Trading Planet Inc / Fraud

1 United States

I ordered online what I thought was a free trial of Resvestrol tablets...I paid £3.69 for the shipping...I received tablets..and when I checked my credit card statement discovered they had taken a further £75.66 on 25th August without my authorisation..I contacted Marks and Spencer who issued my mastercard and they are aware of this scam, but could not help as in the small print it says that t if I do not cancel in 15 days they will do this... They advised me to cancel which I have done.and if any further monies are taken out of my account they will deal with it, , This I have done and also advised The Trading Standards Dperartment who have reported this scam as fraudulent..I have sent a recorded delivery letter to Trading Planet asking for a refund we will see if they reply...THis company are devious and dishonest..beware and warn others i AM SO ANNOYED WITH MYSELF FOR FALLING FOR SUCH CROOKED DEALINGS!


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