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Tier One Platinum Powertrain / Refusing to honor claim and leaving me in debt $1700.00

1 Houston, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 866-545-0979

I purchased a the Platinum Powertrain policy with Tier One through United Star Auto Group on 12-19-2009. The policy began 30 days from purchase date and 1500 miles. On the 01-22-2010 through 01-26-2010 I took a roadtrip of about 1000 miles which clearly put me over the mileage needed to fully activate my policy. I took my car in to the repair shop on 01-27-2010 and the repair submitted a claim for the transmission, waterpump, and head gaskets. The same day I received a call from Tier One stating they were going to deny the claim because I had to wait 60 days for my policy to begin. I faxed over a copy of my paperwork which states 30 days and then they denied it again. I called them up and they told me there was no way all these problems occurred 8 days into my policy being active and accused me of filing a fraud claim. I explained the situation over and over again and they still denied due to preexisting conditions. I requested to talk to supervisors and managers and they refused to let me speak to anyone, but they did transfer me to a voice mail. I left messages on the voice mail for a couple of weeks straight, finally I get return call telling me the only way they would proceed any further is for me to give my consent to the repair shop to tear down the transmission so they could determine the cause of failure. I gave my concent and then one of their employees called the repair shop and told they the claim would still be denied for preexisting conditions. So they tore down the transmission and instead of trying to determine the cause of failure, all they were trying to do was a get picture of something to deny the claim and leave me owing the shop. This company is a rip off, a scam and shouldn't be allowed to conduct business in the United States of America. Now I'm in debt and they're refusing to accept and grant my claims for repairs. The only reason they wanted the transmission tore down in the first place was to take a picture of the mileage, and when it triggered the check engine light so they could deny the claim, they didn't care about the cause of failure like they told me.

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