Sheraton Bali Resorthotel

Complaint addressed to the CEO of SPG regarding stay at the Sheraton Bali Resort in Kuta.

Dear Mr. Sorenson,

hope you are doing well. I have been a guest of yours for the past 30 years in different properties across the world.

Most recently, starting on 27th of November 2018 I stayed for a week at your Bali Sheraton Resort in Kuta, Indonesia.

While it is an excellent property, very well maintained with extremely friendly and pleasant staff, I am sad to say that I had a very unpleasant stay there with my family. The reason for this is that even though it is billed as a "Non Smoking" property, no matter where we went in any kind of open area, there was a heavy amount of second hand smoke. Be it the patio for breakfast or the pool area or the restaurant area to watch the sunset.

I felt that the hotel staff was not enforcing the no smoking rule so as not to offend the smoking guest but this was being done at the expense of my health my rights and my enjoyment of your property I felt that since I had paid as much as your smoking customers I also have right to enjoy the property in peace without having to get shunted out from every place just because the next person decides to light up in a common area.

I take this very seriously and I brought it up to the attention of your VIP manager there Miss Ling Sia and she promised to escalate the issue of the chain of Management. I can assure you that if I do not get a proper resolution to this issue, I will no longer be your customer and I will make my displeasure heard. I am sincerely hoping that having been a long and loyal customer of yours, I will not have to Resort to that last step which I would very much hate to do.

I have attached some photographs and video for your reference.

I thank you with best wishes.

Suresh Subramaniam

Sheraton Bali Resort

Dec 05, 2018

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