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Trade Think Algorithm Hoax, Scam, Ripoff !!
Tradethink and the algorithm it uses does not work as advertised. The whole first year i was trying to figure out why my results with "tradethink" never came close to their advertised "tradethink" results Jason Morse was telling me good performance was only weeks away. The website has only posted lies, cherry picked or used the best performance the system ever did. Tradethink left out the true complete picture. I traded the www.tradethink system exactly the way the system instructed the broker to set the stop buy/sell orders The system doesn't work now and i don't know if it ever worked. My broker Chris Moore at http://www.efloortrade makes his profit from churning my accounts for commissions, while makes a fortune selling a worthless commodity trading system to people who don't know what the real facts are. Tradethink will show you all sorts of numbers which look to good to be true. They are!! If anyone is convinced they will make any money using any auto trading system including the system, they will also believe I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'll sell cheap. Stay away from auto trading commodities, it doesn't work and will only take a poor sucker like me down a trail of tears and heartache. If this post fails to convince anyone of the dangers and pitfalls, or of the dishonest un-ethical people who sell these bogus financial services and products just flush a few Benjamin's. You will get the same results

A month earlier i had just paid Jason Morse at $14, 000.00 for the license to trade signals for one more year or until January 2013. After what happened I told Jason Morse at www i was not trading anymore, and will never trade until this is all straightened out. "I want the unused license fee for the two accounts $14, 000.00 refunded back to me". "I've hardly used it( about a month) and I have not made any profit in the 4 weeks I've had the license or the whole time (13 months) I've auto traded with That's when Jason at said "Larry, I know you are right, you are getting the shaft.. "I can try to help you in almost anyway i can, but i will not refund your unused license money". Jason Morse took $14, 000.00 only weeks ago for a license i will never use.

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