had my own coverage. The agent was relentless until I was very firm and he finally moved on "with an attitude" after that. He blasted thru the contract pointing to where I had to initial without bothering to explain anything. I didn't take the time to read the fine print that pointed out I was responsible for any traffic violations, parking tickets, road tolls. Fair enough. 2 months after my rental I received a letter and a charge to my credit card for $87 for 2 short toll roads I was on in Ontario. Ok, that's fine, the tolls amounted to about $10, but they charged me a $50 penalty fee and some other unknown admin charges to get the amount up to $87. I have made repeated attempts to contact them asking for an accounting of the charges...nothing.
Tell everyone you know to steer clear of this dishonest price gouging sorry excuse for a rental business. I wish I had...

Dec 04, 2016

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