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he broke 5 5 gallon buckets of tile and wanted me to pay for more.
I had to pay for more and fire him and get another com to do the job
I want a refund of the 1500 I paid which has to be redone. he glued
broken tiles together on the floor. he bagged up the broken piceds
and left many stuck in the wet ground outside which have been gathered
up and counted. I had to repurchase 300 more tile. he owes me for the
1500 I paid him for the job not done and the 300 of broken tile and for
pain and suffering of 4 months with a promised deadline of 2 weeks.

he did nothing on my job but break my tile . he spent months of my time.

he is due nothing and I am due a full refund for the work he did not do
and has to be done over and the broken tile and pain and suffering due
to promises not kept. he is inept as a business man. he did a decent job
of tile a year ago but now he is crazy and should not be doing anyone's
work. he needs to see a psychiatrist.

he lied to me over and over and expectws me to take the hit for the failure
of his to do the job and the money I paid him for notheint . he can subtract
1/2 hr for fixsign a faucet house. and I want the 1500 and the 300 of tile
refunded immediately or I got to civil court. with picture s and the work
of the present contractor.

Tony Touch Painting & Repair
Tony Touch Painting & Repair

Dec 01, 2016

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