Rory's Mechanical Workshop / Second hand car purchased from rory

1 Pinetown Kzn, South Africa

hi we purchased a second hand car from Rory who runs a workshop in Pinetown he buys and sells cars as a sideline, no idea if he has a licence to do this. We bought the car because a neighbour recommended him. Once we started driving the car we got a loud clanking sound when we started up from first gear or when we were on a steep slope sounds like the bottom of the car is falling out. Once when we went to the hospital we tried to get up a steep slope we got half way up and this clanking started up loud the gears started burning. My dad has driven the car and so have i we both get the same thing. We told this rory about this he says there is nothing wrong with the car. we have now had the car about two months and have just got so fed up with this its giving me stress and tension headaches. I have now tried to sell it my neighbour says why not try and sell it back to rory? I smsed rory guess what? No reply. I have now had "We buy cars: around here they said they would offer me R32000 if the car is in good condition and no faults, the guy gets here says the car has had a bad respray but also been in a bad accident as he showed us some bad damage in the boot. He didnt drive the car so isnt aware of the problem we have mentioned. He says due to the amount of damage he can only offer me R25000 this is R15000 less than what i paid for the car. Do i have any chance of recouping my loss? Karen

May 26, 2015

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